Securing a prime position on the first page of Google results is the coveted goal for every internet marketer, as it serves as the gateway to heightened traffic and increased sales. Recognizing the pivotal role of high-quality, relevant backlinks in achieving this, Senuke TNG, introduced in 2016, stands out as one of the most popular SEO tools dedicated to streamlining the backlink-building process. Pioneering the use of crowd-sourcing for elevated search engine rankings, this service is favored by many marketing professionals seeking efficient access to premium backlinks within a shorter timeframe. With Senuke TNG, employing a well-crafted strategy involving keyword searches, captcha solving, proxies, and more can significantly enhance your content’s ranking.

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of this SEO tool, examining its features, advantages, drawbacks, and pricing. Continue reading to gain insights into what this tool has to offer and how you can seamlessly integrate it into your strategy.


Senuke TNG Review – Unveiling Features and Benefits

Keyword Searching: Senuke TNG employs advanced AI for contextual keyword placement within articles, enhancing your website’s visibility in user searches and attracting a substantial number of visitors.

Free Captcha Solving: Utilize the Optical Character Recognition tool to automatically solve captchas, streamlining your processes efficiently.

Proxies: With the capability to generate millions of proxies mimicking real user behavior, Senuke TNG eliminates the need for external proxy services, providing a cost-effective solution.

Link-Building: Senuke TNG automates the link-building process seamlessly, ensuring a continuous campaign unless manually halted.

Macro Recorder: Acquire links from desired websites without coding hassles. Senuke TNG utilizes the macro recorder to simplify the process, making it accessible to users of all levels.

Money Back Guarantee: Experience the tool risk-free with a 30-day trial. If unsatisfied with the results at the end of the trial, cancel your subscription and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Crowd Searcher: Acting as a virtual simulator, this feature mimics real users searching for specific keywords and clicking on your website, enhancing organic engagement.

Super Fast Turbo Wizard: The newly integrated Turbo Wizard feature empowers users with limited SEO knowledge to effortlessly set up intricate SEO campaigns, ensuring accessibility for all users.


Senuke TNG Tutorial – Getting Started

Navigating the user-friendly and comprehensive interface of Senuke TNG software makes campaign creation a breeze for entrepreneurs. The left-side menu facilitates the initiation of new campaigns and projects, housing options such as RSS projects, article directories, and social bookmarks. Importing private proxies is made easy through the proxy tab while activating the captcha service involves ticking the auto-captcha solving box and leaving other options as default.

Now, let’s delve into the utilization of each Senuke TNG feature.

Social Bookmarking

To initiate a social bookmarking campaign:

1. Click on “New” and select “Social Bookmarking,” then enter the required information.
2. Input the URLs to bookmark, along with titles, tags, and descriptions in the designated box.
3. Choose the desired sites for content submission.
4. Click “Start” to have the tool generate bookmarks seamlessly.

Crowd Searcher

Senuke TNG introduces the Crowd Searcher feature, simulating searches for chosen keywords and clicks to your website. This boosts engagement and click-through rates, ultimately enhancing keyword rankings on search engines.

Here’s a tutorial on using Crowd Searcher:

The interface is self-explanatory. Ensure a substantial range for the number of searches per day and speed.
Once saved, it queues up and starts running, mimicking real-person searches on Google with randomized criteria.
It scans through results, progressing to the next page until your site is found.

SEO Wizard & Turbo Wizard

The SEO Wizard enables the creation of a professional-quality SEO campaign in minutes. Drag projects into the main panel, choose templates, set keywords and links, and import existing content. The Turbo Wizard accomplishes the same tasks but at an accelerated pace, generating a full SEO campaign in just one minute.

Article Manager

The latest Senuke TNG update transitions from a single to a multiple campaign basis, enabling simultaneous campaign runs. This release separates articles from campaigns, allowing one campaign to link with multiple articles and vice versa. Diverse article sources are available, and for tier 1 high-quality links, opting for a paid service is recommended. Senuke facilitates link and image insertion into articles.

Creating a Campaign with Senuke TNG

1. Click on “Create New Template” to add a new content source to the campaign, specifying the campaign name.
2. Enter the author’s name and bio, either typing and spinning it or letting the tool generate it.
3. Configure how links should be inserted into articles; keyword and contextual links are ideal for tier-one links.
4. Insert images from free sites.
5. Save, and you’re done.

Senuke TNG Pricing

Choose from two distinct versions of Senuke TNG, both of which come with a risk-free 7-day trial. Senuke TNG Lite, priced at $67 per month, provides access to essential features such as Niche Research, Social Network, and Premium Social Network.

For comprehensive functionality, the Senuke TNG Pro version is available at $147 per month, offering not only all premium features but also including those of the Lite version. Pro users enjoy benefits like Proxies, 30-second Turbo Wizard, Unlimited Captcha Solving, Crowd Search, and Wizard and Diagram Designer.

Additionally, there’s an option to install Senuke TNG Pro on a single machine for just $97 per month.

Senuke TNG VPS: Unlocking Double the Power

Maximize the potential of your Senuke TNG tool by combining it with a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This dynamic duo empowers you to forge a robust SEO campaign poised to outshine the competition.

Introducing Scrapebox Senuke VPS— an optimal solution tailored for both beginners and seasoned marketers. This VPS comes fully equipped with an extensive array of tools, link lists, support, and tutorials. Bid farewell to bandwidth constraints, as this VPS provides unlimited bandwidth, ensuring seamless software operation. The Scrapebox Senuke VPS tool grants access to an arsenal of web scraping tools, SEO crawlers, optimization tools, social media utilities, content spinning tools, captcha services, and much more.

Designed for both private enterprises and link-building endeavors, the Senuke VPS guarantees 100% uptime. Even if you experience a disconnection, rest assured that your SEO tool will continue running, enabling you to operate your Senuke TNG 24/7 with the support of the VPS.

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