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YouTube & Video SEO Services for SMBs to Beat Competitors

YouTube & Video SEO Services for SMBs to Beat Competitors

Day by day peoples is creating more video than written text, whatever the content formats ( written text, video, images, etc.) are. you must have to do SEO for created content to get better results on the search engines. That’s why MahbubOsmane.com introduced a Video SEO Service. Contact us now for your Video Optimization.

Video is a powerful tool for generating website traffic

Most of the customers prefer video over text, which makes video SEO essential for attracting new audiences & expanding your brand. Videos also provide new opportunities for your content ranking in Search Engine ( Google, Bing, Yahoo). According to Forrester Research, ranking videos on Google is 53 times easier than ranking web pages. We can help you take advantage of this huge opportunity to convey your message to a large number of content-hungry audiences.  

Video SEO should be part of your marketing strategy

You can easily incorporate video SEO into an effective marketing plan. On MahbubOsmane.com, we first dive into your current YouTube channel and video to determine its current performance, optimization, and any necessary changes that may lead to quick wins. After determining the strategy that can turn your video into an effective marketing tool, we will help you start the road to video success.

Our Video SEO Service Strategy

Video SEO audit: Before starting the campaign, we need to know how everything is currently being performed and what needs to be done first. Video Keyword research: The way people search on YouTube is different from how they search on regular search engines, which means we have to research the best keywords for video and video ad campaigns. Video Competition analysis: Currently what are your competitors doing on YouTube? what can we do to make it better? What opportunity did they miss? We will try to find out. Video  Content Calendar: Stable production and release are some of the main keys to the success of video SEO. We will create a plan to help you complete the game on time. Video Optimization: Optimizing videos involves more than just titles, tags, and descriptions. We will work with you to provide the best opportunities for your videos so that they can be found on video search engines. Video Creation and Publication: Don’t have your own video production staff? no problem. We can make various videos to promote your brand. Optimize video thumbnails: Did you know that the CTR ( click-through rate ) of a video has a lot to do with the thumbnail you choose? If it is not appealing and encouraging, users may click on other videos. The thumbnail is the photo you choose as the cover of the video, and the image that users will see when they scroll down in the search results. 

We will provide video thumbnail optimization as one of the YouTube SEO services to encourage clicks and views. Optimize videos’ titles: Optimizing the title of a video is an essential YouTube SEO service that can improve or destroy your ranking. Definitely, you want such as title so that it encourages users to click on the video while it includes the target keywords.  If you think it is hard, then our YouTube SEO agency can help you. We can optimize your video titles to ensure that it is worth clicking and are optimized for ranking. Optimize video description: The video description is as important as the video title. To ensure that your description fully demonstrates the best quality of the video, our video agency will optimize your video description of the target keywords and ensure that they are described clearly. They will also make sure that all small details are leveled out, such as your targeted main keywords appearing in the first 25 words of the description. 

Optimize video tags: On YouTube, you can add tags when posting a video. Tags can help users who have never heard of you, YouTube tags are similar to hashtags on Instagram. In general, you should make sure that the first tag is the keyword you want to ultimately rank for. Then, you have to include different variations of the targeted keyword, as well as some general terms of the subject. Video Promotion: Basically, we help promote your videos simultaneously using YouTube and Facebook. We do understand that your audience may be different, so some videos may also need to cover videos on Facebook & YouTube

Video Consulting: Many website owners have received training on improving videos & online marketing. We are proud to help companies improve their videos & video channels by simply providing advice on industry best practices. Contact us now for your Video Consulting.

Video Production: Want to create videos for your website and YouTube channel, but don’t have the time or resources? Our video production service can help you. From production to reporting, this service provides a turnkey solution for video creation & marketing. Learn More

Here we provide mainly two services

Video SEO Services:

No results after uploading a video? Our video SEO services (including SEO for your website) can help your business optimize videos for search results and searchers. Get more views, sales, and potential customers from your videos instantly.

Video Creation Services:

Want to create videos for your website and YouTube channel, but don’t have the time or resources? Our video production service can help you. From production to reporting, this service provides a turnkey solution for video creation & marketing. Learn More  

Why YouTube & Video SEO Services are Needed & How Video Affects SEO?

To get a higher ranking, to get more clicks. to get more engagement leads, to get more users as YouTube has a huge user base, to Increase Brand Awareness, to increase subscribers, to increase comments, to increase likes, these are the main reasons you need YouTube SEO Services. Search engine (Google’s) algorithms can now analyze the content of the video and identify keywords that searchers want to know. In addition, the elements on the page surrounding the video play a key role in crawling, indexing, and providing services to users.  

YouTube & Video SEO Ranking Factors

Just like traditional SEO, all marketers should keep in mind certain video SEO ranking factors when buying products, designing their video strategy. Here are some video SEO Ranking Factors to consider:

  • Total video views.
  • Video watch time.
  • Keyword usage in titles, captions, and tags.
  • Keyword usage in descriptions, categories, and channel pages.
  • Video length that matches searcher intent.
  • User engagement (liking, sharing, commenting, subscribing, clicking).

YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting platform, owned by Google, and Google SERP plays YouTube videos directly On page 1, with rich descriptions, links, and on-SERP playback. So, connecting high-quality video content and its impact on SEO is huge. Without video, your marketing strategy is incomplete and video SEO or YouTube SEO is a mandatory investment.

Types of Video Content

The video format should meet the intent and needs of its target audience. This is why the video SEO service of MahbubOsmane.com covers every type, style, and presentation of videos.

  • Interviews or testimonials.
  • Video blogs.
  • Product demos.
  • Animated logos.
  • Web demos.
  • Motion graphics.
  • Corporate promos.
  • On-site interviews or testimonials.
  • Vox pops.
  • Event coverage.
  • Drone footage.

YouTube & Video SEO Best Practices

Video Channel Name: Use meaningful channel names to add buzz to your YouTube videos. The correct YouTube video channel name can bring in a lot of organic traffic. It will help to get more views & engagement on the video, as well as win more subscribers & beat the competition.

About of Video Channel: If your video is related to “about us”, how can you attract viewers? Our video SEO service can help your business write an “About Us” or “About of Video Channel”. This will attract more viewers, subscribe and connect with your brand.

Video Channel Email: To receive emails from customers, the contact information of the channel must be added. Our video SEO service can help you create a contact profile to increase public visibility through business.

Video Logo: Do you need a logo for your YouTube channel? We can create a professional and compelling logo for your video channel through eye-catching fonts, icons, graphics, & colors. Our logo designer specializes in creating logos.

Social Video Widgets: Be creative with social widgets on video channels. Contact the best video SEO agency to embed, create & integrate a much-appreciated YouTube video. Display your business profile to increase user engagement on your social media profile.

Video Channel Art: Is your YouTube channel screen eligible to become a top video channel? We provide customized video channel art services that attract viewers. Start your video channel art with personalized channel illustrations featuring your business.

Channel & Video Trailer: We make sure to create a well-performing video channel trailer with a sound length of 30-60. This allows the video to be introduced to non-subscribers. This will help increase impressions and increase page search visibility in video search engines.

Video Title: The video titles allow viewers and search engines to follow the video with visual aids. This helps improve understanding, including filling in relevant keywords.

Description of the Video: Attract your customers with keywords & video descriptions. It is a piece of metadata that attracts viewers and search engines. We are the best video SEO agency and have a team of SEO ad copywriters.

YouTube Video Tags: Video tag is used to provide video context to search engine crawlers & users. We conducted detailed research to suggest keywords that are optimized for 100-character video tags (i.e. meta tags that are easy to search).

YouTube Video Analytics: We follow YouTube & video SEO best practices. As a YouTube & video SEO expert organization, we are committed to increasing local and global audiences. We continue to study YouTube video analytics data to understand trends and indicators to monitor how video SEO is performing.

Video Audience Quantity: Don’t know what makes it difficult for your audience to find your video on search engines? We are a YouTube and video SEO service company that aims to help our clients measure audience quantity. This will help you to understand how many people are interested in watching your video.

Video End Screen Annotations: Do you want to add video “end screen” annotations to all videos? If this is not the case, then you are missing targeted traffic. Get affordable YouTube & Video SEO services that have been proven to increase traffic to your YouTube channel.

Quality of Video: Don’t miss any click and participation! Hire top video SEO companies to improve the quality of your videos. Many YouTube content is of poor quality; the content is unstable or poorly handled. Such content may not look better.

Video Duration: Is your video watch time short? YouTube video viewing time is a prime ranking factor to increase audience retention. With our advanced video marketing services, you can get more views on YouTube videos.

Consistent Video Upload Schedule: Regular video upload is an important part of obtaining stable traffic. This helps attract viewers in the long term. Our video marketing experts will help you, monitor, schedule, and track videos on your channel.

The Initial Fifteen Seconds of Video: Do you want to attract the attention of the audience? With the help of our YouTube video SEO service, you can ensure your audience is attracted by enabling the initial fifteen-second video recording function. Promote your video with short ads.

Upload Defaults Videos: Get cost-effective YouTube & video SEO services. We are able to help you choose default values for the category, privacy settings,  title, tags, language, comments, etc. of the video. Attract YouTube’s huge user base to watch your videos.

The Video Playlists: Mahbubosmane.com’s YouTube SEO experts are responsible for categorizing video playlists into various categories, which helps increase your viewing time because the playlist will automatically play all the videos in the playlist based on the optimized title.

Customized Video Thumbnail: Customize video thumbnails with fascinating designs and animations to make the video stand out from mediocrity. We cover all ideas, such as banners, changing colors, and SEO-optimized thumbnails.

Video Branding: The introduction is very important, so the audience can know who they are and can prove that they own the brand. Our YouTube marketing SEO service can help you build a strong foundation through introduction and outsourcing.

Watermark for Your Videos:  Hire the best video SEO agency to create a watermark for your company or personal video. Watermarking allows viewers to subscribe to the channels from within the video itself. If viewers can’t see your watermarks, they won’t interact with them.

Should You Hire a YouTube and video SEO Service Company?

A video is a powerful form of content that can help you establish a name for your brand, explain and showcase your products, and provide free information. They provide all the benefits of a blog, but they are better for conversion and easier to share. Companies such as Dollar Shave Club have used video marketing to greatly develop their businesses. One of their videos brought in 12,000 orders in the first 48 hours. However, just making great videos is not enough. The best practices above can help you attract some traffic to your website, but if your competitors know what they are doing, they may already be using these tips. If you really want to be successful and get more video views, don’t do it yourself, You can also hire a professional SEO Company to help with video SEO and ensure that great videos get the visibility they deserve.    

Why Choose MahbubOsmane.com for YouTube & Video SEO Services?

Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in SEO and video marketing. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithms to deliver results-driven strategies that align with your business goals. Customized Solutions: We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, objectives, and budget constraints. Transparent Communication: We believe in fostering transparent and open communication with our clients throughout the entire process. You’ll have full visibility into our strategies, progress, and results, ensuring a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership. Proven Results: Our track record speaks for itself. We have helped numerous clients achieve significant improvements in their video visibility, organic traffic, and overall online presence through our YouTube & Video SEO services. MahbubOsmane.com focuses on all aspects of digital marketing to create synergistic and all-encompassing strategies tailored specifically to individual customer needs. Be sure to check out all our digital marketing services.

YouTube & Video SEO Service Packages & Plans


$ 299
  • Video Optimization : Yes
  • Keyword Research : Yes
  • Title Optimization : Yes
  • Description Optimization : Yes
  • Tags Optimization : Yes
  • Thumbnail Optimization : Yes
  • End Screen Setup : Yes
  • Cards Setup : Yes
  • Analytics Report: Monthly
  • Channel Review : No
  • Technical SEO Audit : No
  • Custom Strategy : No
  • Support : Email


$ 499
  • Video Optimization : Yes
  • Keyword Research : Yes
  • Title Optimization : Yes
  • Description Optimization : Yes
  • Tags Optimization : Yes
  • Thumbnail Optimization : Yes
  • End Screen Setup : Yes
  • Cards Setup : Yes
  • Analytics Report: Bi-weekly
  • Channel Review : Basic
  • Technical SEO Audit : No
  • Custom Strategy : No
  • Support : Email


$ 799
  • Video Optimization : Yes
  • Keyword Research : Yes
  • Title Optimization : Yes
  • Description Optimization : Yes
  • Tags Optimization : Yes
  • Thumbnail Optimization : Yes
  • End Screen Setup : Yes
  • Cards Setup : Yes
  • Analytics Report: Weekly
  • Channel Review : Comprehensive
  • Technical SEO Audit : Yes
  • Custom Strategy : Yes
  • Support : Priority Email & Chat

Frequently Asked YouTube & Video SEO Service Questions

 YouTube & Video SEO Service is a specialized service offered by MahbubOsmane.com to optimize and improve the visibility of your videos on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. This service utilizes various strategies and techniques to enhance your videos’ rankings in search results, increase organic traffic, and ultimately maximize views and engagement.

YouTube is the second largest search engine globally, making it a crucial platform for reaching and engaging with audiences. Effective SEO techniques ensure that your videos are discovered by users searching for relevant content, increasing your chances of gaining subscribers, generating leads, and boosting your online presence. 

MahbubOsmane.com provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to improve your video’s SEO performance. This includes keyword research, optimization of video titles, descriptions, and tags, creation of compelling thumbnails, implementation of metadata best practices, analysis of competitors’ strategies, and ongoing monitoring and adjustments to ensure optimal results. 

Improved SEO for your videos can lead to higher visibility, increased traffic, and greater brand exposure. By ranking higher in search results and suggested videos, you can attract more viewers, subscribers, and potential customers to your channel or website. This can ultimately translate into enhanced brand recognition, credibility, and revenue generation opportunities. 

The timeframe for seeing noticeable results from YouTube & Video SEO can vary depending on various factors, including the competitiveness of your niche, the quality of your content, and the effectiveness of the optimization strategies implemented. While some improvements may be seen relatively quickly, it’s essential to view SEO as a long-term investment, with ongoing efforts required to maintain and build upon initial gains.

Yes, MahbubOsmane.com provides regular progress reports and analytics to track the performance of your videos and SEO efforts. These reports typically include data on views, watch time, engagement metrics, keyword rankings, and other relevant indicators, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of the strategies employed and make informed decisions moving forward.

While YouTube & Video SEO can benefit a wide range of video content, its effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as the target audience, industry, and competition level. MahbubOsmane.com conducts thorough assessments to determine the viability and potential outcomes of SEO optimization for your specific videos and objectives.

To get started with YouTube & Video SEO services from MahbubOsmane.com, simply reach out to their team through their website or contact information. They will guide you through the process, discuss your goals and requirements, and recommend a tailored strategy to optimize your videos for maximum impact and results.

MahbubOsmane.com stands out due to its expertise, experience, and dedication to delivering results-driven solutions. With a focus on innovation, ethical practices, and client satisfaction, they strive to exceed expectations and help clients achieve their objectives in the ever-evolving landscape of online video marketing and SEO.  

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