How to Increase Domain Authority & Page Authority ( Best 05 Strategies)


We are living in an era of technology and internet. Everything is optimized with the scores and internet. People even work online for brands promotion and capture the target audience. Websites, social media engagements and online consumer traffic and many more become the real market now. To increase the website reach and probability to have a high ranking according to Google scale, experts work to improve the domain authority and page authority. With the Prepostseo domain authority checker you can find the exact numbers that show the high or low authority of a website. 

Domain authority 

Domain authority for a website is a number that Google as a search engine evaluates and ranks the website. Higher the number indicates high domain authority and chances to be on the top search results gets high. Professional and SEO experts always put efforts to increase the overall domain authority. 


Page authority 


Page authority is quite similar to domain authority. But it is related to a particular page of the website and its ranking. The number as a page authority shows how the search engine result page will rank a page of a website to be higher on rank. Whether it is DA or PA, for both the number range is from 1 to 100. As low as the number means your authority is low and chances to be on the top results research are getting low. 


Strategies to increase DA & PA


Whether you are working on the Domain authority or Page authority, strategies are quite similar. Because as an SEO expert a person has to work on the things to make it Google algorithm friendly. If the website is according to the standard only then Google will rank the site on the top of search engine results. 

Here are some strategies that will make a difference in improving overall domain authority and page authority as well. 

Improve the overall website content


Content management is an important strategy to increase DA & PA. you can only increase the traffic on the page or on your website through quality and informative stuff. While posting content on-site or linking it with other pages of your website or with other sites, make sure the topics are relevant to that site. Only with an informative and top searched topic you are able to grab the readers interest. For example, the top-listed topics searched so many times on a search engine like top 5, best 7, 10 important, etc. so, make top list blogs and articles to publish on site. This will improve traffic and the audience will stay for a long on the page. 


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Apply the optimization tools 


SEO is vast and continues improvement strategy that gives results if applied appropriately. To improve the ranking and authority proper optimization is necessary. It includes on-page, off-page optimization, linking properly like hyperlinks, optimize pictures and videos, utilize keywords, accurate keyword placement, internal linking, backlinking, meta descriptions, and a lot more. These strategies will help to increase the domain as well as page authority. Through this Google’s algorithm evaluate and put first your site in respective to relevant URL or keyword search.  


Improve the user’s experience with your website


To increase your traffic on the website or on the pages it is necessary to improve the site experience. According to the statistic, the trend of using the mobile phone is high as compared to computers or tabs. That means people browse more on phones as compared to computers. So to increase the number of visitors it is necessary that your website is user-friendly on mobile. It includes the mobile view, browsing speed and user-friendly exposure. Improved mobile experience can enhance the domain and page authority score well.   


Choose the right backlinking strategy


Backlinking and link building is one of the SEO strategies to make a website on top rank. It helps to increase the audience and viewers that significantly impact the score of authority. Through backlinks or link building traffic from the other sites can be easily dragged to yours and Google will read it well. But the most important concern in linking is to build the quality one. Backlink your site with a quality website that is updated and working as per the google ranking policy. If you link with a site with no profile or with low domain authority the strategy will not work for you. 


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Keep your website updated


To get the high traffic and make the audience stay at the site, the necessary thing is the site should be updated. You should work on improving the loading experience as fast as, on mobile and on a computer as well. As well as be original and to the point in the presentation of the content. Do not copy or put unwanted stuff on site. Because it will increase the chances of bounce rate and badly affect the authority and ranking. Your content should be original, well designed, and properly inbounded with keywords to improve the domain authority.

Why the authority varies?


Increase in domain authority increases the chances of page authority as well. They both are interlinked with each other. Due to profile changes the authority varies. It includes the content of the website, linking within website pages and with other sites, etc. that’s not possible to maintain it at the same point, it only happens with persistent struggle and right strategy implementation. Domain authority is something that can only earn with time and they only need to get it to sustain on that point.

Bottom line!


Page authority and domain authority both are interlinked with each other. Domain authority is a broader term and needs more time and strategy to focus one. It took time to get and can run for a longer time, but need continuous efforts and complete check on insights. You can better keep a check on the domain authority with domain authority checker. It is software that will provide a complete insight into the authority status and the factors affecting its progress as well.