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Facebook Advertising Service by MahbubOsmane.com


Do you like to make marketing your products or services to one million-plus people? According to official information, more than one million Bangladeshi inhabitants are now Facebook user. And day by day the use of Facebook is increasing. Yes, you have to do marketing using Facebook, if you like to market your product to one million Bangladeshi citizens. And you have to realize most of that one million natives are adolescent or youth. If you can catch at least 1% of that adolescent or youth, your any type of business will rise for a lifetime.  Those persons are mostly targeted for your product or business.

Facebook is an exceptional opportunity for digital marketing throughout the world, which is more efficient than any other medium. And MahbubOsmane.com offers you the best Facebook Advertising service in Bangladesh to avail of this opportunity. Moreover, worldwide services are also available.


Our Facebook Advertising Process?

Currently, there are nine different Facebook ad placements available in the Ads Manager:

  • Facebook Desktop Newsfeed
  • Facebook Mobile Newsfeed
  • The Right-hand Column
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Facebook In-Stream Videos
  • Facebook Suggested Videos
  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Audience Network


Mainly we follow the following 5 steps: 


Step One – Understand your Business
Step Two – Identify your Facebook Goals
Step Three – Craft a Facebook advertising Strategy

Step Four – Execute Strategy</div

Step Five – Monitor & Adjust


We can help you by doing the following tasks:

  • Creating Facebook Ad/Through manage/ Through optimization.
  • Design a  Fan page/ Doing Optimization.
  • We will follow the following steps to design.
  • Set up your Page
  • Identify your audience
  • Create compelling content
  • Advertise
  • Measure and adjust
  • Set up your Page
  • Identify your audience
  • Create compelling content
  • Advertise
  • Measure and adjust
  • Increasing targeted fan.
  • Making a custom tab.
  • Posting related content (Picture, status, video).
  • Through providing Quiz/ Pole/Giveaway/ Content, Doing coupon management.
  • Developing a custom application.
  • Doing reputation management.
  • Increasing traffic to your website through Facebook.
  • Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy.
  • Doing Brand and User Engagement Plan.
  • Understanding the system of Facebook Advertisements.
  • Analysis of your advertisements. If you like to get a very good design/marketing service, please contact us.

It is tough to find out a person having F-commerce or E-commerce, is not anxious about Facebook promotion. An admin of a Facebook page means various types anxiety; how will you promote business, increase sale, enhancing share— to remove all such kinds of concerns, we are providing some important Facebook marketing tips. Now all large companies are doing their product promotion on Facebook. World’s largest brand Coca-Cola brings 17% of their customers through Facebook. Therefore, social media marketing is now one of the limbs of all the company’s advertisements.

FAQ About Facebook Advertising Service


What Can I Target Via FB Ad?

  • Increase Mobile App Installs
  • Establish Brand Awareness
  • Smash Product Catalog Sales
  • Drive Traffic to Your Site
  • Bring People to Your Event
  • Get People to Start Shopping
  • Collect Leads with Sign Ups
  • Generate Leads with the Power of Free
  • Increase Post Engagement
  •  Advertise Your Chatbot
  •  Drive Traffic to Your Store Location
  •  Learn More About Your Customer’s Preferences
  •  Boost Conversions
  •  Garner Local Awareness
  • Boost Brand Engagement


What type of results can I expect?

We will evaluate it and will give you an analytical report provided by Facebook.

How much traffic can I expect?

It depends on 01. Niche to niche 02. Target audience 03. Effective campaign setup 04. Budget 05. Targeting and so on. The more fuel you will spend the more result you will get.

How many conversions can I expect?

It also depends on 01. your product or service price 02. product or service quality 03. Website destination and 04. The market you are competing in. But we can give you guaranty for continuous improvement.

Isn’t it expensive to advertise on Facebook like Google?

No, it is cheaper than google

How long are the contracts?

As long as you want to continue it but we suggest to continue at least for one month to understand the ad performance.

Are there any setup fees?

No, setup is totally free as we take 10% service charge on your spend, minimum you have to spend $100

How long does it take to get started?

Within 24 hours maximum, If delay we will inform you the reasons

Who will be working on my account?

Our one of service agent, you have to give us admin access to your page. Your personal password is not necessary for us.

How will you learn about my business?

By taking information from you then we will research and develop a custom strategy.

How will you create ads that fit my business?

Definitely, we will take ad preferences from you then we will set up the ad, before finally submitting the ad you will have the opportunity to review it.

Do I have to provide you with content for advertisements?

Not necessary, if you provide we are happy to use it.

Will you monitor the ad campaign to make sure we do not waste any money?

Yes! one social media manager will monitor the ad campaign daily, if ads are not performing well, he will push them & reset the campaign, also we run A/B test to check the ad performance.

How do I find Audience Insights on Facebook?

Audience Insights is a function within the Facebook Ad Manager. You can find it by clicking the drop-down menu under “Tools.” The Audience Insights Tool will help you segment your defined “seed” audience based on different preferences and demographic details. Learn More: Www.business.facebook.com/ads/audience-insights/people?act=578453199531152&business_id=1292770250827158&age=18-&country=US

What is Facebook page insights?

Page Insights helps media organizations, brands, and public figures understand their audience, the success of posts, and the health of the page. On-page insights, you will understand the posts that your audience is participating in, so you can make informed decisions about your strategy. This is a great way to see what kind of content will achieve the best results for your Page and how to build audience interaction.

Www.facebook.com/MahbubOsmaneBlog/insights/. Learn More: https://www.facebook.com/facebookmedia/solutions/page-insights

How to create a Facebook Saved Audience, Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience?

Saved Audience: To create a Saved Audience from scratch, go to the “Audiences” section of either Ads Manager or Power Editor… Click the “Create Audience” button at the far right and select “Saved Audience.” Now create the audience as you normally would within the ad set.

Custom Audience: To create a Facebook custom audience, go to the Audiences section of your Facebook Ads Manager. Then click Create Audience and select Custom Audience from the drop-down menu. Create a custom audience in Facebook Ads Manager. Next, you’ll see a list of audiences you can create.

Lookalike Audience: 

  1. Go to your
  2. Click the Create Audience dropdown and choose Lookalike Audience
  3. Choose your source
  4. Notes:
    • A source can be a Custom Audience not created with your pixel data, your mobile app data or fans of your Page
    • Consider using a group of 1,000 to 50,000 of your best customers based on lifetime value, transaction value, total order size or engagement.
  5. Choose the country/countries where you’d like to find a similar set of people
  6. Choose your desired audience size with the slider.
  7. Click Create Audience

You can also create a Lookalike Audience during ad creation in Ads Manager.

Keep in mind:

  • It may take 6 to 24 hours for your Lookalike Audience to be created. After that, it’ll refresh every 3 to 7 days as long as you’re still actively targeting ads to it
  • You don’t need to wait for your Lookalike Audience to update to use it for ad targeting
  • You can see when your Lookalike Audience was updated by visiting you and looking at the date under the Availability column

How to set up Facebook pixels?

  1. Go to Events Manager.
  2. Click Connect Data Sources and select Web.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Select Facebook Pixel and click Connect.
  5. Read how the pixel works, then click Continue.
  6. Add your Pixel Name.
  7. Enter your website URL to check for easy setup options.
  8. Click Continue.

Add the Facebook pixel to your website

Once you’ve created your pixel, you’re ready to put the Facebook pixel code on your website. For instructions on how to do this, choose your setup option:

Manually add pixel code to the website
    1. Go to Events Manager.
    2. Select the pixel you want to set up.
    3. Click Continue Pixel Setup.
    4. Select the Install code manually.
    5. Copy the pixel base code.
    6. Find the header of your website, or locate the header template in your CMS or web platform.
    7. Paste the base code at the bottom of the header section, just above the closing head tag.
    1. Click Continue.
    2. Optional: Toggle on Automatic Advanced Matching and verify the customer information you want to send.
    3. Click Continue.
    4. Add events using the Event Setup Tool or by manually adding code to your website.
Event Setup Tool
  • Click Launch Event Setup Tool to add events and parameters without additional coding.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add events to your website.
  1. Click Done.

How to install a Facebook Conversion pixel?

For Details Please Visit: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-pixel/implementation/conversion-tracking/

What is Facebook Remarketing?

Facebook remarketing refers to the act running ads targeted toward past visitors to your site.

Let’s say you run an eCommerce store. You’re getting traffic to your checkout pages, but your bounce rate on those pages is pretty high. You realize that people are right on the edge of converting but you’re losing them.

Through Facebook’s tracking pixel, you can identify visitors who bounced and run a targeted ad based on their behavior. For example, you could offer a Facebook-exclusive coupon code or some sort of freebie to incentivize them to complete their purchase.

Facebook Retargeting: To put it simply: Facebook retargeting is the process of finding people who’ve visited your website and then using their data to find their Facebook profiles. You can then run advertising campaigns to target those people and convince them to head back to your website. Learn More.

Facebook impressions: Impressions are the number of times a post from your page is displayed. For example, if someone sees a page update in their Facebook newsfeed and then sees that same update when a friend shares it, that would count as 2 impressions. Reach is the number of people who received impressions of a Page post.
Facebook Engagement: Facebook engagement is an action someone takes on your Facebook Page or one of your posts. The most common examples are likes, comments, and shares, but it can also include checking in to your location or tagging you in a post. Facebook engagement matters because it can help extend organic reach.
Facebook Reach: Facebook reach is the number of unique people who saw your content. It affects every other metric you can track: engagement, likes, comments, clicks, and negative feedback. And that’s not all. There are different kinds of reach: post, page, organic, viral, and paid. Everything on Facebook boils down to reach.
Facebook Frequency: Frequency may average 1 to 2 per ad set or maybe much higher, depending on your budget, audience size and schedule. However, it’s important to monitor frequency along with your results and ad relevance diagnostics to make sure the same people aren’t seeing your ads too often during a campaign.

Facebook CTR: What is CTR on Facebook? CTR stands for click-through rate and is a Facebook Ads metric that measures the ratio of clicks (how often someone clicked on your ad) to impressions (how many times your ad was viewed on the platform) for individual ads.

Facebook CPM: CPM (cost-per-mille): With cost-per-impression, you pay when Facebook shows your ad 1000 times. (Impressions are the number of times your ad is shown to a user on Facebook).
Facebook CPC: What is CPC on Facebook? CPC stands for cost per click. This is the price you pay for each click on your Facebook ad. You can choose to optimize for CPC if you want as many visits to your website as possible. Facebook will try to get you as many clicks as it can within your budget if you choose this option.
Facebook ROI: Facebook ROI is what your company gets back from the time, money, and other resources you’ve put toward social media marketing on the platform. ROI isn’t the same for everyone. How it’s defined for you will differ between other companies based on your specific business goals.
Facebook ROAS: However, in general, a ROAS of 4:1 or higher indicates a successful campaign. Keep in mind that the accuracy of ROAS is highly dependent on getting accurate numbers for cost and total revenue generated. If you have a low ROAS, your first step should be to make sure you are attributing revenue correctly.
Facebook Ad Relevance: Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback we expect an ad to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions we expect an ad to receive, the higher the ad’s relevance score will be. (Positive indicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views, conversions, etc.) The more times we expect people to hide or report an ad, the lower their score will be.
Ads receive a relevance score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest. The score is updated as people interact and provide feedback on the ad. Ads with guaranteed delivery — like those bought through reach and frequency — are not impacted by relevance score. Relevance score has a smaller impact on cost and delivery in brand awareness campaigns since those ads are optimized for reaching people, rather than driving a specific action like installs. Learn More

Once your ads are configured correctly and users start clicking through them, you can measure performance in Google Analytics following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Acquisition – Campaigns – All Campaigns report.
  2. At the top you can select to alter the dates to the time period you’re interested in.
  3. Next is a line chart plotting all campaign users visiting your site. Note that this includes all campaigns across all your channels that have set up campaign tracking, including Google Ads campaign which have tracking automatically built in
  4. At the bottom is a table with all the primary metrics you’d expect per campaign. All the way to the right you have e-commerce conversion rate as a default, but you can select other goals you have configured from the dropdown menu.
  5. If you have many campaigns, it may be hard to find the Facebook one of interest. You can use the advanced search box to type in the campaign name for the one you’re interested in. You can also add a secondary dimension of Source / Medium and sort by it to find all of your Facebook campaigns together.

One key advantage of tracking Facebook campaigns in Google Analytics is that you can drill into the site behavior of traffic from your Facebook ads, which you can’t do within Facebook. To do this, you’ll have to create a segment. You can read more about Google Analytics segments.

Assuming you have set up the URL parameters as explained above, the steps to creating your Facebook ads segment are:

  1. Scroll to the top of the report and click Add Segment
  2. Click on the red New Segment button
  3. Select the Traffic Sources tab on the left menu bar
  4. Set the source parameter to exactly match the term “Facebook” to put all correctly-configured campaigns into one segment or specify a campaign if you only want to look at one campaign
  5. Give a name to your segment
  6. Click Save

Some Facebook marketing tips & tricks


  • Use an attractive profile picture, through that; people can know your company quickly. To get a good profile, click here or for getting a good design, please contact us.
  • You must use a cover photo, pin post, call to action button for marketing and it is important to keep correlation with them.
  • Use tracking URL + Facebook insight to see the page performance.
  • To increase organic post, make a paid post once in a while. For efficient, targeted paid marketing, please contact us.
  • Find out your targeted audience. If you cannot and like to get cooperation from us, please contact us calling the mobile number 01716 988 953.
  • Invite your friends and persons who are in your business contact, send them messages, share your page with them, reply to them when they make comments.
  • Post excellent & necessary contents, don’t do inexpensive marketing and don’t beg like comment and share.
  • Don’t promote page through cheating & false temptation. To attract customers using the valid system or increase engagement.


Post experimentally at the different time of a day:



Most of the business companies post their ads on Facebook in the traditional business hour, but what will happen if your visitors’ significant portion remains in abroad?

In that case, you can post different time of day and night. That also brings a different result for you. It will depend on your varieties of users of the product. You can find out ever best time of your post through trial & error basis. Must refrain from automated posting. If need you can use Facebook schedule tool. Keep a matter in your mind, when a new post is posted your audiences hope someone is live. When you cannot reply to their question or query, then they will realize you are dead or in sleep. That’s not good for you.


Make an opportunity for visitors to discuss:


You may like to appear with a new product or a new design, in that case, you can take feedback from your fans. You can do a survey among them or can receive information about your new logo or regarding the color of the product through a voting system, which will help you to lead your business correctly. This process not only increases your product brand loyalty but also provide information on what your fans want.


Use the picture – because it leads to long-lasting:



The images are usually more shares. From a study, it is found that image post gets 70 times more engaging than only text or link post. For this you don’t have to buy a DSLR camera, you can take a snap immediately through download Instagram on your smartphone and can upload to your Facebook page, even can share a video.


You become your big fan:



To know the recent trend or fad you have to understand Facebook outside of your business page. Therefore, if you don’t have a private account, you can open one, today. It will make an opportunity to know about other users, besides this make chance to look at your business through your fans’ eye and also to look what your competitors do.


Keep contact with your fans outside of Facebook.

You can do it through your email list. You can provide an incentive for users to write the name on your mail list. Post relevant and funny content on your Facebook page.


Use call to action:




Since you don’t want users to leave your site after visiting only one time, that’s why you can use a graphic of Call to Action on your page tab. It can be common as similar to Like us near like button. Allow all opportunities to the visitors as they become your fan easily to add you to their feed.


Playing hide & sick:

Make demand what you have. Create content for the visitors then they will be interested in putting like on your page, these are for the information of any exceptional product, interview, menu etcetera and whatever related to your business.

There are many ways to do it and continuously changing these. For instance, apps of custom FBML ( Facebook Mark app language). Who will put like on your page, offer them to get access to your inclusive content?


Simple URL:

You can create a vanity URL for your business page. It will help your fan to find your page more quickly. Your URL will as like as .


Make pin post weekly:

Don’t match it with the Pinterest pin. Facebook gives an opportunity to make any of your business posts to post on your page as a featured post for a week. So, that the information you are trying to push, it may sell, promotion or any event, you can keep them on top of the page. To make the pin hover on the selected post and clicking on the pencil icon and select Pin to post.


Show the milestone:





Only your relationship update or graduation is not the Facebook milestone. You can highlight your company’s values that can be an anniversary. Fill the goal of the specified number of fans’ aim or the introduction of the new product.


Types of a post:


Facebook Marketing Service In Bangladesh

Who search and found the pictures of the Facebook page draw most of the likes, comments, and shares. However, there are some differences between the three what you can see in the figure below.



Size of a post:

A post draws more likes and share than a link on a Facebook page. Among these posts which are longer, that ’s getting more shares.



Use yourself as a referral:

You can use yourself as a reference to any post pages, such as “I see” or “I believe”  like these. This post increases customer confidence and shares more.


The sentiment of the post:

Posts that are written in a neutral way that means that are not apparent and not vague, such posts get less like. Negative posts get most of the comments than that of positive posts.


Time of post:

The posts that are published at the end of the day receive more likes, comments, and shares, because, at this period, people return home from work and enter into personal Life. This moment is called the peak hour; it is usually from 6 pm until 8 pm.


The day of posting:

According to information from Jarrell, most of the likes, shares, and comments are activated on weekends as well as Saturdays and Sundays. In the context of Bangladesh, the time will be Fridays & Saturdays.

Facebook marketing is the most popular at the present time. From the small business to big business continue to promote their brands on Facebook and getting success. However, you have to study for this marketing, because you are looking for customers for your business.


Works, which are prohibited in Facebook Marketing!

  • Don’t use a dummy account.
  • Don’t publish more post.
  • Don’t forget to publish a multimedia post.
  • Don’t respond in more delay.
  • Don’t post anything from assumption.
  • Don’t keep empty the about section.
  • Don’t put add-link in others post.
  • Don’t do marketing by the fake account.
  • Don’t post on the page who provide the same service.


Facebook Advertising Service in Bangladesh


Do you look for a Facebook marketing firm in Bangladesh? In fact, it is very tough to choose a better company. We are not like the other digital marketing company of Bangladesh. We are experienced, we have been providing Facebook Marketing Services for a few years.

We the MahbubOsmane.com will make it easy and safe for your business. Confused To Hire Us As Lots of Facebook Advertising Company Already Exist In Bangladesh? Well, like we always said –We are “Different”. We are “Creative”. We research to make your business come true!

Email Us: [email protected] or call +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01912 966 448

So, why don’t you make a Call MahbubOsmane.comtoday or send them a simple email with your queries to advertise on Facebook?


Facebook Advertising Service Pricing

We add only 10% service charge with third party cost. To know details you can call us to call +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01912 966 448 or you can email us to [email protected]


Facebook Advertising Packages

Fb Ad Basic
Strategic Consultancy - 1 Hour
FB Page Audit- In Depth
Cover Photo & PP - 1 Set
Sales Oriented Article - 1 ( 200 W)
Graphical Visual: 1 Image
Slide Show Video - Pcs.
Dollar For Ad - $20
Fb Ad Advance
Strategic Consultancy - 1 Hour
FB Page Audit- In Depth
Cover Photo & PP - 2 Sets
Sales Oriented Article - 10 Articles ( 2000 W)
Graphical Visual: 10 images
Slide Show Video - 1 Pcs.
Dollar For Ad - $120
Fb Ad Medium
Strategic Consultancy - 1 Hour
FB Page Audit- In Depth
Cover Photo & PP - 1 Set
Sales Oriented Article - 3 ( 600 W)
Graphical Visual: 3 Images
Slide Show Video - 0 Pcs.
Dollar For Ad - $50

Still, have questions? Or want to get a call?


Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01912 966 448 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at [email protected] We would be happy to answer you.


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