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Content Creation Service


Are you looking for the best content creation service with affordable price? Actually, content is the main components of your websites. Only content can attract your visitors and it can make them the potential buyers. You can not think about digital business without quality content. There has no better alternative way to promote your brand without content. It is said that content is the kingdom of your website & link is king.

When clients come to your office then you can impress them with services, decorated office, experts team or your logic. But in digital media, there has no way to do that. You can’t show all the things by a website but you can create content to show all the things, that’s why you need quality content. With this in mind, you have to publish unique content to make a difference from your competitors.

If you maintain a blog with your business website, then it is very easy to prove yourself as the experts in your related field. You can motivate anyone with the content of your websites so that s/he can buy from you. So, how will you publish value-added content for your customers?

MahbubOsmane.com’s content creation service can help you to get exclusive value-added unique content written by our expert team of writers. We have a lot of local and native writers to provide unique content creation service. How MahbubOsmane.com provide the best content creation services? Let’s take a look at the different types of content creation services of MahbubOsmane.com

We provide the following content creation services


  • Niche Site Content, Affiliate Website Content
  • Website Content, Webpage Content, Contact us Content & About us Content
  • Ongoing Blogging Content / Blog Content Related to Digital Marketing
  • Home & Kitchen Decor Content, Health and Beauty Niche Content
  • Technical Content ( Digital Marketing and technology equipment)
  • Historical Content
  • Home Page Content, Service Description,  Privacy Policy
  • Product Descriptions & Review of Content
  • SEO Content, Meta Content, Skyscraper Content
    Blog posts & Authority articles 
  • IT Training Course Module
  • Linkbait Content, Press Release Content & Optimized content
  • Social Media Posts or Tweets, Social Media Profiles
  • Travel Products & Guide
  • Infographic Content, Meme Content, Instructional Videos, Guides,
  • Book Reviews, Opinion Post, How-to content,
  • Check Lists, Link pages, Ebook Content,
  • Case Study, Podcast & Expert Interview Type Content
  • Curated Content, eNewsletter
  • Kits (collection of original or curated content with one goal)
  • Monthly Drawings, PowerPoint Slides, Templates, Tip Sheets, Tutorials,
  • Brochures, Case Studies, Catalogs, Comparison Charts, Cut sheets
  • FAQs, Free Samples, Original Research, Podcasts
  • Price Points Page, Product Guide or Whitepaper, Product Specs
  • Product Videos, Reviews, and Testimonials, Webinars
  • Content for Consultations, Coupons, Demo Content, Free Trials, Quotes
  • Industry News, Achievements, Events, Announcements, Life and business lessons
  • Knowledge and skills, Mindset, Leadership, Strategies and tactics, Productivity, Soft skills


Niche/Affiliate Site Content: MahbubOsmane.com is providing the best niche and affiliate site content from local and native writers. You can choose our services to get content. It’s no matter how niche/micro-niche topics you need, as we’ve made a great team with the various niche. You can take as much content as you need with the focused deadline. You can check out our services to know more about our niche/affiliate site content.


Website Content: MahbubOsmane.com is very popular to create the website’s content. We are providing these services from last 5 years. Any types of services or pages including about us, services, privacy policy or disclaimer can be written with great research by our team. You can check our portfolio on our website about the quality of the website content.


Product Descriptions & Review: You can write product description of your services. On the other hand, you can take an Amazon product description or review from MahbubOsmane.com. We are providing these services by researching the market and your competitor.


SEO Content: MahbubOsmane.com is providing keyword-rich content and it will be ranked #1 in the SERP. You can’t imagine how urgently can rank your website with the SEO optimized content. You can check our SEO services too.


Blog posts: Blogging is the best way to prove yourself as an expert and it can help you to make your brand more attractive. We can generate and help you to produce specific and well-optimized blog content for you. You can easily see the progress of your business.


Authority articles: Some article can make you boss and ranked in the search engine easily. You can write those article as authority styles. It will surely make you as authoritative. This types of articles help you to get the natural link which is described as the skyscraper link and it’s very good in the eyes of the search engine.


Linkbait: This types of content are created to get the backlink. You can share it on every article directory or social bookmarking sites. On the other hand, you can make it popular in many newspaper or social media. Certainly, it will help you to get the valuable link and it will surely help you to increase brand.


Press releases: Do you want to get the attention of your competitor or relevant customer? A press release can help you the most. An optimized press release can bring more brand awareness and search engine visibility. It can surely help you get some important backlinks too.


Optimized content: do you need more optimized content for specific purposes including social media, search engine or article directory? You can also talk to us about these types of content. We can create a lot of optimized content related to your niche or business.


Social Media Posts / Tweets: Social media is a great source of traffic and potential customers. On the other hand, it helps you to increase your brand. Similarly, it also helps to engage with valuable customers. So, social media viral content can help you to establish a social media-based fan of you and regular content can surely help you. With this in mind, MahbubOsmane.com is providing social media content services.


Also, we can create Infographics, Meme, Videos, Guides, Book Reviews, Opinion post, Product Reviews, How-to content, Lists, Link pages, Ebook, Case Study, Podcast & Interview Type content for you. Just Contact Us. Learn More about various type of content.


Our Content Creation  Steps



  • Step 01- We will assign a project manager
  • Step 02- S/he will create a plan for your content
  • Step 03- Then another person will research it
  • Step 04- One visualizer will be assigned to you
  • Step 05- Content creator will create the content
  • Step 06- The Content editor will edit it
  • Step 07- Reviewer will review it
  • Step 08- Content approver will approve it
  • Step 09: Publisher/scheduler will publish it


9 People Will Work to Create Your Content


  • Project manager
  • Plan creator
  • Researcher
  • Visual creator or curator (photos, infographics, graphs, diagrams, or videos)
  • Content writer/creator
  • Content editor
  • Reviewer
  • Content approver
  • Publisher/scheduler

Choose your Plan Below


4 Blog Post Per Month
4 Article / Month
Advanced Keyword Research
1,000 Words +
Native English Quality Writer
Full Quality Control
Nicely Formatted With Images
Publishing Included
8 Blog Post per month
8 Articles / Month
Advanced Keyword Research
1,000 Words +
Native English Quality Writer
Full Quality Control
Nicely Formatted With Images
Publishing Included
Bulk Discounts on Custom Orders!
12+ Blog Post special offers
12 Articles / Month
Advanced Keyword Research
1,000 Words +
Native English Quality Writer
Full Quality Control
Nicely Formatted With Images
Publishing Included

Don’t need Keyword Research?


4 Blog Post Per Month
4 Article / Month
You Provide the Keywords & Titles
1,000 Words +
Native English Quality Writer
Full Quality Control
Nicely Formatted With Images
Publishing Included
8 Blog Post Per Month
8 Articles / Month
You Provide the Keywords & Titles
1,000 Words +
Native English Quality Writer
Full Quality Control
Nicely Formatted With Images
Publishing Included
Bulk Discounts on Custom Orders!
8+ Blog Post Per Month
Custom Quote
You Provide the Keywords & Titles
1,000 Words +
Native English Quality Writer
Full Quality Control
Nicely Formatted With Images
Publishing Included

Do You Need Expert Advice For Planning Your Website?

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3 Month Content Plan
Free Consultation
3 Month Content Plan with Keyword Research Delivered for Approval
Content Produced and Published for 3 Months
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6 Month Content Plan
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6 Month Content Plan with Keyword Research Delivered for Approval
Content Produced and Published for 12 Months
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12 Month Content Plan
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Other Content Related Service

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Some Tips For Content Writing!


Write a great introduction: Your visitor might not even get down to read the rest of your Content / Review if your introduction isn’t good enough. So, in the end, a great introduction and an unbiased review are all you need to get a decent conversion rate.

Generate Value: Google doesn’t like contents that won’t provide any value to the users. So, there is no reason to write hundreds of articles. You can focus on one article a month, but make sure it’s unique and written well.

Create Visual Content: Don’t create the texts only. Try to include pictures, videos, and illustrations to enhance the user experience.

Be a storyteller: Don’t write pages after page. Create content as like a storyteller.

Provide information: Don’t sell only, try to provide valuable information among the content.

Yes! We do it. MahbubOsmane.com tries to follow the rules and we are doing better in the market for this reason.

Smart Writing Techniques: How to Write less and say More


Sometimes, you can express a lot by writing less, but all can’t do it. It’s very necessary to engage the visitors with your content. MahbubOsmane.com always tries to follow this smart technique. You can also see some bullet points to do the same work.

  • Make an overall plan of the content and make a draft
  • Try to leave meaningless sentences and garbage words
  • Always try to less use of adverbs, linking words and phrases
  • Use shorter sentences and avoid long and complex sentences
  • Read, read and read
  • Revise the post by a non-native speaker, they will be able to measure the content, if it is easy to read or difficult
  • At last, make a great introduction

If you can tell a lot by writing less, you can’t imagine you will be able to interact more visitors with you all the times.

Mandatory Rules For Content Writing


  • The article should be unique and well researched.
  • The article should be SEO friendly
  • You have to research on a particular topic and come up with detailed content.
  • Don’t use jargon or difficult words, only talk about the important things and try to make the sentence as simple as you can, overall reader satisfaction matters!
  • Please include the relevant image and data in the article.
  • Please always mind it, you are writing a story, not an Article and use passive voice as less as you can in the article.
  • When writing your call-to-action, you should find a way to integrate these six persuasive words:  * You  * Free * Bonus  * Because of  * Instantly  * New.
  • The natural flow of information.
  • The introduction must hook the readers immediately.
  • What makes the product best. You have to mention it.
  • How to choose the best one  (For paid product, service, software review)
  • Main keyword density must be 0.5-1% in the article that means if you write 1000 word article use main keywords 5 or 10 times at least, also keep in mind to use meta keywords if possible.
  • Please add sub-keywords at least 2 times in the article.
  • Use passive voice as less as you can and don’t write the complex sentence to increase word count.
  • Must have to use inbound links & outbound links
  • Must have to use image alt tag
  • Must have to use, sub-keywords, meta keywords, meta description, LSI keywords
  • Please include the best source URL  on that subject from the internet as reference.

How to be a good writer


If your aim is to be a good writer then keep continuing this section. We have given you some resource in the following section.

Learning Grammar 

  • English Grammar in Use Book with Answers Third Edition (Intermediate) by Raymond Murphy.
  • Common Mistakes in English by T.J. Fitikides

For Learning Vocabulary

  • English Vocabulary in Use (Elementary) by Michael McCarthy
  • English Vocabulary in Use (Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate) by Stuart Redman
  • English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) by Michael McCarthy


  • Bangla Academy English-Bangla Dictionary by Bangla Academy
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 9th Edition by Oxford University Press

Daily News Paper


  • Lynda– Writing for the Web
  • Lynda- Writing Articles
  • Lynda- Writing Marketing Copy

Some Important Blog Posts

10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips in 2019


After creating content it’s very much necessary to promote it. Without marketing the content, you will not get the actual benefit from it. With this in mind, you have to spread your content most probable place in online. Here, you will learn 10 most popular and actionable ways of marketing your content. But surely you should know why do you need content marketing.

Why do you need content marketing?


Without spreading your content you will not get the actual benefit from it. As content is the best marketing policy in the digital world, you have to spread it correctly. Let’s talk about the benefit of content marketing.

Increase domain and page authority: Yes! More content means more domain authority. As we know the domain authority is not a vital factor for SEO now. But anyone can’t deny domain authority helps you to rank all the quality content of the domain. We can tell content means authority and authority means rank.

More page views: If you write quality content as well as can promote it actively, then it will surely increase the page views of your website. It will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

More social traffic: When customer will get valuable and unique content regularly, it will increase social traffic and you know social traffic is the good signal for the search engine ranking.

Increase Brand value: You will not get brand value without publishing high-quality content. As an online reputation and brand totally depend on high-quality content.

Certainly, you will get a lot of benefit from publishing and marketing content. Let’s see the most need and popular content marketing procedures now.

1. Understand your audiences: Without knowing your audience perfectly, it’s very tough to win their heart. If you can know their gender, demand or thinking the quality you will be able to sell anything to them. So, before starting or creating content marketing, you have to take techniques by following their demand. Not to mention, if you are able to understand your audiences, you will be able to make them the as the loyal customer for the lifetime.

2. Make the content as the resource: If you don’t get any sale from the content, never hesitate. Continue to create a valuable resource. When they start to take your content, you can’t imagine how many sales can come every day.

3. Think as like as a customer: When you are promoting your content, you have to think or react as like customer. If you are a customer of this content or product what did you want or search for the content? If you can behave as like a perfect customer, you are the good marketer ever. So, make yourself the customer and then try to sell it.

4. Develop SEO friendly Content: Forgetting the customer from the search engine, you have to develop SEO friendly content. You have to remember that search engine traffic can benefit anyone for a long time. If you are able to rank the content, you will get the traffic for the lifetime.

5. Do remarket: If any techniques work fine, try to repeat the process again and again. Similarly, if any tactics don’t work, try thinking differently by following the psychology of the customer and try to add value again in the content. Don’t forget the content is king.

6. Give an actual answer by the content: Visitors will come by reading the title of the content. But if they don’t get their desired answer from the content, they will not come here again. With this in mind, try to give the perfect and actual answer to make visitors into potential customers. Not for today only, it will be for the lifetime asset of you.

7. Create a personal voice among the content: Visitors like to hear personal experiences or voices among the content. If you can do it, you will be able to get trusty customers. Actually, a customer buys a product with your voice, not anything.

8. Publish what needs only: Never publish anything for quantity. Always try to create valuable content to attract the attention of visitors. It will surely create a good brand for the lifetime.

9. Don’t copy the theme of others: You can research a lot of content, but don’t copy the popular one. You should make content with your own research. You have to add new things to your content. Visitors will come to take any point. So, try to find out about it.

10. Be regular and create keyword research: You have to generate content regularly. Similarly, you have to promote it regularly. Never forget to do keyword research. It will help you to target the search engine too and it’s must-need for all types of content.

11. Get maximum benefit from the content: If you can follow the above rules, you will surely get success with your content. Try to change techniques all the time. It will give the different taste to the visitors too.

At last, I will tell, never write with garbage word, try to add value with quality words. Be a storyteller and content writing totally depends on it. MahbubOsmane.com is ready to help you with content creation service. For more info visit our office or make a contact us. Thanks in advance. 🙂

You can also see the full listing of MahbubOsmane.com’s available  Internet marketing services or contact us today to look at how we can help your website.

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