The Future of SEO (5 Predictions To Happen)


When the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes, it appears some common approaches to Link Building, generating high-quality content and Brand. Do you think anything which will dominate the search engine in the near future? That means I am trying to realize you what the Future of SEO is. When we will live in the age of 2020 or later, what will happen in this SEO or Digital Marketing world. With this in mind, I have talked with a lot of leading Digital Marketers and SEO gurus from the world, who are giving priority in the below areas.

To clarify, Search Engines including Google always trying to provide high-quality and informative content for the users. In these cases, they follow some algorithms to index and rank the pages. Some terms including quality content, link building, and brand are always king in the SERPs. At the same time, some aspects will be needed in the near future. With the changes in technology, the Search Engine will be smarter and the ranking process will be different than now. With this in mind, which things will lead the SEO sectors with the common factors? Let’s talk about the future of SEO.

Future of SEO


All the gurus agree with the use of Rankbrain. That means Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be widely used in the SEO sectors. Though we are getting the impact of AI at present, in the future it will be smarter, and then the quality work will get more priority. At the same time, Mobile SEO, UX effect, and voice search will also be a part of SEO.

  1. Widely usage of Artificial Intelligence (Rankbrain)
  2. Mobile-Friendly Query (AMP)
  3. Better UX will get priority
  4. Voice Search will increase
  5. Knowledge Graph and Social Engagement

Let’s discuss in detail the future of SEO.

Widely usage of Artificial Intelligence (Rankbrain)


Google is the most innovative search engine and covering 85% of the search engine industry in the world. Important to realize, Google has recently implemented Rankbrain in the Algorithm. It is in the exploring mode but will be used widely in the near future.

Not to mention, Rankbrain is the third most important rank factor in the SERPs (1. Quality Content 2. Link Building). For this reason, you need to think about Rankbrain or Artificial Intelligence now. How will it work? In general, it does not count the link anymore. The most significant approaches for Rankbrain are content and user engagement on it. So, we can tell, the content will play a significant role in the future, and the relevance of the linking to other pages will impact ranking as well.

With this in mind, it is the duty as a webmaster to keep a great influence here. Important to realize, some of the Google Employees in the Digital Marketing Team are confirming the tactics also. They are describing Google always want to provide the right information to the readers and who can work with it will lead the future. So, thinking about Rankbrain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a must.


Mobile-Friendly Query (AMP)


The necessity of Mobile-Friendly Query has no bound. Now approximately 50% of the searches come from mobile devices. For this reason, it is mandatory to ensure a mobile-friendly website. In this case, the user experience on the mobile is essential. Placing the content and visual elements of the content should be mobile-friendly. As if, the readers can access it accurately.

Loading speed on the mobile is also important. A lot of websites in the SERPs are not ready to load fastly on mobile devices for not optimizing it accurately. With this in mind, it is necessary to ensure by reducing the size of the visual content and page size. That means we can tell; you have to take the approach of making the website 100% mobile friendly to lead the future SEO.


Better UX will get priority


Rankbrain is a great ranking factor now, and it will increase day by day. So, there has no way to improve SEO without user experience (UX). In this case, you need to control the page and ensure it is providing the right information and internal link. At the same time, you need to go with attractive visual content. It will undoubtedly increase the user experience. What should you implement to increase UX on a website?

I have mentioned it below, and it will give you an overview. You can check it here for more details.

  1. Keep white space around the Titles, Paragraph, and Heading. It helps to capture the page at once.
  2. Page speed is very important to increase UX on your website. If the website takes more than 5 sec to load the page, half of the users will not enter your content.
  3. Use the Attractive and eye-catching call to action. Surely it will help to convert the sales.
  4. Use fantastic text when linking to other pages. It will reduce the bounce rate and increase the page view.
  5. Increase the bullet point, and list, use of bold and italic text among the content is a must.
  6. Enrich the content with images. A proverb goes one picture can say thousands of words. For this reason, it will attract the readers to get the visual content.
  7. Think about the Heading and Titles. It needs to become attractive.
  8. Develop an excellent UI for the website. That means ensuring the right font, size of heading, or titles. It will enrich the branding, and it will look like a professional.
  9. Take a look at the 404 pages. As visitors will come here, try to make a great 404 page that can help you to bring in your targetted page.
  10. At last, make the page mobile friendly and ensure great UI and UX here also.

If you can follow the above steps when building and growing your website. It will surely ensure and get highly impacted results from the search engine and the users as the future of SEO.


Voice Search will increase


Nowadays, people love the alternative way, and they are lazy actually. Typing on the keyboard takes time rather than trying. Researchers are telling it will increase day by day. For this reason, expanding the video or audio content on the post will help to rank. On the other hand, it will increase the UX, and your business will get the branding look so quickly. With this in mind, give importance here.


Knowledge Graph and Social Engagement


Google started to work with Knowledge Graph in early 2012, and from then they are trying to increase the use of it. It provides the rich answer on the search engine which attracts the users to enter the page. For this reason, you should take care here for increasing the use of rich snippets or featured snippets.

At the same time, Social Engagement is very important. Rankbrain is playing a significant role to rank the webpage. It will surely help the page to rank higher. On the other hand, social media can bring new visitors daily to your website or blog. For this reason, try to give importance here.


Future of SEO Professionals


As I have discussed the future trends of the SEO industry, I think you have realized the enormous demands of SEO professionals. Another key point, all the task is very technical, and so you need to capture it. You have to learn how Rankbrain works as well as how to make a webpage mobile-friendly. On the other hand, what users actually want. Google is the best search engine as it thinks for the users and it has been developing the algorithm considering it. For this reason, you have to believe like Google.

In this case, you need to forget tricks and at the same time, you need to become more tricky. What is this? That means you have no way to do anything which will impact the ranking rather than try to think about the users. You can inevitably lead to the future of the SEO world. With this in mind, we can tell, as an SEO expert, it is very necessary to stay with learning all the time and implementing the right approaches. Don’t try to do anything over which is not user-friendly.

What’s your thought?

Finally, I am at the finishing point, and I will eagerly wait to hear from you. What do you think as an SEO professional will need to learn for leading the future of SEO and need to add to the above steps? Surely, it will make the content more informative and the newbie will get more information. So, express your thinking with a shout from the below comment section.

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