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Best Email Marketing Service in 2023 by MO.com

Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is a kind of direct marketing done for commercial communication like product selling or service offer and even for fundraising messages to an audience. Email marketing is becoming an affecting marketing tool and continues its domination along with other marketing strategies. Email marketing is cost-effective, proves flexible marketing tools, and increases user engagement. In fact, several statistics and industry reports indicate that email marketing brings the highest return on investment for each of your penny compared to all other marketing ways. In email marketing, the subscribers and audiences are more targeted and specific. Here is what email marketing service gives you:

Email Marketing Service

  • Email marketing provides quick response and delivery
  • Cost-effective but highest benefit
  • Direct link of email and website address
  • Access to unlimited space for advertisement
  • Getting brand position, using email under the company name
  • Sales growth and ensures your best ROI
  • Specific and reach directly to the targeted customer
  • Email marketing gives quick response and delivery
  • Access to using the picture, infographic, and text attached with feedback from

Why Should You Choose Email Marketing Services from MahbubOsmane.com?

Email marketing still plays a great role in online marketing and expanding your brand to connect with customers or prospects. With our long-term experience, we help our clients to reach their goals, helping them to grow their businesses. To increase customer engagement and action, we consistently incorporate emails into our client’s marketing campaign. Our service is more target-oriented, and platform design is simple to use for all sizes of businesses.

MahbubOsmane.com Email Marketing Services Include

Email Marketing Strategy, Designing, and Development Process

Our complete email marketing services consist of audience categorizing, customer acquisition strategy, customer management planning, marketing automation, messaging strategy & sending, email templates, subject line testing, and delivery day and time optimization, reminding, engagement level analysis.

Mobile Optimized & Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing

At present, a smartphone user is increasing dramatically with more than 60% of emails being opened on a smartphone, thinking about mobile no longer applies to websites alone. We develop responsive email templates compatible with smart devices to ensure your prospects and customers can access your information or updates and act on your CTAs (call to action) wherever they are.

Email Marketing List Building Strategy

We emphasize boosting lead generation to help your brands create their email marketing lists using an opt-in approach. Email list building is usually done via the corporate website, co-op, offers, promotion, social media, sweepstakes, events, and mobile activation.

Deliverability and Readability Testing Across Multiple Devices and Email Providers

First, we build email templates for campaigns and maintain the integrity of email accounts with different ISPs to ensure a better delivery rate. We also ensure that emails contain the best brand experience and brand value, whether being opened and viewed on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Analytics and Reporting

We deeply track and test email campaign subject lines and the inner worlds, the best delivery days and times, calls-to-action, lead generation, online sales, time spent, geographic response, and more. We also review the data on all email sends and feedback to refine and enhance your overall email marketing campaign efforts.

Below, are some other reasons that you may prefer MahbubOsmane.com Email marketing services:

  • Low-cost but high return
  • Long-term experience
  • Paid email marketing tools
  • Inbox delivery guarantee up to 90%
  • Specific clients section
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Spam detector and bounce rate check
  • SMTP server including dedicated IP
  • The professional email sending system
  • Have hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide
  • Provide knowledge and consultancy for free
  • Professional and customized template
  • Auto-generated client reports including every data like inbox, spam, bounce rate report, etc.
  • Our software auto-detects duplicate email and filter them

Email Marketing Packages & Cost

Email Marketing Starter

$ 20
  • 1000 Subscriber
  • 2000 Mail
  • 2 Template
  • 2 Schedule
  • Free Verify
  • 95% Inbox

Email Marketing Pro

$ 35
  • 2500 Subscriber
  • 5000 Mail
  • 2 Template
  • 2 Schedule
  • Free Verify
  • 95% Inbox

Email Marketing Advance

$ 50
  • 5000 Subscriber
  • 15000 Mail
  • 3 Template
  • 3 Schedule
  • Free Verify
  • 95% Inbox

Email Marketing Ultimate

$ 75
  • 10000 Subscriber
  • 40000 Mail
  • 4 Template
  • 4 Schedule
  • Free Verify
  • 95% Inbox

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