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SEO Consulting Service


SEO Consulting Services


The powerful SEO consulting service combines search engine optimization strategies to transform the website from a virtual unknown to the first page of the search. Although no SEO expert can guarantee a top ranking in search engines or overnight success, the right process and the right SEO consultant will provide tangible results and real ROI.

We believe in the power of digital marketing, and we have established consulting practices around our SEO knowledge and the hard work we are willing to devote to your website.

We will introduce you to the importance of research, strategy, and planning while teaching best practices in content marketing, social media, and technical SEO. We will also explain how modern SEO techniques (such as architectural markup and structured data) play a key role in today’s organic SEO world. Although link building is still important, the era of relying solely on link building has passed. We need to go beyond strategy and turn to strategy and long-term execution.

Our SEO consulting business starts with a review of the target market and its pain points, an exploration of the role of the website, and an in-depth understanding of existing activities and online activities of competitors. Next, we will create a keyword list, conduct a gap analysis of your website content, and then map keywords and topics to specific areas of your website. Once a solid plan is established, we begin to update the site structure and content to achieve on-page SEO best practices. Then, we will provide continuous support to help resolve technical issues, create architectural markup, and provide continuous assistance by linking configuration files and enhancing your E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust).

Our goal is to act as both an SEO consultant and a trusted consultant. While providing traditional SEO services, we also provide expert guidance for the generation of potential customers, user experience, and conversion optimization. All of these focus on providing a long-term return on investment for your digital marketing budget.

The MahbubOsmane.com team has many years of experience in search engine optimization. Contact us now to get the best SEO consulting services provided by the digital marketing team of MahbubOsmane.com.


We want to be your SEO consultant and educator at the same time. Hope that when the SEO consulting service ends, your traffic will increase. Our ultimate goal is to establish the foundation of SEO so that you consider SEO in everything you do.


Google processes more than 75,000 searches per second! Did you find your company on SERPs?

Learn why you should hire professional SEO services to improve business growth.

If your business does not get enough traffic and revenue, it is not right. As a new era company, you should choose SEO services. When people use relevant terms and keywords to find a business online, will your website show? If this is not the case, your SEO consultant will not do their job well. It is regarded as a trusted SEO service provider in Bangladesh.



What do we do?


Higher ranking. Target flow. More buyers.

Through our strategic, result-oriented, and cost-effective Bangladeshi SEO service, your website has the advantage of reaching the top of search results. We aim to increase the visibility of your brand online and improve your website’s ranking on well-known search engines. Regarding SEO, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Then, we recommend that you consult an SEO consulting company.

Our SEO consultants use mature digital marketing strategies to develop unique SEO strategies for different businesses. With us, no matter what your business field or industry background is, you can take advantage of the best SEO consulting services. Each campaign is completely customized by the business to ensure that natural and targeted traffic is delivered to your website.


  • Complete website analysis: Our SEO consultant will conduct an in-depth review of the website to understand its strengths and weaknesses. We discovered why the site failed to reach its peak efficiency. Market research and comprehensive scanning can help us identify keywords related to your business to generate profits.
  • Improve brand awareness: Every SEO expert consultant who works with us will cleverly implement techniques to increase the brand awareness of the market and search crawler sites. By implementing industry best practices, we strive to improve your organic search rankings, which helps increase brand awareness.
  • Competitive intelligence: For any company, whether it is a start-up or a mature company, it is essential. This assessment will help you plan your course of action based on the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. We will also elaborate on business opportunities and threats. Our team collects key insights about your competitors and predicts your prospects
  • Keyword research: Our smart keyword research is the core of our work. We will thoroughly analyze the market and identify keywords so that we can define your target audience and generate valuable website traffic. By locating the right keywords, our website can obtain high-quality sales leads, increased sales, and so on.

Keyword research is the standard configuration of each new account we obtain. We will comprehensively research which keywords bring the most traffic to your website and which keywords can bring long-term success, thereby increasing website visits and sales. If you choose to participate in two campaigns at the same time, the keyword research will also be conducted in conjunction with the paid media strategy.

This will include your analysis:

  • Quarterly content calendar based on the target keyword list
  • Competitor keyword research
  • On-site analysis of keywords driving traffic
  • Competitor bid analysis
  • Service level recommendations for UX optimization

In addition, our keyword research strategy will be used as the basis for a quarterly content calendar to guide your strategy forward, feature optimization, and new themes to increase traffic and increase the visibility of websites surrounding said topics.

  • Conversion rate optimization: We use mature SEO strategies to increase natural visits to your website. This is a key step in increasing conversion rates and turning visitors into potential customers. The backup conversion plan is critical. We help attract relevant traffic and increase conversion rates.
  • Reputation Management: Using our corporate reputation management services, we can help your company gain popularity and establish an image in the industry. Excellent online visibility can lead to a better reputation and more conversions. We are responsible for managing your perception of your brand and identity.
  • Guarantee high-quality traffic: As an advanced SEO service provider in Bangladesh, we provide high-quality SEO services to ensure more organic traffic. This can be achieved through higher search engine rankings and make your website most relevant to searchers’ intent. As traffic increases, ROI will also increase.
  • SEO Consultation: Our SEO expert consultants will provide you with the best consultation. Our consultants have extensive experience and training in their respective fields. We clearly understand which SEO practices can bring measurable results to your business and how to bring you measurable results. This helps to make better decisions.
  • Better web page performance: We do not guarantee to bring you natural clicks overnight. We use unique customized SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your website. Our experienced website SEO consultants can help you improve the performance of your website in a very effective way.
  • The website ranks higher: We understand the latest industry norms and changing SEO trends. As a leading SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, our job is to actively implement them so that your business will rank higher in search crawlers. Higher search engine ranking means more visibility and more web traffic.


Complete SEO Services & Ongoing Engagements

Website SEO audit

Our comprehensive website review will gain insight into your current status, identify areas of concern, and provide suggestions to correct known issues. You can hire us to help solve these problems, or you can pass your review to a third-party developer to solve it.

The first step will take you to identify all the issues that are currently affecting your website and organic search performance. Sometimes, it is necessary to get out of trouble in some way to rank higher in search results.

This will be presented to you in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, and we will introduce you to a series of recommendations based on best practices to improve the performance of the website. These suggestions will combine short-term and long-term strategies to provide you with a stable ROI.


This will include an analysis of your:

  • Internal navigation
  • Metadata
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Hreflang tags
  • Canonicals and redirect chains
  • JSON-LD schema markup
  • Website speed
  • Web hosting service
  • UX/UI structure
  • CMS plugins
  • CSS, Javascript, HTML issues, etc.


Strategy and planning

When conducting any SEO cooperation, we must first understand you, your business, your existing website, and your goals. The more we know about your current state and desired future state, the more we need the knowledge to help you gain online success!


Competitive research

One of the best ways to understand you and your market is to research your online competitors. We will study their website, keyword usage, content, and effects in depth. We will use this information to help you rank in search.


Keyword research

Keyword research is a type of process data that can be mined from a large number of internal and external sources and reports. The final output is a list of key keywords and phrases that will be used to plan the future sitemap and content marketing strategy of the website or blog.


Architectural Planning

Site mapping is the process of assigning given keywords or phrases to specific content. This process helps define the information architecture of the website and create content silos and a roadmap for existing and future content requirements.


Content marketing

If the website content is not your strong suit, we can help you discover the type of content that suits your specific target market. We will ask many questions, review your competitors, and then provide advice on how to help you provide your audience.


Page optimization

We will optimize the content to best represent your key keywords. This includes but is not limited to content updates, the creation of meta titles and meta descriptions, and suggestions to increase the value of content.


Link Building

We are cautious link builders because we believe that the best links come from helping others. We will help you discover hidden opportunities to expand the workload of link building with high-quality websites that can increase visibility and traffic.


WordPress optimization

We will configure your WordPress site to help support your current and future SEO efforts. As WordPress SEO experts, we provide guidelines on theme usage, plugin suggestions, and configuration.


Technical search engine optimization

Technical SEO is a key part of search engine optimization today. We can identify and correct technical issues and help you position your site to meet advanced SEO requirements, such as architectural markup.


Structured data

Today’s SEO requires both traditional efforts and more advanced SEO techniques, such as structured data and architectural markup. We can help you provide help in general mode and medical mode.


Local SEO

If you are a business that needs local SEO, we will help you get on-site and off-site SEO through design adjustments, content creation, plug-in configuration, and local directory setting and optimization.


Local Ranking Factors

The world is becoming mobile, and therefore, SEO has become hyperlocal. The statistics speak for themselves:

  1. 50% of local mobile searchers are looking for business information
  2. 50% of mobile local searches that day led to store visits
  3. 78% of local mobile searches lead to offline purchases


Mobile is Local!

Incorporating into our small business and local service packages, we provide SEO consulting services aimed at attracting high-quality potential customers from your target city and making your brand name more sticky.
Our strategy starts with an audit of your website and your off-site presence to determine your chances of winning in the short and long term.


Strategies Include:

  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local 3-pack optimization (charged and self-pay)
  • Reference recycling
  • Registered business directory
  • Ensure the consistency of NAP (contact information) incorporate directories and lists
  • On-page optimization for local keywords
  • Create or consult local content: landing pages, blog posts, news, etc.
  • Metadata optimization beyond this, we even offer miscellaneous consulting hours to address other issues not listed above, such as lead form optimization, hosting contests, and additional strategies that can help your business.


International SEO

If you provide services for international and multilingual audiences, we can help establish the correct URL structured tags and hreflang tags to correctly target different website visitors from different countries/regions and use different languages.

Continuous SEO support

We know that not every company or website owner has the time or desire to maintain its ongoing SEO work. For these customers, we provide long-term SEO repair procedures and maintenance agreements.

SEO coach

The favorite part of our SEO consulting service is education, which enables clients to perform their own SEO as needed. Therefore, we are happy to provide one-to-one SEO guidelines as needed.


What makes us a trusted SEO service provider company in Bangladesh?


We know our work!

Our efforts are to increase the traffic of your online business, utilize your brand by ranking higher in search engines, and optimize your website to increase visibility.

  • Our team of SEO consultants uses the latest search engine optimization strategies to conduct convincing marketing activities.
  • We make sure that your brand gets better feedback and gets reviews about products and services from customers. This is essential to achieve exact expectations and contributes to groundbreaking product strategies
  • We use a variety of services (such as meta-tagging and headline optimization, keyword research and identification, and complete website analysis) to create customized SEO campaigns. We work together to achieve excellent results, which makes us the top SEO service company in Bangladesh.

Fifteen Years of Real-World SEO Experience

MahbubOsmane.com has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience, of which 15 years are highly focused on digital marketing and organic SEO.

MahbubOsmane.com supports companies from small startups to Fortune 500 organizations. We understand the nuances of small local companies and the challenges of corporate SEO to large international organizations.

Our digital marketing services have served various B2B and B2C industries, including highly complex software developers, application providers, technical consultants, industrial manufacturers, distributors, medical institutions, medical device manufacturers, biotechnology companies, Lawyers, corporate trainers, credit unions, school districts, and universities.

We also provide SEO education to marketers, website developers, WordPress agencies, and other SEO consultants.


Why Choose Us?

We are not another popular SEO consulting company you encounter from time to time.

Yes, we are one of the new kids in this field, but our team is made up of VETERANS who have many years of experience in this industry. Most of our team members started their careers with SEO. At that time, Internet Explorer was the browser of choice. It was a few years away from the iPhone, and Social Networking was limited to some top universities! During this period, many things have happened in the SEO industry, the rules have changed, and outdated strategies and methods have been put on hold. Our team members went through it and gained valuable experience on different projects.

  • Better visibility: The goal of every business is to reach the core target audience. Our professional SEO consulting services can enable companies to gain better visibility by meeting customized requirements.
  • Experienced team: We are an experienced SEO service provider and have formulated effective and ethical digital marketing strategies. Our SEO activities come from various industries. We have delivered successful projects of varying complexity and scale.
  • White hat SEO techniques: Our SEO experts use 100% white hat SEO strategies to improve your organic search engine rankings. This helps build brand authority on search engines and get more relevant traffic. Protect your website from punishment by Google!
  • Expected results: We choose promising marketing strategies to improve search engine rankings. Our SEO experts will conduct detailed website analysis and provide excellent results to clients. Hire us now at the best price to get high-quality SEO services.
  • Competitive price: Our price structure is clear and concise. We follow a flexible model and customer-centric approach to achieve maximum value and guaranteed ROI. Please contact our SEO experts to get a customized pricing package that fits your budget.
  • Excellent brand image: Our goal is to provide potential customers with easily accessible, relevant, and SEO rich content. We adopt deterministic SEO practices to help improve your organic ranking. This is the key to building better brand awareness.
  • Performance tracking: We provide SEO reports to help companies understand customers and performance. We provide important reports that can improve the overall efficiency of your business. Identify key issues and challenges through monthly reports and develop corresponding plans.
  • No hidden contracts: We do not have any hidden contracts. Our customers can upgrade or downgrade our service at any time, or even cancel it. We use accurate cost estimation methods to ensure that you get consistent prices and pay for the goods you need.

Here’re a few More Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  • A team with many years of combat experience.
  • Tailored SEO campaigns to achieve niche goals
  • A 100% ethical SEO strategy in line with the latest algorithms.
  • Reseller SEO service, private/white label service.
  • Catering to customers from more than 15 countries and 4 continents.
  • There is no long-term contract constraint, which can be terminated at any time.
  • A moderately-priced SEO software package that can meet niche needs.
  • Dedicated account manager and fully managed SEO services.


Benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization

We understand that pay-per-click advertising can bring instant website traffic, but we believe that natural search traffic can ensure a higher value. So, what does organic SEO mean? This is the process of optimizing a website (on-page and off-page) to get a high ranking on the SERP. Search engine results are algorithm-driven and unpaid and have the ability to enhance visibility and traffic growth.

The benefits of hiring an organic consultant SEO service provider Bangladesh are:

Cost: One of the main advantages of organic SEO is a cost advantage. In PPC advertising, the link to your website will be published to attract clicks. For each click, you must pay a fixed fee. Over a period of time, this amount may increase significantly. On the other hand, when you use a strong SEO strategy, the cost per click for search traffic is zero. This gives your business a competitive advantage.
Establish a strong reputation in the long run: The main reason why SEO consultant services recommend organic website traffic is to help build integrity and trustworthiness. If you recently conducted a survey, companies that only pay to attract traffic often lag behind in market share and authority. We target the natural traffic of the website and build a strong online reputation, which can produce results in the long run.

Holistic Approach to SEO Consultancy & Management

What makes MahububOsmane.com Marketing unique is that we no longer provide regular SEO consulting services, but instead focus on the overall digital marketing plan. With years of experience in marketing and sales, we can help develop an SEO plan that will drive website visits and website conversions. And since we are also designers and website architects, we can weave it into a beautiful website or blog and code it according to best practices.

Finally, this is not only about attracting website traffic, but also about attracting target traffic that suits your target audience. It also involves finding potential customers early in the selection process and establishing credibility with them in the process of promoting them into sales.

Substantial changes in search engine rankings will not happen overnight. To reach the desired page of the dream co, it is necessary to combine strong website design, organic SEO and well-planned digital marketing activities, and carry out planned execution in a planned way over time.


We Make Search Dominance Possible

The search phenomenon changes every day. We understand that ranking is not the only goal. The purpose is to sell. We go beyond traditional search and marketing strategies to build your brand name and capture the market. SEO Consultants Services is a mature SEO service provider company that can effectively promote your website to obtain better business opportunities.

Let us use effective and proactive SEO methods together to dominate the search. Choose top SEO services with us and benefit from reliable strategies. Please contact an SEO consulting agency and explore our SEO services here.


Focused on Traffic Growth & Enhanced Sales


Effective search engine optimization is what you need to get the highest ranking in the search engine results page (SERP), increased traffic, and reliable sales. We are a leading SEO company in Bangladesh, with a team of highly qualified SEO experts who have devised a good strategy to integrate content marketing and social signals. As a well-known SEO consultant in Bangladesh, we strictly monitor and analyze and follow the latest Google algorithm updates to provide smart SEO services in Bangladesh. SEO Consulting Services is regarded as a reliable SEO service provider in Bangladesh. Our customized white hat SEO practices focus on achieving overall business growth by improving website rankings, increasing traffic, and increasing sales. We only implement proven strategies for targeted on-page and off-page campaigns to ensure guaranteed results.


Expert SEO Consulting Services for Aiding Your Rise TO THE TOP!

You will not forget the fact that beautiful websites with attractive features are no longer enough. It needs a well-conceived and well-executed marketing campaign as its backing. still, is? Well, look at these attractive statistics:

  • 93% of all Internet searches start with search engines.
  • Random search results account for 70% of website visits.
  • 75% of users click the link on the first page of the search engine results page.
  • Approximately 15% of inbound links lead to conversions, while outbound links account for 1.5%
  • After listing in local search results, 72% of retail stores have increased traffic

What do these statistics say? If you want to use your own website to promote your business, you cannot ignore search engine rankings. Search engine optimization is no longer optional, it is as important as creating a website in the first place. Without a strong SEO marketing campaign, it is almost impossible for your website to maintain a leading position. In other words, if your website supports your digital footprint, then SEO can support your website. In order to better understand the SEO needs of your website, please contact one of our best SEO consultants immediately.

How can SEO consultant services help my business?

Investing in SEO consulting services can benefit your company in many ways, including:

Expand your ranking

As search results become more and more crowded, winning the first place becomes crucial.

From a perspective, the first three search results attracted 75% of all clicks. You cannot rank it at the bottom of the first page in 2020. If you find yourself at the low end of the first page (or second or above), an SEO consultant can help you reach the top of the first page.

For example, with the help of our SEO consulting services, your business can understand which keywords provide you with the most value and are worthy of your attention. You can also learn how to improve overall SEO, such as improving website speed, making the website responsive, and so on.

Even if you follow the SEO standards of the three links, the consultant can provide a new fresh second opinion.

Increased traffic

For SEO, many companies are focused on ranking and traffic. Bringing more traffic to your website can help you achieve more impactful goals, such as winning more potential customers, sales, store visits, and phone calls.

Since the top-ranked pages get 33% of all search traffic, you want to rank first.

Likewise, an SEO consulting company like MahbubOsmane.com can help you find a way to achieve this goal. For example, your consultant might recommend that you use extensions to attract backlinks to the page, or target keywords with similar value but less competition.

Either way, if you are struggling to bring organic traffic to your website, then an SEO consultant can help you.

Improved leadership

SEO can also help your business attract more qualified potential customers. For example, targeting keywords for a specific purpose can connect you with potential customers who are most important to your company. You manage traffic and focus on ideal prospects.

Whether you manage a high-level website or a low-level website, it may be difficult for you to attract potential customers. For example, you may attract low-value potential customers or zero potential customers. Consultation with an SEO expert can help you find out why.

For example, your SEO consultant may find that your keywords are different from the user intent of your ideal customer. For example, their interest in free trials or coupons is much greater than their interest in actually registering or purchasing products.

Invest in SEO consulting services to improve your online lead generation strategy.

Increased sales

Almost all companies have invested in search engine optimization to increase their sales and revenue. SEO can help you do this. However, if you can’t see your sales revenue, an SEO consultant can provide insight into why.

Consultants can study several areas, including:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Keyword targeting

These areas can provide answers about why people don’t buy your product or service. If you are operating offline, you may need to evaluate some in-store experiences, such as customer service or product quality.

However, your SEO consultant can remind you about online issues and provide suggestions.

Grow your business

Investing in SEO consulting services can also help your company solve one of its biggest challenges: growth. Whether you encounter specific SEO issues, such as low conversion rates or low rankings, your SEO can look at your strategy and provide your team with feasible steps to achieve growth.

They can also tailor recommendations based on your specific goals.

For example, if you want to sell more specific products or services, they may need more time to view these pages and research related keywords. Or, if you want to attract more website links, they can focus their efforts on your backlink profile.

Either way, when you choose MahbubOsmane.com, you can trust our SEO consultants to help you develop.

Experience the difference between our actual results approach and digital marketing.

93% of customers are very satisfied with our results.
(The industry average is 56%)

“MahbubOsmane.com is attracting more customers to my business every year. It continues to grow. I am very happy!”

Start working with our SEO consulting company today!


Through MahbubOsmane’s SEO consulting, your business can receive in-depth data support suggestions to improve your SEO strategy. Whether you are focusing on e-commerce, corporate, local, or traditional SEO, our SEO consultants can help you get more value from your search.

Contact us online or call+88 01716 988 953 to cooperate with our SEO consulting company!

Ready to start using SEO for your business? Call +88 01912 966 448 or contact us online now to learn more about how MahbubOsmane can help you deal with SEO challenges.




Site migration and redesign

MahbubOsmane.com has carried out enterprise-level site migration and brand new brand redesign with multiple clients. As part of your personalized SEO package, we can work with your development team to ensure that your website does not lose valuable traffic and keyword rankings during the site migration process. To this end, we will review your existing and new sites and create appropriate redirect chains to ensure that your migration can be successful in the long term. Learn more about the basics of site migration

Our keyword research will illustrate search intent and coordinate with topic-driven content marketing methods.

Technical repair
Our SEO experts and website development team can implement technical fixes that our SEO audit has determined to be critical. This includes all back-end issues that affect website performance, as well as any minor fixes that may affect speed, clicks, and conversions.
Content optimization

As part of our consulting package, we will optimize the metadata and physical content of the existing pages on your website. We can even create a content calendar for you and write on-site content related to services, blogs, office locations, and various other content for you. Customers who worked with us in the past strictly followed the blog strategy we outlined for them and achieved a traffic growth of more than 2,000% within a year.

SEO link acquisition

Finally, without an extensive link acquisition strategy to promote content, develop your domain authorization (DA) and increase website traffic, there will be no SEO consulting strategy truly complete.

Other related services

As with all SEO campaigns, the best results come from a comprehensive campaign. Find out why these services are important to your campaign and why you should register for these services for a multi-level strategy.

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Let Us Help You Grow

We are ready to help your company not only find your company online but also expand your business as quickly as you want. Contact us for a free consultation!

Relevant SEO Services By MahbubOsmane.com


SEO Audit and On-Page SEO Packages


SEO Audit Package 01
$199 / Per Site
Full Website Analysis
1 Competitor Analysis
15 Pages Title Tag Optimization
Up to 10 Keyword Research
Robots.txt Optimization
W3C Validation
Update HTML Structure
Canonical Links
Interlinking Setup
Images & Hyperlink Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Footer Link  Optimization
Google Analytics & Implementation
404 Page Linking
Site Load Optimization
HTML & XML Sitemap
Navigation Analysis
Mobile Responsive & Usability Analysis
Content Optimization
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
SEO Audit Package 02
$299 / Per Site
Full Website Analysis
2 Competitor Analysis
15 Pages Title Tag Optimization
Up to 25 Keyword Research
Robots.txt Optimization
W3C Validation
Update HTML Structure
Canonical Links
Interlinking Setup
Images & Hyperlink Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Footer Link  Optimization
Google Analytics & Implementation
404 Page Linking
Site Load Optimization
HTML & XML Sitemap
Navigation Analysis
Mobile Responsive & Usability Analysis
Content Optimization
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
SEO Audit Package 03
$399 / Per Site
Full Website Analysis
3 Competitor Analysis
35 Pages Title Tag Optimization
Up to 35 Keyword Research
Robots.txt Optimization
W3C Validation
Update HTML Structure
Canonical Links
Interlinking Setup
Images & Hyperlink Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Footer Link  Optimization
Google Analytics & Implementation
404 Page Linking
Site Load Optimization
HTML & XML Sitemap
Navigation Analysis
Mobile Responsive & Usability Analysis
Content Optimization
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
SEO Audit Package 04
$449 / Per Site
Full Website Analysis
5 Competitor Analysis
50 Pages Title Tag Optimization
Up to 50 Keyword Research
Robots.txt Optimization
W3C Validation
Update HTML Structure
Canonical Links
Interlinking Setup
Images & Hyperlink Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Footer Link  Optimization
Google Analytics & Implementation
404 Page Linking
Site Load Optimization
HTML & XML Sitemap
Navigation Analysis
Mobile Responsive & Usability Analysis
Content Optimization
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

Off-Page SEO, Content Marketing & Backlink Packages


Off-Page SEO Package 01
$249 Monthly
1 Blog Writing
2 Informational Content Writing
1 Press Release Writing & Distribution
5 Press Release Social Bookmarking
Guest Blog Social Bookmarking
DOC/PDF Submission
50 Directory Submissions
5 Profile Link Building
10 Classifieds & Business Listing
Off-Page SEO Package 02
$449 Monthly
1 Blog Writing
3 Informational Content Writing
2 Press Release Writing & Distribution
10 Press Release Social Bookmarking
Guest Blog Social Bookmarking
DOC/PDF Submission
80 Directory Submissions
10 Profile Link Buiding
20 Classifieds Business Listing
Premium PR Distribution
2 Guest Blogging Outreach
Off-Page SEO Package 03
$649 Monthly
1 Blog Writing
4 Informational Content Writing
3 Press Release Writing & Distribution
20 Press Release Social Bookmarking
Guest Blog Social Bookmarking
DOC/PDF Submission
100 Directory Submissions
15 Profile Link Buiding
30 Classifieds Business Listing
Premium PR Distribution
3 Guest Blogging Outreach
Q & A Posting
Off-Page SEO Package 04
$849 Monthly
1 Blog Writing
5 Informational Content Writing
4 Press Release Writing & Distribution
30 Press Release Social Bookmarking
Guest Blog Social Bookmarking
DOC/PDF Submission
150 Directory Submissions
20 Profile Link Buiding
40 Classifieds Business Listing
Premium PR Distribution
4 Guest Blogging Outreach
Q & A Posting

Local SEO Service Pricing


Local SEO Package 01
$49/ One Time
Full Citation Audit
NAP Variations Check
Incorrect Citations Fixing
Local SEO Package 02
$99/ One Time
Full Citation Audit
NAP Variations Check
Incorrect Citations Fixing
30 Local Directory Citations
5 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
Local SEO Package 03
$149/ One Time
Full Citation Audit
NAP Variations Check
Incorrect Citations Fixing
40 Local Directory Citations
10 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
Aggregator Citations
3 Videos x 3 Video Sharing Sites
Local SEO Package 04
$249/ One Time
Full Citation Audit
NAP Variations Check
Incorrect Citations Fixing
50 Local Directory Citations
10 Photos x 5 Photo Sharing Sites
Aggregator Citations
5 Videos x 5 Video Sharing Sites
5 Social Media Submissions
Local SEO Package 05
$449/ One Time
Full Citation Audit
NAP Variations Check
Incorrect Citations Fixing
90 Local Directory Citations
10 Photos x 10 Photo Sharing Sites
Aggregator Citations Setup
5 Videos x 10 Video Sharing Sites
15 Social Media Citations
Local SEO Package 06
$69/ Per Month
Full Citation Audit
NAP Variations Check
Incorrect Citations Fixing
15 Local Directory Citations
10 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
Aggregator Citations Setup
3 Videos x 3 Video Sharing Sites
5 Social Media Citations
Minimum 6 Month Contact
No Duplicates, We will audit of your current citations to avoid duplication.


Still, have questions? Or want to get a call?


Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01912 966 448 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at [email protected] We would be happy to answer you.

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