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Top Google Map Citation Service to Boost your local presence in 2024 By MahbubOsmane.com

Google Map Citation Service By MahbubOsmane.com


Boost your local presence with Google Map Citation Service from MahbubOsmane.com. Improve your online visibility today!

Business name citations on Google Maps are very important for local SEO. If you want to add your website or business to Google Maps, you need to make a Google Maps citation. The question is what is the citation? Citation is where your business or website is located on Google Maps. So that Google can easily identify it. The citation has some processes. MahbubOsmane.com has offered the best Google Map Citation service for many years. Our dedicated team will help you to reach your business in your desired locality successfully.

Do you know that 44% of Google searches are local? Yet 56% of retailers have not yet raised their business to Google’s business listing. For those who are unaware of this, raising a business listing on Google and bringing it in its favor is the basis of local SEO. If 56% of businesses are not yet listed on Google My Business, I suspect they have done even better. But there is much more to local SEO than just listing My Business on Google. Our results-driven, intelligent Google Map Citation service provides you with the strategies you need to plan successful campaigns and achieve your goals.


What Is Google Map Citation

Google Map Citation or Google My Business (GMB) is an important part of local business and local SEO. At present, it is impossible to think of any business without a digital platform. Google My Business occupies a large part of the digital presence of a business or the work that is done for digital marketing. This is a very important service, to connect the business with the customers. Serves as one of the largest managers for local SEO or any kind of business branding and marketing.


Why Do You Need Google Map Citation?

There are many ways to do Google Map Citation or local SEO. The most important thing for Google Map Citation is to create and optimize the Google My Business account. Google My Business is one of the most important pillars of local SEO. Google My Business lets you easily bring your business online to Google Maps and Google search listings. You can easily create a Google My Business profile with your business name, address, phone number, and website address.

Why Does Google Map Citation Matter?

  • 80% of people search Google for local business information.
  • About 30-50% of the people who search visit business locations.
  • Most of the people who search for local businesses buy products or services.

Most small and medium businesses rely on local customers and they can never deny this important issue.


Meet The Best Google Map Citation Service

We have made our Google Map Citation Service that meets the needs of your business.

Digital Presence: GMB ensures the digital presence of Google business. This makes it easy to find businesses on Google search pages and maps.
Customer Interaction: Google My Business allows you to interact directly from the search page. This allows the customer to ask any question and the business provider can easily answer that question and respond to the feedback.
Everything on one platform: Google My Business can showcase a variety of important information at once. Information such as business name, service, address, contact, map, business hour, etc. can be shown together. This allows the client to easily get information about the business and contact if needed.
Map Visibility: Business location can be viewed on Google Maps through GMB Page Verification and anyone can easily access the business location.

Google Map Citation Strategies

Including business sites on Google Maps: Business sites need to be included in Google Maps. In order for your business site name to be included in Google Maps, you need to do SEO properly. In accordance with Google’s rules, you must include your site name in Google Maps.

Creating Google My Business Page: In the case of local SEO, it is very important to create a Google My Business page. You need to register with Google and create a Google My Business page. You need to optimize this page with all your information. Google My Business Page plays an important role in a local business.

Making public sites: In order to include your business page in Google Maps, you need to make a site. The question is what is the citation? Citation is the proper way to add your business name to a specific place on Google Maps. So that everyone can recognize your business organization. Go to Google Maps and place your mouse cursor in a specific place and click on the right button. You will see a drop-down list coming up. Click on the Ed Matching Palace there. Then you will see an interface. In it, fill in the correct information with your business name, category, location, etc., and publish it. Google’s loyalty will make your site live. And if there is no loyalty, it will be left to the people. When people review, Google will send you a letter with a code. If you submit that code, your site will be verified and the site will go live. This is the citation. Going a little deeper, Google sends a letter with a code after 14 days to open a Google My Business account. If you submit that code, Google will redirect the site. This verification is done by the Google site.

Generating Local Business Backlinks: Backlinks are a must for every site ranking. Similarly, for local businesses, you have to give backlinks to local sites. This will increase the rank of the site and increase the number of visitors. In the case of business, there will be more sell generate.


What do MahbubOsmane’s Google Map Citation Services include?

How Google Map Citation of MahbubOsmane.Com promotes a business? 

Branding: A Google search with your brand name first shows your brand profile and then organic results, which strengthens your brand.

Reviews: Users can write reviews on your GMB profile. This review helps other customers decide whether or not to purchase a product or service from you. You can increase customer satisfaction a little more by answering reviews.

Local SEO: If you have a GMB profile, Google’s local search will show your business better and enrich your business’s local search results. More and more reviews take your business to the top in local search. It also mentions your business reviews on other high authority websites including GMB, Facebook, Yelp.


How To Improve Sales Through Google Map Citation On Your Website

Let’s see how you can optimize your Google My Business profile for Google Map Citation. Google My Business Listing or Google Map Citation is the first step in local SEO.

But then you also need to optimize your Google My Business profile because just creating a My Business account will make your business better. This is a misconception. Because many businesses like yours are sitting on Google My Business listings but due to lack of proper optimization they are not getting good business from Google.

So first of all you need to create a Google My Business account and optimize it. So there are some specific methods for this.

i. Google My Business Information Update: Once you have a Google My Business account, you must have all the information related to your business listing, including all the information such as an address, phone number, opening and closing hours, service area, appointment link, product or service category, a complete list of services or products.

The more information you provide, the more Google will know about your business and your Google My Business profile will be the priority in the search. Based on the information you provide, Google will give a score to your profile. When your Google My Business profile scores 100%, your Google My Business profile will be complete. However, it is important to keep this score above 90% at all times.

ii. Give the correct business hour and phone number: After finding your business listing in Google Local Search i.e. Google My Business, people naturally call you to contact or want to go to your address. So you should always give an active phone number and the correct address.

You can also easily see how many people have called you and how many people have clicked on your store address by looking at Google My Business analytics. Also, update your holiday list or holidays. Mention whether your store is open on any public holiday. If your store is open at any special time, give all the information.

iii. Google My Business Image Update: Then let’s optimize Google My Business with the words in the image. You can submit Google My Business by taking beautiful photos in your special business location. You can also post pictures of different parts of your store, pictures of customers coming and going, videos.

iv. Posting Google My Business: Google My Business Post is very important for optimizing Google My Business. Google Post has an option in Google My Business Dashboard where you can regularly upload various announcements, product promotions, product catalogs about your business. Google regularly receives information about your business.

Since Google always likes the latest news, if you share some Google My Business posts every day, Google will consider your profile updated and you can easily get a good amount of traffic and business from your Google My Business.

v. Using local keywords: Local keywords are very important for local SEO. Local or geotagged keywords help you do local SEO of your website like Google My Business. Local keyword competition is less than global keyword. So ranking on local keywords is relatively easy. The conversion rate of local keywords is quite good.

Let me explain with an example. Suppose you have a flower shop in New York City. You will have the local keyword: ‘Flower Shop New York’ and the global keyword will be ‘Flower Shop’. Now you tell yourself which one is easier and more reasonable to rank?

Of course the local keyword: ‘Flower Shop New York’ isn’t it?

vi. Local Business Schema: Local Business Schema is essential for local SEO. You must have a local business schema on your website
Implement. Local Business Schema will let Google know better about your website and help your website in local ranking.

vii. Mobile Optimization Google Page Experience Update: And we all know about Google Mobile Update in the same way nowadays most people are able to do their shopping on mobile and most of the mobiles are doing Google search so your website needs to be mobile responsive design so that the website runs well on listen to device and layout. It is important to reduce the loading time of your website.

So if you use WordPress, you can use some good cache plugins. You can also compress the images of your website and increase the speed of your website, so it is very effective for mobile optimization and local SEO of your website.


Tips When Taking Google Map Citation

  • Keyword research: Keyword research is very important in the case of local SEO. In the case of local SEO, there will be some differences in keyword research. In addition to doing SEO in general, only specific place names will be added. Suppose your shop is in Dhanmondi then Dhanmondi will be added at the end. For example Michal Fashion shop in Dhanmondi. This keyword needs to be optimized.
  • Local domain: If your business is based in a local area then he should purchase the local domain. If your business is only Dhaka-centric then your business is limited to Dhaka. Then your domain should be www.example.com.bd. Then it will be easier to generate cells by doing SEO properly.
  • Proper title and meta description: Title and meta description are important factors in content. Title and meta descriptions must have focus keywords. The specific keywords you write content with should be in the title and meta description. You also need to have focus keywords in your content several times.
  • Optimize name, address, and phone number: In the case of local SEO, you need to add your business name, address, and phone number correctly in Google Map. So that customers find you. Google wants your exact name, address, and phone number, or mobile number to be open to everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Google Map Citation Service


What is Google My Business Reviews?

Google reviews play a huge role in local SEO because when someone finds your business from your Google My Business account, your customer first looks at what your Google My Business Review looks like.

If your Google My Business reviews are good then you can easily get good Google customers. A survey found that reviews of all businesses are less than 3 stars, with 82 percent of people refraining from shopping on those business listings.

So your reviews are very important for good business. Now the question is how to get more Google My Business Reviews. The answer is very simple. You can request good reviews from your existing customers. Your satisfied customer must respond.

You can also easily share your Google My Business profile online and get good reviews from there. Also, answer negative reviews with good reviews. It is not possible to make everyone happy together, it is very true. This will make Google understand that you are responsible enough for your business customers. This will increase Google’s trust in you and increase the importance of your Google My Business.

Difference between Local citation and local directory submission?

Local citations and local directory submissions are required to optimize local SEO. Again, with the previous example, if you get a link to your New York Flower Shop from another New York online flower shop nearby or you get a link to list your shop from the local list or get a link from a local report in New York for advertising, then your local listing as a local site is enough. Will help and help your website go to local SEO including Google My Business.


Google Map Citation Service Pack


GMC Service Pack 01
$20 One Time Fee
15 Google Map Citartion
High Authority Sites
100% Manual Submission
Permanent Submission
Full Report With Login Details
GMC Service Pack 02
$40 One Time Fee
30 Google Map Citartion
High Authority Sites
100% Manual Submission
Permanent Submission
Full Report With Login Details
GMC Service Pack 03
$70 One Time Fee
50 Google Map Citartion
High Authority Sites
100% Manual Submission
Permanent Submission
Full Report With Login Details
GMC Service Pack 04
$135 One Time Fee
100 Google Map Citartion
High Authority Sites
100% Manual Submission
Permanent Submission
Full Report With Login Details

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