Kind Things To Do For Others

151+ Heartfelt Kind Things To Do For Others


The word kindness is such a tiny word, yet, it has great potential to do massive wonders to the world that we can’t even imagine how exactly! Giving someone a wonderful life can be one of those amazing kind things to do for others. A recent study shows that, practicing kindness most often actually helps you live longer & mentally be healthy.

The world we know is a challenging place to live in, however, it becomes worth living

when we find genuinely concerned people that bring generosity, love & kindness to others. Kindness is another form of love that has immense power to uplift humanity. And thus, spreading kindness through our humble acts can build a nation that will learn to prioritize humanity over everything else. 

To develop a thoughtful society, we need to get involved in humanitarian-based social works to promote this agenda. We need to identify solutions that can help uplift our society and benefit its people. Certain kind things to do for others must include everything that can help them sustain themselves in the world.

This article is one of the most blessed things you will experience just by reading it. Go through it to get enlightened by its grace.  Below are 150+ discussed topics that are considered kind things to do for others:-


1. Build humanity with hope & happiness

Yes, I’m talking about charity works you must participate in to benefit the less privileged people of our society. If you are looking for kind things to do for others then this should be one of your priorities. We often neglect social responsibilities that need to be addressed with our genuine care & love. The society we grew up in has so far provided us enough for our sustenance that mostly including education, entertainment, medical care, job opportunities, shelter, food, etc. 

Hence, every responsible citizen is ought to return back the favor to the less fortunate ones whenever they become capable of doing so. There is no end to the sufferings of the less fortunate people that live around us, hence, they need our help, love & support to compete in this harsh world. With our donations, we can give them hope for a better future and bring smiles to their faces. 

2. Provide free education to the underprivileged 

Providing free education is one of those generously kind things to do for others that can ensure a well-established society. All the less fortunate people & orphans of our society need proper education to sustain themselves in the long run. If you have enough money then provide free education for those who cannot afford it. The more educated they become, the better output they can provide with their learned skills, and this will eventually establish our society by eliminating poverty once and for all.

Buy them books to gain knowledge or collect funds to provide free education. There are more alternatives you can go for to educate the underprivileged people of our society. This act in itself is one of the kindest things you can do to enlighten their lives.


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3. Take care of your old parents or grandparents 

This is quite a sensitive topic but a very thoughtful one to think of. Our hectic work schedule doesn’t allow many of us to take care of our old parents/grandparents properly. As you get older you get busy with your own business & family, so there’s less time left to give to your old parents/ grandparents. They become very vulnerable at this old age and need your emotional support too. If you could then you should give them quality time whenever possible. If you want them to have a comfortable life then hire a professional nanny to take care of their old age needs, or even opt for hiring a chef to cook their favorite dishes for them.

If you lack spending quality time with them, then at least do all the other things to provide the most comfort your old parents/grandparents deserve from you.

Taking care of the needs of blood relations should be the utmost priority in a person’s life and it perfectly fits in the criteria of the legit kind things to do for others


4. Donate your blood to save unknown lives

It is one of the kindest ways to bless a sick person with your ability. Your frequent blood donations can save the lives of many. Giving life back to someone will be one of those amazing

kind things to do for others. 

Your contribution to saving lives with your blood donation will make you more compassionate than others. This soulful act is quite satisfying in itself on a spiritual level. The more you participate in humanitarian-based works for the benefit of others, the better empath you grow as a human being. Be a person of great usefulness for society to cherish your existence.


5. Give hope to a homeless person

Are you genuinely looking for kind things to do for others? Then how about giving a new life to an ill-fated person?

Have you ever thought of giving a better life to a homeless person? Not everyone thinks of doing it except the NGO organizations that directly work for such people. You too can be a blessing in their life by giving them something to sustain their existence in society. If you can provide for the homeless then simply go for it. If you can afford then give them a job opportunity to earn a living, instead of letting them beg on the streets. Put them into training if you can or guide them to a new direction for a living or help them build certain skills to perform for a job.

Can this be among many such great kind things to do for others? The answer is an absolute yes! Whatever well-being you can do, go all the way to help at least one homeless person and change his life for a good cause. Your heart will tell you how good it feels to help improve someone’s life like this. Bring that hope & blessing, a homeless person is dying to have.


6. Spread love & gifts to sick patients in hospital

 Feeling like you are running out of ideas of kind things to do for others? Then think of something out of the box today! Go to a random hospital and just pour out all your affection to the troubled patients for a day.

This is personally a great antidote to treating my depression, whenever I’m going through any difficult phase of my life. Hospitals will tell you daily records of death and this reminds me of life being so unpredictable & short-lived. Why not take a day off to visit these sick patients you don’t share any bonds, to give them some unconditional love and hope for better days. Smile with them, share their experience, and pour out all your kind love to them as a consolation to their painful state. And, don’t forget to bring chocolates, flowers & fun things to uplift their tormented spirit.

Spreading love, laughter & happiness among sick patients works wonderfully on both the doers & the receivers. This act of spreading love will feel like a medicinal cure with the power of healing the misery & pain of the souls. Try it today, if you are feeling down.

7. Open a Rehab or trauma center for the affected victims

Building a rehab center is costly, though if you are looking for kind things to do for others in a budget-friendly way. Probably, you may have to raise funds for this good cause. If you can afford then plan to build a rehab or trauma center to treat the unfortunate victims of rape survivors, drug abusers, alcoholics, traumatized victims, etc. These kinds of traumatized victims need our support to live a stable and normal life, just like you & me. They need a chance to heal from traumatic experiences too. This will be one of the kindest things you can do for the affected people. This is another great path you can choose from among the list of kind things to do for others.


Find out other great ways you can do acts of kindness to others on multiple occasions:-


8. Volunteering to do laundry for a friend or family member.

9. Find someone to go on a spontaneous adventure with you.

10. Give someone a list of things you like about them.

11. Prepare and organize a surprise party for someone.

12. Be a baby/dog/cat babysitter for a day – free.

13. Drop your usual route and give someone a ride home.

14. Invite people to watch a movie.

15. Invite a teenager to lunch at a restaurant.

16. After mowing your own lawn, mow your neighbor’s lawn.

17. Prepare breakfast for the family in bed.

18. Bring some food to share at work.

19. Prepare two lunches: one for yourself and one for others.

20. Teach someone a different skill.

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21. Take a moment to listen to your grandparents recall “the good old days”

22. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

23. Be a Storyteller at Library Children’s Storytime

24. Leave the elevator doors open so no one is rushing to get a ride

25. Do music performances in nursing homes.

26. Tipping generously.

27. Smile at the people you meet.

28. If you see a mother taking pictures of her children, offer to give them a family photo.

29. Instead of giving leftovers to the homeless, buy them some food.

30. Write a letter to a teacher who has changed your life.

31. When someone speaks, listen intently.

32. Talk to the person sitting next to them at the party.

33. Let people go ahead of you in a line or give them the parking space. 

34. Do your best to make people feel included in the conversation.

35. Say thank you to the janitor/caretaker.

36. Buy lemonade from the kids.

37. Show up when you are invited to a party.

38. Be polite and friendly to customer service representatives.

39. Wash the dishes even when it’s someone else’s turn.

40. Respond to unsolicited calls or emails.

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41. Introduce someone to a potential employer or business partner.

42. Helping someone cross the street.

43. Pay for lunch for the person standing in line behind you.

44. Get an inspirational influencer, eg. bloggers or journalists, know they make a difference.

Email your thoughts to encourage those who spread positivity through the media to continue what they are doing.

45. Plant trees.

46. ​​Compliment someone’s performance 

47. At the grocery store, let people who only buy one or two items check out before you.

48. Support local businesses.

49. Tell the manager about the excellent service provided by the waiter or waitress.

50. Forgive often without expecting an apology.

51. Write a thank you note after receiving assistance
52. Pass on the compliment you overheard to the other person.
53. Keep in touch with your friends.
54. Share words of positivity to encourage others

55. Be kind to yourself.
56. Wash your neighbor’s car.

57. Treat a stranger with food.

58. Pick up the trash of your neighbors.

59. Write a letter to the military.

Write letters to them giving them words of encouragement and thanks.

60. Offer to walk someone else’s dog.

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61. Learn to say “hello” in multiple languages.

62. Give a gift card.

63. Don’t complain loudly.
64. Take the coloring book to the children’s hospital.
65. Donate your hair.
66. Voluntary shift change.

67. Bike to work.

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68. Buy groceries for your neighbors.

69. Sign up at IDC Foundation to prepare dinner for those in need.

70. Provide babysitting services.

71. Leave positive comments on social media.

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72. Help newcomers.

73. Donate towels to animal shelters.

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74. Make handmade cards.

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75. Donate blood.

76. Let someone into your driveway.
77. Volunteer Crisis Line.

78. Buy Drinks
79. Donate clothes.

80. Tutor children.

81. Help someone to change house.
82. Return a lost shopping cart.

83. Write a letter of recommendation for someone.

84. Participate in surveys.

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85. Place your coupons strategically.
86. Praise people for positive behavior toward their children.

87. Learn people’s names.

88. Make a playlist for a friend who is going through a difficult time.
89. Send dessert to another table.

90. Change seats on the plane.

91. Share your table.

92. Pay someone’s medical debt.

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93. Create a book of memories.

94. Donate while shopping online.

95. Eradicate the neighbor’s driveway.
96. Put a note on your lover’s lunch box.
97. Donate flowers.
98. Send someone an article. 

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99. Join the bone marrow registry.
100. Carry a spare umbrella with you.
101. Provide service free of charge.
102. Accompany a friend in need.
103. Share the good things you see.

104. Stop negative talk. Because Negativity Brings Negativity

105. Sign up to give gifts to families in need.

106. Invite people to dinner.

107. Think before you speak.

108. Introduce people to each other.

109. Paint rocks.

110. Leave a positive note on a library book.

111. Teach your children random acts of kindness.

112. Offer the benefit of the doubt.

113. Join the Premium Membership Program to Help Someone Else.

114. Answer someone’s question online. You can use Quora or This Group.

115. Fold other people’s clothes.

116. Turn family recipes into heirlooms.

117. Provide care packages for the homeless.

118. Give positive book reviews.

119. Send greeting cards to old people.

120. Leave motivational notes at the store.

121. Plant a tree.

122. Give a positive review of a restaurant or business.

123. Share your wonderful talents with others by making special gifts like scarves, heat pads, or blankets.

124. Brighten up someone’s laundry day by setting aside a few quarters for the next visitor.

125. Host a fundraiser.

126. Give a motivational book.

127. Leave a gift for the postman: Show your gratitude to those who deliver your precious packages in rain, hail, sleet, and snow.

128. Celebrate someone’s victory.

129. Organize community cleaning parties.

130. Give a handcrafted card or gift.

131. Build a library box for your neighbor.

132. Paying a stranger’s fare.

133. Adopt wild animals online.

134. Bring homemade snacks to the police or fire station.

135. Give your new neighbor a welcome gift.

136. Put extra coins into the parking meter or Put a Meal for someone in a restaurant.

137. Leave the tennis ball at the dog park.

138. Make new friends.

139. Leave painted rocks in the park.

140. Write a journal with motivational notes.

141. Send flowers to the nurses in the hospital.

142. Donate a new owner kit to the animal shelter.

143. Bake someone a cake: Show your love and gratitude by baking a special cake for someone.

144. Give a stranger a plant.
145. Talk to someone standing alone in a meeting.

146. Give the teacher a health box.
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148. Visiting an older neighbor after a storm.

149. Let your children buy gifts for children in need.

150. Registration as an organ donor.

151. Encourage someone to pursue their dreams.




There is no end to showing kindness to people who need it the most, your compassion is all that humanity needs more than anything. Spread your good works in any form you like that can benefit society for a good cause. The world is filled with harsh realities, struggles, and painful experiences that we all have to go through at some point in our lives. A little bit of your generosity can bring such great hope to a tormented soul, who has been fighting silent battles that you are unaware of. Hence, wisely select the kind things to do for others, so you can provide them a better platform to find their happiness. 

At the end of the day, spreading random acts of kindness to people will not only uplift humanity as a whole, but it leaves you with pure soulful satisfaction that no money can buy. Keep doing for humanity as long as you live and as much as whenever possible. Choose kindness over anything else, choose kind things to do for others, and finally, set a good example for others to be kind as well.


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