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Email Marketing Course


Email Marketing Course


Do you know email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies in the world? You can’t imagine how much an email marketer can earn by email marketing. This method is considered as the lead and sales machine. Similarly, there has a great demand for the email marketer. As we can’t think a life without using email, it has become one of the best marketing and sales-generating techniques recently.

Are you looking for the best email marketing course in Dhaka? In fact, you want to make a long-term career in this field, but you are not getting the right information, wherefrom you should start. With this in mind, MahbubOsmane.com, a leading digital marketing blog can be your best place to learn Email Marketing from the real expert. That is to say, we are providing email marketing services for the last five years, and from the experiment of our clients, they are looking for the real experts in email marketing all the time. Email marketing is the only method, where you can get 100% of sales if you implement it in the right way.

What is Email Marketing


We can define Email Marketing as a direct marketing strategy by using email (Electronic mail). But it does not mean sending mail to the audiences who have no existence. The main objectives of successful Email marketing are to send the mail to potential customers. On the other hand, building a new relationship or keeping the previous relation stable can be very easy for email marketing. So, we can tell Email Marketing is…

  • Building a relationship with the new customer and keeping the previous customer in contact by launching an email campaign.
  • To get sell from the new customer by convincing with a single email.
  • Creating Brand and increasing reliability.

Why email marketing is popular and effective

It must be remembered, email marketing is increasing day by day. So, all types of companies are coming here to take advantage of email marketing. Mainly, email marketing is so popular as it’s very cheap than any other system of marketing. Just hire an employee or take the help of an agency to launch a regularly successful email campaign. Similarly, email marketing is very effective as it can easily influence the targeted customer. Significantly, it is very easy to check if one email campaign is working accurately. If not you can take or redesign the campaign very easily with a new strategy. With this intention, the email marketing field is increasing regularly and becoming popular. 

Why should you build a Career in the Email Marketing Field

Learning email marketing is not a tough work. With proper guidelines, anyone can come in this sector easily. For this reason, who are eagerly waiting to do something in this free time or as part-time work or who want to work from home, Email marketing can be his/her best topics to start learning within short periods. Though you should remember you have to learn the right strategy and how to drive traffic or increase sales? So, if you are dedicated to learn and start a career in the Email Marketing field, you can easily earn more than a traditional job. On the other hand, you know that every day the opportunity for email marketing is increasing.

Future of Email Marketing

Statistics show that near future it will be so popular to buy anything online. So, who is eagerly waiting for buying anything from online, how will you sell your products by traditional marketing including newspaper, banner or TV ad. Rather than it will be easy to sell anything online. As email is the greatest method for secure and important communication. It can be the best way to draw the customer. Though social media is developing, the email will be the only method for sharing and communicating for any important reason. With this in mind, it will be a trend to lead sales by email. For this reason, there will be a great demand for email marketers in the future.

Why MahbubOsmane.com to learn Email Marketing

MahbubOsmane.com, a popular digital marketing blog is providing a project-based email marketing course in Dhaka Bangladesh. We have arranged some experts mentor to operate this course for you. Not to mention, they are leading a successful career in the email marketing industry. Even a few of them are working with our email marketing services. So, if you want to learn from the experts, you can start with us. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to make a career too with us. Similarly, you can start a successful career in the email marketing field from home or in the traditional marketplace.

Email Marketing Service by MahbubOsmane.com

MahbubOsmane.com is providing Email marketing services from Bangladesh among the whole world. We have started our journey the last five years. A lot of well-renowned companies are working with us. You can know more about our email marketing service from here

Who can join this course

Anyone who can operate a computer can start learning an email marketing course. So, if you are a service holder, businessman, teacher, students, housewife, part-time profession or full-time profession and want to make some extra money from home or trying to convert your job with the latest digital trends can join to learn Email Marketing course with MahbubOsmane.com. It can be the best alternative to make some extra money or starting a full-time career.

Course Highlight

  •   What is email marketing?
  •   Each of the email marketing segmentation of the campaign and grouping.
  •   Use of third-party applications (for instance: MailChimp, eye contact, constant contact, aid bar, etc.
  •   For email marketing, is it essential to know HTML, CSS, Photoshop?
  •   The campaign is analyzing and tracking results.
  •   Creating an email marketing template and newsletter.
  •   Video integration with an email template.
  •   Writing email campaign body and non-spam subject line.
  •     The email body and header design.
  •   Creating an email list without any expense.
  •   To ensure email delivery.
  •   Integration of various email marketing tools.

The Role of Email Marketing:

  • Meet Your Instructor
  • The Role of Email Marketing
  • Understanding The THREE Different Types of Email – Part 1
  • Understanding The THREE Different Types of Email – Part 2
  • The TWO Send Types
  • Email Marketing and List Building

Creating Your Promo Calendar:

  • Gathering Promotional Assets
  • Promotional Planning
  • Creating Your 30 Day Calendar
  • Creating Your 90 Day Rolling Calendar

Email Campaign Creation:

  • Email Campaigns Explained
  • Storyboarding Your Indoctrination Campaign
  • CASE STUDY: DigitalMarketer Indoctrination – Part 1
  • CASE STUDY: DigitalMarketer Indoctrination – Part 2
  • CASE STUDY: DigitalMarketer Indoctrination – Part 3
  • Storyboarding Your Engagement Campaign
  • Storyboarding Your Ascension Campaign
  • Crafting A Consumption Campaign
  • Crafting An Upsell Campaign
  • Storyboarding Your Segmentation Campaign – Part 1
  • Storyboarding Your Segmentation Campaign – Part 2
  • Storyboarding Your Segmentation Campaign – Part 3
  • Storyboarding Your Segmentation Campaign – Part 4
  • Storyboarding Your Re-Engagement Campaign – Part 1
  • Storyboarding Your Re-Engagement Campaign – Part 2
  • Storyboarding Your Re-Engagement Campaign – Part 3
  • CASE STUDY: DigitalMarketer Re-Engagement Campaign
  • CASE STUDY: DigitalMarketer Win-Back Campaign

Email Copywriting and Design:

  • Harvesting Proven Copy
  • Four Reasons People Buy
  • Points of Belief
  • Crafting your Subject Lines
  • Crafting Your Body Copy
  • Queuing the Click

Optimizing Opens and Clicks:

  • Getting More Opens
  • Getting More Clicks

Tracking and Measuring Results:

  • Benchmarking Your Results
  • What to Track and When to Track it
  • Email Stats Tracking Sheet DEMO

Email Deliverability:

  • Ways to Prove You’re NOT A SPAMMER
  • Your Mailer Reputation
  • Your Sender Infrastructure
  • Your Subscriber Engagement
  • Monitoring and Tracking Deliverability
  • Time To Get Certified
  • Mini-Project 6 Email Marketing Mastery Assignment

Course Features

  • Training Duration – 2 Months
  • Total – 15 Class
  • Weekly – 1/2/3 Class
  • Certificate – Available
  • Admission – Going on…
  • Next Batch Start –
  • Per Batch – 8-10 Students
  • Course Fee – 10,000/-
  • Holidays Class Opportunity – Available

Support & Facilities

  • Outsourcing Profile – 100% Complete
  • Profile Exam – 6-8 (Positive Result)
  • Cover Letter – Available (We Will Guide You)
  • We provide training in a friendly environment
  • Support at any time when you need us via mail or group


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    In the above circumstances, I can tell that it is a great chance to start learning email marketing today. In a short time, it can be a great opportunity to make a royal profession. Similarly, MahbubOsmane.com, a large Digital Marketing Blog in Bangladesh will try to build you with the requirements of the industry. Have a good journey in the digital email marketing field. Welcome in Advance.