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Software Development Service

We are constantly building things that you imagine!


When developing various Desktop & Web apps we think about maintainability, usability, scalability, reliability, extensibility & last but not least Security. The Software that we make is secure for any environment. We also provide long-term support for all of our software! So you never have to be worried about anything.

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Our Dream


We have been moving forward with a great dream which is to be the most promising and trusty software development company to the whole world through our sincerity and best quality of services by fulfilling the client requirements. Our vast area of software development services which include software & web application development, technology consulting and software outsourcing, are managed by highly qualified, dedicated and disciplined programmers and designers who always ensure the best quality of services and products to achieve our goals and lead this company toward our dream by attaining client satisfaction.



Making your business more profitable

Our software development department offers the various type of services which will make you more flexible in decision making and choosier to take the best services for your business which will flourish your profit. All providing software’s are designed and implemented in an easy to use manner and programmed to map your business processes.

Our expert software developers always encompass with the new technological frameworks, latest trends, and development techniques that are relevant to your requirements such as Java, PHP, SQL, iOS, Android, AJAX, JavaScript, etc. we develop all kinds of products.


Why custom software?


You can meet with your required business processes and all your requirement with 100% accuracy only way of custom software development. Moreover, you get:

  • particular problem-solving.
  • Flexibility will be increased.
  • Your workflows will be easier, faster, productive and more efficient.
  • Security level will be so high.



We deliver quality


We have built a promising, efficient and highly experienced software development team who use their skills and experiences to build your products and services in a supreme way ensuring the best quality. Our team consists of developers, project managers, creative designers, quality analysts and specialists who solve your problems collaboratively. Our working procedures are minutely supervised and tracked every detail with keen observation. To save your precious time and money, we deliver your product in a first attempt ensuring that everything is precise.



We greedily embrace the world’s latest inventions


The software world is acquainted with the invention of new technology and trends such as AI, machine learning, big data, computer vision and Internet of things (IoT). We continuously clutch them to be more skillful and up-to-date to maintain quality and provide a touch of modernity to your product.



What comes with Developing Software?


  • maintaining the custom and values of our clients
  • Transparent business process
  • Rapid service
  • Provides actual business information
  • hold data for your future reporting
  • Secure your all data and information.



Our taking process in Software Development


In the software development process, we follow the most functional and ideal industrial model which is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). We follow the “Agile” model to develop a big product and use the “Waterfall” model for small software from the SDLC model.



Brief of Procedure


Development of Initial Proposal

Our main objective of this level is to understand the problem of the client project, analyze it and make an effective solution from the different technology considering minimum cost and preparatory timeline which is recommended.

Our project manager and technical team listen to the client with great attention and prepare an initial proposal based on the circumstances.



System Analysis


Software requirement specification (SRS)

During this session, we scrutinize the project to perceive the project aim and arrange its functions and operations to attain specific application. We develop in detail description of every aspect such as various functions, operations, UI, layout, wire-frame, pseudocode, necessary diagrams, and other things understanding client requirement.

Our project manager and developer team re-estimate the time and cost by observing SRS based on client requirement.



Software Design and Development

Before starting programming, we again pay a visit with our client with our proposed layout and wire-frame and redesign new layout and wire-frame by counselling with him which is his desire.

Some points we keep in mind during our software design. They are

  • The design has to be unique and goof-proof
  • loading time Minimization
  • Cross-browser compatibility (Web)
  • Cross-platform compatibility (Mobile and Web)



System Design (Architecture Development)

Application design and Architecture are the most significant and base of the development section. We develop an architectural model based on the design layout which is fixed in the previous section to more development. Database and associated components are developed in this area. We follow some common and standard architecture such as 2-tier (frontend-backend), 3-tier (frontend-backend-database), and SOA (service-oriented architecture) to develop a different type of applications based on client requirement.

We take care of some points in this section. They are

  • Database design (Tables, Fields & Relationships)
  • Security analysis and development.
  • Correlation between service and database and mapping them.
  • Local data storage



Software Development


This section is mainly our implementation part of the software development regarding on design and architecture of the project. We follow the unique way of coding to secure your product’s security as well as reducing the time and cost understanding one direction and segmentation of coding.



Coding standard

We strictly follow and maintain the coding standard which is used in industry as well as suggested by the Microsoft and open source community. We rake out our own coding pattern in pursuance of standard facts to ensure security, enhance the simplicity using “component-based coding” to minimize time and cost of clients as well as us.



Coding investigate

Product manager always observes and collects data of development in the coding section to recheck wherein they follow the instruction Thoroughly. We use a developer tool named “Resharper” to automate the whole coding process to find error and complexity and develop a robust quality product for the client.



Unit testing

After completing a certain portion of the code, our quality assurance team and technical leader ensure by testing that the functionality of the code work correctly and moving forward according to the plan. However, lots of dime facts can be sorted within this process.



Quality assurance

Finally, the quality assurance team test the whole project using various parameters and strategy in different environments to ensure that software accomplishes desired achievement as per the software requirement specification. Web applications are tested automated development tools as if cross-browser and platform compatibility can be identified more precisely.



Deployment and propagation

When we meet with our decisive conclusion about the software along with this client satisfaction also be fulfilled, we lead off an exhibition of it to the live environment. Also, we pointing to the process of propagation in several ways to achieve the client’s final intention.



Support & maintenance

After spending a huge amount on developing custom applications, facing a downtime is the last thing your business needs. Moreover, about 15 to 20 per cent of the cost of developing an application goes into maintaining the application software.

The supporting team of MahbubOsmane is committed with our clients to deliver them flawless support with free of cost a minimum 1 month from the installing time.




We are passionate to enhance our existing skills attaining new technology and programming languages to serve the best services and products to our clients considering their taste and interest. Here is our skilful technology what we apply to your products.


Front endHTML, CSS, JavaScript
Back end.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python
FrameworkBootstrap (HTML/CSS), Angular (JS), React (JS), Laravel 5 (PHP), CodeIgniter (PHP). Django (Python)
MobileiOS, Android, Windows Phone,
DatabasesMicrosoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB


Our focus industries

With a great experienced and dedicated developer team, we can easily visualize your industry’s full demand and market value. We strongly focus on some specific industries although we explore our expertise in a broad area of industries. Those are explored in bellow

Manufacturing factory

We provide a strong and facilitate factory management, ensure the security of factory data and deliver a qualified application which will trim your risk of equipment failure. Our providing software proposal based on your factory are listed there

  • The smart industry management system
  • Product and supply management system
  • Automatic monitoring system
  • Attendance and staff management system
  • Inventory management system
  • After-sales support system.


We prepare such software which will secure integrated health data and enhance the facility of your health centre, it will schedule patients and doctor’s appointment and their treatment facility. Some other important issues can be digitalized, such as

  • Automatic monitoring system
  • Medical management system
  • Doctors and nurse’s scheduling management system
  • Care coordination software.


We deliver a full range of solutions for large, mid-sized and small retail businesses that lead to effective management, improved vendor-partner communication, increased sales, and stronger customer loyalty.

  • POS (Point of Sales)
  • Supply and inventory management
  • Enterprise management software
  • Complaints management software
  • Customer loyalty software
  • Data analysis tools


See our Scripts live ( Existing Software )

Invoice Software

Invoice system with custom features to meet your daily needs! You can save time & energy at the end of the month

  • Invoice
  • New Invoice
  • Due invoice
  • View invoice
  • Customer (V.1.2)
  • New customer
  • List of customers
  • Expense
  • Add expense
  • Expenses history
  • Expense Account
  • New/edit Head of expenses
  • News/edit Subhead of expenses
  • Report
  • Sales report
  • Account report
  • Date wise expenses report
  • Head wise expenses report
  • SubHead wise report
  • User
  • New user (Type: admin/user)

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Travel Management Software

If you are running a travel agency and want to keep your accounts, customer billing, Vendor payment, Bank Details in one software then this is the Best online/offline based software for you

  • Create an Invoice/Bill for your Customer.
  • Customer billing or payment history.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales, and accounts collection Report
  • Send automatic bill via email to your customer.
  • Get your expenses to report by Head, Subhead wise.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales, and Accounts collection report.
  • Maintain Petty Cash, Bank Account, Cash Account of Agency/Company.
  • Overdue bill of your company.
  • Balance transfer option between two accounts like the bank to cash, cash to the bank. bank to bank.
  • Also, include your other company income by Non-Invoice income system.
  • By payroll module, you can trace the expenses of an employee.
  • Also, generate payslip for the employee.
  • Vendor Payment like Hotel Payments options etc.
  • It has multiple user management system with different kind of rules like super admin, admin, accounts, bill collector/ salesperson.
  • And more features


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Service Cashier Software

  • Invoice module
  • Accounts module
  • Cash book module
  • Client module
  • Mini payroll module
  • Report module
  • Expenses module
  • Invoice cost module


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Diagnostic Center Management Software

  • You can keep a daily/monthly/annually sales calculation.
  • Every month you can know how much money you have earned through a test.
  • You can keep the calculation of doctor’s commission.
  • How much money you have paid to the doctor you can track it.
  • You can keep the account of its general expenses according to the head and subhead.
  • Multiple cash counter monitoring features will allow you to monitor specific collection and sell data from each cash counter.
  • You can keep account of the monthly salary expense.
  • You will get a Financial Report at the end of the month.
  • You can check your present Financial Statement at any time


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HR and Payroll Software

  • Employee
  • Manage Attendance
  • Leave Allowance
  • Deduction Loan
  • Provident fund Setup
  • User manage
  • Company info

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Medical College Billing Software

  • Three types of user (Super admin, Register, Account)
  • Student profile management.
  • Student billing management.
  • Payment history of students.
  • Custom search report.
  • Batch wise, date wise, month wise, yearly payment report of students.
  • Individual student profile and payment management.
  • Student result management.
  • Automatic money receipt printing system.
  • All report printing system.
  • Total student payment history.
  • Individual student payment history.
  • Powerful editing system

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CRM Software

  • Your current total number of customers whom you are discussing your product or service.
  • The number of customers to whom you and your marketing team communicate regularly.
  • The number Customers who are interested to take your product and service in the Future.
  • Which customer didn’t take your service and product even after being interested and Why?
  • You can get information about the tasks your marketing or sales team is doing
  • It will show you the upcoming date of meeting with your customers and also show you the assigned task that you have on that date.
  • Users can submit their summary report with this software.
  • The product that is more likely to the customers.
  • A user can set up a reminder for a meeting. The software will notify you about it the day before.
  • Users can know about: How many customers your sales team have connected with and how many of them are potential and have a regular follow-up or how many of them have negative reviews.
  • The user can identify the source that is building more leads.
  • You can know the performance of a marketer with this software
  • This software has a customer transfer option that enables you to transfer your customer to a new marketing person. It contains a summary report that has all the information about the customer.
  • As this is an online-based software you can monitor it from anywhere in the world.
  • This software is made by us and we can customize it according to your need.

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Cable/dish/ISP Billing Software

  • One clicks all customer invoice create a system
  • Individual customer invoice creates a system.
  • Customer add, edit, active, inactive system
  • Paid / Due/ Advance invoice system
  • Package add and edit system
  • Area add and edit system
  • Head, Sub Head wise expenses system
  • The multi-type user adds, active, inactive system
  • Customer ledger
  • Expenses report head, subhead wise custom date
  • Accounts report
  • Due report
  • Advance report

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Best Salon Software For Salons & Spas:

  • Appointments > Book appointments online: Allow salon software to do all the hard work for you. Never miss a booking appointment with our 24X7 easy accessible salon booking software.
  • Inventory > Slot blockers: Easily Book the slots for your staff on their availability. So that you can provide salon and spa services only on available time slots, enabling customers to book appointments with you accordingly.
  • Marketing > Off-hours booking: Book appointments with customers outside regular business hours and get more footfall to your salon and spa centre every day.
  • Package booking > Book the suitable packages at the time of appointment with Salon Scheduling Software. It, therefore, increases the visibility of your offers to your customers.
  • Accept payment > Accept payment online while booking with the leading Salon Software for the services and packages online. Our salon software permits you to receive payments from Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net and more.
  • Membership booking> Manage your Memberships on the booking page itself. Authorize your customers to check the current memberships of your Salon or Spa seamlessly.
  • Hair Salons: Our salon software has all attractive features specially designed for Hair Salons. It helps hair Salons to grow their business and manage appointments
  • Massage & Spa Centers: Our salon software helps Massage and spa centres to take care of every aspect of their business. It helps to book Appointments online, Package Management, and Reports.
  • Makeup Artist: Our salon software helps the Makeup Artist’s to book their Appointment online and grow their business. Easy and innovative Features
  • Beauty Salons: Our salon software helps to grow beauty Salon business with advanced appointment Scheduling System and maintain the Billing from the POS Features.
  • Health Clinics: Our salon software helps health Clinics to manage the appointments whether you are a Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Physiotherapist Or weight loss clinic
  • Barber Shops: Barber Shops Use the Our salon software to grow their sales with the attractive Chair Management Features and appointment scheduling System.

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Our Others Available Software



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