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When developing various Desktop & Web apps we think about maintainability, usability, scalability, reliability, extensibility & last but not least Security. The Software that we make is secure for any environment. We also provide long-term support for all of our software! So you never have to be worried about anything.

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Invoice System


Invoicing system with custom features to meet your daily needs! You can save time & energy at the end of the month


  • Invoice
  • New Invoice
  • Due invoice
  • View invoice
  • Customer (V.1.2)
  • New customer
  • List of customers
  • Expense
  • Add expense
  • Expenses history
  • Expense Account
  • New/edit Head of expenses
  • News/edit Subhead of expenses
  • Report
  • Sales report
  • Account report
  • Date wise expenses report
  • Head wise expenses report
  • Sub Head wise report
  • User
  • New user (Type: admin/user)


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Travel agency’s management


If you are running a travel agency and want to keep your accounts, customer billing, Vendor payment, Bank Details in one software then this is the Best online/offline based software for you


  • Create Invoice/Bill for your Customer.
  • Customer billing or payment history.
  • Overdue bill of your company.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales, and accounts collection Report
  • Send automatic bill via email your customer.
  • Get your expenses to report by Head, Subhead wise.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales, and Accounts collection report.
  • Maintain Petty Cash, Bank Account, Cash Account of Agency/Company.
  • Balance transfer option between two accounts like the bank to cash, cash to the bank. bank to bank.
  • Also, include your other company income by Non-Invoice income system.
  • By payroll module, you can trace the expenses of an employee.
  • Also, generate payslip for the employee.
  • Vendor Payment like Hotel Payments options etc.
  • It has multiple user management system with different kind of rules like super admin, admin, accounts, bill collector/ salesperson.
  • And more features


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Service Cashier


  • Invoice module
  • Accounts module
  • Cash book module
  • Client module
  • Mini payroll module
  • Report module
  • Expenses module
  • Invoice cost module


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Diagnostic center management


  • You can keep a daily/monthly/annually sales calculation.
  • Every month you can know how much money you have earned through a test.
  • You can keep the calculation of doctors commission.
  • How much money you have paid to the doctor you can track it.
  • You can keep the account of its general expenses according to the head and subhead.
  • Multiple cash counter monitoring features will allow you to monitor specific collection and sell data from each cash counter.
  • You can keep account of the monthly salary expense.
  • You will get a Financial Report at the end of the month.
  • You can check your present Financial Statment at any time.


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Payroll Software


  • Employee
  • Manage Attendance
  • Leave Allowance
  • Deduction Loan
  • Provident fund Setup
  • User manage
  • Company info

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Medical College Billing


  • Three type user (Super admin, Register, Account)
  • Student profile management.
  • Student billing management.
  • Payment history of students.
  • Custom search report.
  • Batch wise, date wise, month wise, yearly payment report of students.
  • Individual student profile and payment management.
  • Student result management.
  • Automatic money receipt printing system.
  • All report printing system.
  • Total student payment history.
  • Individual student payment history.
  • Powerful editing system

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  • Your current total number of customers whom you are discussing your product or service.
  • The Number of customers to whom you and your marketing team communicate regularly.
  • The number Customers who are interested to take your product and service in the Future.
  • Which customer didn’t take your service and product even after being interested and Why?
  • The product that is more likely to the customers.
  • You can get information about the tasks your marketing or sales team is doing
  • Marketing and sales managers have to face a common problem. As an example: You have assigned a task to your sales team or to a staff but you couldn’t follow up the task due to you were engaged. Or, the staff whom you have assigned the task have forgotten to do that. We have a solution to this software. This software has a reminder feature that will give a reminder to the assigned person, notify you about the task progress, give a statement about the task. It will allow you to mark the performance of your employee.
  • It will show you the upcoming date of meeting with your customers and also show you the assigned task that you have on that date.
  • Users can submit their summary report with this software.
  • A user can set up a reminder for a meeting. The software will notify you about it the day before.
  • Users can know about: How many customers your sales team have connected with and how many of them are potential and have regular follow up or how many of them have negative reviews.
  • The user can identify the source that is building more leads.
  • You can know the performance of a marketer with this software
  • This software has a customer transfer option that enables you to transfer your customer to a new marketing person. It contains a summary report that has all the information about the customer.
  • As this is an online based software you can monitor it from anywhere in the world.
  • This software is made by us and we can customize it according to your need.

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Cable/Dish/ISP Billing


  • One click all customer invoice create a system
  • Individual customer invoice creates a system.
  • Customer add, edit, active, inactive system
  • Paid / Due/ Advance invoice system
  • Package add and edit system
  • Area add and edit system
  • Head, Sub Head wise expenses add system
  • Multi-type user add, active, inactive system
  • Customer ledger
  • Expenses report head, subhead wise custom date
  • Accounts report
  • Due report
  • Advance report
  • Want Something Customized? Drop Us Your Requirements!

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