31 Birthday Free Gifts You Should Sign Up For



There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born, and the day we discover why. Well, just as a disclaimer it`s not my quote but William Barclay`s (Scottish author)! Tomorrow is my birthday and what possibly can be more fun to a get a cool birthday gift? And it`s double delight if that too is free of cost!

Perhaps you’ve noticed your fair share of restaurant deals on your special day. But most of us are little aware that there are many a restaurant chains, hotels or lifestyles retailers are constantly offering free birthday discounts or coupons, as that are not so advertised, are those for retail shopping.

Obviously, they’re not running any charity; It`s part of their marketing and business promotion. All you`ve to do is to being born! Naturally, there`s prerequisite to signing up their mailing list to get those free concessions, but receiving continuous marketing junk emails can be a genuine nuisance. So as long as you are doing it sporadically, it`s a win-win game for both the parties.

If you are signed up for the free birthday gifts, there`s higher possibility that the companies will send free gifts on the anniversaries of your listing as well!

Trust me, though I’m a digital marketing strategist, I’m not into affiliate marketing. So my only stake here is to share some cool information with you wonderful people. These are digital marketing resources, and you got to be updated as well as they keep changing their promotional policies.

Here` I’m making a list of free birthday gifts as foods, beauty products, and home items which are worth trying for. So even it looks like in honor of your special day, brands are all set to celebrate this meaningful occasion by showering you with birthday freebies from morning to night, wish me all the best and happy reading.




Birthday Free Gifts

It`s an American chain reputed for grills, pasta, and sea foods. They offer free of charge dessert on your birthday when you sign up.




ULTA Beauty 

Birthday Free Gifts


Ulta Beauty is a chain of beauty stores in the United States. Ulta Beauty conveys cosmetics and skincare brands, men’s and women’s fragrances and hair care products. Each store is also equipped with a salon. The company is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Receive a gift by signing up for the Ultimate Rewards program.


Toys R Us

Birthday Free Gifts


Toys “R” Us, Inc. is an American toy and juvenile-products retailer founded in 1948 and headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey.

Connect with Rewards R Us, and your child will receive a free card every year until his/her 10th birthday. Members are also qualified to win monthly prizes.


Auntie Anne’s

Birthday Free Gifts



A restaurant brand originated from Thailand famous for its soft Pretzels and Pretzel Dogs.

If you sign up for their free cell phone app, you can pick up a complimentary pretzel (crisp biscuit baked in the form of a knot or stick and flavored with salt) on your birthday.


A & W

Birthday Free Gifts


A&W Restaurants is a US chain of fast-food restaurants notable by its draft root beer and root beer floats; it has franchise locations throughout much of the world. Free A&W Root Beer is available for your birthday indeed!



Baskin Robbin’s

Baskin Robbin's

Everyone is familiar with Baskin-Robbins(at least the ice cream lovers) –the biggest chain of ice cream restaurants, based in Massachusetts. As the saying goes-“My most romantic job: I was a manager at Baskin-Robbins”! So it`s real yummy that there`s free Jamoca Almond Fudge or Pistachio Almond ice cream on your birthday when you sign up for their email list.

Everyone is familiar with Baskin-Robbins(at least the ice cream lovers) –the biggest chain of ice cream restaurants, based in Massachusetts



Victoria’s Secret

Birthday Free Gifts


Shoplifting is a common phenomenon at the stores of Victoria’s Secret. In seven years (2007-2014) shoplifters stole almost $20,000 worth of products!

But you don`t have to do this mischievous activity – just sign up for their mailing list and get a coupon for $10 discount on a purchase of $10 or more on your birthday.


Dairy Queen

Birthday Free Gifts


This too is an American food chain known for Bacon Cheese Grill Burger and chicken strips. By signing up for their fan club, you’ll receive a buy one; get one free Blizzard coupon and one for your birthday.




Birthday Free Gifts

An American traditional food franchise with sixty years of experience into appetizing food service. One of the stunning features of their service is it`s 24/7.

You can collect a free Grand Slam breakfast (two fresh and soft buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, two bacon strips and two sausage links) at Denny’s by just showing your identification on your birthday.



Dunkin Donuts

Birthday Free Gifts


DunkinDonuts is an American worldwide donut company and coffeehouse chain based in Massachusetts. As the Americans say-I’ll share my life with you. But, not my Dunkin doughnuts’! So don`t delay to pick up your Free drink on your birthday.



Einstein Bros

Birthday Free Gifts

This one is from Lakewood, Colorado. By signing up for their club, you will receive a free bagel (solid bread roll in the form of a ring, cooked by steaming dough) and shmear (cream cheese) and a free egg sandwich for your birthday.



Helzberg Diamonds

Birthday Free Gifts


Helzberg Diamonds is a family of jewelry stores from the heartland of America that has touched the hearts of millions. At its very core, Helzberg Diamonds stands for love. Just request a catalog to receive a birthday surprise.




Birthday Free Gifts


From Kansas City, more than 49,000 different products in stores at any one time Hallmark offers you a coupon for 20% off one item when you become a Crown Rewards member.



Famous Dave’s

Birthday Free Gifts


America’s most award-winning restaurant-best known for their BBQ and Sauce Velouté. You can have a feel of these on your birthday by signing up for their email list.



First Watch

Birthday Free Gifts


American chain with baking muffins and French toast-you’ll get a buy one, get one free offer and a surprise on your birthday.



Birthday Free Gifts



A single cheat day in a week is acceptable even for fitness fanatic. So if it`s your guilty pleasure or big celebration day you can indeed check into the Houlihan’s. Their dinner menu is flexible, naturally cooked and health friendly.

You can Join their email club for a complimentary entree on your birthday, and just for signing up receive $10 off your following dinner.



Birthday Free Gifts



Since 1958, IHOP has been the place where people connect over breakfast, enjoy study breaks, and grab a bite before or after sporting events.

Free pancakes while you sign up, each year on the anniversary of linking their email list, and on your birthday.


Jamba Juice

Birthday Free Gifts

Jamba juices, smoothies and bowls are made with high quality, good-for-you ingredients, supplying 250 million servings of fruits and vegetables a year. By signing up for Jamba Insider Rewards, you can receive $3 off your next visit as well as a free smoothie or juice on your birthday.




Birthday Free Gifts




It`s from California, favorite for the Italian-American dishes Start things off right with one of Maggiano’s flavor-filled salads and an appetizer, like Stuffed Mushrooms or crunchy Zucchini. After that, Angel Hair Vegetable Primavera, Grilled Salmon Lemon & Herb, or Mom’s Lasagna are on the way!

Join their eClub and receive $10 off your next visit and during your birthday month.



Birthday Free Gifts


Famous for Pork or Chicken Adobo and Thai Green Curry with Shrimp, you can get a free bowl on your birthday after you sign up for their e-Club.



P.F. Chang’s

Birthday Free Gifts


American chain for Tacos, Spicy Tuna and Sesame Chicken-free appetizer or dessert during your birthday month, if you create an account on their website.




Birthday Free Gifts


American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate-Register for Disney Movie Rewards, and you’ll receive credit for a free Blu-ray movie on your birthday.



Red Robin 

Birthday Free Gifts


Red Robin opened near the University of Washington, notable for Gourmet Burgers, gives you a free burger on your birthday when you join their eClub.




Birthday Free Gifts

Everyone crave for a sbarro XL sized pizza (Pepperoni or Mushroom). All you have to do to join the Sbarro’s Slice Society email club-the-the pizza will follow!




Birthday Free Gifts


Starbucks is an American coffeehouse chain which represents something beyond a cup of coffee. Starbucks has changed the rules of engagement for the music industry.

Free drink on your birthday, if you are a member of their rewards program.




Birthday Free Gifts


American life style chain shop with different cosmetics and accessions. Free birthday gift when you sign up for their rewards program.



Bare Minerals 

Birthday Free Gifts


Established in New York, this retailer offers mainly Cosmetic products. By signing up for their rewards program, you will receive a free birthday gift.




Birthday Free Gifts



CVS Pharmacy has almost ten thousand retail drug outlets in 49 states, Puerto Rico and Brazil and is located in 98 of the top 100 drugstore markets at the moment.

By joining the CVS Beauty Club, you can receive a free $3 reward on your birthday.



Birthday Free Gifts



Famous for branded accessories with outlets All over the US-A free $5 off for your birthday after you sign up for their rewards program.



Old Navy or Gap 

Birthday Free Gifts



Old Navy is a wide spread American clothing and accessories brand owned by American the conglomerate Gap Inc.

By signing up for their email list, you will pick up 30% off your next buy, as well as a price cut for your birthday.



Birthday Free Gifts


Redbox Automated Retail is a US company focusing in DVD, Blu-ray and video game rentals using programmed retail stalls. Redbox booths feature the company’s customary red color and are situated at convenience stores, snack bars, grocery shops, larger retailers, and pharmacies.

By joining Redbox’s Play Pass, you can receive a free of charge one-night rental for every ten rentals and a free rental on your birthday and anniversary as well.




Birthday Free Gifts


Sephora is a darling brand to all the girls, no matter how good looking they are! Their list of merchandise is massive and diversified-genuine mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, blush and so on. Sephora has almost two thousand stores all over the world.

If you sign up as a beauty insider on Sephora’s website, you can receive a free birthday gift, which is frequently a huge sample of finest makeup.



World Market

Birthday Free Gifts

World Market is a franchise of departmental retailer. They product also varied. From furniture to home décor, exclusive wine or food items-you just name it!

There`s free gift on your birthday if you are a member.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch-this is true but in this era of aggressive marketing, you can practically cut down the prices at least. And of course, we must control our appetites as well!
I`m pretty sure that many of you are already lamenting on why your birthdays are so far away. Nevertheless, death is one life time experience but not the birth days!

So by your next big day, pick your bucket list and make it more special. And this isn`t the end of the list, if you find this piece interesting, there`s lot more are on the offering. So don`t forget to place your queries at the comment section-I`ll be most happy to oblige your precious feedbacks.



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