Whenever you need to find out the best WordPress theme companies, it can harass you to get the whole list in one place. With this in mind, I have researched in many places and made a great list for you. Sometimes, it also needs to me. For this reason, it will surely help you to get the whole list of best WordPress theme companies.

Moreover, your client’s may need a professional WordPress theme, and you are not finding which companies you should refer. Significantly, it can help you to get the most reliable, well-optimized and best customer supportive WP theme companies.

You may ask, why WordPress? I may suggest any other CMS. Notably, WordPress is the most used and secure CMS. 27% of the total website is built on WordPress. Similarly, WordPress is very popular for blogging, e-commerce platform, and business websites. The beauty of WordPress is that you can customize or update a WP site without being tech savvy.

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For this reason, It will be an excellent decision to make the interactive website within very short time by WordPress. With attention to, you will know the best WordPress Theme Companies in the World. We have considered the user rating, feedback, and satisfaction to make the list.

Ready? Let’s check the top WordPress theme providers.

23 Best WordPress Theme Companies!


You may not familiar with some of the companies. But they are providing the best services, and they have made something innovative. For this reason, I have added them. In particular, you can check now the best WordPress theme companies to take the tase of their new and updated WordPress themes.

1. Layers

Layers is an awesome WordPress company that provides tools and templates for designing the page and posts. To be sure, they have used the default WordPress native UI rather than a large amount of proprietary scripting, interfaces, and implementation. Surprisingly, they provide an amazing version of the theme for free.



Official Website:

2. Elegant Themes

Elegant themes are very popular for their amazing layouts, User Interface and impressive themes on WordPress. Important to realize, they have built 87+ WP themes, and one of the best creation of them is Divi. It is really an amazing and multipurpose theme.



Official Website:

3. Organic Themes

Organic Themes is maintained by David Morgan and Jeff Milone. To clarify, they are ensuring fast but straightforward fast-loading of WordPress themes. In general, they believe in professionalism, but they write with clean and SEO-friendly code. With this in mind, they made some excellent free and premium themes for WordPress.



Official Website:

4. StudioPress

StudioPress is very popular for well-documented and fast-loading WordPress themes. Equally important, they have become top WordPress theme providers. Another key point, they have made the Genesis Pro framework, and you can run 50+ WordPress amazing child themes of them here. Not to mention, they are offering all types of themes including news, portfolio, magazine, blogging, beauty, and similar kinds of themes.


Official Website:

5. Faster Themes

Faster Themes which was previously known as Fruit Themes is a popular WordPress theme provider. Markedly, they have built some amazing faster WordPress themes including blogs, shops, and professional websites.



Official Website:

6. WP theming

WP Theming has built some specific themes for specific purposes including portfolio and visual themes. You can also DevPress of their recommendation for more specific WordPress themes.



Official Website:

7. ThemeXEngine

ThemeXEngine is the best-selling WordPress theme seller. When you need fast, efficient and quality WordPress themes then Theme Innovation can be your most reliable place. Important to realize, they are also providing HTML and PSD templates. No to mention, they are covering all types of themes including medical, app landing page, education, gardening, lawyer, and event management themes. Surely, you can check all the available and impressive themes of  ThemeXEngine from here.


Official Website:

8. SoloStream

SoloStream is providing tons of premium WordPress themes with easy maintenance facilities. Moreover, they have used updated technology including drag-and-drop designing and niche-related website building.



Official Website:

9. TeslaThemes

Yes! TeslaTheme has described itself as the Netflix of WordPress. They have made 60+ amazing WordPress themes. Besides, they inspire us to use different layouts at different times. Accordingly, they are providing awesome support for building your web page with WordPress.



Official Website:

10. Themefuse

Themefuse ensures the best and user interactive WordPress themes. They have made 45+ WordPress themes with advanced features and tons of functionalities. To point out, Themefuse offers an amazing feature named TestLab. You can check the preview of the theme in the backend panel or TestLab. It helps to choose the right ones.



Official Website:

11. Themify

Themify ensures the customization of their theme by only drag and drop. That means you can edit the theme top to bottom easily. On the other hand, they provide 40+ WordPress themes and they have built different types of theme including e-commerce, magazines, and blog. You can choose to your needs.



Official Website:

12. Themeum

Themeum is one of the best WordPress theme company in the world. They have developed a lot of themes and plugins for WordPress with quality design, research and enthusiasts led. Identically, Themeum ensures all the themes with premium quality, interactive design, and well-optimization.



Official Website:

13. iThemes

iThemes is an innovative WordPress developing company, and they are mainly familiar with their security and backup plugins. That is to say, the popular plugins named BackupBuddy and iThemes Security is from iThemes. By the same token, they provide attractive WordPress themes including 30+ e-commerce themes. Overall, they offer 200+ WordPress themes.



Official Website:

14. Theme of the Crop

The theme of Crop is specialized in Restaurant themes, and they are ensuring the best design for the food items. It is very simple but interactive. In fact, the user interface and built-in images have made the theme more attractive for hotel or restaurant items.



Official Website:

15. WPCocktail

WPCocktail is providing the best WordPress theme for responsive portfolio themes and business websites. They provide incredible two themes including Elegance and Feather. They also offer free PSD for all users. Especially, WPCcoktail ensures the high functionality and highest performance for the themes.


Official Website:

16. Elma Studio

Elma Studio primarily provides Minimal & Creative WordPress Themes. They have built some impressive themes including the blog, e-commerce, and magazine. At the same time, they offer highly optimized, fast loading and interactive theme for the WordPress lovers. Not to mention, Ellen and Manuel are maintaining the support and development as the professional developer.



Official Website:

17. Kopa Theme

Kopa Theme is a reputed WordPress theme company, and they are providing tons of well-organized WordPress themes. They are ensuring lifetime updates and outstanding support for all types of themes. The theme of Kopa is fully responsive and customizable. You will get the specific theme for your blog, e-commerce, and magazine. Then again, they are also providing some amazing free WordPress and HTML templates.



Official Website:

18. CSS Igniter

Whenever comes to handling a lot of premium themes with affordable prices, then CSS Igniter can be your best choice. They provide full access to themes for only $69. Not to mention, they offer 80+ WordPress themes with different types of industries including restaurant, photography, blog, beauty, and business theme. To repeat, they are ready with Woo-Commerce.


Official Website:

19. UPThemes

UPThemes specializes in building non-profit, magazine, or business themes. They are providing 40+ well-managed themes with regular updates and great support. Additionally, they provide specialist functionality and simple but interactive design for all the themes. They have used the latest technology for creating the themes.



Official Website:

20. Klasik Themes

Klasik Themes is the most growing WordPress theme company which offers themes for artists, businesses, and bloggers. They ensure simple, cleanly coded, and amazing WordPress themes. Chiefly, the theme is well-documented and amazing for multipurpose use. At the same time, they provide regular updates and free access to their resources.



Official Website:

21. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle is a popular WordPress theme company, and they are familiar with their well-organized theme and top-quality coding. You can get 30+ amazing free WordPress themes in ThemeIsle also. Expressively, they ensure the pixel-perfect design and Blackbeard Support. They are providing a lot of interactive WordPress themes including blog, business, magazine, minimal, portfolio, photography, e-commerce, and one-page theme. As an illustration, their highly creative and unique theme can impress you.



Official Website:


22. Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom is maintaining 1,00,000+ users, and it is very amazing they started their journey in early 2010. Most compelling evidence, they always keep believing in quality rather than quantity. Can you think- they have only 11 themes and with this, they are maintaining a great community. Indeed, they take only $49 for a single theme and $89 for all the themes for one year. The main facility of the theme of Themes Kingdon, it is super easy to maintain.


Official Website:

23. Press75

Press 75 provides some user-interactive WordPress themes, and they are reliable. They are popular for their stunning and professional design. After all, they offer 21 WP themes and some user-friendly plugins. They take care of all the queries and technical support amazingly. Likewise, you can depend on this amazing theme company.



Official Website:

Final Thought:

Finally, I should tell you, you may find any other company, but here I have described the list of who are providing the services with their own website-based business. On the other hand, they have an excellent reputation in coding, interactive and minimal design.

If you think you need something special, unique, and stunning, then you can go with them. Their customer support and the regular update will amaze you surely.

At the same time, if I get any updated and popular list, I will add the company here with a great review. On the other hand, if you know someone who can be listed in the best WordPress theme companies, you can inform us.

If you get the article helpful, share and express your opinion in the comment section. Thanks in advance. 🙂


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