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1. Sendloop

Sendloop is an easy-to-use email marketing automation service, you can customize and use it without any support from IT staff. Sendloop can help you reach your target audience through the right channels to grow your business and increase digital value. Sendloop provides more than 80 free email templates, a simple drag-and-drop email builder, and many other unique features. Sendloop is just the most powerful email marketing platform for running efficient email marketing campaigns.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform for small and medium enterprises, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company provides software for customer experience automation that combines email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM categories.

3. BombBomb

Build better business relationships with BombBomb video messages instead of just using faceless typed text. Share the video directly to anyone via a computer or smartphone (iOS or Android). Record your face, record the screen, or record both at the same time. Share videos wherever you have sent texts and emails. Knowing that someone is playing your video, opening your message, and clicking your link. BombBomb is more than just software: one-on-one tutoring, our best-selling books, CX Podcasts, and world-class support.

4. Drip

If your business needs full-featured email marketing and marketing automation services, Sendloop may be the right solution. With advanced tools, Sendloop allows you to segment your contact list and send targeted email campaigns. Despite its rich features, the service is easy to use and can help you grow your business. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize one of the more than 80 free response email templates provided and create a new template.

In fact, you can import existing HTML email templates, or you can have Sendloop migration assistant to import email news subscribers from MailChimp, GetResponse, or Campaign Monitor. If you need to write a new template manually, you can use a code editor. The pre-made templates can be highly customized according to all the email parts you require. javascript code snippets will effortlessly track everything the user does. If you need to attract new audiences and collect leads from your web pages, Sendloop can help you with the help of WordPress widgets, Facebook apps, and Magento plugins.

Sendloop aims to automate your email marketing campaigns: plug-ins and integrations that work closely with your site, as well as Sendloop’s automation features, allow you to customize JavaScript. You can make it recognize new users or control specific customer behavior, and then send the information to Sendloop. Then you can boast emails for new contacts or design specific emails based on specific actions. It only takes a few minutes to keep in touch with your users.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp represents the absolute giant in the field of email marketing, and its users sent more than 250 billion emails last year. The advantages of MailChimp are the availability of the platform and price tags that float according to the size of the email list. In particular, their “permanently free” plan is ideal for small marketers seeking an introduction to email marketing. If you are not familiar with digital marketing tools or email, then MailChimp is a good starting point.

6. Gumroad

There is no rocket science involved here, but since you are looking for reviews, Gumroad works as follows.

First, you need to create an account on Gumroad, which requires basic details such as email address and name, etc.

Next, the system will ask you to set up payment information, which includes how Gumroad will charge you for each purchase or monthly (if you get a premium plan). This also includes the bank details of the exact location where you want to transfer money.

The next step is to create a portfolio that contains information about you, the lineup of all the products you want to sell.

Here, you will have to add products one by one and include details such as name, variant, description, price, color, etc. You need to add photos or videos to show the appearance of the product because getting a product list without photos won’t attract much.

Now that you have created all content, please wait for Gumroad’s confirmation (coming soon).

After setting up your account, you can send a link to your profile or product to potential customers. You can share it on social media, create ads in newspapers or digital media, or integrate it with your website, or paste its link on your member’s blog to attract more visitors to your Gumroad personal information.

When the visitor pays the above amount, he/she will be able to use digital goods or deliver any physical goods.

7. Knowtify

Knowtify is the first interactive marketing platform. It fairly shows the user’s behavior and engagement on your application. Without any code function, this application is very useful for every team member. Powerful tools and a beautiful user interface make it an awe-inspiring platform that can enhance customer interest in your application and provide better connectivity throughout the process.

8. Infusionsoft

Keep (formerly Infusionsoft) is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that provides customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and e-commerce functions in a suite. Keep helps small businesses in various industries simplify sales and manage customer experience.

Users can segment contacts based on opened emails, clicked emails, etc., track customer interactions, send emails, and run ad campaigns using personalized communication triggers. Users can also manage e-commerce, from inventory management to payment and purchase fulfillment, set up online shopping carts, track digital storefront activities, send quotes, invoices, and receipts.

The system’s reporting and analysis tools can help users analyze parameters such as email, campaign performance, and ROI data. Users can remotely access Keep on Android and iOS devices. It provides integration with QuickBooks, SalesForce, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Email Newsletter Apps


9. AWeber

AWeber is the market leader in email marketing software for small businesses. Founded in 1998, AWeber has more than 20 years of successful experience and can help more than one million customers around the world to reliably establish contacts with their potential customers and customers through powerful email marketing software. With its award-winning 24/7 US customer support, AWeber can quickly build responsive login pages, load and manage contacts, send amazing emails, and analyze results.

10. GetResponse

GetResponse’s unique email marketing platform emphasizes the growth trend of automation. This solution analyzes specific trends and behaviors in the list to immediately trigger specific messages and automatic responses. The end result is improved intelligence and engagement in email marketing.

11. ConvertKit

An email marketing software built by creators for creators. It has a simple but powerful visual automation builder. This tedious work sends you timely and targeted content to your audience so you can continue to Focus on business development. With automatic tagging and segmentation, these tags and segments can categorize the subscribers based on their interests, location, and other data points, and you can learn more about the subscribers when they are sent through customized marketing channels.

12. Emma

Emma (actually short for email marketing) is a powerful platform that supports its powerful features with the infamous hands-on customer service team. Emma provides all the tools you need to start creating and testing your own email marketing campaign.

Integrated Marketing Automation Tools


13. Contactually

Relationships are your most important asset. So the heart of Contactually is centralizing your contacts so you can extract the most value from those relationships. Spend just minutes per day to reach those that need the most attention with timely, targeted messages and work smart, by automating where appropriate, but always communicating in your voice. These actions leave agents free to do what they do best – build the kind of personal relationships that grow the business.

14. HubSpot

Rely on Hubstaff’s simplified time tracking function to deal with inefficiencies and work better. Track time through simple desktop, web, and mobile applications, and then manage invoices, reports, etc. through a dashboard. Hubstaff integrates with more than 30 applications, so your business (including Jira, Trello, Asana, Github, and Paypal) can run more efficiently. Check the work situation in real-time, track the location through GPS monitoring, identify roadblocks, and keep moving. Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.

15. Intercom

Intercom is a conversational relationship platform (CRP). With Intercom, you can build better customer relationships through a personalized experience based on the messenger throughout the customer journey. The world’s most successful companies such as Atlassian, Shopify, and New Relic all use Intercom to provide a conversational customer experience through chat, automated programs, and personalized messaging.

16. Hatchbuck

BenchmarkONE is integrated marketing automation and CRM platform designed to help users track and maintain potential customers and existing customers more effectively. With CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation tools in one app, users can drive more business, organize contacts, increase response speed, and see progress at a glance. BenchmarkONE’s mission is to ensure that all difficult opportunities will not slip through the cracks.

Unlike other CRM and marketing automation solutions for small businesses, BenchmarkONE is easy to learn and use even for busy small business owners. We will get you up and running in a few hours (not weeks). Oh, and we can really afford it for small businesses.

Your fortune is tight, so when you need help, you need it now. When you need us, our friendly support team will always be there. Talk to real people and avoid getting lost.

17. E-goi

E-goi is one of the email marketing services you can use in 2020. It is available in multiple languages. E-goi email marketing service provides a different approach to email marketing by integrating email automation, mobile, web services, chat, voice, and social media activities into one online marketing system-E-goi. E-goi can help you expand sales leads and realize the process of automatically acquiring customers.

18. Act-On

Founded in 2008, Act-On is a comprehensive marketing automation tool designed to provide a complete set of applications, including email marketing, website visitor tracking, sales lead management, social media management, reporting and analysis, and networking Integration of seminars and event planning.

With Act-On’s email marketing, companies can divide their customers into various categories so that marketers can focus on specific target markets within that email group. The software provides a core website tracking function that allows you to fully understand the types of customers that are visiting their website, their activities, and the amount of time spent on different content on the website.

19. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is marketing automation and sales execution platform that can help companies increase personnel, marketing channels, potential customer sources, products, and locations, thereby increasing business scope, managing channels and accurately and completely attributing the return on investment to people.

LeadSquared is designed to handle thousands of users, millions of potential customers, and thousands of events, and is being used by enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises in all walks of life. Companies found to be suitable for LeadSquared include educational institutions (EdTech businesses, colleges, universities, offline and online training institutions), financial services (insurance providers, loan providers, fintech businesses), hospitals and healthcare clinics, and hotel businesses.

People have already gained some benefits after using the platform, resulting in reduced lead leakage, automated marketing, and sales processes, complete sales tracking, and a CRM platform that guides the sales team’s actions. LeadSquared is used by customers of enterprises, SMEs, and small businesses and can be easily expanded and expanded. Powerful marketing and sales analysis capabilities can help organizations stay ahead of their business.

20. CallidusCloud

CallidusCloud is now SAP Sales Cloud, part of the SAP Customer Experience division of SAP. We help sales teams sell faster and perform better, using AI-driven software that transforms your company’s lead-to-cash process. Our full suite of sales process tools includes sales automation, incentive management, Configure Price, Quote (CPQ), coaching, and sales enablement.

21. Marketo

If you are proficient in certain e-mail platforms and plan to raise them to a higher level, then Marketo may be the solution for you. Although email is an important aspect of its business, it is by no means the only part of the tool. This makes Marketo ideal for those who seek all “all-in-one” weapons for marketing. Marketo emphasizes that automation is part of its digital marketing tool suite, and email marketing is the main part of this puzzle.


Email Tracking and Monitoring Tools


22. GetNotify

GetNotify is a free email tracking service that notifies when the sent email is read by the recipient. It helps increase sales and revenue.

The working principle of GetNotify is to add a small invisible tracking image to the outgoing email. When the email recipient opens the email, the image will be downloaded from the GetNotify server, and GetNotify will know exactly when the email has been opened. Sent emails and notify the recipients of the sent emails to read the emails via emails.

GetNotify functions include email and link tracking, reading notifications to mobile phones via SMS, email reading tracking and confirmation, etc. It also tracks the e-mail reading time, obtains the recipient’s IP address, location, etc., obtains the recipient’s browser and operating system name, etc.

23. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor, which starts at $9 per month, is an innovative email marketing platform solution for small to midsize businesses (SMB). Featuring various tools that can track the customer journey and automate marketing processes, Campaign Monitor also excels at providing insights and analytics that can help inform marketing strategies. It features easy to use online builders that provide an intuitive range of email or newsletter solutions for SMBs. Offering a generous amount of flexibility by way of design options and analytics, this is a solution that could be just right for startups or businesses just getting around to building mailing lists.


Email List Building Tools


24. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the most popular tools to help you accomplish just that. It lets you create various types of popups and opt-in offers that connect directly to your favorite email marketing service.

But where OptinMonster really gets powerful is in all of its advanced targeting, trigger, and personalization features. These let you optimize your campaigns to specific content and users, which can boost your conversion rates and help you market more effectively.

I have been using OptinMonster for years, and apart from collecting emails of visitors, I’m also using it to increase affiliate sales with their exit-intent pop-up.

25. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter can help companies initiate and manage gifts of any brand on any website without any IT assistance. It helps build brand awareness and increase brand engagement.

Rafflecopter’s functions include being usable in all time zones, there are no restrictions on use, creativity can be developed through advanced printing controls, the ability to understand six languages, provide weight incentives and provide reward entries, etc.

The functions and integration of Rafflecopter help to generate clues in the giveaway activities, collect feedback, and develop the network.

26. PageModo

Pagemodo helps small businesses, non-profit organizations and hobbyists make the most of their Facebook image by designing and publishing an amazing Facebook Page for free. Pagemodo provides beautiful and customizable templates, easy-to-add features (such as slide presentations, videos, contact forms, and maps), and powerful social media tools (such as fan coupons and boarding gates).

27. SmartBribe

Use SmartBribe to provide social traffic to your blog for free. Social factors play a major role in search engine ranking.


Email Testing Tools


28. Litmus

Email creation, testing, analysis, and collaboration solutions enable marketing teams to confidently increase subscriber engagement and event return on investment while ensuring brand consistency. Litmus is used by major global brands in every industry that trusts this solution to improve email marketing efficiency, including nine of the top ten e-commerce brands

29. Reach Mail

The main focus of ReachMail is to help email marketers achieve outstanding delivery success. ReachMail cares about your success and business. Our goal is to be your guide in the ever-changing world of marketing and transactional email. Whether you are an experienced veteran or a novice in email marketing, ReachMail can help you achieve your goals. Through ReachMail, you can send as quickly as Pro.

30. Cake Mail

CAKE’s powerful performance marketing software will make your marketing activities clearer and give you the insight to make smart marketing decisions.


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