What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?


Today I am going to write about Amazon affiliate basic. You probably know Amazon is one of the top e-commerce websites with thousands of product, and they offer up to 10% commission for affiliate marketers. There are the lots of marketers doing Amazon affiliation and making $$$$$. It’s a possible future market for marketers. Grab it, if you have some extra time, but before starting Amazon affiliation, you have to know it’s basic. Read the full article to know Amazon Affiliation Basic.

What is the Amazon Associates program?

šAmazon Associates is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs and was launched in 1996. The Amazon Associates program has a more than 12-year track record of developing solutions to help website owners, Web developers, and Amazon sellers make money by advertising millions of new and used products from Amazon.com and its subsidiaries, such as Endless.com and SmallParts.com. When website owners and bloggers who are Associates create links and customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It’s free to join and easy to use. Read More…

How Much Will Amazon pay You?

Fixed standard program fees rates

Amazon Associate Payment


What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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  • šProduct Sold Less than 6 in a month = 4 % of total sales
  • šProduct Sold more than 6, Less than 31 = 6 %
  • šProduct Sold more 31 = 6.5 %
  • šSometimes affiliate commission depends on Product Category. Read More.

Why Will You Do Amazon Affiliation?

  • Low Competition
  • Exact Match Search & Wide Array of Products
  • Better Conversion Rate and Payment Options
  • People Buy More than One Item / Bulk Product Sale
  • Related Product on purchase Category
  • Amazon itself a sales page & Amazon is a trusted Brand
  • Easily Integrated and It’s an Investment that Matures Over Time
  • The Holidays are Boom Time

How Much Time You Have To Spend?

  • One year (If you are a newbie in internet marketing field )
  • 6-8 Months (if you are a mid-level expert in internet marketing)
  • 3-4 (If you are a full expert in internet marketing)
  • You have to spend  3-5 hours per day, minimum of five days in a week.

How Much Money Do You Need?

  • šNiche Selection & Keyword Research (there will be total 1+10+ 25= 35 keywords) = $150
  • šDomain & Hosting for 1 year= $40
  • šWebsite Development and Design with basic graphics work: $300
  • šContent Writing  70-100 Articles minimum, 300-3000 word/per article, if you calculate average 400 words for each article, then per 400-word article cost will be $4 ( minimum), so 100*4$= $400
  • šBasic Social Media setup = $50
  • šBasic YouTube Marketing = $50
  • šForum Marketing = $50
  • šBlog Marketing = $50
  • šWeb 2.0 site Development= $100
  • šTotal link building (Directory, Q/A Site Back-links, Content Marketing, wiki back-links, Guest Posting, Resource Link Outreach, Image Back-link, Press Release and so on)= $300. You can read my articles about how to build links to your niche site
  • šYou need only $40 for the domain and hosting if you know all the task. Read How to select How to select a domain and hosting for the niche site

What’s the payment solution?

There is three payments option. Please see the following image:

Best Convenient Way is to get a Payoneer Card and Use US Bank Payment Service

šYou Can Apply for a Payoneer Card from http://goo.gl/HsCGF1  (Ref: Link)

How to create an Account?

  • šYou can create Amazon Affiliate Account from https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/
  • šHowever, you do not need to create an account right now.
  • šHave to do it after creating your first website.

How the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Model Works?

  • šStep 1: You Send Your Traffic to Amazon.com
  • šStep 2: The Visitor searches and select a product and buy.
  • šStep 3: You get the commission.

Wrapping it up

Please let me know if I miss something for Amazon Affiliate Basic, surely I’ll add this. If you are interested in Amazon Affiliation, you can follow my tutorial (Step by step)

  1. Amazon Affiliate For Whom (Bangla Text)
  2. Niche Selection & Keyword Research (First Part)( Written  Text: Ultimate Amazon Niche Keyword Guideline )
  3. Keyword Research (Second Part)
  4. Keyword Research (Third Part)
  5. Niche Keyword Final Part (Fourth and Final Part)
  6. Domain, Hosting Selection & Advanced Keyword Research( Written Text: How To Select Domain & Hosting for Your Niche Site )
  7. Basic Niche Website Setup with WP (Part 01)
  8. On (single) Page Optimization & Uses of Some Important Plugins
  9. How To Build Links To Your Niche Site


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