Is blogging worth it

Is blogging worth it as a steady income or a freelancing job?


Blogging has become a core part of the vast freelancing world that is still ruling the virtual space with its strong presence. Everywhere you see now, we find food bloggers, travel bloggers, and fashion bloggers, these many categories of blogging are emerging from passionate people all around us. 


However, blogging has its own pros & cons as well and not many consider it a full-time reliable earning source. As there are few misconceptions surrounding this subject, the important question many ask is — Is blogging worth it


We would discuss further why blogging is worth your time and what benefits it can bring to your life. Below we have pointed out some relevant scenarios regarding blogging that have had good impacts so far. What are some positive aspects of blogging? Read to find out more.


Blogging brings out your best creative ability


When you write about your experiences and thoughts, your creativity flows like magic. With every piece of writing, you are naturally boosting your inner creative expressions to articulate your experiences in better ways. Once you get the practice of flowing creativity through your own words then you will know how to entertain your readers. 


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Freelance blogging is worth a career


If you ask me– ‘Is blogging worth it as a career option?’. Then my answer will be —- ‘Why not?’

There are many successful bloggers out there who are publishing great content on their personal blogging sites and earning huge on a weekly basis. However, many aspirants failed to grow their freelance careers as a blogger. Only those who were able to attract their audience with their style & creativity, have succeeded in becoming well-paid bloggers in the marketplace. The fact is that, if your content is strong enough to manipulate the masses then you have a good chance to make blogging a commercial success for yourself. 


Blogging is a work-from-home kind of job where you can easily generate passive income. That’s why most people are interested to start blogging to make money online.


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As a medium for branding your business ideas


Blogging is an excellent way of branding your e-commerce business online to reach multiple viewers from different sources. It is an effective medium to share & promote your products & services that will eventually bring you great financial success in the long run. Is blogging worth it? If you consider promoting your business to get more engagement, then blogging is absolutely one of the right choices you must go for.


Enhancing your writing ability


Write more to push your ability to create, even more, and this philosophy must be maintained sincerely while pursuing a writing career. The more you write, the better your skills get sharpened, and the more effortlessly your creative writing will flourish with time. Never take long breaks from writing as this will decrease your flow of creativity. As long as you keep nourishing your writing skills your improvement in the blogging world will bound to prosper.


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Inspiration to others


Writing or blogging about your experiences can inspire others in ways you cannot even imagine. As you are putting new content every time, people reading your blogs are getting entertained and inspired by your experiences. Each individual perceives a different experience in a unique way. You never know, how your writing can inspire others with ideas. Is blogging worth it? If your written content can inspire millions, then blogging is worth everything!


Building new skills 


Writing demands a good level of knowledge on varieties of subjects. To present new topics of discussion, one needs to gain in-depth knowledge on particular subjects they will be about to write. Newly acquired knowledge means you are building new skills as well to educate your readers.


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Is blogging worth it? Blogging can help you build new skills and here are some examples:



Journaling your life


People usually vlog with personal expressions, sharing experiences with the audience in their own style. Some believe these are often presented as scripted, though people enjoy watching vlogs on Youtube. Journaling day-to-day life is amazing in many ways, as this allows you to look back at your memories.


Grow a new community of people


Social media group communities can be made through blogging, where new people will share & talk about similar experiences you had. It is all about creating new communication networks where you can easily reach people to share your experiences.


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Personal blogs help you connect deeper


Making a connecting bridge with your target audience is crucial for online marketing. Similarly, personal blogs written with heartfelt expressions can help you connect with people on a personal level. 


Audiences feel connected and comforted mostly when they come up with any content that they can personally relate to. Hence, personal blogs are still considered popular even today, for this very reason.


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An entrepreneur can be a blogger too


A full-time freelance blogger can earn just like any other official employee working 9 to 5. You can be a successful blogger and an entrepreneur at the same time. Most bloggers do online businesses for passive income and being a blogger can help you promote your own business on social platforms. So, is blogging worth it as an entrepreneur? Yes, you can take both professions and interlink each other for your career growth. 


No credit sharing


Partnership in business means the owners will equally share the profits they receive from business revenues. Starting your own blogging channel means you get to enjoy all your credits for being the sole proprietor. Enjoy pursuing your passion as a writer and take all your money-making credits without any partner to share.


Starting your own blogging business to enjoy all your credits for being the sole proprietor.


Educate people


Not all writers can write about every type of niche. Select a particular niche and learn everything about it to start your blogs. You can then educate or give advice through your written content. Share personal experiences and thoughts surrounding that niche to educate others. 


If you are passionate about a specific niche then documenting on your blogs will be a great help to your readers. Whether you choose it for branding your business, or for personal satisfaction, blogging will always be great for following your passion while earning your way. 


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Before starting a blogging business you should know the following topics.

  • Use SEO to drive tens of thousands of visitors every month
  • Go for quality over quantity (underrated by most people learning how to start a blog)
  • Build links to boost your ranking
  • Use internal linking to help Google (and people) navigate your site
  • Use social media to drive thousands of converting traffic
  • Guest blog for more traffic, better SEO, and brand awareness
  • Create amazing images to increase shares, backlinks, and subscribers
  • Use content upgrades for 785% more conversions
  • Format your blog post to make you look like an expert
  • Add a call to action to get the most from your audience
  • Always be networking. Always
  • Use influencer marketing to 10x your audience
  • Build an email list from the start and don’t forget to them stuff
  • Use your audience to choose topics
  • Stick to a theme for better SEO and a stronger follower base
  • Share your content somewhere besides social media
  • Leverage paid social media advertising for better reach
  • Give your “About” page some love
  • Add videos to your blog posts to increase engagement
  • Don’t try to please every single person when starting a blog
  • Pay attention to your blog’s load times (and make them faster)
  • Stop writing intros like high school research papers
  • A little bit of maintenance now saves big problems later
  • Don’t wing your content. Make a plan
  • You can reach new followers by re-sharing old content
  • Steal your competitor’s keywords, it’s awesome
  • Complicated WordPress themes are always not the best themes
  • Headlines matter. Don’t miss out on clicks
  • Make a habit of testing important pages on your site (like forms)
  • Add a FAQ section before your contact form to save time
  • Ignore the haters.. most of the time
  • Hosting matters
  • Stop staring at your analytics data
  • Do regular content audits
  • Easy on the number of plugins you have
  • Update your content, regularly
  • Mind your site’s security
  • Use Quora to really find out what people want to learn
  • Don’t sweat over your Google PageSpeed Insights score
  • Do keyword research for each and every new post you publish
  • Give your best stuff away for free
  • Get inspiration from seemingly unrelated niches
  • Stop obsessing over grammar. Nobody cares
  • Set up your blogging/writing tools right
  • Writing, editing, publishing – it’s a 3-step process


Financial independence


Is blogging worth it? This question is usually asked by those who didn’t receive a quick income from blogging yet. The truth is that blogging takes time to bring you the desired success you are looking for. 


However, once you build a good traffic drive for your writing sites then money will start to flow in fast. If financial independence is all you are targeting as a long-term goal, then keep blogging as much as you can. Once your written contents start to leave an impact on audiences then you will have natural visitors coming to read more from you. Blogging is good for generating a passive income to secure your life. Once you become that full-time blogger with most visitors, your blogs will be monetized. Finally, you can enjoy full financial independence in this way without any more breaks in between.


Categories of Blogs that are still profitable in 2022


So many different niches are out there to write for your blogs. Yet, there are few I can name that are still making profits even today. Some niches are more profitable than others. Check what are those famous ones that are ruling the blogging world right now:



  1. Personal Finance
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Journaling
  4. Parenting 
  5.  Lifestyle
  6. Beauty & Fashion
  7. Travel blogs
  8. Vlogging via Youtube 
  9. Food blogs 
  10. Tourism blogs


How can you tell blogging is right for you?


When you know in your heart that writing is your passion and you love making money online, then blogging is right for you. When you like to share your thoughts with others then blogging is a perfect way of expressing your inner voice through written content.


The popularity of YouTube and image-focused social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all have threatened the existence of blogging. In comparison, many people still think that reading blog posts have become boring and not worth the time anymore.

But, that is not true at all! Blogging is still not outdated. Blogging has to update a little bit to stay strong in competition with other social platforms. You can put some eye-catchy images  & impactful videos to make your blogs look more appealing to the audience.


Best Blogging Books to Read in 2022


Blogging is good for lead generation


The study shows there is a direct correlation between the number of indexed pages in Google and the generated leads. Blogging is potential enough to get your content ranking in the SERP (search engine result page). Once your good quality content gradually starts to rank then capturing leads becomes quite an easy task.


Add effective CTAs for automatic lead generation to work efficiently. The CTAs must naturally align for the readers to connect to your blogs.


FAQ About Blogging


How much can earn by blogging? How much do bloggers make?

Ans: On average, a Bangladeshi or Indian blogger can earn between $300 and $400 per month. Celebrity bloggers can earn in the range of $20,000 to $30,000 every month.
On average, European bloggers make $37,073 per year, though this can depend on how long the blogger has been blogging, the size of their audience, their traffic, and what they write about. The larger their audience, the more opportunities they have to earn money from it.

Who is the highest-paid blogger?

Ans: Top 10 highest-earning bloggers
  • HuffPost: $500 million per year
  • Engadget: $47.5 million per year
  • Moz: $44.9 million per year.
  • PerezHilton: $41.3 million per year.
  • Copyblogger: $33.1 million per year.
  • Mashable: $30 million per year.
  • TechCrunch: $22.5 million per year.
  • Envato Tuts+: $10 million per year.
  • Smashing Magazine: $5.2 million per year.
  • Gizmodo: $4.8 million per year.

What are some rules for blogging?

Ans: Seven Rules of Proper Blogging Etiquette

  1. Always, always, always link back. Often bloggers will use photos from other blogs or sites.
  2. Use at least One photo.
  3. Comment back.
  4. Don’t copy.
  5. Cite your inspiration.
  6. Don’t accuse someone else of copying you unless you are 100% sure they did.
  7. Be nice.

What to know before starting a blog? What to Know Before opening a blog?

Ans: Necessary Points that I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog

  1. Choose The Right Platform.
  2. Choosing The Right Hosting is Very Important.
  3. Find The Perfect Domain name.
  4. Always Keep Regular Backups.
  5. Setup a Professional Branded Email Address.
  6. Setup Google Analytics from Day 1.
  7. Start Building an Email List Right Away.
  8. Pay Attention to Image Copyrights and Licenses
  9. Setup Unique Contact Forms for Each Use Case
  10. Onsite SEO Optimization is Important for Growth
  11. Catchy Headlines are important for Social and SEO
  12. Keyword Research is VERY Important
  13. Repurposing Content is a Secret Weapon for Expert Bloggers
  14. Diversify Your Income Stream
  15. Videos are a Great Way to Boost Engagement and Stand Out from the Crowd
  16. Consistency is Key
  17. Setup a Place to Manage All Your Passwords
  18. Streamline a Flow for Storing Your Blog Post Ideas
  19. Connect Multiple Emails with Your Gravatar
  20. About Page and “Start Here” Pages Are Very Important
  21. Comment on Other Blogs and Networks to Grow Your Brand
  22. Social Media is Important But Always Remember It’s Rented Land
  23. Leverage Social Proof When You Can
  24. Start Building Brand Recognition
  25. Website Speed is Very Important
  26. Ignore Haters and Turn-off Distractions.
  27. Content Upgrades and Exit Popups are Magic
  28. Don’t Obsess Over Perfection.
  29. Neglecting blog SEO.
  30. Always Use the Best Tools to Get Ahead.

What to avoid in blogging?


  • Choosing the wrong blog topics. Not understanding your audience.
  • Inconsistency or Not publishing frequently or consistently.
  • Not having a single employee manage your content production.
  • Content that’s not user-focused. Not having a strong niche. Covering too many topics.
  • Articles that aren’t comprehensive enough. Writing for yourself, not your audience.
  • Bad writing or Poorly formatted content.
  • Going it alone, Not linking to other content, or Not engaging with your readers.
  • Not providing the next action, make sure to invite readers to comment or share their thoughts by asking questions or including a survey/poll at the end of your post.
  • Not updating content or Only talking about your company, products, and services.
  • Not repurposing content, Terrible titles.
  • Not taking time to respond thoughtfully to your blog comments, Not promoting your blog content, Not collaborating with other bloggers in your industry.
  • Not sharing your expertise.
  • Sacrificing keyword-rich titles for cleverness. Neglecting blog SEO

How many paragraphs are in a blog post?

Ans: Because it’s harder to read online, it’s best to break the text into manageable chunks. Paragraphs online should be much shorter than on paper, and two to three sentences per paragraph are a good guide for blog posts.

Can my blog be about multiple things?

Ans: There are certainly successful, highly profitable blogs that do cover a wider range of topics, so it’s certainly possible. Also, I think you need the opportunity to experiment with different topics to find what you really enjoy blogging about and what your readers will really resonate with.

Can my blog be about everything?

Ans: Although it’s better to choose one topic, or niche to write about, you can literally blog about anything you want. Just as long as you enjoy it is all that matters.

How is a blog written?

Ans: Your blog post starts with an introduction, which is then followed by body sections and then finally, the conclusion.

Top tips to be a successful blogger.


  • Getting started. Choosing a blogging platform is your first challenge.
  • Find a niche: 5 Steps You Can Use to Find Your Niche: 1. Identify your interests and passions. This may be something you’ve already done. 2. Identify problems you can solve. 3. Research your competition. 4. Determine the profitability of your niche. 5. Test your idea.
  • Write about what you love: To attract new followers, you need to find new blog post ideas, write unique content and create catchy headlines and headlines. Also, it is important to structure the text correctly.
  • Consider integration: Knowing Google rankings and their details helps to become a popular blogger and generate profits.
  • Focus on marketing: Marketing and blogging are inextricably linked. Plus, it’s a great tool for bloggers as it helps them gain traffic, connect with potential partners, and reach their target audience.
  • Offer value: Encourage interaction, Allow easy following, Don’t worry about negativity, and Make commenting easy. Don’t get stage fright and believe in yourself. Provide easy reading.
  • Images, images, and more images: Visual components are critical to blogging, as is your ability to judge whether a design is good or bad. Bloggers should be good at editing images and videos and optimizing photos using photo/video editing software. Blogs that use optimized visuals can rank higher in search engines and bring in more traffic.
  • Give your posts punchy titles: Consistency, Getting personal & Constant education are important keys to being a successful blogger.
  • Avoid clutter: Make your blog look easy and you’ll delight your blog visitors and keep them coming back for more.
  • Keep it regular: Be Passionate about your blog.
  • Get social: Bloggers who take the time to network with other experts in their niche are always more likely to grow their audience and monetize their blog. To elevate your blog, build a community, and connect with people who came before you.
  • Keep an eye on analytics: Analytical skills are invaluable tools for tracking the performance of your website, social media channels, and email campaigns.
  • Spell checking and proofreading: Proofreading and careful attention to detail is as important as spelling and grammar.


Final Thoughts


Approximately, 400 million internet users spend their time reading more than a billion blog pages on a monthly basis. Online marketers are still able to do effective branding through blogging as their content marketing strategy.


Thus, blogging still continues to make its mark in the virtual world and is a great alternative for branding businesses. If you say is blogging worth it in 2022? The answer is an absolute yes!


However, you can only gain success through blogging if you are a passionate writer and a creative thinker that can provide quality content for the readers to enjoy. Blogging is still worth it, only if you know how to attract audiences with the right content.


Creating meaningful blogs take time and effort, but it is rewarding in the end. You just need to adapt new blogging strategies, apply some best SEO tools to drive more traffic to your sites & write dozens of quality content for readers to enjoy.


Concluding everything we discussed so far, we should not ask— ‘Is blogging worth it ?’ Instead, we must ask— ‘Why not choose blogging as a worthy career?’

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