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Blog Consulting Service

Blog-Consulting-ServiceBlog Consulting Service

For your online business or your company’s marketing efforts blog is an essential part of the social web. You need a blog for multiple purposes; whether you’re operating your blog for lead generation, customer retention or to establish industry prominence. Moreover, a blog for branding or for community development. Having a blog means keeping strong existence and lifts you ahead and above your competition. This is how we help you through our blog consulting service to start your journey towards ultimate success.

We designed this blog consulting service for you to get the great result; even to help business start out and stay, exactly on the right path with proper blogging. We’re helping you from the primary level to the complete level and ensure you getting huge traffic. We do precisely what you need optimizing your blog and implement proper monetization system. We have a great team to give you top-rated blog consulting services having our vast knowledge of search engine optimization. Yes, we put our best efforts and expertise while serving you and believe in stronger community building.


MahbubOsmane.com’s Blog Consulting Service Include


  • We Develop Blog Strategy: We are working for you as like as your in-house team with a comprehensive blog strategy to take you in the final goal that you desired. We are serving you optimizing the blog, increasing social engagement and user-driven, bringing best perform contents, crafting an editorial calendar. Mahbub Osmane’s has long-term experience in this field and we possess unique skill in building a custom strategy best suit you. We will provide you with the proven and effective blog strategies as part of our blog consulting services.
  • Proper Blog Optimization: Right now in google, you can find a huge stock of guidelines going to WordPress.com and creating a blog, but that doesn’t mean all! The most challenging part is to optimize your blog properly in a way that confirms it’s easily findable to your readers who actually are the key part of your ultimate success in blogging journey. Your blog may not perform well or give you the satisfying result.  We can then run an audit service evaluating your blog structure and optimization strategies. Doing that, we could submit you the best strategies, really need to boost up your blog. Moreover, you may prefer us to do all of your work that to make your blog more user- and search engine-friendly. We have our vast expertise on in WordPress blog optimization and theme customization, that to provide you best service based on your unique needs.
  • Blog Migrations and Consulting Service: We’re offering you the smoothest blog migration service in a quick time but keeping no changes in your data. Whatever the platform is, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other complex coding platform, it can be near horrifying. You may be limited with functionality in your blog, however, you need to expand yourself more. Then let us help you with a blog migration plan by working with your team. Our migration plan consisting of technical, content, social, branding, designing your blogs that actually need to succeed. Just to ensure smartest migration process and goes everything accurately, we’ll keep continuous contact with your team before, during the work progression and after delivery of the plan to handle and to avoid any bad situation.
  • Blog Monetization Strategy: After doing all of the hard works it’s time to taste your fruit by properly monetizing it. But are you scared of losing your readers and community revolt lead to popularity decrease of your favorite site? There’s no reason to think that as we will be finding custom monetizing opportunities through a deep analyzing without losing your current users. So, you keep calm and tension free as it is the top priority in our blog consulting services.

You can see a full listing of our available internet marketing services or contact us today to see how we can help your website.

Fully Managed Premium Blog Writing Service

The Easiest Way To Build An Amazing Blog, Hands-Free

Awesome Blog Writing Service

MahbubOsmane.com blogging service is offering you great SEO friendly articles for your blog that to optimize your blog in search engine ranking. Content is the crucial part of your blog and to keep your readers with updated information.

We don’t provide just a stock of words but our writings are well researched and highly informative, and we know what your readers are looking for through deed analyzing and keen observation.

We guarantee you the native quality article by skilled and high-expert professional content writer. Our content writing services are flexible and you can start your deal on monthly basis or the customize order.

High-Quality Posts

Not all the contents, but the content which is meant to be a high-quality post, contains enough information and appeal to draw readers attention. We have long experience of providing high-quality posts that to increase readers engagement and add value to your blog.

How It Works

Step 1
Easy Sign Up
Provide us your inputs and that’s it. We’ll go to work on deep researching your niche and we’ll come up with ideas for awesome and effective blog posts that your audience is waiting to consume.

Step 2
Pick Your Favorite Topics
We’ll then give you with some great blog post ideas, you just pick your favorite topic! Then our 100% U.S. based team of college educated, niche-expert writers, will take your decided topics and craft a well-written article that your audience will love and find great value.

Step 3
Post to Your Blog
We’ll deliver your article to you in the format that you’d like or prefer most. Even, we can post it on your blog for you with your permission for a totally hands-free experience.

Packages & Pricing

1 Blog Post Per Month
High Quality Article
Topic Ideation
Keyword Optimization
Meta Description Creation
Clean Short URLs
100% U.S. College Grad Writer
700+ Words
1 Stock Image Included
Optional Posting Directly To Your WordPress
2 Blog Post Per Month
High-Quality Article
Topic Ideation
Keyword Optimization
Meta Description Creation
Clean Short URLs
100% U.S. College Grad Writer
700+ Words/Post
1 Stock Image Included
Optional Posting Directly To Your WordPress
4 Blog Post Per Month
High-Quality Article
Topic Ideation
Keyword Optimization
Meta Description Creation
Clean Short URLs
100% U.S. College Grad Writer
700+ Words/Post
1 Stock Image Included
Optional Posting Directly To Your WordPress
8 Blog Post Per Month
High-Quality Article
Topic Ideation
Keyword Optimization
Meta Description Creation
Clean Short URLs
100% U.S. College Grad Writer
700+ Words/Post
1 Stock Image Included
Optional Posting Directly To Your WordPress

Top 10 tips for improving your blog

It’s not so easy to keep your blog updated with the latest update of Google. If you can’t make your blog by following the most recent update of the search engine, you may fall in penalty any time. Ones your blog will fall down, it’s so tough to come back again. For this reason, you have to become conscious of taking care of your blog in the right ways. You can take full blog consulting of MahbubOsmane.com, and we can help you with all the right ways for improvement of your blog and saving your digital business. Similarly, I’ll discuss now how can you improve your blog with the updated algorithm of the search engine including Google.

1. Keep your website relevant for success: 

It’s a must needed approach to take care of your blog. Now, anything irrelevant in the blogging world is not good for today or future. For this reason, it’s very necessary to keep your website relevant for link building, social sharing or content. So, it’s the primary duty of you to make your blog content and link relevant. Create the content of your blog relevant and Make the images of your site relevant also according to your content with the appropriate title and ALT tag. Never forget to use good pixels images too for the better understanding of the search engine.

2. Create it as accessible for everyone: 

It’s another important factor to keep your blog accessible for everyone. You don’t have any idea what devices are using your visitors for accessing your blog. For example, they can use a desktop, notebook, netbook, tablet, smartphone ETC. With this in mind, it’s the primary need to make it accessible for every one of your readers. Important to realize, Google is also giving priority to responsive websites. Another key point, you have to make your blog supported for every browser. If a reader is using a backdated browser, you should confirm compatibility of them also.

3. Keep the date in the post: 

It’s now a factor to bring the potential visitor to your blog. Similarly, Google also loves it. You have to remember that visitors see the search results with the date and author also. So, it can be a good reason to bring visitors. On the other hand, you have to keep your post updated.

4. Understand your readers:

It’s very necessary to keep your blog understandable for the readers. Discover which post is popular and why it is popular? If you can make more content according to the popular content of your blog, it can surely make your blog evergreen.

5. Keep your blog loyal: 

Don’t implement any unhealthy attitude in your blog. You can optimize the most visited post, but keep it relevant also. Your visitors are so smart. So, never take any tricks that can hurt them.

6. Ensure your website secure: 

Ensuring a secure website is mandatory for going forward. Many devils are waiting to harm you. For this reason, you have to increase the security of your blog. For example, you have to use security plugin, you have to take backup it regularly, using HTTPS and take all other steps to secure your blog.

7. Use the latest technology in your blog: 

Make your website/blog updated all the time with the latest version of the framework, HTML or CMS. Similarly, use the latest trends in your blog too including video, images or others.

8. Stay on the safe side: 

Try to keep your blog neat and clean. Use updated methods and remove spammy or broken link. Similarly, delete the spammy comment. Give your readers facilities to remove cookies. It will help you to make a brand in the eyes of readers and Google too.

9. Engaged with social media: 

With the passes of time, the using of social media will increase. So, it’s a great platform to make potential customers all the time. For this reason, keep engagement with all the latest social media.

10. Content is all among the list: 

Always remember, content is king. If you do all the things among the list, it will not bring any results if you can’t publish helpful content for the readers. Your digital business or blogging success totally depends on it.

Above all, I can tell this 10 list can surely change your blogging success. If you can handle all the things with special care, you have no need to stay alive in the digital world.

Rightways to bring traffic from Blog commenting

Blog commenting is an excellent way to bring traffic to your blog. Similarly, it helps to grow you as an authority. It’s a great strategy to spread your blog. With this in mind, I will discuss here the right approach and pros and cons of blog commenting.

Why Blog Commenting: 

The ultimate benefit of blog commenting is huge. To put it differently, it’s one of the great tactics to spread your blog and to get potential traffic. Let’s take a look at 4 essential benefits, pros and cons of blog commenting.

  • Networking: It helps to grow relationships with the similar minded people. When you are familiar with the same minds people, it will help you to learn some genuine strategy. On the other hand, it will bring backlink pointing to your blog from those authors. On the contrary, you can get the different techniques of their success.
  • Branding: You can inform them you are also experts in this sector by blog commenting. Similarly, readers will know about you, and if you can add value to the comment, they will return to your blog, and it will bring new customers to your blog daily.
  • Information: You can get keyword ideas by engaging with the real taste of blogging. Similarly, it will help you to get more information about the writing of your next blog post. Important to realize, the readers always like an informative post with the different source.
  • Traffic: At last, you will get traffic to your blog. As you are growing as an authority and experts in the niche, it will bring a lot of traffic on your blog, not for today only; it will be an asset to you.

Actually, blog commenting is an actual strategy to get and provide information among the readers and bloggers. If you can engage yourself as a valuable commenter, it will make you popular and successful quickly in the blogging life.

Strategy to write the amazing blog comment

Doing comment in the right way is a magical technique. It’s important as a like of writing the blog post. If you only write “excellent writing or good post or helpful,” it can seem as spam as well as it will not bring any value for your blog. For this reason, you have to make comment in the right ways. Then it will provide you with unlimited eggs. Let’s see the commenting techniques in a blog.

1. Take Preparation: As you need traffic or value for your blog, you have to provide appropriate website link and name to make it outstanding and valuable for the future too.

2. Find the niche: It is very necessary to get the similar niche according to your blog. If you can’t choose the appropriate place for you, it will not give you any value. Similarly, Google or admin of the site can take the comment as spam. For this reason, you have to discover the right site and niche for generating value.

3. Choose a real time: If you can select a time when a lot of bloggers are engaging themselves for commenting, you will get more concentration and attraction of the others, and you will be able to interact your blog with others. You will get more reply for a comment only.

4. The length of the comment: The length of the comment is essential to attract the attention. On the other hand, it helps to provide right value and information on the comment. Similarly, it helps to realize the value of the comment with the first looking.

5. Asking the right questions: If you can increase engagement in the comment, it will bring more value. On the other hand, you will become a familiar face on that blog. For this reason, you have to ask questions technically by the comment. But it should be relevant.

6. Join in the discussion: It’s another great technique for engaging yourself. If you reply to others and join in their discussion, it will help you to bring more engagement of you and the same thing in your comment also. Never take it as easy. Always try to add value.

7. Be helpful: Never try to promote you all the time. Make a mentality to help others. On the other hand, give credit to the authors of the blog. Always try to be funny and work as like the interest of you. It will surely help you to attract the visitors exceptionally.

Above all, I’ll tell it’s the time to go forward with smartness. The time of doing unsmart work has finished. Not it’s the age of real persons. There has no way to grow yourself without adding the value of you. With this in mind, always try to prepare yourself for the latest update and technology. Important to realize, a real blog will stay evergreen all the time.


Do I get to approve topics?
Yes! We thoroughly research and validate topics that are popular in your niche that will attract your target audience, and we send them to you for approval, and later we proceed with your project. We want to make sure we hit the nail on the head every step of the way!

Can I approve the articles?
Yes! We send you the drafts for approval each time, and you can send back as many times as you’d like for edits until you reach on your satisfaction (yes, we confirm you unlimited revisions!).

Will you post on my blog?
Yep! In the case of your WordPress blog, we can do that for no additional fee. We can also submit a draft for your final approval if you want to check it out before we go live.

Can you write about my industry?
Yes! Our process is journalistic – We investigate high-quality sources for seed content for best result and create a cohesive article based on facts, figures, actual data and actionable advice.

Are these posts SEO optimized?
Yes, 100% – These articles are crafted to bring you more traffic to your blog! This starts even from the beginning of topic validation and brings you some serious readers. We look for popular topics in your niche around the search engines (by the number of social shares, the number of comments, keyword popularity, content ranking, etc.) to make sure what we write is going to get you the best result before we even write the first work for you. If you have us post to your blog and Yoast or other SEO plugins installed, we will optimize the post with an SEO title, headings, meta description, short URL, focus keywords, keyword density and more.


Still, have questions? Or want to get a call?


Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01912 966 448 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at hi@mahbubosmane.com We would be happy to answer you.

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