If you ask me what is conversion rate? I will tell, digital marketing is nothing without the targeted conversion. Are you in confusion? Additionally, will you pay your marketing team if they can not bring sales? I think you are quite clear about the things. Happy to say, this innovative guideline will be all about how to increase conversion rate on your website. For example, what is the conversion rate actually? How can you increase or boost the rate effectively or how will you define if the present conversion rate is perfect or not? At the same time, how will you overcome the worst situation? I think you can’t wait anymore. Let’s discover the theory of increasing conversion rate and boost your website than your competitors.

What is a conversion in Digital Marketing?

Sometimes, newbie thinks conversion rate means the calculation of the sales only. It’s not right.  Especially, the ratio of your targeted actions including signing up in the newsletter, leading the visitors on the landing pages, booking for the consult or bringing sales is defined as conversion rate. That means after bringing the visitors to your website when you can fulfill to lead them into your actions it will be defined as the conversion. But the actions will depend on your target.

Increase Conversion Rate
What is Conversion Rate

Types Of Conversion:

So if you ask me what types of actions are considered as website conversion? No matter. If you know the basic you can implement it cleverly to convert the visitors into your potential customers. In the below infographic you will see the complete type of conversion that the marketer tries to increase the rate. Such as Subscriber, Registrant, Donor, Follower/Fan, Member, Reviewer, Commenter, Downloader, Applicant, Entrant, Customer, and Lead.

Types of conversion
Types of conversion


What does conversion mean to you in Digital Marketing?

Now you can ask me how the different types of conversion meet your digital marketing goal? Yes! As a marketer, you will understand the value of the below actions. It’s not true only for Digital Marketing, it’s effective for any other types of marketing also. Some very common conversion goals:

1. A completed purchase.
2. Products added to cart.
3. Page views.
4. Getting the testimonial.
5. Email Signup or Form completion.
6. Downloading an eBook or an App.
7. Clicks to “Contact Us” page.
8. Time on site.

29 effective ways to Increase Conversion Rate on Your Website

I think now you are eagerly waiting to know the ways of increasing the conversion rate on your website; as you have realized conversion is everything in the marketing success. When you are getting the traffic in your website but you are unable to convert it as money, it is completely useless. In this case, you need to follow different strategies to make the visitors as the potential customers. I will point out the most effective 29 ways to increase the conversion that will make the visitors as potential tressure. If you can impress the visitors by the content or any other ways, he will be the most reliable customers for your brand. A quote from Jeff Bezos inspires us how a brand can bring sales without any visible effort; just with the content and call to actions.

The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.

1. Make attractive but simple Landing pages

A landing page is dedicatedly built for special service forgetting other things on your bucket. That means this page has one goal to provide the promotional information for one service or product. In another word, it is the sale page where you believe any visitors will get perfect information to buy the service. At the same time, it will keep all the review, feedback, images or video defining the service. So, try to make it attractive. On the other hand, avoid guzzling too much. Keep it as minimal as you can with the strong words and content. Above all, design it with simple but attractive ways.

2. Create less but effective call to actions

When you want more conversion, you may create a lot of call to actions. But have you read the page with the eyes of a reader? In marketing module, you have to provide different types of call to actions including subscriptions, Buy or download opportunities. For this reason, use your creativity for making the call to actions efficient. Do not use one, but increase with the satisfaction of the readers.

3. Make it easy to convert

Whenever you will make a landing page, give all the necessary information here. At the same time, keep the page fast loading. The first thing to remember, make the web form very simple that the users do not need huge time to fill it up. It will inspire the readers to take or buy the service. That means it will increase conversion rate.

4. Reduce the options to make it simple

Along with all the necessary information, create the form with small lines. Reduce unessential options to keep it simple and eye-catching. Surely, it will make the visitors satisfied to complete the form within seconds.

5. Use an eye-catching headline

The headline of the page is efficient when goes the term conversion. If you use the business words only, the visitors will take the page as the marketing material only. So, use the headline that goes on the reader’s mind. If he/she thinks it will meet their necessity, they will surely buy the service or product.

6. Design the content following the user’s psychology

Most of the cases, we do not think about this matter. To say nothing of, the UI is very important. If the page can’t represent your words it will not drive the customers into actions. On the other hand, if you can’t make the page user-friendly, it will not bring the conversion.

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7. Well-written Straightforward words

Again I will tell “Content is the king”. It does not mean you will write the unnecessary words to make it as long form. Similarly, if you can’t tell the right words at the right time it will not bring the desired sales. For this reason, keep the words straightforward. At the same time, produce the content as well-written.

You can follow the words of William Strunk, Jr.

A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.

8. Skip jargon and buzzwords

Similarly, the opinions are the same. Do not fill the page with jargon. It will make the page gibberish which is not good for a landing page at all. Use the words with research in many places and use your creativity according to the psychology of the readers. Skip copying any sentence and produce it as original and helpful to the readers.

9. Keep the sentence easy to follow

Some people like to tell the simple matters with complexity and they think it makes a good reputation. Usually, it is not the right approach. Keep the sentence or paragraph easy to read and describe the page as productive for the users. He can’t buy the products or service, but he will remind you as the piece was necessary.

10. Tell the benefits as the users want

The landing page will discuss the pros and cons of the service or products. Sometimes, you may discuss the benefits of the service again and again. Better give the users what they are looking for and how they can get the solution to the specific problems. Believe it or not, it works very fine and generates the sales.

11. Content length matters

As content is the key marketing materials for online promotion, you need to give special attention here. You should not make a page with the buy or subscription options. Rather try to keep the page engaging with the attractive content and words which will prove you are really experts in this field. Do not keep it too small or never add unhealthy words to make it lengthy.

Content Length Quotes

12. Use attractive buttons rather than the text link

When comes inputting the link for buying or converting the visitor to another page, use the impressive button. So, it will inspire the readers to enter in any page. Must be remembered, buttons are effective rather than the text link. Take the help of the developers to design the beautiful buttons for you.

13. Keep the excitement of the visitors

Remember that when a visitor searches something they are excited to get the reliable content. If the readers get the content of you as useful and can make it happy, he will surely be a loyal fan of your service. Otherwise, there have no secrets to do business online. It is your turn to keep the excitement of the visitors with the valuable content or design.

14. Play with font, style, and color

Formatting the page with different types of font and color makes the page professional. Certainly, you have to use the quotes, bold or italic words. To clarify, do not do over optimization. Always think the reader’s side and try to make him satisfied. It is better to format the page or post from any expert persons.

15. Add related pictures

Adding related images create the content more invisible words. For this reason, attach as much as you can to make the page visually impressive. Another key point, do not keep the pictures only. Add necessary words to describe the titles and inner words of the images. Otherwise, you will fail to convert.

16. Showcase the testimonials and Previous Reviews

As it is the sales page and you want the right conversion, it is the mandatory part to keep some previous reviews of your service. At the same time, you need to showcase the testimonials of your clients. It will increase trustiness among the readers to buy the service from you.

17. Add professional Short Videos of the Service or Products

Now it is the time of showing professionalism and the world is very competitive. In this case, sacrifice your time or investment to keep the quality. As an illustration, do it in your videos too. By all means, the videos can explain the service and it drives the conversion more. With attention to. a video on the page brings variations on the landing page.

18. Show your social engagement

Are you not helping the people on the social media in your related area? Do it to increase the sales. When a visitor comes to buy something he goes on your social site and try to understand if you are doing the similar works there. It helps the readers to take the decision. So do not the keep social profile empty. Always add entertaining or related content to realize the traveler understand about you.

19. Provide a trial-period or a free version

Chiefly, it works very fine. When you offer a free version or provide trial-period, the visitors buy it instantly. If you are confident with your service, it can covert more clients than others. It is very easy to impress the visitors purchasing the service and most of the industry influencers do it.

20. Make the return or Refund Policy

It is mandatory to make a custom return or refund options of the customers. It tells the readers they will get the money back if there have any issues. Though most of the cases, they do not come to return or refund if you offer them quality work. But surely it makes the brand more effective and the customers fell reliable to you.

21. Make 100% Mobile Friendly

Now the people are smarter and they pass 50% of their time on the smartphone. So, if your page is not mobile-friendly or slow, it will be less efficient to drive the engaging visitors. So, first and formest duty of you to ensure the website and landing page responsive. Otherwise, you will lose 50% of your visitors. If you want to keep professionalism you can build the apps for Android or iOS. It can bring your loyal visitors regularly.

22. Keep FAQs according to the previous discussion

Some questions will appear in the reader’s mind. If you can give them the answer instantly, it is very effective to bring the sale. So, keep a FAQs page on your website and if necessary keep it on the landing page as the drop-down. Do not add all descriptive overview here. Just add the frequently asked questions with short solution.

23. Keep instant messaging or contact information

If you keep a dedicated support team, you can add a chat or instant messaging options. It will help the readers to contact you. Similarly, it will add professionalism. Readers feel comfortable that they will get you when they will feel in need.

24. Use trust badges or words

The first thing to remember, marketing is a psychological game. You need to work for the customers and it is your duty to believe them. If you fail to manage your reputation, it is tough to bring the service for all. Likewise, adding trust badges or words is just a method of making the visitors believe on you.


25. Take review from a familiar person in your industry

When you are promoting as an expert in your field, you should keep a video or text reviews from another familiar person whose have the same recognition in the industry. It is very effective to make the conversion. Similarly, it adds more value to your service and inspires the visitors to purchase.

26. Include a phone number which you can pick

For instant communication, a phone number is very necessary. If you think you are comfortable in this and available to provide extra time in your country, you can do it. It gives the chance to communicate with the customers directly. Certainly, it helps to buy the service and you can discuss an overview of the service. On the other hand, if the readers have any confusion or questions, they can ask you.

27. Add easy and multiple payment options

As your service need to purchase, you have to add the payment options. Try to add all the available and easy payment options. It helps to pay and buy the service instantly. At the same time, keep the buying process easier and secure to keep it helpful.

28. Add Discounts and offer alongside the submit button

Providing an offer always keep the customers happy. Bring varieties in the ads and promotion when providing any offer or discounts. Never keep the price so high for offering the discounts. Keep a balance and bring the sales. if you provide good service you will get the huge reference from the previous clients. I think you know the benefits of it.

29. Let the customers share their honest opinion

Yes! You are providing the best service and if you are reliable the digital can give you more. For this reason, if you take the reviews from your customers it will surely add more value to your business. At the same time, if your customer is not happy you can understand and take another chance to give him the desired service. Surely, it is good for him as well as for your reputation.

You need to know before spending for Digital Marketing

paid search marketing

We use a questionnaire as a guide to this process that asks questions like:

1. What are the key selling points of your business?
2. Describe your primary target market. Do you have a secondary target market? If so, please describe.
3. What is the average cost of your services, programs or products?
4. What, if any, are your primary geographic targets?
5. What, if any, are the peak times of doing business?
6. What current challenges do you have in terms of marketing and advertising?
7. What sets you apart from other businesses in the same space?
8. Who do you consider to be your primary competitors?


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