What is a drip campaign?


Retargeting Drip Campaign:

In your lead nurturing emails, we can send our prospects:

  • A fillable workbook for the recent guide or ebook they downloaded
  • An email directly from a sales rep asking to set up some time to chat
  • A feedback request about the resource they downloaded

Post-Demo Campaign:

Here are some content ideas for a post-demo campaign:

  • A list of video testimonials from past clients
  • A list of tutorials on a feature that the lead was specifically interested in
  • Access to an exclusive free trial offer that you extended while on the phone

How to Create a Drip Campaign

We have to know when to take someone out of our drip. We can set up a trigger that will unenroll a prospect the moment they complete the action we’ve goaled our drip campaign on.


Some Sample From Live Interview

Sub 01: Get ergonomic school and office furniture from 100 years of the experienced multinational company.

Sub 02: Do you need ergonomic school and office furniture? Deutsch Fabriken is here to solve your furniture porblems.

Hi Pias Khan,

My name is Mahbub, and I’m the founder of Deutsch Fabriken, a Germany-based multinational firm with over 100 years of expertise producing ergonomic school and office furniture.

We produce all your necessary ergonomic school and office furniture, We make sure following things when we make furniture:

1. Health and safety
2. Ergonomics
3. Mobility and functionality
4. Aftercare and servicing
5. Value for money
6. Durability and strength
7. Fit-for-purpose

Deutsch Fabriken is a leading supplier of school and office furniture in the Boston area. We have supplied furniture to over 60 educational institutions and offices across the country and our products speak for themselves. Feel free to contact us with any queries about purchasing furniture for your school, college, or office!

What would be the best way to get 15 minutes on your calendar to explore if this would be valuable to IDC School?

Pias Khan


Sub 01: How can we improve your school or office furniture?
Sub 02: 7 facilities to see before buying school or office furniture

Hi Pias Khan,

Hope you are doing well, I have exciting news for you. This month Deutsch Fabriken’s successfully partnered with prominent Boston architectural firm, AD Associates & K-12 STEM Academy. Deutsch Fabriken provided all of the furnishings, which include ergonomic sit-to-stand desks specifically designed for growing children, their signature ‘wobbly’ stools that are designed to help young students focus, and innovative modular storage solutions in each classroom.

I’m sure improving your team’s & student’s productivity is a top priority for you. I thought I’d send you “7 facilities to see before buying school or office furniture” (www.deutschfabriken.com/7-facilities-to-see-before-buying-school-or-office-furniture) for you to review.

If you’d like any additional information about {How can we improve your school or office furniture?], I’d be more than happy to have a quick chat over the phone.

Just let me know if you have any questions or would like to have a more in-depth conversation. I’m here whenever you need me.

Mahbub Osmane


Title: Grow Your Sales & Client Base With Data-Driven Digital Marketing Service
Hi There,

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Let’s have a voice/video call.


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