How to Grow a Facebook Page Organically

Best Ways on How to Grow a Facebook Page Organically


It is like a dream-come-true amazing feeling to find your Facebook page reach a million followers organically! Isn’t it crazy sometimes to believe, how some online services manage to get a million responses simply within a week while others have been trying for years just to get a hundred followers?

It is all about keeping up with new marketing strategies to reach on top of the virtual marketing game. Facebook algorithms keep updating their policies & customs to build new strategies for online marketing, and we too, need to adapt to these new changes to get the best possible outcomes for our sustenance.


This article will give you all the tricks & tips on how to grow a Facebook page organically.

Keep reading to learn these important strategies if you are looking forward to the effective promotion of your service online. 

Target Facebook Ads to boost engagement


The most important step to getting more followers for your service page is to run some Facebook Ads that are capable of attracting a large crowd of viewers. Run “Engagement” ads to get more attention from target audiences and that itself will promote the visibility of your brand on random social media sites.


To boost your sales, go for ‘Conversion’ ads although any visually attractive ads will eventually bring you more followers. The only condition for getting massive responses for your Facebook page is to create outstanding ad content that is hard to ignore. 


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Testing out versatile posts to best suit your audience


If your posts aren’t getting enough attention then it is time to apply some new strategies. If creating new banners ain’t doing enough job for you then try creating videos with the most eye-catching creative content. People always do love to see new creativity, so use your best talent to create something very appealing for the target audience. 


Add link posts that will highlight certain aspects of the content that most audiences love. Try new formats according to newly updated Facebook algorithms. Bringing new fresh content will boost engagements from more new audiences than you might have expected. 

Evaluate the average reach of all your different posts made with different formats and find out technically what kind of posts relevantly got better responses from your audiences. And finally, adapt according to new demands to reach more viewers faster in an effective manner.


Get noticed via Facebook live videos


Some heart-to-heart live interactions will magically draw new audiences to your platform. Share your personal experiences or stories that most people can relate to. Bring content that will trigger emotions among the audience and encourage them to send feedback in the comment section over the discussed topics. In this way, you can smartly build a small community of people engaging more in your content. The more controversial it is, the more people will share & discuss it further with others, and hence, your content will reach out organically to many more. 


Your live show content must be well synchronized with your service’s core message. After all, you are trying to generate sales, so your actions must be relevant accordingly. Doing frequent Facebook lives with meaningful content will gather the most attention and help you need to grow big online. Thus, it is crucial to learn how to grow a Facebook page organically.


Visually appealing or viral content is a game-changer


You need smacking viral content to attract a large number of audiences organically. It is one of the easiest methods you can learn how to grow a Facebook page organically. 


Bring that X factor in your content that has enough potential to go viral among the masses. It can be any creative music video like ‘Gangnam Style’, or any realistic unique 3D animation that creatively promotes your services. Any creative yet funny drama content can do an amazing job of getting viral online. More uniqueness means more chances of getting your content viral online. Makes Your Business Look Professional. Learn More


Choose a favorable time to share your sales posts


You must choose a favorable time to post your promotional posts or videos online. Know the right timing when all the active users are fresh awake to mostly interact on social media. Try to post between morning & evening times to bring more active engagements for your posts. 


Avoid posting in the middle of the night or early as 4 A.M. in the morning. It is very essential to know when the Facebook users are most active at what time of the day, so you can easily grab more attentive viewers online for your content. Apply this strategy if you want to learn how to grow a Facebook page organically. 


Create a pop-up with a Facebook-like symbol


Create a fun pop-up with a ‘Facebook Like’ button to make it easy for interested viewers to like your Facebook page. You can use a popular pop-up tool called ‘OptinMonster’ to generate new leads for your service. Never use too many time-consuming pop-ups as they can visually irritate the users and make them lose interest faster in your service.


Sell your service through a well-known influencer


Invite a celebrity through mutual collaboration into your social media platform to let your service promote in a tactful manner. If your budget is tight, then you may opt to bring a well-known social media influencer instead, to promote your service page. Their presence will add significant value to your brand promotion. Influencers have good fan followers, thus, your brand is more likely to reach new people at a faster rate.


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Get your service tagged by other Facebook pages


If you are promoting your brand through an influencer then ask him/her to share & tag your Facebook page link in all their promotional posts. And also, encourage them to invite other business pages to tag your service and vice versa. This will help you reach many audiences organically as they too will reach out to more through you. It is a great form of partnership deal you can offer to other e-commerce businesses online and be beneficial to each other.  Strategically speaking, this process is most likely to bring fruitful responses with time and is one of the best ways you can learn how to grow a Facebook page organically. 


Also, do not forget to optimize all your service-related social media links on your websites and other promotional sources for customers to reach you fast. 


Do Attractive E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing is another most effective way to learn how to grow a Facebook page organically. 

Build the desired e-mail list of people you want to reach out to for your service promotion. Design with attractive product banners that look more appealing for sales generation. Highlight some legit qualities of the products you want them to buy. It can be some real proof or snapshots of customer reviews who have used your products before. 

Or, simply it could be a fun advertising video that represents your products in a lavish way. Make the sales copy delightfully humorous to suit well with the taste of your target audience. Bring more creativity to your e-mail content for a more appealing look.

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Great video marketing is trending the most online


You need a great creative video ad maker who can do this job for you to fulfill your marketing target. Great video content is more likely to reach a large number of audiences in a short possible time. However, the content must be exciting enough to engage people like hypnosis. Bring a humorous script to demonstrate your service & products to the right customers. If you are lucky enough to get your video viral then there is no looking back again. 


Every year, brands worldwide generate huge income from video marketing alone when compared to other social media strategies. Learn this legit way to know– how to grow a Facebook page organically. 


 You just need the right visual marketing technique to trigger people’s interest in your brand. 


Build engagement


Netflix applies a great strategy in their service to engage customers with humor and fun activities. Responding to your users in a friendly and fun way helps in building better customer relationships. The fun factor has got everything to do with attracting more audiences with engaging content. Communicate better with your customers and they will happily tag your service to their relatives.


Use hashtags focusing on potential buyers


Use product or service-based hashtags on all your promotional posts, videos & all aspects of marketing methods. If your brand is about fashion then use the best-researched hashtag keywords on fashion to increase reach more effectively.  If you are looking forward to just how to grow a Facebook page organically, then go for hashtags. Hashtag usage has contributed a lot in bringing more engagement to the service for the past few years.


Run a giveaway contest to reach more audiences


Host a quiz contest from your page on several occasions and offer attractive gifts for the selected winner. Ask your users to tag & share your brand to multiple other social media platforms. Put this request as one of the conditions to be selected as a winner. This fun activity will allow you to grow your Facebook page organically. You need this strategy if you are looking at how to grow a Facebook page organically. 


Add FAQs to boost your promotional efforts


Adding well-structured question & answer sessions based on your products & services will allow your customers to get a better understanding of your business. Put solutions in your FAQs section that are most likely to solve all the potential issues related to your service. When you clear up a bunch of arising doubts surrounding your business, you will eventually be able to show more transparency in your service. 

Adding this section might attract more loyal customers to your service. This can bring a good opportunity to grow your Facebook page organically. Learn how to grow a Facebook page organically by using this strategy. 


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Bring content with a social message


If you are thinking about how to grow a Facebook page organically then think about a good social message that triggers human emotions.


While you are thinking of any great content that will lead sales generations, remember to put a social message that is related to the well-being of society. Highlight how your products & services can be an inspiration to the well-being of society. Convince your audience to buy your products to add a significant contribution to society as well. If you can emotionally engage your buyers to get attached to your service in a positive & responsible way, then that can be a driving force for your brand to sustain. Get your brand involved with the emotions of your customers to grow your Facebook page organically.


Best Tricks to Boost Facebook Reach Naturally


  • Build Your Presence and Authority


It means promoting your brand to the right audience and making a strong presence of your service. Invite the interested audience to like your page. Adding customizations like custom tabs, podcasts, videos, interesting blogging, etc. will improve your branding efforts. Know how to grow a Facebook page organically with this strategy.



  • Drive Facebook Organic Reach By Publishing Evergreen Content


Timeless or old posts that bring nostalgia can be useful for the audience to keep engaged for a longer time. These types of evergreen posts tend to appear in newsfeeds and stay for a long span of time to engage new people in every visit. Video content is more likely to maximize reach if the content is worthy enough to draw attention the most. Selecting content that is snappy or captivating will complete most of your work. If you now invite people to call to action then you will win more engagements simply through this type of content.


  • Create a Facebook Group for Your Most Engaged Audience Members


Build your own Facebook community group to market your products & services. Know how to grow a Facebook page organically with this strategy. Bring out great topics of discussion for your active members. Some fun challenges, Q & A sessions, or discount surprises, all can keep your members engaged in your group. This will nurture your marketing methods. 


  • Use Organic Post Targeting


Alter your targeting options while you upload a post on Facebook. Do not just restrict certain audiences just because their interest is not aligned with what you sell online. Instead, use different targeting parameters to judge how your content is performing for different audiences. This also means adding specific links, posts, images, live videos, or stories that are aligned well with the taste of your users. Go for content that resonates well with your target audience and you’ll see how well you are reaching many users organically without much effort. Know how to grow a Facebook page organically with this strategy.


  • Post When Your Competitors Are Asleep


Select a favorable time range to post when your audience is most likely to react fast. It can be that optimizing hour around Sunday brunch time, or a pre-evening peak time around 1 5 P.M. The time around afternoon & in the morning at 9 A.M. are considered the optimal times for leveraging your marketing. At this time, you can capture as much attention you need to reach more audiences. Mindless scrolling most happen around these times, so take this opportunity to capture as much attention as you can from people. Know how to grow a Facebook page organically with this strategy.


  • Post the Content Your Users Like


Use pure links while posting online as this is proven to organically generate more views and work best for driving traffic. Ask your audience about their choices in a poll session and bring content that suits well with their preferences. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.


  • Publish Videos Natively on Facebook


Use ‘Facebook Watch’ to drive in more traffic for your content and do not forget to try new features to upgrade your marketing styles. 1.25 billion monthly users regularly get engaged to ‘Facebook Watch’. Video blog post contents are one of those top-performing successful marketing strategies that are fast enough to gain you more organic engagements in a short possible time.



  • Test Your Posting Frequency


This does not mean you have to post online more than 100 times a day. Posting 2 to 3 times a day in different time zones is highly recommended for you. But, the content should be of high quality & inspirational to engage more traffic. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.


  • Partner with Other Facebook Pages in Your Niche


Get into a profit-sharing contract with other services that share your niche. Promote each other’s blog posts on Facebook regularly. This will boost post views for both parties. This kind of smart media marketing will lead you to gain more random viewers with most engagements. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.


  • Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Grow Your Brand


Let your loyal customers spread the positive word about your business to others. Offer rewards & bonuses to those who would promote your brand to others. You can track revenues from shared referral links & promotional marketing content done by others. Evaluate the overall performance done by affiliate marketing to find your gain. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.


  • Put Your Email List to Work


Inform your e-mail subscribers about your new posts or videos so you can drive engagement and also, choose a great e-mail marketing format to grab the interest of the users. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.


  • Run Contests to Drive Facebook Organic Reach


Offering contest participation with amazing winning gifts is one good interesting strategy that will attract the most attention online. Your motive behind running this contest should focus on generating new leads. Promote your contest to ignite excitement among users for participation. This eventually will grab more social engagements organically from random users as well.

 Know how to grow a Facebook page organically with this strategy.


  • Share Posts From Your Facebook Page on Your Facebook Profile


Your Facebook profile is the core identity that you use to represent yourself around all social media platforms. If your profile picture displays the logo of your business then there is a high chance that your service will get more coverage from random sources. You can also choose to share a relevant image about your promotional posts on your profile photo. This will organically bring more reach. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.


  • Drive Organic Facebook Traffic With Hashtags (Used Carefully)


Yes, using hashtags in your posts is a must because this naturally has a tendency of creating links to other business pages, and hence, get exposed to more engagements organically. Hashtags are common these days, and they are capable of bringing massive traffic online.  Know how to grow a Facebook page organically with this strategy. Increase your exposure more by using hashtags from trending topics, if you want more marketing done in the shortest time possible.


  1. Stand out with amazing marketing content


Your visual & written content must have that distinctive factor for you to stand out of the crowd and make enough buzz around social media. Skip the usual patterns to post or make videos. Do what 1000 others are not doing, which means, creating what will amaze your audience. Use bold letters, colors, animated or vintage designs that have not been used before for marketing. Or, use shorter captions with amazing visuals. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.


  1. Take Advantage of New Facebook Features


Facebook brings new updated policies for the users to maintain their efficiency. It is totally worth it to adapt to new features to improve your content for marketing purposes. Use these new tools to upgrade your marketing strategies so you can increase more organic engagements. Know how to grow a Facebook page organically with this strategy.


  1. Create an Effective Facebook Paid Marketing Strategy


Paid marketing does have a certain potential to drive your organic reach as it helps to extend the longevity of your posts. Paid versions actually help your content to roam in the newsfeed with prolonged visibility so users can interact with your posts for longer times. You need to identify a great paid marketing source to leverage your marketing efforts. This strategy will show how to grow a Facebook page organically.

  1. Grab Attention and Inspire Action with Persuasive Copy


Some talented copywriting skills will definitely change the whole marketing game for you. If your persuasive copy is well engaging then it will be a winning situation for both paid promotions and your organic reach. This will improve the rate of clicks by users per day and bring more visitors to your site. Use words that can sell your service, so choose the right branding of words to get things done. Note this strategy to follow how to grow a Facebook page organically.



The above-discussed strategies are some of the legit techniques to learn how to grow a Facebook page organically. 

Certain paid methods are still unable to boost your service online, while some organic methods have proven records of doing successful marketing online for most years. When it comes to building more customer engagements & boosting up business pages, then one should definitely need to go for the organic methods in the initial stage as they bring no monetary loss, even allowing you to have firsthand experiences. 

I have so far discussed the top best functional ways to grow your Facebook page organically. Most of your marketing solutions definitely lie among these 15 mentioned methods. You may choose to go for the paid versions, however, the non-paid organic versions will nowhere disappoint you in the long run. They have enough versatility to perform better than your expectations at any point in time.


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