7 Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Know


video marketing mistakes

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Today, many internet users prefer watching videos to reading online magazines and web articles. Over 66% of them have found that learning from videos is more enjoyable than reading written posts. 


Marketers see this statistic as a huge opportunity to utilize video content in their marketing strategy. Since many people have considered using videos as their information sources, running video campaigns have become a lot easier.  


Video marketing campaigns have been widely used today. Many businesses agree that incorporating this strategy can significantly generate leads and improve sales. 


Dollar Shave Club is an excellent case study of how video marketing strategies increased their ROI overnight. The company received a whopping 12,000 orders within 48 hours of its initial video published to the public. The marketing video was insanely popular in 2012 that took YouTube by storm. 


Now, you know that a video marketing strategy can be so powerful in boosting your revenue, it’s time to create one for your own. However, not every marketer succeeds in using this campaign. Many have failed to deliver the message. 


To avoid the same mistake, check out these common video marketing mistakes you should avoid for your next campaign.


1. Boring videos

People watch videos for a reason. Videos can deliver information way faster than other types of content. For example, videos bring detailed information in a shorter time compared to a 1,500 words article.   


Not only should videos be informative for their viewers, but they need to be entertaining at the same time. People don’t fancy monotonous videos, no matter how helpful the content is. When your marketing videos simply don’t keep your audience engaged throughout the story, you can’t convey the message properly. 


Make sure to improve your marketing videos by including compelling narration and attractive images that stimulate viewers to keep on watching until the end. Helpful video content with a touch of amusing characters and witty stories can increase your viewers’ experience, allowing them to absorb your marketing information without leaving them bored.  


2. Wrong target audience

Although video marketing campaigns alone can be profitable for every business, many don’t seem to reap the benefit of this strategy. The reason being the business itself fails to define its target market when promoting the product. 


When you randomly release marketing videos to the public, probably less than half of the audience truly cares about your brand. Most likely, people will pass through your videos on the internet without taking any interest simply because they aren’t your targeted market.


Video marketing techniques have many styles that fit different audiences and marketing purposes. For example, quirky marketing videos in a law firm don’t seem to match the industry. The law firm should appear as a trusted, professional business in the first place. Incorporating this video style won’t help the business improve its branding. 


3. Unclear product messages

When you have products to promote, the best thing you should do is showcase their features in a meaningful way. The more convincing your product information is, the more likely viewers are persuaded to make a purchase. 


Most of the time, a failed marketing video simply doesn’t convey the message as it should. The video doesn’t focus on information that viewers need. It often reveals trivial messages that don’t help much in convincing customers. 


You can begin by narrowing down the most important detail that people need to know from your products. If you provide a service, you can explain how your service can help people solve their problems and what advantages they can get by using your service. 


These positive notes will leave a good impression on your end, letting your audience know that you have that service and are available to serve them anytime soon.


4. Lengthy videos

People prefer video content over images and blog posts because they need information, fast Videos are their answers. 


However, videos can be a double-edged sword without you realizing it. If they can help you deliver important messages for your audience, they can also do the opposite 


This is the case of lengthy marketing videos. When people come for video content, they seek quick information. Therefore, long videos format definitely won’t catch their attention. That would be counterproductive for them who want to know the information faster. 


Keep your marketing videos short and concise. Most viewers are easily engaged in a shorter activity than longer ones, allowing them to understand the message easily.  


5. Overly sales-oriented

Keep in mind that even though marketing videos are bound to make sales, that doesn’t mean they’re all about selling. No one likes watching too much sales content on the internet.  


Instead of focusing on selling your products, it’s best to approach from a different angle. You can create a storyline that’s in line with your products without making it too sales-oriented. A great narration can quickly grab your audience’s attention, they’ll be more willing to watch your video until it ends. 


A remarkable example comes from the brand Nike. With its persistent commercials that focus on human stories, the company always smashes its marketing video once released in public. This strengthens Nike’s branding as an inspirational company for all. 


6. An unengaging call-to-action

Call-to-action (CTA) is a major element of every video marketing strategy. This essential copy will help viewers make the next gesture, such as visiting your page, downloading your app, etc.


Sometimes a one-liner CTA isn’t enough to convince people to take the desired action. Instead of following up on your instruction, viewers are left with a bad impression because you don’t deliver a compelling copy that pushes them to do the next step.  


Your viewers can also be confused with the copy by the end of your video. A typo or unclear sentence can contribute to this situation where viewers often question a way to connect with you.  


The best solution would be doing your research on the engaging CTA copy to attract leads. Also, you might want to learn more about technical stuff, like when the optimum time a copy should appear on a marketing video.


7. Not applying SEO properties

Great SEO allows you to be discovered easily on the internet. When more people find your marketing videos, you have a higher chance of generating customers. 


Like every content on the world wide web, optimizing SEO properties is crucial to determining your discoverability. If articles focus on improving technical SEO, such as keyword density and meta information, your marketing video should adhere to similar rules. 


Optimize your video content by adding video descriptions, using focus keywords on its title, and placing relevant tags. That way, people can easily find your video when they type down a specific word or keyword on the search query. 


Final thoughts

A marketing video is engaging content that people love. Watching video campaigns won’t feel like one if viewers enjoy it throughout the time.  


This is a great opportunity for marketers to promote their products online. As business competition becomes fierce, choosing the right marketing strategy can help improve sales performance as well as company branding. 


Video marketing has been proven to bring more profits for businesses. The engaging storyline and amusing visuals can hook the audience’s attention in a short time. Thus, making it easier to influence viewers making a buying decision.




Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 


Twitter: @breadnbeyond

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