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Hi, my name is Mahbub Osmane; a 30-year-old, Digital Marketing Consultant. I’m the Founder of BytecodeSoft & the Digital Marketing Manager at BPOEngine. Former Business Development Officer at ServicEngineBPO. Last eight years I have been working as a Digital Marketer & SEO consultant where I worked for over 200 businesses and ranked them higher and boost their sales funnel.

As a SAAS business owner, I have sold more than $70000 digital products online & offline, see I sold almost 2000 products through theme forest. themeXengine, software sales page.

Directly I have worked with more than 100 Internet Marketing & Web Development Companies. Click HERE to see the online record. I’m a frequent speaker at various marketing seminars organized in Bangladesh. I do teach marketers to implement Internet Marketing for their company. My company worked for more than 30 companies to rank them higher in Google & generate ROI, see some of them.

Besides, all of these I run a few affiliate sites that make money and help me living with passive. I want to be a Great Leader & world-famous digital marketer, But I don’t know a shortcut way to be a great Leader & marketer. Let me define myself. I must have the vision and passion, and I’m not afraid of any problem. Instead, I know how to defeat it. Most importantly, I must work with integrity.

However, I got a way to earn money from the internet to lead a fantastic life. That’s why I’m always grateful to the Almighty.

SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Consultant

I have a digital marketing company named BytecodeSoft & a digital marketing blog named MahbubOsmane.com, having a team of 10 people. I am also a ThemeForest author named ThemeXengine. & theme marketplace named ThemeXengine. I’m also involved in some other local and international businesses.

I have been with Internet Marketing for more than 10 years now; started working when I was in college. I worked for several dozen companies to increase their profit by implementing my marketing knowledge.

Not only for my clients, but I’m also working hard to make money by applying my knowledge to my projects as well. As I mentioned earlier, I’m working hard (Yes, hard), cause I have not found any BIG loophole on the Internet to make myself a millionaire. However, I make a smart amount online that enables me to lead a comfortable life here in my beautiful country, Bangladesh.

I’m not a proud owner of any Ferrari or Porsche car, and the Internet didn’t make me able to buy one yet. However, I’m able to manage my luxurious life from it, and I believe it’s possible to become a proud Ferrari or Porsche owner one day.

I’m now working towards making a 5 figure passive income per month and documenting my journey with Digital Marketing Blog.

I’m on the way to reach my goal, and I will continue sharing my step-by-step work details in Digital Marketing Blog, what’s working and what’s not.

Mahbub Osmane on BiTPA
AdWords Fundamentals Certificate of Mahbub Osmane

There are lots of persons dedicated to Internet Marketing and business resources (Like CopyBloggerMatt Cutts, Rand Fishkin, Michael Hyatt, and Neil Patel), I have to confess, they inspire me. I do implement guidelines they provide, along with some of my secret sauces!

I have created Digital Marketing Blog to share what I’m doing to promote my service and plan to reveal what’s working and what’s not!

Digital Marketing Blog is to share all of my updates, goals, operating strategies, and a lot more. I promise to share everything, from my Internet Marketing Strategy, SEO, Blogging strategy, and everything!

I am google certified, digital ad marketer

I am a google certified, digital ad marketer. You can check it from the following links:

Also, I received professional SEO, SMM & English Certificate from UpWork.  SEO award from Recognise SEO Group Of Bangladesh. Directly I have worked with more than 200 Internet Marketing & Web Development Companies. Click HERE to see the online record. I’m a frequent speaker at various marketing seminars organized in Bangladesh. I do teach marketers to implement Internet Marketing for their company. My company worked for more than 30 companies to rank them higher in Google, see some feedbacks of them.

As A Digital Marketer Consultant, I have Following Experiences

I have the following Qualities :

Strong leadership and teamwork skills

A managerial, business-minded, great decision maker

Highly intelligent, strategic, and awesome

Self-directed and able to make good judgment calls

Adaptable and versatile (I can wear many hats)

Innovative, determined, creative

Organized and efficient

Loyal and a positive person

Why Will You Work With Me?

Already completed 200+ projects with impressive feedback and rating

Can work with the USA, Canadian and Australian local official time

My average response time for replying email is only 1 hour (without sleeping time)

I have already worked with several USA, Canadian, Australian and European company

I’m well-organized and efficient

Self-motivated and assertive

Quickly learn procedures and methods

Available on Hangout, Skype, email, and phone

A good way to learn something is by making a mistake. But the best way to learn something is by analyzing someone else mistake. This way I’m going to get the help you. I will share every step I learned throughout my career, all the hidden tactics I learned while working on more than 300 projects (clients and my personal).
I will also show you, how to rank any particular website, convince customers and make money online.
Add me to your contact list ( mahbubosmane@gmail.com ), so you don’t miss any of my emails. See you at the right time with the first hidden tricks to start your money-making journey either with your existing online business or with a new idea.

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I’m active on Social Media Sites; Find me on YouTubeFacebookTwitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Instagram, Quora, Medium, DribbbleBehance &  Pinterest. Thanks for checking out my story, I appreciate it! If you have anything more to say or have any queries, drop me an email at hi@mahbubosmane.com or mahbubosmane@gmail.com, also you can call me at +880 1716 988 953 or +880 1609 820 094

Mahbub Osmane is a very different person from most. I’m real people that answer emails & cares about your success as well as my success. Just email me or comment below, and don’t be a stranger!


Mahbub Osmane
Digital Marketing Manager
Founder of BytecodeSoft & MahbubOsmane.com
Mobile: +880 1716 988 953
Skype: mrpsoft.2 (Mahbub Osmane)
Facebook,  Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Instagram,   
Quora,  Medium,   Dribble,   Behance,   Pinterest
WhatsApp, Viber, IMO: +880 1716 988 953

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