Powerful Video Hosting Sites For Content Creators And Entrepreneurs


When you ventured into the world of video marketing, were you curious about video hosting sites?

YouTube and its built-in audience are really tempting, but their monetization strategy revolves around advertising. As a result, you have limited control as a creator.

To make matters worse, the platform’s excessive saturation, flooding issues, and the proliferation of copyright abuses make it harder than ever to expand audiences and earn a reasonable share of advertising revenue.

In this article, we will introduce six video hosting sites that you can use to host videos offsite, and they are all great alternatives to YouTube.


The best video hosting site for content creators and entrepreneurs


Vimeo is a video platform founded in 2004. When it became the first video platform to provide high-definition video on the Internet in 2007, it became the focus of attention in the industry. Today, there are more than 90 million creators on its platform.

Vimeo is a popular alternative to YouTube. Although the traffic it receives is almost the same, it is listed on Alexa’s top 200 websites (usually around 170) on the global ranking list.

Its popularity is part of the reason it can compete with YouTube. Like a more advantageous platform, Vimeo allows anyone to take advantage of its built-in audience by uploading original content.


What is Vimeo’s most famous feature?

Higher Quality Video– From a technical perspective, the site is more flexible than other platforms. It accepts most codecs, frame rates, bit rates, resolutions, and color settings, while also providing guidelines that you can use to better prepare your video for the platform’s built-in compression settings (though loosely). The result is that videos look sharper and more detailed than other platforms, especially YouTube.

Ad-free platform – Vimeo does not display ads on its website or your video, which is why it offers the pricing plan mentioned below.

Embeddable Video Player-Embed your video into your website and allow users to change quality and volume settings.


Who should use Vimeo?


Vimeo has five plans to make it suitable for all creators. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth and embeddable video. If you just want to add some videos to your website, use the free Vimeo Basic plan.

If you need more than 250GB of storage per year, want to upload in 4K or HDR format, and want access to more statistics and custom settings, upgrade to a paid plan. Pricing starts at $ 12 / month or $ 84 / year (40% discount), with a maximum of $ 900 / year.


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Jetpack video (WordPress only)

Jetpack WordPress plugin is the same plugin. It provides dozens of features in a single tool while allowing you to enable only the features you need, preventing it from becoming bloated.

Although the Jetpack plugin itself is available for and self-hosted, its .com counterpart allows you to host videos on WordPress servers and embed them anywhere on Jetpack Video.

You just need to subscribe to Jetpack Premium.


What can Jetpack Video do for you?


Unlimited Video Hosting-As long as your subscription is valid, you can upload an unlimited number of videos to your media library. Unfortunately, you cannot upload videos larger than 2GB. In contrast, Vimeo has no file size limit as long as you stay below the storage limit allocated in the plan. YouTube’s file size limit is 128GB.

Better Video Blocks-Jetpack uses Automattic’s VideoPress video player and offers more options to configure in Gutenberg’s video blocks.

Affordable, Ad-Free Video Hosting-Jetpack will not place ads on your videos; you can use it for only $ 9 / month or $ 99 / year.

Who is Jetpack Video for?

Jetpack Video is a great video hosting option for WordPress websites. If you don’t use Jetpack, you can still use that option at a lower price than the other options on this list. This is especially true if you create shorter or lower resolution videos.

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Hippo Video

In addition to being a video hosting site, Hippo Video is a versatile video marketing suite. It has its own video player, and if you have one of the cheaper packages (embeddable videos are only available in the Pro package or later), you will have your own landing page for each video definition.

The marketing features of the service allow you to get more leads from the video content, increase sales, and better understand your audience.


What is the best feature of Hippo Video?


Video inline options form – Inserting inline forms before or after a video is great, but it is not as effective as inserting them into the video player in the viewer’s view.

Professional Video – Hippo Video provides a professional video editor that you can use to polish videos without the need for third-party editing software. You can also use a custom brand to personalize the video player and a custom domain to personalize the hosted landing page.

Customer Service Features – The service integrates with tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, and Zoho Desk, allowing you to accept video support tickets. It also supports video conferencing.


Who is the hippopotamus video for?


Hippo Video is ideal for creators who want to get private, ad-free, non-platform video hosting at an affordable price and do not need to rely on tools like Jetpack (requires

It is also one of the best solutions for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business through video marketing.

This service does have its limitations. For example, the maximum bandwidth is 200GB. You also cannot upload videos larger than 3GB, and the highest resolution available in 1080p.

Each plan also limits the number of minutes per video, starting from 15 minutes/video for the free plan to the most expensive plan, up to 120 minutes/video. You can’t embed videos unless you pay for the Pro plan or later.

You can start using Hippo Video for free with its premium plan starting at $ 10 per month.


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SproutVideo is a direct competitor to Hippo Video because it is a video hosting website that provides marketing features. It doesn’t provide that versatility, but offers more features in the most important areas, including bandwidth and video resolution.

Nonetheless, this is another service that provides ad-free video hosting at an affordable price.

What can SproutVideo do for you?


Lead Marketing-Engage more potential customers and direct viewers to key landing pages with call-to-actions in the video and a back-screen video.

Restrict access-Restrict access to videos in a number of ways, including making them public or password-protected. You can also restrict access to logged-in users (login to SproutVideo, not WordPress) or certain countries and IP addresses.

Video Analytics-View and monitor video analytics with statistics on the number of plays, visitors, play rate, watch time, and average engagement. You can also see the countries your audience is watching and the domains they use, such as your website, Twitter, etc.

Customizable Video Player-SproutVideo uses non-branded video players. You can customize the colors of its features and how the video operates on the viewer. Social sharing of videos is also available.


Who should use SproutVideo?


For creators who want ad-free videos not to link to platforms with a built-in audience, SproutVideo is another ideal option. Compared to Hippo Video, it is a more expensive option, starting at $ 24.99 per month, without annual options, but with a maximum bandwidth limit of 500GB.

In addition, there is no limit to the file size, as long as you keep it below 500GB; otherwise, you will need to pay $ 0.08-0.25 for each show. You can also upload videos with resolutions up to 8K.


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Vidyard is another video hosting website that provides entrepreneurs with a way to host ad-free videos that are not linked to the platform. It is a competitor of Hippo Video and SproutVideo, but it is a direct competitor of Hippo Video due to its marketing and sales functions.

In fact, its main focus is on lead marketing and sales videos, where you can add leads to your email list and continue the sales channel with related videos and screencasts.


What is the best feature of Vidyard?


Lead Marketing and Sales Features-Add opt-in forms directly to your videos and view statistics to tell you which videos, how many videos, and how many minutes of leads you watched. You can also record videos via screen recording, camera, or both and send them to potential customers to continue the sales process.

Video Analytics-View statistics for the entire Vidyard library, individual videos, and potential customers. Metrics include total viewers, total viewing time, and your most popular regions. You can also check the CTR.

Unlimited Video Hosting-Vidyard offers unlimited video hosting, while other services limit the file size you are allowed to upload or the number of videos you can have. There is no bandwidth limitation, and 4K video is supported.


Who does Vidyard serve?


Vidyard is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs who want to incorporate more videos into their marketing strategy. This includes using video content instead of blog posts, written landing pages, and regular email content.

It’s also a great solution for marketers seeking unlimited video hosting and 4K support, but it does come at a price. There is a permanent free plan that allows up to five videos, but the $ 19 monthly plan only allows you to embed up to 20 videos outside the Vidyard hosting page.

If you want to embed an unlimited number of videos and have access to call-to-action, analytics, and a customizable video player, you need to pay for the starter plan.

The annual fee for this service is $ 1,800, and because it is billed only annually, the service is much more expensive than its competitors.


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Wistia works similarly to YouTube and Vimeo. It gives you a channel to host videos. The main difference of this service is that it has no fixed audience and does not show ads on your videos.

There is also no built-in platform, which means that your videos will not be advertised on Wistia, and your channel will not be promoted on other people’s videos.

Wistia also has marketing features that make it similar to other services on this list.


What are the notable features of Wistia?


Lead Marketing – Wistia allows you to use interactive tools to capture email subscribers in your videos. These include simple join forms and call-to-actions, as well as annotated links and sections.

Collaboration – Invite team members and advertisers to provide video feedback by commenting on a specific timestamp. You can also choose who has access to the video and restrict access to the video, which is a great option for bringing in freelancers or requiring advertiser approval.

Analytic s– Optimize your content and marketing strategy with detailed analysis, including statistics on play rate, action, and engagement rate. You can even use stats and heat maps to track viewer interactions to optimize what ’s being sent based on viewer actions.


Who does Wistia serve?


Wistia is a high-quality service that provides “high bandwidth limits” and supports 4K, making it an excellent choice for businesses that need collaboration tools. Unfortunately, this is not a cost-effective solution.

The first paid plan is $ 99 per month and comes with only 10 “free” videos. You pay $ 0.25 per month for each additional video you upload. The plan also only allows you to get subscribers for up to 250 channels.

The next plan is $ 399 per month and only allows up to 100 free videos. Unless you subscribe to this plan, you also cannot embed videos outside Wistia. Other video hosting sites on this list offer high-quality video hosting and similar features at a much lower price.

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Here you are!


Here is a list of our six video hosting sites for content creators and entrepreneurs to use outside of YouTube.

If you are looking for an alternative to YouTube, then one of the platforms should meet your needs.

Each of these services has a different pricing structure, but the price you decide to use depends on the number of videos you create, the file size and resolution you use, and other tools you think you need.


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