Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Among the emerging trends in digital marketing, perhaps the most fascinating one is artificial intelligence, also known as AI.


It’s been around since the 1950s, but it’s only recently that it really hit the spotlight. The technological evolution of smartphones, smart home technology, and relevant fields have made artificial intelligence easy to integrate to the point where we don’t even bat an eye when someone utters random questions at an inanimate object. This behaviour is now just a normal part of everyday life.


While it certainly impacts a variety of different fields – from self-driving cars in transportation to recognition software used in the criminal justice system – we’re here to examine its current impact and implementations for businesses and brands online.



Practical Applications in Digital Marketing



From the perspective of an entrepreneur or digital marketer, there’s no denying that artificial intelligence is changing the digital landscape. A solid understanding of its reach and capabilities is key to gaining the foresight necessary to maintain a strong, competitive position in a market saturated with advertisements, content, and novel tactics all designed to attract consumers. Read on and we’ll cover some of the fascinating ways AI is being integrated into digital marketing.



Improvements to Products and Services


One of the things AI does best is data analysis. Companies like Token and UncommonGoods are leveraging this particular artificial intelligence capability to help customers choose the right gifts the people they care about. Another great example of AI supplementing a brand’s product is Under Armour’s fitness app, Record. An AI coach offers exercise and diet advice tailored to the individual based on data from smartwatches and other sources.



AI’s Role in Relationship Building


Customer retention is crucial to businesses. AI is useful in this area through the use of chatbots. These bots are available 24/7 to answer user queries or guide them to the right resources. It makes it less necessary for customers to wait in the queue to talk to a live representative whose availability can also be limited by work hours, not just the volume of people needing help. And the benefits don’t end there. Through machine learning, the most advanced chatbots can be trained so responses are optimized to changing customer needs.


AI isn’t just useful in customer interactions though. Nowadays, it is also useful in providing administrative support. An AI entity can assign tasks and route-specific communiqué to relevant members of a team, facilitating communication and cohesion within a company.



A Resource for Sharper Insights


We mentioned AI’s ability to sort through data and identify patterns. On top of this, AI can generate reports as well. Not only is this significant because it allows for fully-automated and intelligent reporting, but it also safeguards the integrity of the results since they’re analyzed and produced by an unbiased entity.



Raising Productivity and Lowering Costs


AI implementation through chatbots alone is expected to save businesses more than $8 billion dollars per year. But not only does AI raise productivity and reduce costs by taking over menial tasks such as answering general questions and sending out internal reminders, the fact that things like advertising, content curation, and even content generation can be delegated to AI drastically lowers the costs in energy and time. Used correctly and effectively, AI can free up an organization’s talented workforce from low-level work and allow them to shift their focus to the higher priority, bigger impact projects.



What’s Next?


Artificial intelligence is still, well, artificial. In many situations, it is simply no substitute for the human touch. (Not yet, at least.) Its many uses come with a long string of benefits but incorrectly implemented, AI can do more harm than good. If you’re looking for guidance on how best you yourself can use this technology, our company is full of skilled individuals who are well-versed in a variety of digital marketing strategies and channels.


On the other hand, you may prefer to remain a keen observer on the matter. In any case, it’s smart to keep a close eye on how the landscape develops around AI and well, within the digital marketing sphere in general. Let us bring up-to-date, competitive information straight to your email. Stay on top of the latest marketing tips and trends by signing up for our newsletter now.

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