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CRM Software

CRM-softwareCRM Software

  • Your current total number of customers whom you are discussing your product or service.
  • The Number of customers to whom you and your marketing team communicate regularly.
  • The number Customers who are interested to take your product and service in the Future.
  • Which customer didn’t take your service and product even after being interested and Why?
  • The product that is more likely to the customers.
  • You can get information about the tasks your marketing or sales team is doing
  • It will show you the upcoming date of meeting with your customers and also show you the assigned task that you have on that date.
  • Users can submit their summary report with this software.
  • A user can set up a reminder for a meeting. The software will notify you about it the day before.
  • Users can know about: How many customers your sales team have connected with and how many of them are potential and have a regular follow-up or how many of them have negative reviews.
  • The user can identify the source that is building more leads.
  • You can know the performance of a marketer with this software
  • This software has a customer transfer option that enables you to transfer your customer to a new marketing person. It contains a summary report that has all the information about the customer.
  • As this is an online based software you can monitor it from anywhere in the world.
  • This software is made by us and we can customize it according to your need.

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