Whenever comes the need for social engagement, can’t you decide which social media channels should you use for your business? Another question from me, are you not ultimately looking for the best social media platforms for business? Additionally, we can’t deny the necessity of social media for promoting the digital business. At the same time, choosing the right social media platform is not a so easy task every time. Happy to say, I will discuss in this post all about social media sites for your digital business. For example, best business social media sites or which platform is better in your niche.

A little curiosity of mine about your decision- do you know why social media channels are used for a business? Indeed, take it easy. I am here just to give you the answer. In general, the benefits of social media platform in the digital age is generating the lead, increasing the CTR, maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and keep in touch with the customers as well as increasing the engagement.

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Which social media do you use for your company? What do clients tend to buy first? According to the research, most of the popular businesses are active at least in two social media platforms. To put it another way, 72% percent of businessman believes they are getting more brand value and engagement for using the social media channels. With this in mind, I will discuss the most reliable and targeted social media channels for your business.

7 most used social media channels for your business:

First of all, let’s check the popular social media channels in the recent time. All the platforms are very famous for generating the leads for business, increasing the engagement and promoting the business for brand awareness.

Popular Social Media Channels
N.B. The users may vary according to the purposes, business and research types
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Something else?

Which Social Media Channels Should You Use For Your Business?

The first thing to remember, it depends on the perspectives of the audience and the objective of your business. If you are targeting the tech-savvy audience, Facebook, Twitter, and Google + may provide you the best exposure. If you are messaging executives and professional maybe it’s LinkedIn. If you are running a contest with the intent of generating leads, Facebook might be your best bet. It’s important to look at who, what and why before you decide the how. By all means, YouTube works as co-player. That means, you can use or promote the video in each of your social media channels and it works very fine.

Engage rather than sell … Work as a co-creator, not a marketer.

If we see a data as of the recent times we can be determined the popularity of social media. It will help us to take the decision:

  • 91% of social media users use Facebook
  • 85% of online adults use Twitter
  • 73% of users use YouTube
  • 41% of professional users use Pinterest
  • 33% of productive users use LinkedIn
  • 29% use Instagram
  • 26% use Google+

Note: The percentage can vary according to the researchers or business need.

In my case, for digital marketing and consultant Facebook and LinkedIn works very fine. In Facebook, I get most of our potential clients for our small business digital marketing services and from LinkedIn, we find most of our clients for the bigger budget and professional service. Though it varies from clients to clients. We get the most of the types of users everywhere in the social media.

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Comparatively, in LinkedIn, we have seen the clients who run midsize to large enterprises and government agencies as well as potential partners. LinkedIn is also where editors and marketing managers seek quality content writing or development services. At the same time, Facebook has different types of group that you need including marketing professional groups.

Then again, your audience matters when considering where you spend the most of the time and resources on social media. As to the question of what our clients buy first, it’s usually website development services and inbound marketing as well as content writing that they’re interested in or buy.

How will you measure which social media channels will work very fine for your business?

To say nothing of, it is a good question. Before taking any paid action, you need to follow some task. For example.

  1. What types of content are you publishing on your business website? For example, Blog post, video or podcasts
  2. Where your target audiences are passing most of the time?
  3. What social media profiles your competitors are using?

When you will research the above questions, you will get the answer. Though I have discussed some other matter in the generic answer section. It will give you the clear concept.

So, the generic answer is…

  • Twitter and LinkedIn for B2B,
  • Twitter and Facebook for B2C.
  • Pinterest into the mix for any B2C business that has more than a local audience and has any kind of the visual aspect of it.
  • LinkedIn is the best platform within the B2B space.
  • Twitter is still worth scanning as there are a few people that use it more to share and look for content that is relevant to their profession and in these cases, it can more effective than LinkedIn to build rapport with your prospects and clients.

But every situation is different. If you’re a small B2B consulting business you might have luck with Quora. Go where your customers and industry thought leaders, are.

I know a person who used B2B services to provide Photography Service. He used heavily Facebook for his photography service promotion. To be sure, it was a good channel for him reaching them.

Facebook and Twitter are best for B2C brands as these two channels are still mostly used for “personal” accounts rather than business purposes. So, you can increase engagement from here.

So finally I can say It’s important to look at who, what and why before you decide the how. Your first work is determining the platforms your customer or target users are passing time or using. According to the research, you need to build social media profile with the professional look and then make the objective of your business and work with your previous research. Truly, it is tough to measure the actual leads you are gaining. But as an illustration, your brand is reaching the most valuable target market and I think you realize the necessity of it. Please Share your strategy in the comment box. Happy Social Media Marketing.


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