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What’s the deal with this whole SEMrush vs Others SEO & Marketing Tools debate? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to randomly choose blog post keywords and hope they perform well? Wouldn’t it be nice to see what the competition is doing and get suggestions on how to improve in the search engines?

Well, luckily, there are some online SEO & marketing tools that provide a bevy of options for improving your rankings and finding the perfect keywords. In this article, we’ll compare SEMrush vs Others SEO & Marketing Tools to see which one you should go with. At first, I’ll describe SEMrush features then I’ll compare SEMrush vs Others SEO & Marketing Tools. Keep reading to know which one is best for your SEO & Marketing Campaign.


SEMrush SEO & Marketing Tool Review

To find your website at the top of the list you have to make sure that the content you make is not only loved by your readers but they also have to be loved by search engines too. The quality of the content is just not enough and to get loved by the search engines your contents have to have keywords, right advertisement, and other factors too. Making sure that your content has all of these is not an easy job, and it is close to inhuman if you see that you can do all of these without any help. To sort out all the troubles for there is software like SEMrush.  The introduction of it changes the way of writing and SEO. It is a leading software available in the market right now which will help you to get the result you want. In this article, we will get through all its features and let you know how to make your life easier.

About SEMrush keyword research, SEO & Marketing tool


SEMrush is software for keyword analysis, and it uses algorithms and methods to get or retrieve any information. The seaquake team was behind in the development of this software, and it was initially developed for the popular Mozilla Firefox as the add-on to the SEOQuake toolbar. This  SEOQuake toolbar has become so much popular with the SEO publishers and consultants and they use to know the necessary information about Alexa rank, PageRank, text density, keyword positions, SEMrush link, no follow data links and about any data that are displayed on any web page. The success of the SEOQuake inspired the team, and they developed the software called SEMrush premium. Now it helps to solve lots of problems related to search engine optimization. This software has given the expected financial success to the expectation of its developers.


How Semrush Collets Data & Information?


SEMrush collects all its data through the use of their algorithm and methods. At first, it analyzes the top twenty results of Google search for any given keyword that is available in their databases. In their databases, they have over 71 million domain information and 100 million keywords. They use the LiveUpdate algorithm that refreshes the basis, and it works on the basis of the popularity of the search quarries. They have 26 data centers in total in different places of the globe, and the data is refreshed very frequently so that the users can always get the updated information. Get the Free SEMRush Tool for 7 Day’s


SEMrush Keyword Research, SEO & Marketing Tool FEATURES


SEMrush has lots of features, and they are divided into three different categories on the basis of the requirements and need. They have a total of three groups that have various functions under them. They are Analytical Reports, Tools, and Projects. Now we will talk about every type and their features and how are they going to help you retrieve the information you need.


The uses of the analytical reports are to find the information on your competitors so that you can have in-depth knowledge about them. You can learn which keywords they are ranking as best and how much budget they are putting behind the advertising to promote them. You will also get the backlinks and the screenshots of adds too.

Organic Search


This is the main tool that is used for finding out the top organic keywords based on the search of Google and Bing. This will group the keywords of the competitor that will be based on their ranking position, like1-3, 4-10, and finally 11-20. You will retrieve information up to 20 searches. Here you will also be able to find information about the trend, volume, SERP screenshot, CPC, details of search traffic, keyword competition, and the number of searches that took place at that particular word. Info about the keywords of the competitor will give you the necessary information so you can keep track of their progress through the rank process. The position changing report is another valuable data that will let you find out how the keywords of the competitors are changing positions in the search result. You will also be able to use this report for your domain so you can maintain and improve your situation by making necessary changes or updates to your content. Get the Free SEMRush Tool for 7 Day’s


SEMrush Tools For Display Advertising

This tool is very much helpful for display advertising. By using this tool, one will be able to find out specifically the list of 30 top portals of the advertiser. It also helps to give a solution of finding out 30 publishers all over the world who are using their money for the purpose of display the advertising. It is possible to reach more audiences if we can give ads on the platforms of the top advertisers’ portals. So, it is important to know their information.


SEMrush As Advertising Research Tool

As a competitor, you want to know your counterpart’s information on advertising. You need to are aware of their budget on advertising and how they are doing it. It is possible to know about this particular research. If you are an individual then the requirement may not be very much but if you are an organization, and you are competing with another big group they this data is going to be very useful for you. You will be able to see the strategies of their advertising, keywords they are using for advertising, and the screenshot of ad copies and also the regions where they are advertising.

SEMrush Tool As Product Listing Ads

E-commerce retailers from all over the world use this tool in a full range to find out and analyze the product list ads that are performing excellently on the results of the organic search. They also check the keywords that are being used by them and the number of keywords that they are targeting at the time of advertising. They also make a brief analysis of the financial sides as well and the amount of money they are spending on the purpose of those listing words. The retailers can be able to see the details of any ad copy and also be able to make sense regarding their price with using these data. They can also make themselves up to date with the keywords they are using and also the ranking positions on the different search engines as well. Get the Free SEMRush Tool for 7 Day’s


SEMrush tool As Backlinks  Checker

Backlinks are also known as different terms like inward links or incoming links. They are the incoming hyperlink from one web page to another web page or website. Backlinks Information plays a very important role for SEO purposes. We should have proper knowledge about this information of our relative competitors that will help us to learn about the process on which they are progressing in the field of link building. This tool is helpful to give us the information regarding incoming links for root domain or even sub-domain, information about a single URL, link of images, iframe link, link upon following vs. No, follow, top anchors of backlinks, text links that are similar to backlinks and indexed URLs, titles on search machines.  Using such data, it is helpful to estimate and find out how much reliable these backlinks are and where is the location of these backlinks. It also helps us to learn about the anchor text we are using. We can also be able to view the referring web page URL.

Mr. Neil Patel and Mr. Brian Dean are professional bloggers who are renowned worldwide as well. If we do some study about their strategies for working, we will be able to see that they are very much aggressive and involved in the analysis of link building. They typically find out the information regarding the competitor backlink domain or sub-domain. They also send the information to the authoritative and dependable sites of their latest content to find out new backlinks.

SEMrush As Keyword Researching Tool

We can get different content ideas regarding the keyword phrase by using this useful tool. We can also be able to see the information on the volume of searching per month, related keywords, trends of keywords, and also be able to get the information based on the long tail keyword with search volume as well.  This tool will display the information of the top-ranking domains on Google basing upon the keyword on which we are searching. Thus, we can also estimate the competition of content writing and also rank some better positions.  This tool is kind of similar to the usual organic search with a little dissimilarity. For example, we use the domain name of the competitors while using the natural search. But here we need to use the keyword phrase while working with this tool. Efficient keyword research plays a great role in the field of blogging, and it is kind of mandatory to rank better on the results of the search engines. So, if we are involved in blogging and want to see ourselves as a successful blogging career holder, then it is important to learn better about this keyword research.


SEMrush Tool As Video Advertising Research

At present, video advertising has become very popular all over the world and also very useful for the purpose of any product advertising. So this field is growing very rapidly. But the problem is to find out whether our competitors are using video advertising for the purpose of product campaigning and gaining immense popularity or not. This tool will help us also in such cases. It will efficiently analyze the competitor’s video advertising that is being uploaded to the in-stream advertisements section of YouTube. Thus, we can be able to make some senses about our competitors’ video advertising and also get some new ideas regarding this process.

Moreover, using this tool we can ensure ourselves about the number of video ads that are running on YouTube by our competitors and also on other landing pages. Thus, we can make a complete view of their performance in video campaigning. This tool is also useful in different fields like an online magazine, automobile companies, mobile companies, and also electronic gadget companies as we can learn about those companies’ all data. Get the Free SEMRush Tool for 7 Day’s


SEMrush Tool As Keyword Difficulty Checker

For writing content, we need to do a lot of research to select the keywords. But to get a better rank in the search engine we need to know about the competition for the keyword and also about the challenge from our competitors.  To rank better first, we need to find the percentage of difficulty and competition volume for the keyword. This tool will help to find this information so that you can quickly find the desired low competitive keyword for ranking you higher.


SEMrush Keyword Research, SEO & Marketing tool Charts

To point out the comparison with competitors maps are very helpful. It represents the data to visualize the strengths and weaknesses. Through this you can compare up to 5 domains to find out the number of visits they are getting from search engines like Google or Bing, even they are paid traffic, keywords which ranking them top and dropping them from the position, comparing of do-follow and no-follow links and percentage of backlinks.


SEMrush Tool Domain vs. Domain


The particular quality of this tool is that it can distinguish five domains side by side to find the backlinks, common keywords, unique keywords, and keyword ranking positions. These data will help you to find out the perfect keyword to concentrate on, which one left you comparing with other competitors and how you can still rank with the present keyword just by making your content updates. Get the Free SEMRush Tool for 7 Day’s


SEMrush Tool As Position Tracker

To maintain the top position, first, we will publish articles on the targeted keywords then SERP position for that keyword. One top position is achieved by us we will always try to keep track so that the keyword position will always be where it is in the SERP. SEMrush position tracking tool will help to follow us the website’s ranking in Google’s 100 top organic search results. The localized keyword position prefers to our interesting location can also be found with the help of this tool. The keyword position of our competitors comparing with our domain can also be tracked will this tool. This tool will allow five fields to compare side by side. Based on different devices and different location this tracking can be done.


SEMrush Tool As Site Auditing

To reach in high ranking position in SERP we need to check the factors and technical issues and find out the website’s SEO status. SEMrush site audit will help us to optimize title, broken links, image alt, Meta description, internal and external link, missing tags, and duplicate content on the blog and also help to analyze SEO issues. SEMrush will collect the audit data of our blog about SEO regularly and will send a report to the inbox so that we can rectify the SEO issues on the blog and rank higher in SERP.


SEMrush Toll Prices review

Depending on various ranges of functionalities that help us to find out the data there are three price variants of SEMrush as the screenshot above. The fundamental part of SEMrush Pro is enough to get the data for an individual blogger. SEMrush is also offering a free registration service that provides some functionality with limitations, and many new bloggers are using free services to find out their desired data. Get the Free SEMRush Tool for 7 Day’s


  • You will easily able to discover what your competitor is doing on the basis of advertising, ranking and managing keywords
  • It will help you with lots of features that will allow you to have different and alternative ideas with your content and keywords.
  • For the ranking and ad copy, the Google Adwords will be a handful.
  • Its features help to know-how are doing rank tracking and also help with the won/lost keyword too.
  • The phase match tool will help you to find the keywords that will drive the traffic to your blog/site.


  • It takes a good amount of time to get used to the SEMrush and its different tools
  • It does not have the metric for web marking that is available in the Moz or Majestic.
  • The price range can be a bit high for small business or first-time bloggers.
  • In the SEO tools, there are not many features to track or campaign management.

It is one of the most feature-full and helpful software available on the market that can help you generate necessary traffic to your sites. It will help you to build your business and power ahead of competitors in no time. You can easily make yourself apart from the rest of the company. The initial price may seem high, but it comes with lots of features and if you can use them correctly then the money you spend to get it will undoubtedly pay off. It might not be the tool for everyone to use, and it may be tough for any newcomer. But it will help you in so many ways you cannot even imagine.  So get the initial works to use it. It will not surely disappoint you.


Now, let’s check the Pros and Cons of SEMrush SEO tools.


Pros Cons
Checking accurate website traffic metrics of your competitors  Need to be faster
Finding Backlink sources of your competitors  Need to update the UI 
Check keyword positions of your websites
Analyze and compare FIVE competitors at a time alongside all keywords 
Do Keyword Research 
Site auditing facilities due to fixing website issues 
Great User Interface to find out insight 
Traffic Analysis
Search engine position tracking

Ahrefs vs SEMrush:

Let’s check the comparison of Aherfs vs SEMrush.

Ahrefs Pros and cons


Pros Cons
Great tool for checking your site health at a glance Overall High Price
Provides in-depth insights of backlinks and search traffic  No search history 
Helps to choose the best keywords for your site 
Checks sites crawl issues 
Ensure Domain comparisons and rank tracking 


SEMrush vs Ahrefs— Price: According to the search results, daily reports, historical data, and social media sources, both the tools, SEMrush and Ahrefs, offer nearly similar features, but in the point of view of search results, SEMrush is the winner. SEMrush offers more search results per month in every package. 


SEMrush vs Ahrefs—User Interface: When it comes to a clean and simple interface, you can consider Ahrefs, although SEMrush also offers the same interface with some more extra functionalities. It completely depends on user behavior and previous experience.


SEMrush Vs Ahrefs—Rank Tracking: SEMrush and Ahrefs both offer quality rank tracking opportunities although someone keeps Ahrefs as first, in my case, I think SEMrush provides great insights of every keyword and you can add multiple keywords and domain at a time.


SEMrush Vs Ahrefs—Keyword research quality: Both the tools offer some similar essential features that include Keyword Difficulty, Search Trends, Cost Per Click, as well as Search trends. The difference is SEMrush is great for finding keyword alternatives or more profitable keywords when Ahrefs breaks down some complicated tasks into simple graphs. 


SEMrush Vs Ahrefs—Competitor analysis: Not only SEMrush but also Ahrefs provide the most useful SEO tools feature that is Competitor analysis. For example, Keyword Gap Feature of SEMrush and Competing Domain Sections of Ahrefs. But the problem of Ahrefs is, it does not give insights into How To Improve what SEMrush does.


SEMrush vs LongTailPro

Let’s check the pros and cons of LongTailPro first. 

Long Tail Pro pros & Cons 


Pros Cons
Easily calculate unlimited keyword and profitability  Helpful to find long-tail keywords only
Get a detailed insight into competitors metrics Not disclose website traffic 
Explore single keyword difficulty metrics  Can’t provide traffic insights of the websites  
Complete cloud-based fast SEO tools  Unable to track Competitors keywords and backlinks sources 
Possible to work with multiple keywords


Long Tail Pro Vs SEMrush: Comparison 

First of all, Long Tail Pro is only for doing Keyword Research, when SEMrush is a complete SEO tool. You can do all types of work with SEMrush that does the Long Tail Pro. Even you get all the other facilities too. LongTailPro is ideal for getting lengthy keyword ideas which is good if you are bored with Google Keyword Planner. But when you get similar features from any other tools like SEMrush, experts are going with that. Although you can get tons of keyword ideas from Long Tail Pro that are low competitive and profitable, SEO experts mostly recommend SEMrush. 


SEMrush vs Moz: 

Moz Pros and cons 


Pros Cons
Better location-based SEO metrics  Poor User Interface
Good for Keyword Research  Not updated regularly 
Content Optimization Suggestion 
User-friendly Dashboard 

Moz vs SEMrush: Comparison 


At the same price, when you are able to check 5 sites and 500 keywords with SEMrush, with Moz you can inspect only 2 sites and 200k keywords. Comparatively, SEMrush updates and develops on a regular basis the User Interface and algorithm than MOZ. In that case, SEMrush is more user-friendly than Moz. It is true, Moz performs very well for location-based SEO whenever SEMrush works for international metrics alongside local SEO. Maybe, this differentiation is enough for any experts to choose the right tools.


SEMrush vs Majestic 


Pros Cons
Extraordinary to check Trust Flow and Citation Flow The database is not satisfactory when compared with other SEO tools
Big and updated backlink database Expensive
Analyze website alongside the content structure
Good for checking competitors strategy 


Majestic vs SEMrush: Comparison 


At first, we see the main difference between SEMrush and Majestic is that Trust Flow and Citation Flow are offered only by the Majestic SEO tool. And the other criteria of an SEO tool, that is always in the upper move by SEMrush. We can explain backlink analysis, keyword research, deep traffic analysis, and on-site optimization, which will bring SEMrush on the front line as an SEO tool. Even when exporting reports, SEMrush provides easier ways rather than Majestic. So, I think, the overall winner is SEMrush.


SEMrush vs  UberSuggest 


Pros Cons
Straightforward SEO tools Need to improve overall features
Easy to use Does not provide social media tracking 
Get newer keyword and linking ideas Unable to generate custom reports at a time
Updating regularly 


SEMrush vs  UberSuggest: Comparison 

First of all, if we consider the price UberSuggest is a freemium SEO tool. Then all other factors that make a tool extraordinary may be missed in UberSuggest. But in the case of a free tool, UberSuggest is really helpful. Although it misses rank tracking, Competitor keywords analysis, Site Audit, Backlink Audit Tool, On-Page SEO Checker that proudly offered by SEMrush. So, UberSuggest needs hard work when it would be compared to such well-organized tools like SEMrush.


SEMrush vs SpyFu


Pros Cons
Presentation with charts  No local SEO implementation
Deep PPC metrics A little bit tricky for novice SEO users.
Tracking and analyzing backlinks

SpyFu vs  UberSuggest: Comparison 

In the case of Backlink analysis, SpyFu has a great reputation among users. The advantages of SEMrush that do not provide SpyFu are Traffic Analysis Tool, Keyword Research Tool, and Site Audit. But for backlink analysis or getting in-depth PPC metrics, SpyFu is good, although SEMrush is well-known for these types of features as well.


SEMrush vs RAVEN 


Pros Cons
Useful for backlink analysis Need to develop the user interface
Ease to use and customizable  Fixing the bugs 
Track data from multiple sources


If we want to compare SEMrush with RAVEN, maybe RAVEN is not in that position. As it is affordable, we may consider this SEO tool. Most of the cases, the experts praise RAVEN for its Reporting interface. At the same time, due to taking data from multiple sources, it is helpful for analyzing keywords. Surely, SEMrush is great considering RAVEN in most of the factors.


SEMrush vs Mangools 


Pros Cons
Great user interface  Backlink Database is not widespread
Reporting with graphs, charts, and lists Need to improve on the user interface, and should add some others features
Chrome Extension
Local SEO metrics


SEMrush Vs Mangools: Comparison

SEMrush and Mangools both offer the most important SEO services that include Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research Tools, Keyword Tracking, Mobile Search Tracking, and Rank Tracking, though the databases and insight reports of SEMrush is commensurate and extraordinary. At the same time, Mangools does not provide services of Auditing, Content Management, and Google Analytics Integration.  Overall, Mangools needs to develop its Database and User Interface as well.


SEMrush vs AuthorityLabs 


Pros Cons
Free version available  Has some bugs
Provides multiple URLs when ranking Bit slow 
Google update alerts 
Allow unlimited users 

AuthorityLabs provides a free version of the tool, but the problems it has some bugs and the experts tell it as extremely slow. The advantage of AuthorityLabs is it allows unlimited users. But when considering with SEMrush or some advanced SEO tools, it needs to integrate some more features.


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