Business Plan: 360′ Digital Marketing Agency & Some Others Business Ideas




Prepared For: My Outsourcing Ltd


Prepared By: Mahbub Osmane




Who We Are?

  • 360  Degree Digital Company
  • Business Acumen (the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain.)
  • Technological Efficiency
  • Creative Production





Our vision is to be the leading digital consulting and technology services company in Bangladesh with expansion globally




Our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential in the digital landscape.




Our Goals

  • Redefining Client Experience
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Transforming businesses





Business Objective


  • To Provide best in class, high end, and economical digital business solution
  • To create, develop, deliver digital marketing service which exceeds customers’ expectation
  • To maintain and sustain customer relationships for long-term success
  • To position ourselves as a unique and viable alternative




Success  Metrics


  • Providing Value for money proposition
  • Ensuring High Return on Investment
  • Providing High-Quality Services in a sustainable manner
  • Delivering data-centric, research and analytics based digital services
  • Speed is the new currency of business


Problem Identification


  • Lack of creative ideas
  • Digital Expertise
  • Unprofessionalism
  • Non registered fraudulent companies
  • Technological in capabilities
  • The gap between creativity & strategic execution







  • Increasing Internet Penetration ( 53% penetration, 47% Remaining )
  • 42% active Social Users
  • Increasing number of mobile users ( 39% Active Mobile Users )
  • High growth in active social media users
  • Companies are realizing digital potential
  • Turning fear into opportunity ( Fear they will be obsolete in 3-5 years )
  • 90% see digital business initiatives as critical to the success
  • Have no idea what their industry will look like in 3 years (48%)





Unique Selling Proposition


  • We like to conform to the highest professional standards and business ethics in everything we do
  • Build in-house technological capabilities with high capable experienced tech people to serve our clients’ best interests
  • Our creative team will provide unique brandable ideas and execute them in an artistic manner to enhance ROI
  • Create a bridge between strategy & creativity




3 Core Functions


  1. Digital Services

 Development               Digital Marketing                 Graphics and Creative

  1. Digital Product Business

Affiliate Marketing         Drop shipping                    Print on Delivery (POD) 

  1. Training & Development

  Courses                        Workshops                   Talent




Digital Services



  • Web design and development
  • Mobile App development
  • E-commerce Development
  • ERP/CRM development

Digital Marketing

  • SEO, SEM
  • SMM
  • PPC
  • Email & SMS
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Graphics and Creative

  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Business Card
  • Logo
  • Letter Pad
  • Motion Graphics & So On




Client Acquisition Factors


  • Trust
  • Performance & Likability     
  • Network



Trust Factor


Client Visit Website > Find Alliances & Partnership > See Previous Works & Experiences   > See Client List > Observes SM Pages Activities >Visit Office





Nov. Dec. January


  • Rebuild RebrandRelaunch


  • Website ( Domain, UI/ UX)
  • Blog establishment to generate lead
  • Digital Planet App
  • Portfolio for each category of services
  • Social Media Pages


  • New Brand able logo
  • Artistic & creative brand identity development
  • Business Card, Flyer, Brochure, Signature Email Template,
  • Company Letter pad,  Company Seal
  • Social Media Pages Activity ( 10,000 Likes/Followers to initiate)
  • Enhance blog Activity and Content marketing


  • Website Launching Event
  • Press Release




Phase 1 Team Requirements


  • BD & DM Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Web/ soft Developer
  • Visualizer/ Designer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Copy Writer/ Content writer/ Content Strategist
  • Email/ SMS Marketer
  • Video Maker

Additional Required Team after  18 months


  • Marketing Data Analytics
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Social Media Leader
  • Digital Ad Specialist
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Customer support specialist
  • The Connected Salesperson



The beginning of Phase 2: Staring Digital Product Businesses


  • Hiring Consultant
  • Purchasing/ Building Tools
  • Developing Products


Phase 2 Execution: Staring Digital Product Businesses (Feb, March, April )


  1. Marketing Digital Services
  2. Start Selling Digital Products
  3. Start selling training and courses


May. June. July

  1. Serve Existing Clients
  2. New Clients Acquisition
  3. Process Development
  4. Prepare sites to sell
  5. General Sales to achieve revenue goals



Business Strategy  1


  Divided Business Segments

  1. Digital Service Selling

           ( Slow Process,  Sustainable, External Factors)

  1. Digital Products & Assets 

           ( Fast Process, Changes Frequently, Internal Control)

  1. Skill Development Training

           ( Government Projects, Talent Pipeline, Branding)



Business Strategy  2


  • Target Group Specification
  • First Three Year:   Small & Medium Businesses > Building Portfolio > Cost Effective to acquire
  • After Third Year: Gradually shifting to gain big businesses 




Business Strategy  3

  • Dividing the Internal Team
  • Team A:  Will serve existing clients > Regular digital product selling
  • Team B: Focus will be on  business development > New client acquisition > Secure Future position




Pro Forma Income

Details Revenue Expenditure Projection for My Outsource Ltd

Extra Opportunities


  • Government Project
  • Big Client From Outside of Bangladesh
  • Hosting Business / Cloud Computing / Networking Solutions / Security Solutions / Government System Digitalization


Pros & Cons of Digital Agency Business




  • Still enough market size to grab ( Almost 50%)
  • We will be one of the pioneer brands within 2-3 years
  • Slowly We can continue Digital Products/ e-Com with the same team


  • No Visible Product / Software
  • Resource persons are not available within limited budget
  • Time Consuming


Team For Only Amazon Affiliation business


Spend: 70000 – 80000 / Month

Affiliate Manager: 25000

Content Writer: 30000

SEO+Content Marketer: 20000

Others: 10000

Per Year Spend: 8,40,000 *2= 16,80,0000 ( for 2 years)



1st 6 months: $0 =

7 month to 12 months = $1200 = 96,000 ( one / two websites)

13 Month to 18 Month = $3600 = 2,88,000 ( one / two websites)

19 Month to 24 Months = $12000 = 9,60,000 ( one / two websites)

Approximate Revenue = 13,44,000 ( one / two websites) + Two Websites Value $20000 if we wanna sell = 16,00000


Variable: min: 10 Lac Max: 14000 lac BDT


Risk Factor:

  1. Google Penalty
  2. Time Consuming


Example of Some Profitable

vacuumkoo dot com selling for $6500

Affiliate Website


Some Other Exclusive Business Ideas


  • Living in a Road Vehicle (RV)


Monetization: 01. Unique Business 02: Travel 03: Ad 04:


Monetization: 01 Grocery Cell, 02. Amazon Affiliate 03. Kitchen Product Sell & Affiliation

Monetization: 01. Amazon Affiliate, 02. International & National Travel Event 03. Affiliation With Travel Vehicle 04. Affiliation With Hotel & Motel 05. Affiliation With Travel Resorts 06. Affiliation with pilgrimage institution 07. Affiliation with

  • Restaurant Business
  • Phytel, Ambulance, Online Medicine & Medical instrument supplying, Medical Air Ticketing, visa & booking, Medical Admission in home & Abroad, Doctors Appointment.
  • Software Business ( B. Grammarly)
  • Theme Development.
  • SDS & IDC ( Islamic Q & Answering Website, Bangla & English Version
  • Tuition App
  • News Blog / Magazine Development Exa:

Monetization: 01. Google Adwords 02. Monthly Subscription


Halal Social Sharing (Video) Platform Business Idea


Thousands of business is created by solving people’s problems!

For example, most of the Islamic scholars have categorized the earning from YouTube monetization as haram.
Now, will we waste our time and say haram, isn’t there alternative to halal, or can not be found out the way? Doesn’t Islam tell us to seek a job or do business in a halal way?

There is, or can be taken out, those who can take out, they can earn thousands of crores of money.
If Initially, we launch video-based halal social media platform in Bangladesh, then at least 5-6 crore people can be expected to use it, give ads, make videos, give halal advertisements.
Thus, if the system has the facility to extend to the future, then 1.5 billion Muslims can be targeted in the future.
There will be a huge possibility, and many young people will get jobs, a prominent local tech company will be created.

It is not possible to start such a big business venture without investment, need the support of the government, or the support of investors.
If this business is started, 5-6 more companies will be able to earn thousands of US Dollars.
If this post catches the eye of someone who can invest crores of money or can take government funding, then you can contact me, I have done some research on this idea, I want to share data, I think dream should be big!

If the Almighty wants, there will be business, if we can’t, someone else will, but we want a beautiful self-reliant Bangladesh.

Keep the discussion going on, and please share. It may fall in the eyes of people who can invest. We want someone to start the business, the system of halal income should be created in the world, Amin.


If you want to read the Bangla Post, Plz CLICK HERE



Reasons A Company Died


Reasons A Company Died!

  • No Strategy, No Identity or Positioning
  • Failed to build an effective team
  • Hired More People with Less Salary
  • Failure to deliver real value.
  • No Diversification
  • Lack of authenticity and transparency
  • Inability to control expenses
  • Lack of strategic and effective leadership
  • Failure to build an employee “tribe.”
  • Failure to create the proper business systems.
  • Unable to compete against market leaders. 
  • Failure to connect with the target audience. 
  • Failure to create an effective sales funnel.


Other business ideas


Tech business ideas 




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