Best-Google-Chrome-Extensions-For-Marketers-1024x512Introducing the best Google Chrome Extensions for you will reduce your unless act on the internet and change the way you browse the internet.

A powerful bulk email and mail merge system for Gmail. Simple and powerful email marketing inside Gmail. Used by Google’s own employees! Send email marketing campaigns to thousands of email addresses. Send cold emails to potential customers and follow up automatically. The email is merged with the data in Google Sheets. Personalize bulk emails based on name, email address, and all available columns in Google Sheets. Schedule a large number of emails to be sent later.

Use Hootsuite Hootlet to quickly share web pages to all social networks.
Your browsing experience becomes social. Access and share content from anywhere on the web. Find photos, videos, blog posts, and quotes. Find tweets by location and share them via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with one click.

Hootlet is a free extension of the Chrome browser, which can bring the functions of Hootsuite into the browser experience naturally. Hootlet is the smartest way to socialize while surfing the Internet, allowing you to quickly:
●Search social media next to your Google search
●Share while browsing, just click to exit the current window
●Highlight text to share directly to social media
●Discover social media related to geographic location through geographic location-awareness
●Easily share images and videos

“Check My Links” is a link checker that can crawl through your web pages and find broken links.
“Check My Links” is an extension developed mainly for web designers, developers, and content editors.

When you edit a web page that contains a lot of links, is it convenient to be able to quickly check whether all the links on the page are working properly? That’s where “Check my link” appears.

“Check my links” can quickly find all the links on the webpage and check each link for you. It highlights which ones are effective and which ones are ineffective, so simple.

You can copy all bad links to the clipboard with one click!

The HTTP response code and the full URL of the broken link are posted in the console log (located at: “Chrome>Tools>Javascript Console” or Ctrl + Shift + J).

By installing the extension, you agree to Grammarly’s terms and conditions ( and acknowledge that you have read Grammarly’s privacy policy ( For California residents, please refer to the California Privacy Statement (

From grammar and spelling to style and intonation, grammar can help you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect vocabulary to express yourself. You will get advice from Grammarly in Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and almost every other place you find yourself writing. Grammar is a writing assistant that is more in-depth than grammar and can provide you with comprehensive writing feedback. You can be confident that your writing is not only correct but also concise and clear. Make sure to register your account to receive a personalized writing report every week to help you track progress and identify areas for improvement.

LastPass is an award-winning password manager that can save your passwords and provide you with secure access from every computer and mobile device.
LastPass allows you to control your online life-easily to ensure that critical information is safe and reliable so that you can access it anytime, anywhere. Keep all passwords, addresses, credit cards, etc. in a secure vault, and LastPass will automatically fill in your information when needed.

Avoid wasting time, locked accounts, or filling out “passwords and forms” online-LastPass simplifies your daily online tasks while keeping you and your family safe.

All the data you need:
-Store username and password, LastPass will automatically log in
-Fill in the form quickly by saving your address, credit card number, etc.
-Keep your passport, insurance card, and any other security you want to protect
-You can use all data for free on any device
-Everything you save on one device will be instantly synced to all other devices

Print-friendly and display any web page in PDF format
Save paper and ink when printing

The friendly printing function can delete ads, navigation, and junk before your print. The pages are optimized to provide the best print reading experience.

Edit before printing
Click to delete anything before printing. Delete all images or a single image. Change the text size from large to small.

Print or save as PDF
Generate PDF for archiving, sharing, or saving. The PDF contains clickable links and source URLs, so you can continue to interact.

The screen captures the whole webpage or any part. Edit the screenshot. Record screencast video-record the video on the screen.
★Used by millions of users on different platforms★

✔ Screenshot of all or part of the screenshot
✔ Edit and annotate screenshots
✔ Screencast video-record video from screen and webcam
✔ Trim and crop screenshots
✔ Convert video to gif and mp4
✔ Quickly upload and share screenshots and screencast videos

Uncover the secret of success behind your favorite YouTube videos.
Do you want to know how to get more YouTube views or discover the secrets of the success behind your favorite YouTube channels and videos? vidIQ Vision for Chrome is a set of powerful tools, every creator wants to build his own audience on YouTube and needs access.

Whether you are a content creator, a digital-first publisher, or a community or marketing manager, you need to know:

-What makes “related videos” relevant?
-How do videos rank in search?
-Where does the “recommended video” come from?
-What is a good YouTube SEO like?
-How does social media adapt to audience development?
-True trends on YouTube
-What content the audience is looking for
-Double what you choose to get more YouTube views

vidIQ’s free Chrome extension provides the following answers! We provide you with unique and authentic optimization data that can greatly improve video performance, subscriber engagement, and promotional opportunities. vidIQ has a series of outstanding features, including:

vidIQ score-We rank each YouTube video according to a proprietary cross-platform algorithm, and assign optimization scores to it to predict the possibility of its promotion in related videos, search, recommended videos, and other products.

Channel review-have you ever thought about your own channel review (available 24/7)? vidIQ’s YouTube channel review tool is one of the most powerful video marketing tools you can access. It can quickly show you the effect of the content, how it works, and issues that need attention.

Video speed-Measured by “views per hour”, by checking how fast the viewing speed is in real-time, the speed function allows you to determine which YouTube videos have gained viral appeal!

vidIQ Competitor Tool-Get insight into what your competitors are doing to make them rank high and generate major views and subscribers. Our competitor tools allow you to focus on the competition and use their strengths to develop your own YouTube strategy.

Average watch time-know exactly the average watch time of your video and the video you are watching.

Social Media Likes/Shares/Comments-Check the number of times someone on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit has liked, shared, or included your video URL in a comment.

Track the time you spend on Chrome and get a clear picture of what you are doing all day.
Changes in 3.2.10:
-Fixed the accuracy of time recording for Chrome OS users
-Fixed the time recording accuracy of Google Docs
-Fixed idle state detection
-Solve all reported memory leaks

RescueTime tracks the time you spend in the active tab or window of your Chrome or ChromeOS device. This allows you to clearly understand what you are doing throughout the day to better manage your digital life.

If you leave the computer for a few minutes, RescueTime will automatically calculate when you left and stop tracking.

RescueTime is best to automatically classify the websites you visit. It also scores them on a scale from “very effective” to “very distracting.” You can easily adjust the default values to meet your needs. It’s also easy to pause RescueTime or delete any time you don’t want to track.

Instagram Follower.Mass Follows, UnFollows, Likes, and UnLikes. This robot uses variable time intervals to imitate a person.
Check out the PRO version:

Important advice: Please be careful, start slowly, understand the limits, and then start trying.

Another important suggestion: if this doesn’t work for you, please try to update the Chrome browser version, reinstall and check again.

You have 6 drop-down buttons, interval input, and an “options” page.

1) Follow-this will help you follow all visible people on the page
2) Unfollow-this will help you unfollow all visible people on the page
3) Like-this will help to like automatically
4) Not like-this will delete the like
5) Stop-this will stop performing the above operations

Note: This application will continue to run until Instagram changes its structure. If Instagram changes, we will try to update the app, but we cannot guarantee
read more
extra information
Report abuse

MozBar from Moz
Multi-functional SEO toolbar, you can research anytime, anywhere.

MozBar provides you with instant indicators when viewing any page or SERP.
-Create custom searches by engine, country, region, or city.
-Quickly evaluate the page authority and domain authority of any site or page.
-Visit and compare link metrics between pages when viewing any SERP.
-Find and highlight keywords on the page, and distinguish links by type: follow, don’t follow, external or internal.
-Public page elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status.
-Export the detailed information of the search engine results page (SERP) analysis to a CSV file.

A streamlined tool that can count characters and words by right-clicking
The word counter is a simple plugin that helps you get the number of words in the text selection through the context menu.

Just use the mouse to select the text, then right-click and select “Word Counter” from the context menu. A pop-up window will appear to inform you of the number of words in the selected text. In addition to this number, it also informs you about the average word length, the total number of characters, number of special characters, and the longest word.

This plugin has no settings or options to adjust. Just add it to your browser and start using it. As long as you can select words or sentences, it can run on any web page. Please note that the plugin does not have a toolbar icon.

Keyword search volume, cost-per-click, and competition of more than 15 websites, such as Google™ Search Console, YouTube™, Amazon™, etc.
The keyword Everywhere is a free Chrome extension that shows you monthly search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data on more than 15 websites.

Free users: the keyword “everywhere” displays the trend graph in the right widget of Google, related keywords, and the keyword “people are also searching”. They can also view estimated organic visits and the top 5000 keywords on all Google pages. On YouTube, they can also see the “search data analysis” widget and the “tag” widget.

Paying users: To view monthly search volume, cost-per-click, competition, and trend data, users need to buy points. The supported 15+ websites are listed on the homepage at Paying users will also see historical search volume and trend graphs.

  • Eagleget Downloader

EagleGet is a free all-in-one download manager and accelerator. The EagleGet Downloader extension for Google Chrome can take over and speed up downloads from your Chrome browser.

The software application is multilingual and can run on Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, and XP. In our test, no error dialog was displayed, and the tool did not hang or crash.
It provides support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, and RTSP.

With the help of this application, you can download various files from the Internet and integrate them into Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It provides support for multiple threads, which facilitate automatic execution, manual and batch downloads, thereby speeding up work.

In addition, EagleGet includes clipboard and browsing real-time monitoring tools, MD5 and SHA1 checksum validator, pending queue with scheduled tasks, tasks can be organized into different folders by type, and post-task operations and viruses can be automatically executed Check, the game mode (all notifications are disabled), and task cleaner, etc.

Fat Rank is a free lightweight browser keyword ranking checking tool. Just visit a website, click the “Fat Rank” icon, enter a keyword, and it will tell you the ranking of the website in Google and the ranking of which page URL. For competitor research, potential customers, and even simple quick ranking reports, this is very practical and useful.

Pinterest’s “Save” button allows you to save any ideas you find on the web so you can easily return to them later.

Just click to save dinner recipes, style inspirations, home projects, and other ideas you want to try.

Pinterest’s “Save” button also features visual discovery technology-hover your mouse over any image and click on the visual search tool to instantly discover visually similar ideas on Pinterest.

See a funny video, exercise, recipe, or article you want to watch or share with friends or family, but don’t have time? Using the “Save to Facebook Chrome” extension, you can save all the interesting content you see on the Internet and easily find them later.

Get organized
When you save a project from the Internet to Facebook, we will help you keep your project organized by providing you with collection options. Add the item you want to save to an existing collection, or create a new collection it will be easier to find when you are ready to view or share it later. You can create as many collections as you need, and then name them as needed.

Just for your eyes (until you share)
Only you can view and access the saved items, which are stored in your own private “Saved Items” list. From there, you can share your saved items on the timeline, in groups, or elsewhere on Facebook. You can also use the “Share Favorites” feature to share the entire favorites of saved items with a selected group of friends.

View your savings from anywhere
No matter where you take your browser, you can quickly access your saved projects and collections on Facebook. After clicking the “Save to Facebook” icon, click the “View All” link in the upper right corner, and the “Saved List” will open in a separate window.

Next time you find something interesting at an inconvenient time, just use the “Save to Facebook” extension. When you are ready to view it, select “Save and Save” on the menu on the left side of the Facebook News Feed, or enter in your browser

The easiest and fastest way to capture articles, videos, etc.
Pocket’s Chrome extension is the easiest and fastest way to capture articles, videos, and everything you find on the web. With just one click, your collected content will be displayed on all devices in a clean, non-disturbing space, making it easy for you to read it at any time, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Pocket becomes a quiet private corner on the Internet, where you can spend a good time with stories related to yourself.

3 different ways to save content
-Click the “Pocket” button in the toolbar
-Or right-click on the link and select “Save to Pocket”
-Or use keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows), Command + Shift + P (Mac

WiseStamp email signature
Every time you send an email without personal or company brand information, you lose a huge opportunity.
WiseStamp allows you to share your social profile and promote the information you care about in every email you send.

With WiseStamp, you can easily:
✓ Link to all your social networks and personal data
✓ Use the app to promote the items you sell, your blog posts…
✓ Share your latest status, funny quotes, green footer, legal disclaimer
✓ Add your company logo, use multiple signatures, and more

Audio Control Panel: Sync all your favorite web audio sources (such as music players, streaming videos, radio, and podcasts) to one location.
Add useful web audio controls to your Chrome™ browser now. simple.

SndControl is the audio control panel of the Chrome™ browser, which can be integrated with the web players and audio sources you already use. Music…At work? simple. Now, listen to audio all day long from your favorite source browser.

Enjoy smooth audio control functions, such as:
1. CONTROL PAD is used for full-function smart controls.
2. CLICKER, easy to play.
3. Music shortcuts.
4. Card is used for low-key music notifications.
5. Launcher (new) to start the player immediately.

Save to Google Keep with just one click!
Found a webpage, image, or quote that you want to save for later use? Using the Google Keep Chrome extension, you can easily save the content you want to keep and sync it on all platforms you use (including Web, Android, iOS, and Wear). Take notes to get more detailed information, and add tags to quickly categorize notes for later retrieval.

• Save URL, text, and image
•Record what has been saved
• Add tags to your notes
• Automatically save to Google Keep

This extension is a super version of the Google Analytics URL builder and is a flagged URL to be tracked in the Google Analytics campaign report. Using this tool, you can add UTM parameters to fully track the performance of your campaigns in Google Analytics: function list:

-Automatically read the current URL

-Unlimited label presets, you can add labels quickly

-Forced lower case (turn on/off switch) -Slightly shortened support

-Automatically generate final URL -Copy to clipboard button

-Remember your last UTM setting (for 60 minutes)

-“Copy UTM only” button

-Import/export presets for backup or sharing

-Always keep the marking screen open (docking version)

Use the Evernote extension to save what you see online to your Evernote account.
Evernote Web Clipper can help you save interesting content found on the Web to your Evernote account. With Evernote Web Clipper, you can clip any web page, highlight the most important content, uncomment, select a screenshot, and access the information anytime, anywhere.

Goodbye, bookmark. Hello, Web Clipper!
Clip the web page you want to keep. Save them in Evernote. Easily access them on any device.

“Use Evernote as a place to put everything… Don’t ask yourself which device you are on-it’s in Evernote”-The New York Times

List goals can find simple ways for you to get more email subscribers and monitor the effectiveness of your email list.
List goals can find simple ways for you to get more email subscribers and monitor the effectiveness of your email list.

Real-time list health monitoring: If your list looks a little weird, we will follow up and alert you.

New Dashboard: Quickly view list size, targets, and new subscribers immediately. This got fresh paint!

Multiple lists tracking: Track as many email lists and subgroups (labels) as possible on the list.

Breakdown tracking: will a webinar be held soon? Set goals and track them for this.

New integration: Use list targets with all 10 major email service providers.

Linkclump enables you to use the mouse to drag a selection box around the link to quickly open as a new tab, open in a new window, save as a bookmark or copy to the clipboard. Similar to Firefox’s “snapshot link” or “multi-link”.

-Operation: choose to open the link as a new tab, enter a new window, copy to clipboard or save to bookmark. You can set multiple actions.

-Activation: Choose how to activate the selection box using different mouse and key combinations (including shift/alt/ctrl).

-Smart selection: Try to select only important links on the page. Turn off this option to open all selected links.

Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
Ever tired of typing long email addresses, phrases you use often, or just want to save keystrokes as you type? Well, don’t be afraid! Auto Text Expander can solve this problem-a bit like TextExpander on Mac or AutoText on Windows, but it can be installed and synchronized in the Chrome browser!

This free (and ad-free) extension adds basic javascript to your page to check if your last set of consecutive keystrokes matches any of any number of custom shortcut keys you can define Matches and expands and replaces as you type. Save time, typos, and extra lazy satisfaction!

SEO Toolbar, provided by Ahrefs

Instant on-page SEO reports, broken link checkers, redirect trackers, and the most important SEO metrics for any web page in your web browser.

Using Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar, you can quickly browse the SEO report of the page you are viewing.
This includes:

-Title and description (and compare between the original HTML and the rendered version);
-Canonical URL;
-Indexability and crawlability (robot meta tag and X-Robots-Tag);
-Header and sub-header;
-Word count;
-Social tags (open picture tags and Twitter cards);
-Localization (hreflang).

The broken link checker in Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar can scan any web page for broken outgoing links (exportable).

Redirect tracker allows you to test redirects and follow the full path of the redirect chain

Display the ranking position number on the SERP

Use Hootsuite Hootlet to quickly share web pages to all social networks.
Your browsing experience becomes social. Access and share content from anywhere on the web. Find photos, videos, blog posts, and quotes. Find tweets by location and share them via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with one click.

Hootlet is a free extension of the Chrome browser, which can bring the functions of Hootsuite into the browser experience naturally. Hootlet is the smartest way to socialize while surfing the Internet, allowing you to quickly:
●Search social media next to your Google search
●Share while browsing, just click to exit the current window
●Highlight text to share directly to social media
●Discover social media related to geographic location through geographic location-awareness
●Easily share images and videos

With Hootlet, you can search social content as easily as searching Google, share directly from any page, highlight any text and automatically compose the message you want to share, search for location-related social shares, and easily share images and videos.

All your favorite websites are in one place.
Feedly is the most popular RSS and blog reader in the world, with more than 15 million users. RSS was reinvented.

Version 33: Feedly Mini is back

*Add website to your feed
*Save the page for later use
*Email page
*Twitter page
*Share the page on Facebook
*Save the page to Evernote
*Planning and marking pages

Feedly Mini is a small icon that is added to the bottom right corner of the web page, allowing you to easily add new feeds to Feedly, save the page for later use or tag the page.

With just one click, you can find an email address from anywhere on the web.
With Hunter for Chrome, you can instantly find out who to contact when you visit a website. In addition to the email address, you can also get the name, title, social network, and phone number. All data have detailed public resources in the search results.

★Domain Search

Domain search is the most powerful email search tool in its class. Click the icon in Chrome to find all email addresses related to the website you are visiting. It includes the most commonly used email modes, departmental filters, and public resources.

The email address is marked as verified or has a confidence score. If the email address has not been verified, you can verify it by clicking the checkmark icon next to it.

★Email Finder

If you already know the name of the person you want to contact, enter the name in the search field. The email address will be returned immediately along with the confidence score and source.

★List building

Click the “+” next to someone to save the lead to the list. You can send email campaigns to potential customers or synchronize them with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and more than a hundred other CRMs and apps.

★ Trusted by more than 2 million people

Hunter (previously known as Email Hunter) is used by salespeople, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, journalists, and many professionals who need to contact.

BuzzMarker for Chrome takes BuzzStream with you wherever you are on the Internet, and you can conduct surveys faster and smarter.
Please note: This extension can be used with your BuzzStream account. Don’t have a BuzzStream account yet? You can start a 14-day free trial on

With BuzzMarker for Chrome, you can:

*Build your little black book*
Add websites, people, and links to BuzzStream, take notes, and discover contact information-no need to leave the website you are using.

*Know what your team knows*
One-click view of team history and relationships with influencers and web publishers. Know what they know-never ask “Who knows this person?” again.

*Find new opportunities*
With the help of the list highlighter and navigator, you can find and limit display opportunities directly from the list and exploration tools. See which opportunities already exist in your BuzzStream account-which are new opportunities.

The following are early users’ comments on BuzzMarker for Chrome:
“For the past two years, I have been using Buzzstream to successfully establish relationships. With the help of chrome extensions, my work has become extremely active. I can visually see who is on the network and dynamically add those who are not in the database.”
-Gael Breton, founder of higher, please click

“BuzzMarker has become more dynamic in this extension. In the search list itself, it is even more powerful. Easily becomes one of my top SEO extensions.”
-Bill Sebald, Greenlane SEO owner

Is there a problem with this extension? Contact us via support on buzz stream dot com.

The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.
What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a web page? Firebug and Webkit Inspector are easy enough for developers to use. However, for others, this is not necessary. With this extension, you can check them by simply hovering over the web fonts. It’s that simple and elegant.

It also detects services used to provide web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API.

Recommended by Wired WebMonkey, Lifehacker, and SwissMiss.

SEOquake is a free plugin that provides you with key SEO indicators and other useful tools, such as SEO Audit and many other tools
SEOquake allows you to:

★Easily view all main indicators
★Comprehensive analysis of SERP and export results in CSV format
★Estimate keyword difficulty immediately
★Set the search query parameters
★Complete SEO audit of web pages, including checking mobile compatibility
★Check your Facebook and Google+ social statistics
★Use multiple default parameters or create custom settings
★Get the complete report of internal/external links
★Determine the density of keywords and configure the stop word list
★Compare URLs/Domains

SEOquake contains multiple tools that you can use according to the specific SEO effort you want to make. The SEO bar is an additional toolbar located at the top of the browser window. It provides core indicators-some of which can be customized. The SERP overlay is a bar chart that appears under each SERP result. When enabled, it will provide you with detailed metrics related to each list, as well as another sidebar section that can be used to categorize and export results.
In addition, you can get a detailed report of the specific page you want to analyze.

SEOquake also has other useful tools, including SEO audit tools, keyword density reports, internal/external link analysis, and even social indicators.

  • The Great Suspender

Make your computer run smoothly by suspending unused tabs
Lightweight extensions can reduce the memory footprint of chrome. Perfect if you open many tabs at the same time. Tabs that are not viewed after a configurable length of time will automatically hang in the background, thereby freeing up the memory and CPU occupied by the tab.

➤Whitelist specific URLs or domains that you don’t want to hang
➤ (Optional) Show a screenshot of the tab before suspending
➤When restarting chrome through a large number of open tabs, performance can be greatly improved
➤Detect the tabs that are playing audio and can prevent them from hanging
➤Detect tabs containing forms with user input and prevent them from hanging
➤Configurable behavior when browsing offline or using battery power
➤Build from open source code for complete transparency

WiseStamp email signature
Wisestamp is a free email signature extension with advanced features. We provide you with the easiest way to the network so that you can create a professionally designed email signature and add it to your email in minutes.

Promote things you care about and make your emails lively and interesting. Download the extension now.
What this extension does for you:
✔️By using the Wisestamp generator, you can easily create and customize professionally designed email signatures in minutes.

✔️Enrich your email signatures with dynamic and engaging plugins to improve your email performance.

✔️Automatically add your new signature to every email you send (no manual setting required).

✔️Allows you to edit and update signatures at any time with a few clicks.

Gmail user?
✔️You can access the Wisestamp email signature generator directly from the Gmail message box.
✔️You will instantly sync your signature to all devices currently logged in.
We also support all other major mail platforms:
✔️Gmail and Google Apps email
✔️ Outlook
✔️MacMail and iPhone.
✔️Yahoo Mail
✔️AOL mail
✔️Popular Mail
✔️Real-time mail
The main signature features and add-ons you can use today:
✔️Add your image or company logo (or both)
✔️Add social media icon links (displayed as buttons or icons)
✔️Add promotional buttons for sales, latest posts, new jobs, etc.
✔️Add beautifully designed banners for holidays, promotions, and others
✔️Add a calendar widget to set up meetings directly from your mail
✔️Add images from your Instagram portfolio
✔️Add video
✔️Add legal disclaimer
✔️Add green footer
✔️Add quote
✔️Add stylized handwriting sign

Yesware helps sales professionals build lasting business relationships. It has never been easier to track, manage, and keep up-to-date on connections. With Yesware for Gmail, you can save time and avoid guesswork in emails. Just click “Add to Chrome” to start a free trial.

“Yesware can save a lot of time because they can automatically add leads to campaigns for large-scale follow-up. In addition, since we can pass information in campaigns and measure open rates, click-through rates, and response rates, overall Messaging. Over time, this allows us to improve our ability to enter new companies.” Greg Keshian, Rekener

Effective communication
-Follow up smarter with email tracking
-Use email templates to save time
-Create a multi-touch personalized campaign
-Schedule an email to be sent on a date and time you like
-Cancel the round trip of meeting appointment

  • Rapportive

Rapportive is very convenient for Gmail users because if you use Gmail, it will show you other information about your contacts. When you open your Gmail account, you can click on a contact and that person’s LinkedIn profile will be displayed on the right. It will be very convenient if you deal with various businessmen and freelancers who do not know much about it. It may also show whether you told you different information from what they posted on their LinkedIn profile. Rapportive is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome. If you use Firefox or Chrome to log in to your Gmail account, you can use this tool if the add-on is enabled

The built-in Chrome extension allows you to find out how your website is built by clicking the built-in icon!

BuiltWith is a website analyzer tool. After finding the page, BuiltWith returns all the technologies it can find on the page.

Find any email you need on LinkedIn, Twitter, and website domains. Connect with decision-makers, expand your network, and grow your business.
★Find and verify emails from any website or LinkedIn profile in seconds! ★

From researching leads➜ to verifying their emails➜ and sending direct messages-no need to close your browser!

In addition, use our free Chrome extension to export your new potential customers to the mailing list and create email on-demand campaigns to grow your business in an unprecedented way.

Sniply allows you to embed your own call to action in every content. Embed custom messages into CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, BBC articles from anywhere. Sniply allows you to drive conversions through content marketing for each content.


As long as you type or paste the link, Sniply will automatically detect it and ask you if you want to embed the message on the page. You can enter a custom message, and the link will automatically be converted to a Sniply link containing your message embedded on the page.

Popular features

* Seamless integration with Buffer, HootSuite, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SproutSocial, Hubspot, Edgar, and Post Planner-almost every sharing and social media platform.

*Your Sniply dashboard will show you the number of clicks on the link and the level of interaction with the embedded content.

*Use Sniply to capture potential customers, promote blog posts, sell products, get email registration, increase traffic, and any content that needs to be exposed.

* Sniply is perfect for bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, event organizers, and anyone who wants to promote call-to-action.

Get tag suggestions for images and text on any website (especially applicable to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Hootsuite).
Stop guessing hashtags.

1) Generate the label of the image
Right-click on any image on any website and select “Get tag suggestions for images”, or click the “Upload” icon in the RiteTag column to get tag suggestions for images from your computer.

2) Labels that generate text
Type a hashtag and click on the space to get instant hashtag suggestions (available on any website). Or, select any text on the page (for example, the text of a post), right-click it, and select “Get tag suggestions for the text”.

3) The color indicating the strength of the label
GREEN=Use this hashtag to be immediately visible
Blue = Use this hashtag to view at any time
Red = Do not use this hashtag, your post will disappear from the crowd
Gray= Did not use this hashtag, few people pay attention to it

**Additional features**
+ Hover over any hashtag in the bar to see short suggestions
+ Click on any hashtag in the bar to add it to the post
+ Click the copy button to copy all suggested hashtags to the clipboard
+ Click Compare to compare statistics of hashtags currently displayed in the bar
+ Click the RiteTag browser button to show/hide the RiteTag bar
+ Turn off extensions for specific domains

The dropper is an open-source extension that allows you to select colors from web pages, color pickers, and your personal color history.
The dropper is an extension of Google Chrome and Chromium. It allows you to choose a color from any web page or advanced color picker. For web developers, this is a good tool.

Put the timer in any web tool and use all the data stored in the Toggl account for fast real-time productivity tracking
Whether you use Trello, Slack, Asana, Todoist, Jira, Notion, or one of more than 100 integrated tools, you don’t need to open a new tab to start tracking time. Toggl Track timer can now also meet your Pomodoro needs through automatic reminders.

If you are looking for Toggl Button, you have come to the right place -> We just renamed Toggl Track, but the functionality of the extension remains the same (and we also changed the color).

To see a list of all supported tools, please visit or

1. Click “Add to Chrome”.
2. Log in to Toggl Track from the extended menu or (the tab can be closed)
3. Under “Settings”, grant extended permissions to inject itself into the required services
4. You will soon start to notice the Toggl Track extension in your favorite productivity tools
5. Start the timer in one of the supported web tools, and the name and item of the task will be added to the “Toggl Track” time entry.
6. Tracking your time will immediately help you increase productivity

Found a page similar to the page you are currently viewing.
Found a page similar to the page you are currently viewing.
Like the page, you are viewing and interested in other similar pages? Try to find more pages about the topic you are researching, but it is difficult to make the right query on Google? Google similar pages can help!

Now you can quickly preview and browse other pages that are similar to the page you are viewing.

When you click the “Similar Pages” button, the browser will send a search query to Google to see if the page you are viewing has similar pages. The data related to the query will be processed in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.

Please note that this extension is still in beta, so many aspects of the extension may change in the coming months. Help us develop better by sending the error report to [email protected] (including the Chrome version number and operating system you are using).

Protect your focus…spend less time on your email.
This Chrome extension helps you check your inbox at a reasonable frequency, process emails on a regular basis, and minimize the total time spent in the inbox.

If you are healthy, you can retrieve it from your inbox for about an hour a week.

### How does it work

Once the inbox is ready, some changes will be made to the Gmail interface to help you develop a better email workflow.

-Hide your inbox by default
Search your files and write new messages without distraction*. Only view your inbox when you make a choice.

-Set your inbox budget
Determine how many times to check your inbox and how much total time it will take. Then, get visual feedback about your working style and intentions.

-Arrange for inbox lock
Define an inbox lock schedule so you can focus on the in-depth work and then batch process emails at the best moment.

Bring the function of the GIF search engine to any place on the web. Use GIFs and stickers to reply to emails, tweets, etc.
Bring the function of the GIF search engine to any place on the web. Search and discover the best GIPHY GIFs and stickers in your browser to reply to emails, tweets, etc. quickly and easily! Using GIPHY to expand is fast and easy. Just search, drag, and drop or right-click!

We are constantly expanding our support. Let us know where you would like to reply to GIF. Contact us: [email protected]

Supported website

+ Gmail
+ Facebook
+ Twitter
+ Relaxation
+ Github (Max 5MB GIF)

Find out if your email has been read. Email tracking for Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, Google Inbox, G Suite, Office 365, and Yahoo Mail.
Find out if your email has been read. Just install and future emails will be automatically tracked. When tracking is enabled on a sent email, a circle will appear, and a checkmark will appear when it has been read. Suitable for unlimited email accounts and sent emails.

Suitable for Gmail, Outlook / Hotmail, Google Inbox, G Suite / GSuite / Google Apps, Office 365 Outlook, and Yahoo Mail. For compatibility with other email clients, please contact us at [email protected]

Email trackers will never store or transmit your email content to ensure your privacy.

Emails sent only to you will not be tracked. If you want to test the extension, please send an email to another email account.

Millions of Gmail™ and G Suite™ users rely on Boomerang for simple, integrated scheduled email delivery and reminders. This service allows you to schedule emails that will be automatically sent in the future, so you can compose emails immediately, and the service will be sent on the beach at 6 AM tomorrow or next week without you being online.

Boomerang can also help you postpone (“pause”) incoming emails by making incoming emails disappear from the “inbox” into folders or labels, and then putting them back at the top of the mailing list at a specified time email of. It can help you keep your inbox clean without losing important messages. Boomerang is also the only reminder service that can alert you when you do not receive an email response.

Boomerang also directly brings the AI-supported assistant Respondable to your compose window. When you write an email, “responsible” predicts the likelihood of a response to the message in real-time and interprets the analysis in an easy-to-understand way. The responsible person will guide you to write a valid message to start the conversation (or keep the conversation).

Boomerang’s latest work efficiency feature, the inbox pause function, can help you focus by temporarily delaying the speed at which emails arrive in the inbox.

For great For
▸ Arrange birthday email
▸Project Management
▸ Remember to pay the bill
▸ Make sure to follow up the sales leads and make sure they answer you
▸Communicate with people in different time zones
▸ Manage travel confirmation emails and return them on the day of travel
▸ Determine whether your email has been read through the cross-platform reading receipt
▸Measure your email engagement through open tracking and click tracking
▸ Write an effective email to get a response
▸Focus on an important project without continuously distracting emails
▸Return the inbox to zero!

A Gmail plugin that will warn you when you compose an email with words that will destroy the content of the email
We are just sorry! Let us increase our awareness of how to limit information and reduce voice. Inspired by the works of Tara Mohr and others, this Gmail and Chromebox extension will warn you when you use words or phrases that destroy the content of the message. Commonly used qualifiers and phrases are underlined for you to choose the processing method. Hover over the underline to see more information on how to use the phrase.

An application that displays ranking numbers in Google, Yandex, and Bing search results
Topvisor application for Chrome browser:

-Display the ranking number in Google and Yandex search results;
-Instant access to projects and help centers.

Analyze the performance of the webpage and get specific suggestions on how to optimize the webpage.
Same as PageSpeed Insights, but uses PNaCl instead of NaCl.


1. This extension is experimental.

2. The UI uses open source code, which is different from the current (not recommended) PageSpeed Insights extension.

3. If you are using an ARM-based computer, then this is the only option for PageSpeed Insights.

Majestic backlink analysis goes directly into your browser.
More than 50,000 installations. Get instant link counts and see who is linking to the page you are viewing without using a separate link analysis tool. Free backlink count data provides more detailed information for account holders.

This backlink checker by Majestic provides you with a way to quickly check the strength of any page based on its backlink information. Because Majestic crawls the entire network, it does not have to rely on third parties to obtain data. You can view the Trust Flow™, Citation Flow™, and Visibility Flow scores of any webpage directly on the URL bar, and you can view summary information about the number of domains and URLs linked to this page.

The theme of trust flow is now integrated into the tool. Now, it shows you the topic (or category) of each backlink.

Information provided for free includes: link profile graphs, number of URL links, subdomain and root level, and two Flow Metrics™ scores (from 0 to 100) of the pages you visit (speed limit applies).

Majestic subscribers can link their accounts to the extension very easily, and then can view more detailed information about the link to the page where the browser is located. contain:

* “Backlink Details”: 10 strongest backlinks to the page (with a list of more links), including URL, anchor text, citation flow, trust flow, visibility flow, and first and last seen date. The “first seen” date is relative to the “freshness index” in Majestic, so the date will not exceed 60 days. The main theme of trust flow is also embedded.

*Anchor text details* A list of the 10 strongest anchor texts (with more links) used in URL links, including the link count and domain count associated with this text link and the relative citation flow and trust flow related to it link. The main theme of trust flow also applies to embedded.

*Tools*: You can use Majestic’s many backlink analysis tools directly from the extension to easily understand URLs.

*Add to bucket*: If you are interested in viewing the URL in the future, you can press the “Add to Bucket” button to add the URL directly to your Majestic account for later backlink analysis.

Buffer is the best way to share great content with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn from anywhere on the Web with one click.
The Buffer Chrome extension allows you to arrange content to Buffer (
By using this tool, you will be able to visit other websites and plan to buffer directly from other websites. This allows you to post the articles in front of you directly to social media, or to a social media queue for future arrangements.

The Buffer Chrome extension is directly integrated into various websites, making it easier for you to share content. You can enable the integration for,, and, to name a few. A beautiful “Share Image” button will also be displayed to help you share images on the web more smoothly. All these integrations can be disabled through the extension’s settings page.

Save up to 95% memory and reduce label confusion
Whenever you find that you have too many tags, click the OneTab icon to convert all tags into a list. When you need to access these tabs again, you can restore them individually or all at once.

When the tab is in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory because you will reduce the number of tabs open in Google Chrome.

Privacy Guarantee

Information about tabs will not be transmitted or disclosed to OneTab developers. The only exception is if you intentionally click on our “Share as web page” feature, which allows you to upload a list of tabs to a web page to share with others. Unless you specifically use the “Share as Webpage” button, the tab will not be shared.

Bookmark manager
Experience the beautiful new bookmark manager by restoring session pages, searching, and better history and bookmarks.

Now, use drag and drop from the UI to rearrange the session. The conversation page now has a search function. You can delete duplicate URLs with one click. You can search for bookmarks and history directly in the extension pop-up window.

Use the bookmark manager to organize existing bookmarks. You only need to specify any word that exists in the bookmark URL to move the existing bookmark to a separate folder.

Manage bookmarks and folders:
-Identify duplicate bookmarks.
-Clean bookmarks by deleting empty folders.

Use the “Enter” key to navigate through the fields on the keyboard.

Set the shortcut to trigger the extension:
Go to the URL “chrome: // extensions /”. There is a keyboard shortcut link in the menu.

-“Tab” to bookmark the current session.
-“Bookmarks” to save bookmarks.
Note: Except for any other information on the computer, no information about you (history or bookmarks) will be stored or saved.

Use Todoist for Chrome to arrange work and life
Todoist was named “The Best Work List” by The Verge, and 25 million people use it to organize, plan and collaborate on large projects.

Use Todoist for Chrome to:
• Add website as a task: Add blog posts to your reading list. Save the item to your wish list. Add work tasks to follow up.
• Plan your day: Quickly organize tasks for the day directly from the extension.
•Complete the task through the browser: After completing the task, select it without switching context.

Do more with Todoist on desktop and mobile devices:
• Capture and organize tasks to make them appear suddenly.
• Remember deadlines with reminders and deadlines.
• Develop a lasting habit through repeated expiration dates (such as “every Monday”).
• Collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.
• Use priority to prioritize tasks.
• Track your progress through personalized productivity trends.

With access to more than 60 application integrations, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier, Evernote, and Slack, Todoist will quickly become your center for keeping your work and life organized. In addition, our Wunderlist importer can help you switch tools and start using them within a few minutes.

StayFocusd improves productivity by limiting the time you can spend on time-wasting websites.
You sit at the computer and swear you will be efficient. The next thing you know is twelve hours later. You have checked your email, updated your Facebook status, browsed 200 pages of Reddit, read every article in the Twitter feed, looked up your favorite band on Wikipedia, searched vainly on Google, followed you on the Internet His predecessor, who browsed all-schools smashed Instagram feeds and lost a week’s salary for playing online poker.

What you haven’t done is work.

StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that can help you focus on work by limiting the time you spend on time-wasting websites. After the allotted time is used up, you will not be able to access the blocked site for the rest of the day.

Your digital focus. Listen to background sounds to cover up annoying sounds and help you concentrate when working, studying, or relaxing.
With Noisli, you can create and listen to your own personal sound environment to help you focus on your tasks, reduce stress, and help you relax or relax after a stressful day.
Join nearly one million other users who use Noisli to become their little friends all day long.

The Noisli Chrome extension allows you to quickly and easily access the main functions of

✔ Get inspired by our carefully curated playlist
✔ Quickly access and play your favorite combination
✔ The timer can work in the session (advanced features only for Pro and Business users)
✔ Master volume control
✔ Easily share your combination with friends and colleagues
✔ Random play and oscillation (only for Pro and Business users)
✔ Unlimited streaming (professional and business users only)
✔ The completed session will be added to your daily timer statistics (visible on

1) On any page, you can take notes anywhere on the page
2) Notes will be saved in real-time.
3) All notes can be moved by mouse: drag and drop
4) When you go to this page again, the note will load automatically.
5) And display a badge on the logo to indicate the remark count on the page.

New features added in version 0.5
6) Option to change note style
7) Note summary function

The extension allows users to forward multiple emails through the Gmail website. For more information, see -…
The extension allows users to forward multiple emails through the Gmail website.

The final personal start turns your Chrome “New Tab Page” into a beautiful personal information center.

With, you can instantly access all bookmarks, news feeds, notes, and web services. This will help you stay organized and save time online.

Can run on all devices and other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera) without syncing data/bookmarks.

Free tools to grow your business. This is chrome extension that can make your life easier. This is a great plugin that can be used to check Sumo pop-ups and marketing options!

Save articles, videos, and to-do lists for later use. When you need them, they will magically reopen.
A productivity tool that keeps you focused and helps you master all tasks in the browser.
After receiving the email, the browser is our second inbox! We keep the tabs open like to-do items that require your attention, and they stay there until they are done. Tab Snooze allows you to arrange tabs for later use and allows you to focus on current important matters. When the time is up, the tab will wake up with a soft notification, letting you go back to where you left off.

This extension is a better version of the Google Analytics URL builder. You can use the newly tagged URL to measure campaigns in Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Amplitude, and almost every other analysis tool.

UTM Builder extended functions:
-Create links in bulk and save time
-Custom brand domain name link shortener
-No more messy spreadsheets
-Save templates for UTM campaigns
-Sync UTM templates across the entire team
-URL is automatically populated into form fields
-Auto-fill fields to improve speed and consistency
-Cloud storage integration for logging
-Share directly to Facebook and Twitter
-Shorten UTM through integration
-Save all links and user activity to your account

Use shortcut keys to speed up, slow down, forward, and rewind HTML5 audio/video
HTML5 video provides a native API to accelerate the playback of any video, but most players implemented hide or restrict this feature. This extension can solve this problem and more…

By allowing you to quickly adjust the playback speed, as well as rewind the video to listen to the last second, it will help you optimize video viewing. Our reading speed is not constant, and the speed of speaking is much slower than reading-there is no reason why we have to listen at a constant speed and (very) slow speed.

After installing the extension, just navigate to any page that offers HTML5 video and you will see a speed indicator in the upper left corner of the video player. Hover the mouse over the indicator to display the controls for accelerating, decelerating, or rewinding the video (10 seconds + reduce the playback speed). Or, even better use the keyboard:

-S- Reduce the playback speed.
-D- Increase the playback speed.
-R- Reset the playback speed.
-Z-Rewind the video for 10 seconds.
-X- advance the video for 10 seconds.
-V- Show/hide the controller.

Facebook Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that helps you verify the implementation of pixels.
Facebook Pixel Helper works in the background to find conversions or Facebook pixels and provides real-time feedback on implementation. A few pixels will appear on the Facebook Pixel Helper icon to indicate the number of pixel events. When clicked, the panel will expand to show a detailed overview of the page pixels, including warnings, errors, and successes. Learn more about using Facebook pixels here:

Tag Assistant can help solve various Google tag installation issues, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.
The Tag Assistant can help you verify that various Google tags are installed correctly on the page. Simply navigate to any page and Tag Assistant will tell you which tags exist, report any errors we find, and make suggestions that can improve your implementation. Most Google tags have been checked, including Google Analytics, Adwords conversion tracking, Google Tag Manager, etc.

Use Google Tag Assistant records to record the typical flow of users entering and passing through your website, and immediately verify, diagnose and solve problems in the implementation of Google Analytics

The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.
What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a web page? Firebug and Webkit Inspector are easy enough for developers to use. However, for others, this is not necessary. With this extension, you can check them by simply hovering over the web fonts. It’s that simple and elegant.

It also detects services used to provide web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API.

Advanced straws, color pickers, gradient generators, and other small colored things
ColorZilla is finally available for the Chrome browser, it is one of the most popular Firefox developer extensions, downloaded more than 5 million times!

With ColorZilla, you can read the color from anywhere in the browser, quickly adjust the color and paste it into another program. It can do more…


✓ Eyedropper-get the color of any pixel on the page
✓Advanced color picker (similar to Photoshop’s color picker)
✓ Ultimate CSS gradient generator
✓ Web Color Analyzer-Get the palette of any website
✓ Palette Viewer with 7 pre-installed palettes
✓ Color history of recently selected colors
✓ Display element information, such as label name, class, ID, size, etc.
✓ Automatically copy the selected color to the clipboard
✓ Keyboard shortcuts
✓ Get the color of dynamic hovering elements
✓ Click to start color selection (currently only on Windows)
✓ Choose a color from Flash object
✓ Choose color at any zoom level
✓ All features here:

Capture a screenshot of your current page completely and reliably without any additional permissions!
The easiest way to take a full-screen screenshot of the current browser the extension capture every part of the page, and then transfer it to the new tab of the screenshot, where you can download it as an image or PDF, or even just drag it to your desktop

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper is an excellent list building tool for many types of professionals. It makes the work of many people easier:

• Recruiters can expand their procurement resources
• Sales managers can be better prospects and find more leads to add to their email sequence.
• Marketers can find and research bloggers, journalists, website owners and contact them in a few clicks.
• Data analysts can now easily collect information for research

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper will not interfere with other popular email address finding Chrome extensions, including Clearbit,, ViolaNorbert, and work with them! Just use this tool to grab your profile information, and then send the list to one of the rich tools to find its contact information! In our v1 update, we will include email lookup + email verification, making it an all-in-one B2B lead tool!

With just one click, you can increase the return on investment of your articles in your favorite planning tool.
With just one click of a link, you can enhance your post with tags, emoji, GIF, and CTA.

Popular tools:

1/Auto label
Use related tags and current trend tags to automatically tag your posts.

2/Auto emoji
Automatically add relevant emojis to your posts.

3/ Extract image from the link
Automatically attach the image extracted from the meta tag to the link of the post.

4/ Create image/GIF from template
Automatically create beautiful pictures based on post text

5/ Shorten the link with CTA
Through the button, picture, or video, CTA automatically shortens the link.

It has an extension for the Chrome Web browser that allows users to automatically extract email addresses and other contact information from LinkedIn and Github.


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