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Video Making & Marketing Service


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and natural visits to web pages containing videos typically increase by 157%. By 2020, the video will account for 85% of AOL traffic.

If you want to integrate video into your marketing plan, then you are wise and your customers (and your wallet) will thank you very much. MahbubOsmane.com has a proven track record in creating compelling videos for all types of video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, website videos, and video advertising. If you want your video to make a splash and attract viewers, then we are a video marketing company.

Get better leads, more sales and lifetime customer tickets

Do you know:

  • Half of the consumers watching online product videos say it helps them make more confident buying decisions
  • The study found that 74% of users purchased the product after watching an explanatory video about the product.
  • People watching videos spend an average of two minutes on the site and are 64% more likely to buy
  • The video itself is 50 times more likely to appear on the Google homepage than a traditional web page


Company profile videos, product reviews, and “how-to” videos are a proven way to improve your search engine resources and the performance of your enterprise search engine optimization campaigns.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, attract more calls and leads on your website, or promote videos in your Facebook campaign, you can call MahbubOsmane.com. Our small business video marketing team consists of experts in:

  • Screenwriting
  • Pre-production
  • Live shooting
  • Editing and post-production
  • Video graphic creation
  • YouTube marketing
  • Video SEO
  • And more

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MahbubOsmane.com video marketing services


When you choose a video marketing service from our online video marketing company, we will help you with all aspects of company video production from start to finish, including:

  • Professional video script copywriting
  • Site shooting consultation, design, and shooting
  • High-quality video production and publishing
  • Video graphic creation
  • Video SEO on YouTube and your website (to help your videos show up in search engine results)

MahbubOsmane.com’s in-house production team provides all video equipment, including cameras and lighting.

Video marketing services:


The best marketing videos should be less than 3 minutes for profile videos and less than 60 seconds for ads. Because consumers love short videos, they are more likely to watch your video if they know that the information you provide is short and clear. First, we recommend that you include the following videos in your marketing plan:

  • Competitor differentiation factors – what makes your company stand out from the competition?
  • Guarantees – Strong guarantees can help turn viewers into customers.
  • Recommendations – Over the past two years, videos labeled “comments” on YouTube have been viewed on mobile devices for more than 50,000 years. Share your best recommendations to convince customers that you are their company.
  • Company History – Personalize your brand and create authenticity.
  • Call to action – what do you want your audience to do next? Include a clear call to action and the URL of the page you want them to visit.
  • Instruction videos – Recent research from Google shows that instruction videos have gained the most attention across all content categories on YouTube.


Why your business needs multiple online videos?

Upgrade your digital presence with video marketing services

Adding videos to your website and social media profiles can help your business increase visitor engagement, build trust and credibility, and drive conversions from digital assets, which is why you need multiple resources. Not to mention, creating multiple marketing videos is an economical way to enhance your website and effectively showcase your sales referrals, products or services.

Businesses now use video marketing services more than ever to attract viewers and attract potential customers and sales. What do you ask?

  • Google likes to display various media in search results, which makes videos rank higher than plain text pages.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Come on!
  • You will increase the amount of time your site visitors spend on your site. Studies have shown that pages with videos have a longer average time on site than pages without videos.
  • With videos, you can increase brand awareness and build trust. They are just like commercials, cheap and effective.

Let’s start!

Ready to start your first company video? We have video marketing suites for companies of all sizes, so whether you need an affordable, low-cost video marketing service, or the entire professional portfolio, we should call you. We also offer editing services if you need to make a video clip into a video or shoot some video on your phone or personal camera, and you need to turn it into something worthy of being included in a video marketing strategy.

If you don’t want to take a picture on the camera, or you don’t have a physical location suitable for video shooting, we can also create animated videos, banner videos, and text videos to visually appeal to companies to promote your company approach.

Contact MahbubOsmane.com at 88 01716 988 953 or send us a message online to learn more about our all-inclusive video marketing package for small to large businesses. We’ve worked with lots of small businesses in Bangladesh & WW, and we can’t wait to work with you!


We serve companies nationwide and will dispatch our experts, but we are located in the following regions of Bangladesh:

Bogra, Bandarban, Barguna, Barisal, Bagerhat, Bhola, Brahmanbaria, Chandpur, Chittagong, Chuadanga, Comilla, Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Faridpur, Feni, Gaibandha, Gazipur, Gopalganj, Habiganj, Jaipurhat, Jamalpur, Jessore, Jhalakathi, Jhinaidah, Khagrachari, Khulna, Kishoreganj, Kurigram, Kushtia, Lakshmipur, Lalmonirhat, Madaripur, Magura, Manikganj, Meherpur, Moulavibazar, Munshiganj, Mymensingh, Naogaon, Narayanganj, Narsingdi, Natore, Nawabgonj, Netrokona, Nilphamari, Noakhali, Norail, Pabna, Panchagarh, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Rajbari, Rajshahi, Rangamati, Rangpur, Satkhira, Shariyatpur, Sherpur, Sirajgonj, Sunamganj, Sylhet, Thakurgaon, Tangail

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Using Video in Marketing: Tool That Speaks for Itself

If there’s a story to be told, message to be conveyed, or a brand to be presented, what a better way to do so than with the help of a video. Ever since the black and white TV ads, up until today, when we have all sorts of social media content, videos are used to tell a story to a viewer.

The infographic at review42.com points out the importance of videos. 86% of businesses use videos on their websites, and people spend twice as much time on pages that have video content than on those that do not. With the help of video, purchase intent is increased by 97% and brand association by 139%.


Why Are Videos Effective?


Videos are a great type of content, and today, content is what sells a product. They fit in great with every business plan and marketing strategy. What’s even better is the fact that everyone with internet access can watch videos on any social media channel. Customers find them fun and engaging. On the other hand, videos are an efficient tool for marketers, as they are a shareable and versatile medium.


Types of Videos Used in Marketing


Videos come in different forms, depending on the marketing strategy, so let’s see what types are the most utilized.

  1. Brand videos: These videos tell a story of a brand, present a company’s core value, and help a brand stand out from the crowd.
  2. Explainer videos: These types of videos can be used to share a tip or explain how a product works. 
  3. Product reviews: Videos with product reviews are the best way to promote a product or service. Also, reviewing the product that belongs to another company can additionally win users over. 
  4. Company culture videos: Showing who is behind a brand can help connect with customers on a whole other level, making that relationship more personal.
  5. Testimonials: These work well because viewers see someone who is not connected to a company speak well of it.
  6. Webinars/live videos: There is nothing better than to go into detail on a topic live, instantly grabbing the audience’s attention. Plus, viewers will be able to ask questions, hence getting valuable insight.

Combined with proper SEO, market research, and timing, videos can be implemented across all platforms to reach the target audience.

What does this mean?

Without market research, companies cannot know their target audience. If there is a lack of knowledge in that aspect, videos will not bring a return of investment.

Strong meta description, video headline, and keywords help the video climb to the top of web searches. That saves businesses both time and money.

Timing is essential because of two aspects:

  1. Sharing a video in a specific timezone can bring more views. 
  2. Posting a video for an event, like launching a new product, draws the necessary attention to the company.


Combining different types of videos with a proper marketing strategy, spreading the video content on various platforms, and tracking results separate one brand from another. Videos make a massive difference in the digital era, where the average user’s attention span is less than 10 seconds. They show what the company or a product is about better than a blog post, and help customers understand a brand better. 

Still, have questions? Or want to get a call?


Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01912 966 448 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at hi@mahbubosmane.com We would be happy to answer you.


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