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User Experience Service

User experience service

UX design is the arrangement of a product, service or system in such a way that its user can reach his goal or destination in the easiest and most beautiful way without any hesitation. In a word, UX design is the design of the user experience in using a product, service or system. Many people may think that only in Photoshop, Illustrator or any editing tool or visual design is called UX design. The idea is actually completely wrong! UI or visual design using only different tools is not called UX design. UI is just a part of UX. No matter what, MahbubOsmane.Com has been providing Graphic Design, UI & User Experience Service for many years. We have an experienced team. So, get the best User Experience Service from MahbubOsmane.Com.

UX design is still a relatively new field. Many companies are just waking up because they need someone on their parole, if they want to maintain customer demand and attraction. For many people, the term design is associated with creativity, color and graphics, but its actual definition depends on functionality. As well as the process behind making products that provide an uninterrupted experience for using them. The work of the UX designer will probably seem mysterious at first and will create confusion. Anyhow, MahbubOsmane.Com are offering the best user experience service from many years and our expert team are handy and experienced to deal with any need of you.


Why do you need user experience?

Your customers buy products from you because they only want the products, services and benefits from you. But if you want to sell online, you don’t just have to rely on your own products to sell. You need to provide a good user experience (UX) that makes it easy for people to purchase and often encourages them to buy.

Why user experience matter? What features does a product need to have in order to develop?

In order to make a product user friendly, it is essential to have SIX qualities in it:

  • The product is useful
  • The product is usable
  • The product is findable
  • The product is credible
  • The product is accessible
  • The product is desirable

UX is very important for online business because it allows your customers to easily navigate your website, find what they need and ensure a very good web experience for the customer. When you make it easier for customers to buy from you, they will buy more often.

You can get sales with an ecommerce website with low cost but when you think about a user you will see how easily a user can come from your website and see the product and buy that product. What is this opportunity or benefit you get from that readymade WordPress theme?

Have you heard of Micro Moment but how do you achieve that Micro Moment? How do you track? Your sales depend on how you offer the desired product to the customer at that micro moment.

Days are over with just one website. Now there is a lot of competition in the e-commerce sector so you need to be more prudent with your business.


Meet the best User Experience Service

We have been providing UX design or user experience services for the last few years. Our experienced team will provide UX design services to suit your needs so that your users get the most efficient service.

  • UI prototyping
  • Interaction and animation
  • Adaptation to all device screen sizes
  • Implementation with development

User Experience Strategies

There are many steps in UX design. One step at a time is to proceed. Almost all the steps are similar to each other, and if any one is omitted, it may be a failed design.

User Research

How do you design a user’s experience but not a user’s research? Before designing a product, system or service, you must research the user group of that system. They need to know about needs, aspirations, surroundings, financial capabilities, etc. Suppose, you have to design a mobile app for a certain population of a country. If you sit down to design without knowing anything about them, it will be like sitting down to write a cow composition without knowing properly! The essay may be written by you, but no one will be able to read it anymore! A product, system or service can have several types of user groups.

Problem Identify

During user research, the main problem of that user group is to find out where it is. It is very important to know the main problem of the users while doing research. Once you know the main issue, you can work on solving that problem.

In order to know a user group very well, you need to have a discussion with them. This is called Focus Group Discussion in the language of UX Design. They need to know better about their problems by talking to them and only by talking to them can they get accurate information about their needs, abilities, hopes, aspirations, surroundings etc. There are many rules and regulations for this discussion.

Task Analysis

Task analysis is the process where the user group of your system, service or product needs to be closely monitored. User group’s Persona and Scenario have to be created. Persona refers to the collection of each user group’s name, address, age, occupation, workplace, family status, etc. and Scenario refers to the collection and recording of the biography of that user group, i.e. their daily life, and behavior.

The main purpose of Task Analysis is—

  • What is the main goal of the user.
  • What tasks the user performs to reach that goal.
  • What are the obstacles they face while performing tasks
  • What effect does the user’s surroundings have on reaching that goal?
  • Whether the user’s previous experience has any effect when reaching the goal.

Card Sorting

After identifying all kinds of problems of the user group, many times we have to get confused as to what is the real problem of so many problems! If there is a problem that can be solved, maybe 90% of the problem will be solved. Card sorting is done to avoid this. There are two types of sorting cards- one. Open card sorting. Two. Closed card sorting. Giant companies like Google, Microsoft can solve thousands of their problems through card sorting with just a few problems and from those few problems can be solved very easily.

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. The result of this solution is your user’s problem solving information! And that is the essence of your work. This is called Information Architecture. If you can’t sort this information properly then all your work is in vain! Information architecture refers to the creation of an architecture of that information.

Wireframe & Sketch

Many of us, when designing the UI (User Interface), first start designing with a tool or software. But as a result we have to read many kinds of problems. Time and time again we have to change the various parts. But if first you can make a sketch of the possible UI in the notebook with a pencil from which you can easily delete or change the drawing, then the task becomes easier. This is called Wireframe which will make your work much easier. This wireframe can be done with computer tools, but it is best to do it by hand.

Prototyping & Usability Testing

To verify the user experience of a service, system or product, one has to choose its original user group. Only the user group for which you are designing your product can verify that product. But just designing the whole product for verification, developing it and going to the user is a very difficult and time consuming task. This is why the prototype was made.

The prototype can be online or offline or paper prototype, i.e. the structure or shape of different devices of design made with paper. Those paper devices are given to the original user group to test by sketching your product. In this way, when the user tries to use the product through prototype, it is verified where the user is doing wrong and where he is stuck. The result that you get through product testing or verification with the original user is Usability Testing i.e. how much your product is usable to the user.

User Interface (UI) Design

It can be said that the most recent job of UX design is to design the user interface. After selecting the user verification – their needs, aspirations, capabilities, environmental conditions and their key problem solving and all their information as a designer now you know how to design your product, system or service your user group the most will benefit and they will be able to use your product with ease. If a product, system or service is designed in accordance with all the rules of UX, it can never fail.


What do MahbubOsmane’s user experience services include?

Creating a great UI is a challenge, especially since it has to be easy to understand. If people like Samsung or Apple phones ask in a study which phone you prefer, most people say they like Apple. Although both brands have the same experience of a phone as a product. But who cares more. Why? Why they like Apple phones so much, The response was: “I prefer the Apple phone because it’s much more user friendly. Very well versed with Apple’s UI, UX. For this reason, we have made user experience service to meet the goal of your business. We encourage to contact our team to inform about you and your needs.

  • Customer analysis
  • Design research
  • Branding and graphic development
  • User guide & story


Tips When taking user experience

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You can also take the help of a professional UX designer. Some must need UX for eCommerce websites that are very important to fulfill.

Easy Navigation

When someone wants to buy from your site, so that they can find it in less time and to help them do this, your website should have a logical menu that includes categories and products. Categories will have common names for multiple products that help your customers narrow down their search.

So if you sell different types of shoes, you may have some categories called “casual shoes”, “formal shoes” or “regular shoes” depending on the size of your inventory. “Heel,” or “High Heel.”

This kind of category based money helps the customer get what he wants in a matter of seconds. And once the customer finds a few links to click on your site, they can take the next important step.

Instant transactions

Since the product was so easy to find, your purchasing arrangements should also be very simple. Ideally, one or two-click checkouts are possible.

However, this is not possible for every ecommerce site. Instead, you can focus on clicks as much as possible by just asking for the necessary information. This includes the customer’s name, shipping address, billing address and purchase information.

In the same way, a customer has to go through only four pages to buy what he wants. Slow loading pages can frustrate users and prevent them from buying products so it helps the customer to buy something when each page loads quickly.

Easy communication

The language you use on your site is key to successful sales. You need to write in a simple and clear way so that anyone can read and understand. What a customer wants and how easily he can find the product he needs from your site.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About user experience service

What is UI design?

UI Design means User Interface Design which can also be called visual design or graphic design. In short, the interface is the scene we see around us with our eyes. So when designing something, we make a proper use of colors, fonts, shapes, patterns, textures, etc. to give a look to the interface. That is the user interface design. Again, many call themselves UI / UX Designer. This is also wrong! If the UI part is a part of UX then how is UI / UX designer? Just say UX Designer. On the other hand, many people currently work only with UI, they are called UI Designer.

It is the responsibility of the UX design team to know who the target customers are and how their experience with your product can be most fruitful or enjoyable. Efficiency, usability and user adaptability are paramount for such products. UX designers typically focus on the development of digital products, but theories and processes can be applied to anything.

Does UX just mean web design or development or software development?

By answering the above question, you may have realized by now that UX does not mean website design or development or software development. Yes, it is true that UX does not mean web site design or development or software development. Any product is made for e-users, so for all products it is necessary to do research with user research or UX.


Above all our user experience service will help you to impress the customers. Eliminating unnecessary things will help you figure out how to find success through quick way. So hopefully our user experience services will take you a long way in expanding your business. we encourage to talk to our team for more details. In case of any need contact us by email, WhatsApp, Skype or phone call.


Still, have questions? Or want to get a call?

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