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Responsive Web Design Service

Responsive-Web-Design-ServiceResponsive Web Design Service

Are you looking for Responsive Web Design Services in Bangladesh? Are you not sure where to start or how to plan a big project for your online presence? You have come to the right places. MahbubOsmane.com, a leading Digital Marketing blog, is providing Responsive Web Design Services for last five years. We build a website with creativity by taking responsibility for your brand, fame, and authenticity. Not to mention, we use the latest technology and trends to build a website than any traditional one in Bangladesh.


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Why you need a Responsive Website with creative design

You can ask me, what is responsive web design? A responsive website is a system where a website is built by considering all types of devices including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet (10 inches and 7 inches) and mobile phone. As mobile users are increasing rapidly, so it has become a must-need approach for designing an updated website. On the other hand, Google is giving priority in ranking algorithm for a responsive website. For this reason, it has attracted the webmaster.

Actually, after 2013 it has increased the users of Mobile Phone because of the sudden growth of Mobile phone and tablet users. As it is small and can be carried anywhere, it has become a trend surfing the internet with a mobile phone. Important to realize, more than 60% of internet users are coming from mobile devices. So, how will you ignore them? Even, eBay has told that every one sale in 2 seconds is coming from a mobile phone. Can you imagine the stats? Responsive websites increase higher conversation among desktop, mobile or tablet. Our Responsive Website Specialize in Smartphone, Tablet, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Computer, Laptop.

What do Responsive Websites look like

A responsive website is the same web layout with traditional one, but it can respond differently. Especially, it responds to different devices of different sizes.

If I give an example, you will be more clear. For example, you are visiting a traditional website which is non-responsive, and when you visit this website from a desktop or laptop computer, it will show the full websites. Markedly, a full layout website becomes in 3 columns (Though it can vary, I’m comparing with the maximum number of the web layout). If you visit the same websites from a tablet or mobile, it will show the same things as like three columns. For this reason, you have to scroll it horizontally, and it’s boring for the visitor of your websites. Maybe they are missing something, or some images or graphics may not be load perfectly. They will never get a real view of portrait orientation or landscape view. So, you are losing some reliable visitor for the future. At a time it can be more dangerous.

At the same time, if the website was a responsive one, you will get different results for different devices. That means, it will load exactly for a device. For example, if you visit the websites from a desktop or laptop computer, it will show you in 3 columns, on the other hand, if it is a tablet, it will show two columns, and it will be a perfect view for the tablet, you do not need to scroll it horizontally. Similarly, when you visit the website from a mobile phone, it will show you 1 column, and it will be perfect for your mobile devices. That means a responsive website will respond differently to devices sizes.

How does Responsive Web Design Work

Responsive websites have to perform differently with different sizes. For this reason, it uses fluid grids. All the pages and websites are divided into percentage or portion, not pixels. Suppose, you are using three columns for a website, but you can’t tell exactly how much their wide would be. For this reason, we consider the first column as 50% (may vary), and second on 30% and third one 20%. At last, you will get a three columns websites. Similarly, images are divided or resized relatively. With this in mind, it stays perfectly when it becomes small or large considering the devices.

Responsive Consideration for Designers

When web designers work for a website, they have to take some consideration for a responsive website. Because different devices perform differently and the using method is also different. For example, a computer is used by a mouse, on the other hand, a tablet or mobile may be Qwerty or touch. So, a designer has to remember this in his mind. Similarly, if a mobile devices get high-resolution images, it will take more time than a computer. At the same time, download speed will be less for small devices. So, reducing graphics size depending on different devices is so much necessary for a designer.

With attention to, mobile apps vs. mobile versions which one is more popular? Of course, mobile apps are good, but it needs to create different types of apps for the different operator as like android, windows or iOS. In this case, a responsive website can be very useful and usually, it would not be a boring thing as well. So, designing a responsive web design is so critical and time-consuming effort as well. It can reduce your investment for starting web presence as well as it can be very effective to build loyalty.

Why Small Businesses Need to Switch to Responsive Web Design today:

All types of businesses need to come into the web world. Similarly, it very much needs to come back perfectly for mobile devices with responsiveness. A statistics show that 45% of Americans are using a smartphone and 35% of American are using a tablet too. On the other hand, you know 60% of internet users are coming from a mobile device. Similarly, if you see your web stats from Google Analytics, you will be surprised that half of the visitor is from the smartphone. So, it’s time to decide for you. I have just shown you the reality. If I tell in a word, there have no alternative to use a responsive website rather than you will fail to get the potential customer.

You can check any present websites if it is responsive or not from Google Responsibility Checker.

Why MahbubOsmane.com for Responsive Web Design?

MahbubOsmane.com, a leading digital marketing blog in Bangladesh, is providing great facilities to build Responsive websites. We use all the components of your websites for responsive issues. All the tools and technology we are using are the latest and high quality. Similarly, it will ensure your website accessible for every gadget. It will be cross-browser supported, fast loading and light-weight. Creativity is one of the best methods to build a perfect responsive website. Our developers are keeping their path in every sector of web development.

What MahbubOsmane.com offer

  • Upward design method
  • Using perfect Fluid Layout
  • Zero Scrolling
  • Fluid Navigation
  • Performance check for every device’s, browser and anywhere
  • Fast loading, lightweight and simplicity
  • SEO friendly
  • Proper Call To Action
  • Logically Planned Layout
  • Cost Effective and increase sales
  • Great user experiences
  • Save money and save the time
  • W3c Credibility
  • Standardized Testing
  • Quality Designers and developers
  • Employing Latest Technology
  • Complete Quality Assurance
  • Systematic approach

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