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Google My Business Profile Reinstate from Suspension for OJI Smart dot com

Google My Business Profile Reinstate from Suspension for OJI Smart dot com ( www.ojismart.com




OJI Smart dot com




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Details Case Study: Google My Business Profile Reinstatement from Suspension

Client: OjiSmart.com
Service Provider: MahbubOsmane.com
Date: August 2023

Executive Summary

OjiSmart.com, a local online marketplace specializing in handmade crafts, faced a significant setback when their Google My Business (GMB) profile was suspended due to a policy violation. This suspension adversely affected their online visibility and customer acquisition efforts. MahbubOsmane.com, a digital marketing agency, was engaged to address this issue and reinstate OjiSmart.com’s GMB profile.


OjiSmart.com, a small-scale e-commerce platform based in a suburban area, heavily relied on its Google My Business profile to connect with local customers. Their profile was instrumental in showcasing their unique handmade products, attracting potential customers, and providing essential business information.

In July 2023, OjiSmart.com faced a suspension of their GMB profile. The suspension was a result of a perceived policy violation, although the business owner was unaware of any wrongdoing. This suspension had a detrimental impact on their online visibility and customer engagement, resulting in a significant decline in sales and inquiries.


  1. Loss of Visibility: OjiSmart.com’s GMB suspension meant they no longer appeared in local search results, depriving them of essential visibility.
  2. Decline in Sales: The suspension resulted in a sharp drop in sales and inquiries, as potential customers could no longer find or contact the business through Google.
  3. Unclear Violation: The business owner was uncertain about the specific policy violation that led to the suspension.


MahbubOsmane.com took the following steps to address the challenges and reinstate OjiSmart.com’s GMB profile:

1. Comprehensive Analysis

The first step was a thorough analysis of OjiSmart.com’s GMB profile and the possible reasons for suspension. This involved reviewing the profile’s content, images, and any possible policy violations.

2. Corrective Actions

Upon identifying potential policy violations, MahbubOsmane.com worked closely with OjiSmart.com to rectify these issues. This included editing and optimizing the business description, removing any prohibited content, and ensuring the profile adhered to Google’s guidelines.

3. Communication with Google

MahbubOsmane.com reached out to Google My Business support, explaining the corrective actions taken and requesting a reevaluation of the suspension. Clear and concise communication with Google was essential to ensure a swift resolution.

4. Documentation

As part of the appeal process, MahbubOsmane.com provided Google with detailed documentation, including evidence of the corrective actions taken and adherence to their guidelines.

5. Monitoring and Follow-Up

The agency continued to monitor the GMB profile and communicated regularly with Google’s support team to expedite the reinstatement process.


After two weeks of concerted efforts, OjiSmart.com’s Google My Business profile was successfully reinstated. This reinstatement brought about several positive outcomes:

  1. Restored Visibility: OjiSmart.com regained its position in local search results, restoring its online visibility.
  2. Sales Recovery: With their GMB profile reinstated, OjiSmart.com experienced a noticeable recovery in sales and customer inquiries.
  3. Policy Compliance: The business owner gained a better understanding of Google’s policies and guidelines, helping them avoid future violations.
  4. Strengthened Online Presence: OjiSmart.com’s online presence was strengthened, contributing to long-term brand awareness and growth.


The successful reinstatement of OjiSmart.com’s Google My Business profile by MahbubOsmane.com was a testament to the importance of understanding and adhering to Google’s policies. Through comprehensive analysis, corrective actions, effective communication, and diligent monitoring, the business was able to overcome the challenges posed by the suspension and resume its growth trajectory. This case study underscores the significance of professional digital marketing services in mitigating online setbacks and optimizing online visibility for businesses of all sizes.

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