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Digital-Media-Buying-&-Planning“Enterprises should make advertising the most investment behavior, not just a cost.” — Chen Junliang, a well-known Taiwanese media expert

In this technological era, Most of the consumers surf the internet over digital devices like mobile, laptop, etc. As consumers move on to the digital platforms, the world of advertising has changed in its methods with a various look to embed with the digital age. Digital Media buying is the process of purchasing the position for advertising on various platforms like website, social media, apps and other digital platforms. Mahbubosmane.com is such a platform who explores every opportunity of digital media buying service by providing the best analysis on the market which indicates the best-fitted area for your business advertising.

Media Planning and Purchasing


In simple, our digital media buying and planning team sees how, when and where to reach consumers, while keeping their eyes on the return on investment. But in reality, achieving all this is very difficult when your digital media buying reaches $ 300 million each year. It requires a talent to identify synergies of generic platforms in paid advertising, own, free, integrates a media planning to the creative process, optimizes the marketing mix and develops attribution models to measure the return on investment in media.


An Integrated Approach


Digital planning and the purchase of Media encompass a constant ecosystem of paid, free, and own advertising, always in evolution. To build connected brands, we take a holistic approach to planning and buying media, which allows us to integrate all digital channels, and measure inter-channel influence, both online and offline. As a result, we are more efficient, skilled, and able to edit, add, or cancel a campaign to obtain optimal results.


Online Campaigns for Digital Media Buying


The Internet is now a mass media with diverse sub-areas. Your treatment should be left to professionals to get the most out of it. At mahbubosmane.com digital company, we believe that each campaign is unique and complex, and has to be looked at from several sides. We do not buy “just” media, but we provide full service and advice. We can help you with the design of the message, landing page and website optimization because in a quality online campaign not only targeting, placement, and message count but also what happens to users (potential buyers) when they reach the client-side.
That is why we believe that the design of the measurement system is essential! So we can draw conclusions from quality data later.


Digital Media Buying Services: 


  • Planning, Purchasing Online Classic Display Campaigns Planning and
  • Running Online PPC (Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing, etc.) Planning and Running
  • Programmatic Campaigns Planning and
  • Buying Imagery Campaigns (Deployment, Educational, Repositioning)
  • Managing Social Media Activities
  • Planning and running performance-based campaigns (purchase, registration, database collection)
  • Online advertising texts, banners
  • Campaign analysis, reports, A / B tests, conversion, attribution analysis
  • Website development, micro-site, landing site development, optimization
  • SEO consulting
  • PPC campaign auditing

We can produce complete analyzes of the advertiser’s target group, consumers, competitors, media campaign. We help in brand building, the content aspects of communication and the right message.


Measure, Optimize, and Repeat


Producing a desirable return on investment for customers is in our DNA. We create balanced attribution models to measure the return on investment of every dollar spent. Using the Connected Marketing Platform and external advertising servers, we deliver and monitor programs to optimize the media used and direct the results. Together, these tools offer constant information, flexible reports, and anticipation of campaigns, which helps us to reinvest continuously through channels and placement, so that customers get dividends of money invested in online media. For contact with us and know more details about us, just hit the link contact us 🙂 


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