Content-Creation-Tools-Mahbub-Osmane-dot-comHere you will get a complete list of content creation tools.


1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a powerful tool for storytelling because it allows you to explore the size of different moments and how people respond to them. You can review and compare different terms with each other, such as the rankings of different sports since 2004. You can also search the incident as a whole to help understand the severity of the incident.

2. Serpstat

Serpstat started as a program for an in-house use within Netpeak digital marketing agency. They offer 8 ways of co-operating with experts to create content that can answer most of the questions of both experienced specialists and beginners.

3. Keyword Finder

Keyword research is not rocket science. Just search for keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. We have the most accurate SEO difficulty and exact search volume!


Keyword Tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner and other keyword research tools.

5. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a research tool for visual keywords and competitors. It displays information-rich keyword search results in an interactive graphical view.

This comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools is designed for marketers to help them optimize their strategies and gain an advantage in the competition.

With the help of Keyword Eye, companies can gain insights into competitors’ AdWords keywords and their natural rankings to understand the problems to be faced. In this way, they can imitate the same operation or create similar but unique operations.

In addition, the “keyword eye” can even show which questions are popular and which content is for specific keywords. This allows them to understand which keywords or questions can match their content, and thus gain greater visibility in search engines and the Internet.

6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free tools that can directly display the most feasible SEO metrics in Google search results, YouTube search results, and your Amazon search suggestions.

7. Wordstream

WordStream’s free keyword tools and resources for SEO and PPC are designed to help search marketers through keyword suggestions, keyword grouping, keyword analysis, long-tail keyword research, and negative keyword discovery. Their free keyword tool comes from a database of trillions of keywords, and is beyond what a typical free keyword tool can provide.

8. SEO Book

SEO book is provide a variety of free and paid SEO tools to SEO professionals and DIY webmasters. Our website provides marketing techniques, search analysis, online business techniques, and general comments on web development from the perspective of algorithms, publishing and business models.

9. Keyword Discovery

Keyword discovery is mainly a keyword research tool, which allows you to enter a topic or seed keyword in the search bar, and then generate a list of related keywords and search terms.

All keywords listed are their search volume in different search engines, which can help you determine the most popular phrases on your website

10. BuzzSumo

You may have heard me mention BuzzSumo before.

I like this tool and have been using it for several years to guide my content marketing efforts.

This is great because it not only provides you with content ideas. Much more!

It also performs the following operations:

Tell you the number of shares and social activities that your content has received
Identify key sharers
Show backlinks
Show you popular content
In other words, you can quickly determine how effective the content is and where it resonates most with readers.

This information is useful because it allows you to know the perspective of the blog, and it is easier to tick when the topic is at its peak.

11. Venngage

Venngage is highly attractive and entertaining, and its easy-to-use design features allow students to create stylish, detailed infographics. This is a good way for students to organize their thoughts intuitively and influentially, organize their studies, and exchange thoughts systematically.

12. Evernote

The core functions of Evernote, OneNote and Google Keep are similar, although Evernote has more features and some unique features. For example, when location services are enabled, Evernote will add geographic location tags to your notes. This may be a great help for business travelers. They may remember where they are when taking notes, but it’s not the same as the content. I don’t know.

13. Cofftivity

Our team has delivered the vibe of a coffee shop right to your desktop, which means when your workspace just isn’t quite cutting it, we’ve got you covered.
Our coffee shop sounds boost creativity. Check out these FREE tools designed to keep you at your best

14. Word2cleanhtml

In order to create a Word 2 Clean HTML review, we checked the reputation of on many sites (including Siteadvisor and MyWOT). We found that Word2cleanhtml is safe for children and does not appear to be fraudulent. We describe it as legal.

Keep privacy to maintain credibility. Please note that in order to describe the security status of, we use data publicly available on the Web. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that any fraudulent website will not be mistaken for a legitimate website, and fraud or PC problems will not occur in this regard. But usually the crowdsourced data we have is very accurate.

15. Site: Search

Google Search, or Google for short, is a web search engine developed by Google LLC. It is the most commonly used search engine on all platforms. As of June 2019, its market share is 92.62% and it processes more than 5.4 billion searches per day.

16. Portent content idea generator

If you are looking for a super fast way to come up with clickable blog titles, then this tool is your best choice.

Although it is definitely not as powerful as BuzzSumo, it is very suitable for generating headlines that listeners will eat.

17. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

This is one of my favorites for generating few ideas quickly. Five to be exact.

I like it because it is very easy to use.

Literally, you will find five legitimate blog post titles in a few seconds.

18. Ahref’s Content Explorer

Ahrefs (pronounced: h-refs) is one of the most complete tools for SEO and content marketing. You can check, monitor and track backlinks. Check the popular keywords of competitors, the ranking of keywords over time and their “super fans”; look for topics with low competition, the chance of establishing links is broken, the chance of local citations and the failure of internal links; check which of your pages and The competitor’s page gets the most natural traffic; finds the keywords that the competitor ranks, but you don’t; fill in the content gaps in the existing content. (there are more).

In summary, “Ahrefs is an SEO tool that helps you increase search volume, research competitors and dominate the market.”

19. Tweakyourbiz

Adjust your business to be a thought leader in global publications and online business communities. Today, it has become part of the stable version of the site’s “Small Business Trends” and has more than 300,000 unique views every month.

The readership includes entrepreneurs, senior managers, business owners and professionals from many industries and countries.

20. Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed has launched a product review site to recommend products to readers and expand the publisher’s membership business.
The real-time website is called BuzzFeed Review, although the Wall Street Journal noted that the company has not officially announced its debut.

The site publishes reviews of multiple products in the same category at three different prices. Product recommendations range from external hard drives to makeup removers.

Each list is labeled with its category, such as “Technology”, “Beauty” and “Family”, and all articles are displayed in colored tiles with product images. The list provides readers with different buying options and provides links to retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

21. Coschedule

CoSchedule is a cloud-based management tool that allows individuals (such as me) or large teams to coordinate, schedule and manage online content, promotions and events. There is also a great WordPress plugin that allows your content to automatically integrate with your calendar/workflow, which makes creating social campaigns a breeze for me!

22. Whitesmoke

WhiteSmoke provides members of the WhiteSmoke membership program with many benefits and incentives for success. Members can work with us to establish performance models such as CPD, CPA, revenue sharing and CPL. Traditionally, affiliate marketing has been through banner ads, text links, dedicated sites, email marketing, etc.

23. Grammarly

By installing the Grammarly, you agree to Grammarly’s terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have read Grammarly’s privacy policy .

From grammar and spelling to style and intonation, grammar can help you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect vocabulary to express yourself. You will get advice from Grammarly in Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and almost every other place you find yourself writing. Grammar is a writing assistant that is more in-depth than grammar and can provide you with comprehensive writing feedback. You can be confident that your writing is not only correct, but also concise and clear. Make sure to register your account to receive a personalized writing report every week to help you track progress and identify areas for improvement.

24. Onlinecorrection is a free online grammar tool used by students and professional writers. The proofreading and editing software is easy to use, simple and clear, and can check for grammatical errors, spelling errors and style problems in English text. Therefore, the software can find and correct errors in papers, articles and other types of documents. is developed using some text analysis programs: Hunspell, DICTION and Language Tool.

This tool provides a simple design for the website, where users can enter text to be proofread. Just click a button and will highlight errors and problems in the text. It also provides style tips, so users can improve their writing style and text content. Last but not least, will automatically delete submitted content after half an hour.

25. Spellcheckonline

SpellCheckPlus is an online grammar and spelling checker for students who use English as a second language. Spell check and grammar analysis tools are described as being friendly to teachers and students, and are designed to help students identify mistakes in writing, learn from them, and write better in English. Therefore, it is a teaching tool that ensures that students clearly understand why they make grammatical and spelling errors and the steps needed to correct such errors.

In addition, SpellCheckPlus has free and paid versions. However, the free version of the tool has a text length limit, allowing students to submit up to 2000 characters of text for inspection at a time. In order to be able to submit text that exceeds this text length limit, they can purchase SpellCheckPlus Pro, which is a paid version of the tool with more advanced features. With the paid version, users will be able to access a detailed summary of errors; they can also answer some grammar exercises.

26. Paperrater

PaperRater is an effective program with certain limitations, depending on its audience. This is a unique online theft checking tool, which has its own advantages. It is very popular among college students and is an effective composition checker, text or grammar checking tool. It uses the database of popular search engines to search for plagiarism, covering a wide range of Internet real estate.

27. Grammarcheck

One of the most needed skills in any field is writing ability. No matter which country you are from, if you speak English and English in particular, you can go a long way. Although not all people from non-English speaking countries can speak the language fluently, some people do understand basic English. With current technology, any written text can be easily corrected by the grammar checker.

Grammar check is used to confirm that all written text on the Word document is free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. It is programmed to find errors and propose other options to correct spelling and sentences.

To check the grammar and spelling of text using Microsoft Word, you must first open the Word document. In the upper middle, you will see “Comments”, click on it. Then click “ABC Spelling and Grammar”. A box will pop up telling you what needs to be corrected. However, if your text is perfect, you will see a message saying “Spelling and grammar check completed.” By seeing a red wavy line under the misspelled word, and a green wavy line for possible grammatical errors, you will know if you typed the wrong spelling. In the lower left corner, you can see a small box with a book and pen, which moves with your writing. If your text has no errors, a blue check mark will appear, and if there are any errors, a red X will appear.

28. Gingersoftware

Ginger Software is an award-winning productivity-focused company. With the help of grammar checker, punctuation and spelling checker tools, it can automatically detect and correct misused words and grammatical errors to help you write faster and better

29. Languagetool

The LanguageTool syntax checker is available in multiple formats:

You can copy and paste the text to its website. You can install a browser extension, which will check for errors when. you type anything anywhere in your web browser. You can install Java-based desktop applications for offline use. You can install add-ons for LibreOffice and MS Office. Add-ons can also be used for many other software, such as Sublime Text, Thunderbird, Vim, Visual Studio Code, etc. Android apps are also available. If you want to use LanguageTool in software or services, you can also use API. API products are advanced services.

Caption Free Images


30. Unsplash

Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash license. The website claims to have more than 207,000 contracted photographers and generates more than 17 billion photo impressions every month in their growing library of 2 million photos

31. Death to the Stock Photo

“DeathToTheStockPhoto is a free online service that provides high-resolution lifestyle photography to your inbox every month.”

DeathToTheStockPhoto sends a pack of free lifestyle photos to your inbox every month. Each photo has its own wonderful story and can be used in your website, blog, social channels or mockups.

DeathToTheStockPhoto also provides a premium service of $10 per month, allowing users to access all past and future photos, tickets for the cloud storage unit of DeathToTheStock Photo (with one click), and an exclusive premium-only image pack every month.

32. New Old Stock

New Old Stock is a small and medium-sized company operating an e-commerce website New Old Stock sells its products and services in the stock photography and video industries. When it comes to discounts and coupons, New Old Stock is a less active brand. New Old Stock has mixed reviews from shoppers on Knoji, with 23 ratings, with an average rating of 2.5 stars. Compared with other brands in the stock photography and video industry, New Old Stock has a higher score and provides 5 e-commerce functions to better serve its customers.

33. Dreamstime

Dreamstime requires you to sign up for an account, but don’t worry about it being free. It is easy to search, contains approximately 60 million pictures, and is updated frequently.

34. Picjumbo

Download free high-resolution images for personal and commercial use. picjumbo is a free photo website created in 2013 by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek. It all started when all the regular stock photo sites rejected his photos as “poor quality”.

35. CloudApp

We use this tool extensively in Buffer for internal image sharing. CloudApp allows you to store images online and link to them quickly and easily for quick sharing. Their new Mac application (free download) has more advanced features, such as screen captures and GIF creation. After opening the app, you can press Cmd + Shift + 6 to make a GIF video of whatever you do on the screen.

36. Getrefe

The world’s weirdest collection of free high-resolution photos, which includes the best and most creative images in the world-photos you won’t find anywhere else. All are completely free from copyright restrictions.

37. IM Free (requires attribution)

IM Free Gifts is the creativity of Sven Hyltén-Cavallius. His main task is not only to expand his financial capabilities, but also to expand other people’s bank accounts. In fact, he seems to be very dedicated to helping others, especially newbies and/or troubled members. Sven admits frankly that he has spent 9 years making money online, how disturbing it is that he has difficulties in this field! (Lessons can be learned from his perseverance and determination.

38. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri shares seven high-quality new photos every Thursday. These images can be used for all purposes without attribution. Images tend to be atmospheric, such as spaciousness, moodiness and loneliness.

39. flickr

This is a photo-sharing social network with more than 5 billion photos-bringing together amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.
Photos on Flickr are known for containing rich metadata, including geographic location, tags, EXIF data, etc. Remember, you cannot use every photo on Flickr for free, especially for commercial purposes.
Flickr-free images
However, it is easy to figure out which ones are available. Run an image search, then click on the “Any License” drop-down menu and select “Allow for Commercial Use”.

40. Public Domain Archive

“Public Domain Review” is an online magazine, a non-profit project dedicated to exploring and sharing curious and compelling works in the history of literature, art, and ideas. In particular, the focus is on displaying digital copies of public domain works, all of which come from various online archives, whose mission is to promote the appreciation, use and development of digital cultural public domains that are open to all. The site focuses on surprising, weird and beautiful places, providing a growing curiosity for the digital age, a kind of hyperlinked Wunderkammer – a database that truly celebrates the breadth and diversity of our shared culture, commons and creation Its thinking.

41. Magdeleine

The free images available at Magdeleine have been curated from other sites from across the web. The easy search function makes this site useful even though you can find some of their images on other sites. It is possible to searches by color, category, keyword, and license. While all photos here are free, many of them still need to be given attribution when used. Therefore, the license must be checked before use.

42. Foodiesfeed

We reviewed Foodiesfeed’s discount support for various customers such as seniors, teachers, and veterans. Depending on store policy, Foodiesfeed may or may not offer special discounts or special prices. When we last reviewed Foodiesfeed, Foodiesfeed did not offer the following discounts: military discounts, premium discounts, student discounts and teacher discounts. For more details, please visit

43. Picography

All photos on Picography come with a CC0 license, which means you can:

  1. Use, copy, edit or share the photo.
  2. Use it for personal or commercial purposes.
  3. And there is no need to purchase, license or attribute the work to the creator of the work. Although we always encourage attribution, it is not required.


If you need photos that match a specific color, this service is perfect for you because it specializes in a search function with colors. You need to enter the color code, and the service will show you all images related to that color. Most images are from the public domain. However, you should check them to confirm the license.

45. ISO Republic

If the website you are looking for collects free high-resolution images related to popular topics, you need to know ISO Republic. The website was founded by photographer Tom Eversley in 2014 and is currently run by a small team, providing thousands of high-quality images for download and use for free.


Searchable Photo Stock


46. Dreamstime

Royalty-Free Images – Dreamstime contains a lot of royalty-free stock photos, but you need to attribute them. In order to download photos, users must become a member of the site and complete verification code verification. Members can access some beautiful photos. However, users must perform some searches to get the best results.

47. Free Digital Photos

As the name suggests, you will get free images here. However, attribution is mandatory. On the other hand, if you are unable or unwilling to attribute, you can pay a small fee of $3 per photo. Membership is not required, but you need to complete a lengthy verification process, including a verification code, to download the image. In addition, the resolution of the image is very poor.

48. Free Images

The website contains a large number of impressive stock photos. However, the registration process is difficult. Unfortunately, you must register before you can start downloading images.

49. Free Range Stock

You can download images completely free from Free Range Stock. However, you must become a member before you can register, but the registration process may be troublesome.

50. Free Photos Bank

This website provides you with a database through which you can search for freely available stock images. However, the thumbnails are small, so it is difficult to browse.


In Free Media Goo, you can access completely free stock photos, which can be used without charge. The images available here are beautiful, but their resolution tends to be lower. In addition, the collection is small.

52. IM Free

IM Free Gifts is the creativity of Sven Hyltén-Cavallius. His main task is not only to expand his financial capabilities, but also to expand other people’s bank accounts. In fact, he seems to be very dedicated to helping others, especially newbies and/or troubled members. Sven admits frankly that he has spent 9 years making money online, how disturbing it is that he has difficulties in this field! (Lessons can be learned from his perseverance and determination.

53. Morguefile

Morguefile is an online photo website and social network. The morgue file is the location where post-production materials are stored for reference, that is, invalid working files. The mortuary file contains free high-resolution digital stock photography for company or public use.

54. Pixabay

Pixabay is based in Germany. They seem to have a very European/international feel and taste. I am very grateful for this. They also live in North America. Because they reject a lot of things, and because they have strict rules, they cannot be overwhelmed with plain (or worse) images, so the quality is high.

55. Public Domain Pictures

“Public Domain Review” displays a selection of PD images. An excellent classification system facilitates search. Narrow your search by defining criteria (such as the century created, the type or source of the artwork (such as museums, libraries, government agencies)).

56. Stockvault

Speaking of textures, this is where Stockvault excels. The dedicated free texture library provides thousands of different background textures, all of which can be used as backgrounds, overlays or high-definition image files in any other creative way you can think of. Although Stockvault is certainly not the only place to purchase such items, they seem to have the largest free choice. Downloading images on Stockvault is very simple and can actually be done in just a few clicks. The detailed file information of each photo is provided below the download button, so that artists and designers can easily obtain the quick information they need. These include the author, license type and file size.

57. Rgbstock

Rgbstock is a website that provides more than 100,000 photos for free. This was created in 2010 by a group of amateur photographers and graphic artists led by Jay Simmons, who know how they handle image licensing. The library is based on documents submitted by users that have undergone quality standards review, covering a number of popular and evergreen themes, and mixing arty photos with more commercial images.

License details: They have custom licenses for free commercial use, and have restrictions similar to royalty-free images: sensitive terms of use, prohibiting resale of photos in the product. They warned of the need for model releases and other important laws and regulations, but they denied the responsibility to check these models.

Free Photo Collection-


58. Ancestry Images

Registration is easy. After choosing a plan and providing contact information and payment information, you can build from scratch or upload any of several genealogy file types, such as GEDCOM (common genealogy files used by many services), personal ancestry files , The family tree maker or tradition. As for compatibility, you only need a web browser, which means you can also access the service on tablets and smartphones. Free Android and iOS apps are also provided. Ancestry’s web-based interface is more attractive than other services I’ve tested, including Ancestry’s own Family Tree Maker 2014 and competitors such as RootsMagic and Family Historian. For Mac users, this is also one of the better choices, because some competitors only work on Windows.

59. BigFoto

By dragging and dropping to create tasks, you can pay close attention to risks and organize things. Provides very effective and useful functions, such as marking/coloring and import/export of worksheets. BigFoto is an excellent plug-in, and support staff respond quickly.

60. Gratisography

By adding new photos every week, Gratisography is an excellent free stock photo site that provides high resolution photos covered by the CCO license.
All images are performed by Ryan McGuire, a creative visual artist based in Ithaca, New York. The images of landmine science may be a little weird, but they can be fully used for appropriate projects.
The photos are divided into 9 different categories: business, people, nature, animals, objects, cities, whimsical and food. However, if you are looking for unique photos that add to the beauty of the content, this is the right place.

61. Death to The Stock Photo

There are many benefits to dying from stocks. The best part is that they organize fresh, high-quality photos into photo collections. Therefore, you will not worry about just a picture that looks perfect, but not perfect the remaining space in your design! You can choose, and they are cohesive throughout the collection. Jobs that use “dead reload” photos will stand out because these photos look like the professionals you hire can meet the needs of your niche. Say goodbye to canned, sometimes ridiculously posing days. No more clumsy white backgrounds to show off your things. This is a modern product you should check today.

62. FreeMediaGoo

The images provided on this website cover topics such as beaches, aviation, architecture and France. The website also provides some free digital backgrounds (realistic and surreal) and royalty-free textures, which you can use in your design elements.

63. Hubspot

Intuitive and affordable CRM solutions If you are new to CRM and have used HubSpot’s marketing or sales software, HubSpot CRM can be a natural complement to your sales and CRM solution stack. It’s easy to set up and use, and there are plans to fit every budget.

64. iStock

iStock was the first micro-stocking agent and there was no real competition in the first few years. It is an ideal place to buy and sell stock photos, and today is the leading competitor, but now there are actually dozens of other companies. iStock is owned by Getty Images, iStock is famous for its rich images, unique features and payment methods.

65. Little Visuals

Do you know all the “fun” boxes that are flying around right now, which will deliver various items (such as pet supplies, cosmetic samples, snacks, etc.) to your house every month? Think of Little Visuals this way, but consider your email account. This free image resource sends seven high-resolution images to subscribers via email every seven days. No, you don’t know what you will get (and no choice), but this is only half the fun. You can choose to use these images-so even if there is nothing in the alley now, save these images to build your own image library… You never know when it will come in handy.

66. New Old Stock

Product designer Cole Townsend (Cole Townsend) created New Old Stock on Tumblr a few years ago in recognition of his outstanding vintage and historical photography. Now, he has about 1,500 free files available for download. These files come from institutions listed on Flickr Commons, such as various museums around the world, NASA, etc., which can be selected and summarized. All these photos are free to download and use.

67. PicJumbo

A website created by stock photographer Viktor Hanacek, PicJumbo is the perfect place to find high-quality, commercial-ready, royalty-free stock images for free. This site hosts over 2000 images by Hanacek, covering multiple popular themes, all completely free. People in the images are purposefully unrecognizable, but still present.

68. Pickupimage

Sharing photos and images online with family and friends is one of the best ways to stay in touch, especially when you are far away from each other. is a free photo sharing service that allows you to easily upload, link and share images. Pickupimages is a widely used online community for amateur photographers to share quality photos.

69. Superfamous

Extraordinary features. Eye-catching images provided by Folkert Gorter. They are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license and can be used for your own purposes, as long as you give them your approval.

70. Unsplash

Unsplash includes 700,000 images from more than 120,000 photographers. What sets Unsplash apart from other free image sites is the “collection” section. Users of this website can create collections of “Autumn”, “Milkyway”, “Wild” and “Christmas Tradition” by organizing the photos they encounter. After registering, you can create your own collection. It is ideal for project inspiration or gathering resources.
No Splash-Best Free Photo Gallery
If you need several similar photos on a specific subject, Unsplash may be the best solution. It has an iOS app that helps you find pictures to use for creative work on your iPhone or iPad.
Every image published on Unsplash has received a Creative Commons zero license, which allows you to copy, modify, distribute and use all images without permission.

71. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons includes a collection of more than 52 million free-to-use media files. The website has a search function to help you find specific topics and genres. According to Wikimedia Commons, images are available under the license listed on the image description page.

Photo search sites


72. Can We Image

A simple search engine focused on available images on Wikimedia Commons.

73. Compfight

A search engine focused on Flickr… but with other functions.

74. Creative Commons Search

Creative CC-the organization that provides the required licenses-provides the “metasearch” of the largest Creative CC license search engine. Make sure to select “For commercial purposes”.

75. Foter

Another “meta” search engine, but with simple attribution tools. It can also be used as a WordPress plugin.

76. Google Advanced Image Search

This is a hidden but valuable feature of Google Image Search. Navigate to Google Advanced Image Search and select the usage rights for the image you are looking for.

77. Every Stock Photo

Another “meta” search engine similar to Google. Has other marking functions.

78. Image Finder

Another “meta” search engine supports it through advertising and links to advanced services.

79. PhotoPin

Another “meta” search engine that focuses on simple attribution.

80. Flickr Creative Commons Search

Flickr remains the largest repository of Creative Commons attribution images. Just search based on the license available for commercial use. This source is usually everyone’s favorite. The attributes are also very simple.

81. TinEye

TinEye received a 4.33 star consumer rating from 6 reviews, which shows that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. TinEye also ranks 11th in search sites.

82. Wylio

Wylio makes it easy to find, add and use Creative Commons images. The photo author should be honored. Content creators should easily find legitimate free images.

83. Canva

This is a web-based graphic design tool that can easily modify images. Canva provides a library of up to 1 million free photos, which you can use for any purpose.
In addition to thousands of high-quality top pictures, the fundamental benefit of its picture library is that you can stay in the editor when selecting photos.
Canva also enables you to easily switch between pictures and colors without having to switch between individual tabs.
If you plan to use a simple text overlay to upgrade the images you find, or to periodically adjust the transparency or vividness of the photos, this tool will help you simplify the process.

Duplicate Content Checkers


84. Small SEO Tools

The small SEO tool Duplicate Content Checker is free and developed through in-depth research. In addition, it provides a variety of writing and editing tools, including plagiarism check, rewriting articles, spell checker, word counter and text case changer.

85. Copyscape

The first is Copyscape, which is one of my favorite and most accurate Google duplicate content checker tools, available online for free. It is one of the oldest and most popular plagiarism inspection tools.

Copyscape provides a free service that allows you to easily search online for theft and identify instances of theft. Just enter the URL of the original content, and Copyscape does the rest. Although the tool is free, daily use is limited to certain searches per user.

It also provides professional services to meet more advanced needs. If you have a lot of content, you can register for the Copyscape premium service and then integrate its API into the CMS to easily identify duplicate content.

86. Grammarly

Grammar provides the best free plagiarism checker and proofreader. Grammar is an automatic proofreader and plagiarism checker, which ensures that everything you type is easy to read, valid and error-free.

This is one of the best tools you can use, and Grammarly also has free extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Grammar Check Plagiarism Checker cross-checks your text against 8 billion web pages, detects plagiarized paragraphs and highlights previously published parts.

87. Duplichecker

In fourth place is Duplichecker, which is also a free Google duplicate content checker. It provides two options: you can paste the content and check for duplicate content, or you can upload a text file.

Duplichecker is free for everyone to use and can work 100% accurately. Every plagiarism check compares your text with every published webpage on the Internet, and DupliChecker cannot escape it. If there is no match, please rest assured that your text has not been stolen.

88. Plagiarisma

Gia Pain is even better, because it provides you with three options to check any stolen content. You can upload any text, HTML, document file, search by URL or just paste the content to check.

It can detect copyright infringement in your papers, research papers, courses or papers, and supports Google, Yahoo, Scholar and Books. Plagiarisma supports more than 190 languages.

89. Articlechecker

A free online service uses phrases taken from different parts of the document to search for ideas (or lack of ideas). The phrase does not have to be included in the search operator (for example, quotation marks, because the plagiarism checker will do it itself through its code). Content inspection is optional for Google or Yahoo.

There will be some time when this tool becomes invaluable in the office, or there are questions!

90. Plagspotter

This is another online Google duplicate content checker tool, you can use it by entering a web page URL to find its copy on the web.

Plagspotter also has a “batch search” feature, which you can use to check the entire website for plagiarism. It allows you to automatically monitor whether there is duplicate content in the selected URL by scanning the content daily or weekly, detecting plagiarism and notifying you of the duplicate percentage via email.

91. Rank Tracking Tool – SEOlium 

SEO tools for all businesses, providing customer support, reports, mobile applications, ranking tracking, analysis, multi-language support and more help.

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