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Google Merchant Center Reinstate Service

Google Merchant Center Reinstate Service


Gogle Service for OJISmart


As you can see in the picture, it was an eCommerce Locks Company Running in UAE, They were not getting targeted sales/ calls/leads, so we took her Google ads, GMC, SEO, GTM & GSC responsibility starting in Dec 2022. We are serving this company last 2 months and still continuing. in a 2+ month time period, we have done on-Page SEO for their website and spent $1.2k+ USD  and got calls/leads/sales/clicks of almost $3.1K USD. Because of client privacy, we can not share more details about this campaign.

Reviving OJISmart.com’s Presence on Google Merchant Center

Client: OJISmart.com – Smart Lock Solution in Dubai

Website: www.ojismart.com

Date: August 2022

Introduction: OJISmart.com is a leading provider of smart lock solutions in Dubai, offering innovative and secure access control systems for both residential and commercial properties. Their commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology has garnered them a strong customer base. However, OJISmart.com faced a setback when their product listings were suspended on Google Merchant Center, affecting their online visibility and sales. In August 2022, MahbubOsmane.com took on the challenge of reinstating OJISmart.com’s listings on Google Merchant Center.

The Challenge: OJISmart.com’s product listings were suspended from Google Merchant Center due to violations of Google’s policies related to product data quality and policy compliance. The challenges were as follows:

  1. Data Quality Issues: OJISmart.com’s product data had inaccuracies and inconsistencies, leading to poor user experience.
  2. Policy Violations: Several product listings violated Google’s policies, particularly those related to product information accuracy and deceptive content.
  3. Lack of Clarity: OJISmart.com was uncertain about the specific issues that caused the suspension and how to rectify them.

The Approach: MahbubOsmane.com began by conducting a thorough audit of OJISmart.com’s product listings and identified the root causes of the suspension. Our approach involved the following steps:

  1. Data Quality Enhancement: We worked closely with OJISmart.com’s team to improve the accuracy and completeness of their product data. This included revising product titles, descriptions, and images to align with Google’s guidelines.
  2. Policy Compliance Review: We carefully reviewed each product listing to ensure that it complied with Google’s policies, eliminating any deceptive or misleading content.
  3. Suspension Resolution: MahbubOsmane.com submitted a comprehensive reinstatement request to Google Merchant Center, outlining the steps taken to address the issues and rectify the violations.
  4. Ongoing Monitoring: We implemented a system for ongoing monitoring of product listings to ensure they remained compliant with Google’s policies.

The Results: Within two weeks of submitting the reinstatement request, Google Merchant Center reinstated OJISmart.com’s product listings. The results were remarkable:

  1. Increased Online Visibility: OJISmart.com’s products were once again visible to potential customers on Google Shopping, significantly boosting their online presence.
  2. Improved Sales: With their products back on Google Merchant Center, OJISmart.com experienced a notable increase in online sales.
  3. Enhanced Brand Reputation: By adhering to Google’s policies and improving data quality, OJISmart.com enhanced its reputation as a trustworthy brand in the smart lock industry.
  4. Sustainable Compliance: Ongoing monitoring and collaboration with MahbubOsmane.com ensured that OJISmart.com maintained compliance with Google’s policies, preventing future suspensions.

Conclusion: MahbubOsmane.com successfully reinstated OJISmart.com’s product listings on Google Merchant Center by addressing data quality issues and policy violations. This case study demonstrates the importance of adhering to Google’s policies and maintaining high-quality product data to achieve and sustain online visibility and sales growth.

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