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Digital Marketing Tutorial by MahbubOsmane.com

Obviously, you want to make money and have a passive income.  Perhaps you want to quit your 9-to-5 job and be your own boss.  Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place.

The lessons are free and you don’t have to pay us anything. We have tried to make the lessons as easy as we could.  Therefore, we tried to avoid special terms that beginners might not be able to understand.

Welcome to MahbubOsmane.com’s Video Tutorial. Here we will publish our all video tutorials about Digital Marketing, Amazon Affiliation, SEO, SMM, Internet Marketing & Web development. Don’t forget to learn and share our videos if you like it. Happy Learning.  😀

Digital Marketing Tutorial

  • Digital Marketing Class 01: Introduction to Digital Marketing and Digital marketing tools 01:
  • Digital Marketing Class 01: Introduction to Digital Marketing and Digital marketing tools 02:
  • Digital Marketing Class 02: Explore Content and Content Marketing Platform:
  • Digital Marketing Class 3.1: Research Target Audience and Content Topics:
  • Digital Marketing Class 3.2: Research Target Audience and Content Topics:
  • Digital Marketing Class 4.1: Article Structure Development:
  • Digital Marketing Class 4.2: Article Structure Development:
  • Digital Marketing Class 4.3: Article Structure Development:
  • Digital Marketing Class 5.1: Writing Article and Article Optimization for Search Engine:
  • Digital Marketing Class 6.1: Development of Image and Video Content:
  • Digital Marketing Class 7.1: Create Slide Content and Posting to Different Channels:
  • Digital Marketing Class 7.2: Create Slide Content and Posting to Different Channels:
  • Digital Marketing Class 8.1 Planning Content Marketing & Measuring KPIs of Content Marketing:
  • Digital Marketing Class 9.1: Development of Custom Blog:
  • Digital Marketing Class 10.1: Introduce with Facebook Marketing:
  • Digital Marketing Class 11.1: Explore Facebook Algorithm, Content Strategy & Content Calendar:
  • Digital Marketing Class 11.2: Explore Facebook Algorithm, Content Strategy & Content Calendar:
  • Digital Marketing Class12: Facebook Page, Group, Event & Offer Discussion:
  • Digital Marketing Class 13: Bangle Website SEO Preparation:
  • Digital Marketing Class 14: Live Social Media Posting Competition and Rewards:
  • Digital Marketing Class 17: FB Ad Evaluation and Future Strategy Building, Posting To Bangla Website:
  • Digital Marketing Class 18: লাইভ ব্লগিং বিজনেস শুরু থেকে ১ বছরের প্ল্যান:
  • Digital Marketing Class 19: Ultimate Lead Generation Process:
  • Digital Marketing Class 20: FB New Ad, Pixel Setup and Tracking: https://youtu.be/aUWIVPcZT0U 
  • Digital Marketing Class 21: How to price a project?https://youtu.be/mkn2j7svrPo
  • Digital Marketing Class 22: eBay Dropshipping Business Model Discussion:

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

  • Digital Marketing Class 23, SEO Class 01: Introduction to SEO, Why SEO? SEO For Whom?
  • Digital Marketing Class 24: SEO 02: Domain & Hosting Selection Guideline:
  • Digital Marketing Class 25: SEO Class 03: Website Speed Optimization, URL Setup, Image Optimization:
  • Digital Marketing Class 26: How to write up a project proposal:
  • Digital Marketing Class 27, SEO Class 05: Keyword Research, Title, Meta Title, Meta Description:
  • Digital Marketing Class 28: SEO Class 06: Internal External Linking, XML SItemap Submission, HTML Sitemap Setup, Google Search Console Setup, Google Analytics Setup, Google Analytics to Google Search Console Connecting.
  • Digital Marketing Class 29: SEO Class 07: Use of h1 h6 tag, Use of Title Modifier and Use of Visual Content:
  • Digital Marketing Class 30, SEO Class 08: Plugin & WordPress Updating, Website Backup, Robots Txt Setup, Video Uploading on YouTube:
  • Digital Marketing Class 31: SEO Class 09: Structure Data For SEO:
  • Digital Marketing Class 32: SEO Class 10: How To Setup Accelerated Mobile Page, How To Make Responsive Web Page:
  • Digital Marketing Class: 33, SEO Class: 11, Social Sharing Button, Resourceful Quality Content, Doorway Pages, Bounce Rate, CTA Button, Call To Action For Commenting:
  • Digital Marketing Class 34, SEO Class 12: Skyscraper Technic, 302 Redirect, SSL Certificate, Website Updating, Broken Link Updating, SEO Friendly Website Making & Many More:
  • Digital Marketing Class 35, SEO Class 13: Off-Page SEO / Link Building Strategy Part 01:
  • Digital Marketing Class 36, SEO Class 14: Off-Page SEO Part 02: To get exclusive premium link building service & guaranteed ranking & traffic, please visit: https://mahbubosmane.com/link-building-service/
  • Digital Marketing Class 37: eCommerce Marketing Strategies: https://youtu.be/UDkRyFjVz5k


Search Engine Optimization Tutorial 2015

  1. Introduction To SEO 01, Introduction To SEO 02 ( Written Text: Introduction To SEO )
  2. SEO Basic Tutorial 01,  SEO Basic Tutorial 02 (Written Text: SEO Basic Tutorial)
  3. How To Do Keyword Research Like A Pro (Written Text) (Bangla Video: Do Keyword Research Like A Pro )
  4. Keyword Research Bangla Tutorial

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2015

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

  1. Amazon Affiliate For Whom (Bangla Text)
  2. Amazon Affiliate Basic
  3. Niche Selection & Keyword Research (First Part)( Written  Text: Ultimate Amazon Niche Keyword Guideline )
  4. Keyword Research (Second Part)
  5. Keyword Research (Third Part)
  6. Niche Keyword Final Part (Fourth and Final Part)
  7. Domain, Hosting Selection & Advanced Keyword Research( Written Text: How To Select Domain & Hosting for Your Niche Site)
  8. Basic Niche Website Setup with WP (Part 01)
  9. On (single) Page Optimization & Uses of Some Important Plugins
  10. How To Build Links To Your Niche Site (Written Text)
  11. How to do competitor analysis?

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