Obviously, you want to make money and have a passive income.  Perhaps you want to quit your 9-to-5 job and be your own boss.  Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place.

The lessons are free and you don’t have to pay me anything. I have tried to make the lessons as easy as I could.  Therefore, I tried to avoid special terms which beginners might not be able to understand.

Welcome to Mahbub Osmane’s Video Tutorial. Here I will publish my all video’s tutorials about Digital Marketing, Amazon Affiliation, SEO, SMM, Internet Marketing & Web development. Don’t forget to learn and share my videos if you like it. Happy Learning.  😀 

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guideline

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guideline

  1. Amazon Affiliate For Whom (Bangla Text)

  2. Amazon Affiliate Basic

  3. Niche Selection & Keyword Research (First Part)

    ( Written  Text: Ultimate Amazon Niche Keyword Guideline )

  4. Keyword Research (Second Part)

  1. Keyword Research (Third Part)

  2. Niche Keyword Final Part (Fourth and Final Part)

  3. Domain, Hosting Selection & Advanced Keyword Research

    ( Written Text: How To Select Domain & Hosting for Your Niche Site )

  4. Basic Niche Website Setup with WP (Part 01)

  5. On (single) Page Optimization & Uses of Some Important Plugins

  6. How To Build Links For Your Niche Site


Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

  1. Introduction To SEO 01Introduction To SEO 02 ( Written Text: Introduction To SEO )

  1. SEO Basic Tutorial 01SEO Basic Tutorial 02 (Written Text: SEO Basic Tutorial)


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