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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is used for web content and ads to improve performance on mobile. It’s an open source project and mainly a mobile publishing technology. When a responsive website opens on a mobile, it takes more time to load. As it’s a desktop standard mobile page. But AMP project has brought an innovative change which is based on mobile technology. For this reason, it opens any types of pages within seconds. Learn More

Why AMP Pages?

You will get a lot of benefits from AMP Pages. If I mention some points…

  • Your website will load fastly, and if you check any AMP enabled web page, you will see it’s opening within a second. Yes, it will seem the web page is opening in zero seconds on the mobile.
  • Google is always giving priority a fast loading web page on the first page. For this reason, AMP enabled page will rank quickly.
  • The web world is very much dependable on mobile users now. For this reason, AMP can bring massive traffic to your sites.

What makes AMP so fast?

AMP makes a new page entirely with the combination of AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP web cache. When most of the mobile pages open the whole script on a page, it will open the necessary things only for the mobile users.

On the other hand, most of the website opens slowly as it uses a lot of JavaScript code, third party scripts, and some additional scripts. But in AMP, it creates a duplicate copy of your website with mobile-friendly content. Similarly, you can customize the content what you want and don’t.

With this in mind, the AMP page becomes more lightweight, and it can open so fastly.

Why Mahbub Osmane for APM services?

Mahbub Osmane is a Digital Marketing Firm, and it provides all types of digital services including web site design, graphic design as well as digital marketing services.

Recently, Mahbub Osmane is providing AMP services for your website. It’s a big challenge for a website to load fastly for the mobile users. With this in mind, Mahbub Osmane has implemented AMP on their many websites. It is doing very fine than an average web page. Similarly, it’s ranking fastly on the Google.

Notably, if you want AMP services for your website from Mahbub Osmane, you have to contact the Mahbub Osmane authority for details information.

How can I check if AMP is working? 

-Yes! It’s very easy. Google has launched a tool for checking AMP pages if it’s working fine. You can access the tool from here. On the other hand, you can also check your AMP pages from the official tools of AMP projects from here.

Will the ads work in the AMP page? 

-Why not? The system has been built to give you and your visitors 100% satisfaction on the mobile web.

Some specialized resources for AMP Projects:

What Mahbub Osmane Offers?

Mahbub Osmane is offering AMP services for your website with numerous benefits.

  • You will get the manual implementation for AMP on your website.
  • Our expert developer will handle all the task very carefully, so there will be no case for mobile-friendly issues.
  • Mahbub Osmane is ready to hear your requirements, and we’ll provide you the right method for creating the AMP pages.
  • We provide one-month free support for any issues on your AMP pages. So you can stay in the comfort zone.
  • Above all, we’re experienced, and you can show our portfolio and feedback of our previous clients in this regard.

Above all, AMP is the latest technology in the web world. For making your website faster and adapting to it will be a good decision. Surely, Google and other search engines will give more priority for ranking AMP enabled pages.

With this in mind, if you want to implement AMP technology for your website, you can take the help of Mahbub Osmane. Mahbub Osmane’s team will surely assist you in adopting with AMP.

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