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Facebook Ad Proposal ( Strategy )

Facebook-Ad-Proposal-(-Strategy-)so their final target is to get potential leads for us to call and appoint via our funnel on our website
his budget is $500 per month on facebook ad spend
this is his business – teammatien.ca ( website is not available)



So your target is Collect Leads with Sign Ups


As you want to collect leads, a great way to do so is show people exactly how they’ll feel once they’re using your product/service. A classic way to show this is before/after ads, which generate leads because they are relatable and show that your product/service delivers results.

Although you can’t add a before and after photo sequence as per Facebook’s terms, you can still give the same effect with an illustration that represents how great your product/service is. Whether it’s through color, light, or detail, illustrations grab attention to the positive aspects of your product/service by standing out amongst all the other faces in the crowd of a Facebook feed.

What’s important is that your image features the “after” results of sign up, and your copy makes an exclusive value proposition. By asking “Does Your Home/Car Qualify”, Uber makes people hope their car qualifies so that they can achieve the “after” state of a car full of cash. By headlining with “the top 5%”, Hired reveals the “after” state as smiling, vibrant people in a new workplace exclusive to that qualifying 5%. For both ads, you can only know more if you sign up, which drives your lead collection.

Generate Leads with the Power of Free

People love free things, but they’re more and more skeptical of them because they think there must be a catch. Valuable products come at a price, so to lead with the power of free, you have to make that “catch”— like a time limit on a trial — clear to people within your ad. This will build trust and people will feel more comfortable signing up. Keep the “free” part of your offer subtle and specific.

At the same time, the ad should communicate your service/product’s value — how it makes users’ lives better. To do that, use the image space to grab your viewer’s attention with a solution to their problem, paired with a crisp, simple graphic. Notice how our example ads directly invoke a problem that a customer faces, both in their image and their copy? This is a great way to both grab attention and intrigue viewers.


I’ll Apply These Two strategies To Collect Lead For Your R.S Buyer