Digital Marketing Strategies that Work in 2021.


What is Digital Marketing Strategy

As you want to establish your business via online marketing, an effective strategy can do it accurately. On the other hand, it is tough to miss any essential steps here if you follow a framework. For this reason, you can create a goal of driving the leads. Essentially, you can stay focused on growing your business. Thereupon it can be strategical to implement the first steps, but it can make the process easier, and you can justify the plan and which one is working fine for you. Above all, it will be the strategy or methods of promoting the service or products of your business and gaining the brand step by step.


At first, we have to know, what is digital marketing?

The concept is defined through numerous digital tactics and channels, to connect with clients in a specific space that is the internet.

From your website to your company’s digital resources – digital ads, mailing campaigns, online brochures, and more – there is a wide spectrum that fits under the umbrella of digital marketing.


Now we have to know, what is the digital marketing strategy?

By the experts: Digital marketing is a set of strategies for promoting products and services on online platforms such as websites, social networks, blogs, emails, SEO, mobile, etc.

Keeping this in mind …

In this article, you can more easily understand what is allowed and what is not in internet marketing.


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Digital marketing, the promotion of your products or brand through electronic means, differs from the traditional way of marketing by the channels and methods used; which allow an organization and analysis system based on your campaigns, to know how they are working, in real-time.

The digital marketing helps you monitor things like your conversions, what content works and what does not; How many people visit your website, interact with your social networks, look for you in the vast web world, etc.

Why is digital marketing important?

At present, digital content has become the most persuasive and to which the public has greater access. The information is there, at the place and time you need it. Gone are the days when access to information about brands and their products was extremely limited.

Digital marketing is an infinite source of information.

Thus, this branch of marketing, includes entertainment, shopping, news, and, above all, interactions. Now, customers have access not only to what your company says, but what the digital world thinks of your brand. Why is important digital marketing Currently?, The public is asking for brands that they can trust, companies that know themselves, that use personalized and relevant communications, and, not least, tailored to the needs and preferences of their customers. That’s the reason for the importance of Digital Marketing.

Meet business needs

Accelerate digital transformation with digital strategic planning, leveraging structured approaches, and frameworks tailored to the customer’s enterprise environment. Supporting the latest digital technologies, we believe that digital technology plays a vital role in improving customer market performance. We help our customers:

  • Set strategic themes and forward-looking ideas that explain the ideal future
  • Develop a digital plan and implement a roadmap
  • Analyze the Audience’s choice, behavior, and demand
  • Develop a customized digital adoption strategy for mobile, analytics and cloud
  • Identify future digital trends and leading best practices as a benchmark for existing conditions
  • Classify different personas and situations to illustrate the user experience
  • View the user experience of multiple interactive touchpoints
  • Evaluate technology platforms to identify gaps and improve areas

Digital strategic planning services cover the following areas:


  • user experience
  • Big data and analysis
  • cloud computing
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Corporate social network
  • Internet of Things

Service modules include:

  • Digital vision
  • Corporate and IT target evaluation
  • Concept creation workshop
  • Best practice and trend research
  • Personal and situational development
  • Digital audit
  • User experience review
  • Content and heuristic review
  • Channel and platform review
  • Network analysis and data review
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital ecosystem design
  • User experience strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Creative works and prototypes
  • Digital blueprint
  • Information architecture
  • Program model
  • Technical model
  • Organizational model
  • Digital road map
  • Priority digital scheme
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Implementation roadmap

Digital marketing strategies


Everyone talks about social networks and websites as guiding axes of digital marketing. It is right to bet on it but you must keep in mind that everyone is doing the same.

Therefore, new ways of connecting with users must be found. In the below section, we will illustrate to you the most used Digital Marketing Strategies and how you should really use them to go one step forward than your competition.

Many people have excellent ideas, create their products, place them on the Internet to sell them, and believe that from there, just let time go by to start making profits.

Ok, the product is ready. Now you just have to sell. But where to start?


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Before falling headlong into the world of the digital market, I have four strategies to sell digital products used and validated by that will help you develop your own structured method to start selling on the right foot!


1. Content Marketing: Create valuable and free content to enrich your audience

More than an isolated trend, it is the backbone by which everything you do in digital marketing should be governed.

Content marketing is based on the design, creation, and distribution of relevant and creative to attract the attention of audiences and customers, at some points, turn them into customers. Content-marketing surprisingly, in the previous year, 75% of B2B and B2C companies increased their marketing budgets in content strategies.

All the efforts you make in mailing, social networks, blogs, infographics, videos, etc. They should be oriented to solve customer problems, but not to talk about your product only.

We agree that what you have to offer them is the solution they need, but in most cases, people are not even sure what problem they have.


Customers have no ideas, they have problems.

Content marketing should be aimed at inserting people-oriented content. This, through placing us in the user’s navigation, solving their doubts with materials that add value to them.


How to create an effective content strategy?

With the sea of ​​information on the internet, it is currently more complicated to attract people to our content. We are aware of that. The key is not only to create articles, infographics, or posts on social networks.

More than 10 years ago the phrase “Content is king” was true: today it should be added that only quality content is successful.

Therefore, you should take into consideration the following points to get a few minutes of your audience’s time and eventually be able to get new customers:


Who are you creating content for?

It is essential that you know your consumers. Currently, you are likely to do a study of what your potential customers are like, but the reality is that you have to go further in your research.

It is not enough to determine demographic data such as age or sex, find other information that gives you enough to have a more specific x-ray of the audience you are going to. Identify what they like, what catches their attention, by what channels they are informed, what their personal challenges are, etc.

All from an ethical perspective that only serves to create content that makes sense to them.


What problem are you going to solve

By knowing your target audience in-depth, you can know what causes problems the most.

Identify in forums, social networks, Facebook groups, etc. the most common topic among the people you are addressing to have a wider picture.

Once you know what worries you most, you can design content focused on providing solutions for your product.

But don’t be confused, it’s not about adapting any problem to your brand: it’s finding a way to make consumers see the value of your offer.


The ideal format

If you know your audience in detail, you will know the format they like to consume the most.

Among the most popular videos, infographics, ebooks, and checklists determine what kind of format your content offer will have is based 100% on the characteristics of the audience.

Ask yourself things like they are more visual, if they like to read if they prefer hard data or minimalist design.


The platforms you are going to use

This is an important step even before starting sales. You need to create value and offer it to your audience before you start selling your product. You should do this because this type of content generates authority in front of the audience. That is, people begin to see you as a reference in your market.

If you don’t have any kind of delivery format for this free content, you can count on several platforms that can fulfill that role:


Create content that your audience consumes easily. Direct the contents to the segments where you intend to act, remembering that at this point you will also need a well-defined buyer person so that the texts are in fact relevant.


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(If you have any questions about the type of text you need to create for your blog for writing more attractive content .)



We know that YouTube is one of the most used search tools in the world. With that in mind, using that tool can further enhance your reach.

The market trend is the drastic growth of video consumption. So, invest in content in that format too.

Remember to think exactly like your audience. Therefore, publish only content that you would consume without thinking twice.



Facebook is first in the ranking of most consumed social networks in the world.

The creation of a Fanpage where you can disseminate content created on other platforms is a super valid strategy to sell digital products!



Do not fool yourself: Instagram is one of the biggest promises for the digital market in 2019. So, start now to include that tool in your strategies to sell digital products and it comes first next year!

Remember: do not limit yourself to using one or two content delivery options, they must be complementary.

And, regardless of the way your content will be offered, remember: the key to your success is constancy. Then, keep a well-defined frequency of posts so that you engage your audience well!

However, according to the profile of each person, the platforms where they spend more time are different.

How often will you post

You should know that there is no exact time to publish.

We know that many times you have looked for schedules in which you have to schedule your posts in order to find the precise time in which your audience is connected.

They are a lie. There is no ideal time to launch a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or any digital media. Although there are statistical recommendations of the schedules in which you can obtain a greater reach, everything depends on the behavior of your audience and their interaction with your brand.

It is true that you have to maintain some constancy in the publication of content.

However, their behavior in networks is very variable, which greatly influences whether or not they see your content.


The solution

Make the contents of your brand are content that your audience wants to consume. Focus on offering something useful to be shared, that is, when you see it, your audience recommends it and you get a greater reach.

Tip: use search terms to position yourself in search engines

The following online marketing strategies should adopt the consumer approach.

In all contents are used, try to be as useful as possible.


2. Have a high conversion Sales Page

Have you heard the phrase: “The first impression is the best impression”?

Then, think of your landing page as the showcase of your product.

This needs to be nice, have elements that break your buyer’s objections, be attractive, and mainly have good content.

It is also important that the landing page be responsive since the movement of content consumption via mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) in the digital market has grown explosively in recent years.

Using landing pages is a fundamental strategy when you want to work with capturing leads, which are potential buyers of your product.


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We will assume that you offer an ebook as a reward for the email of those interested in your content. That is the page for which they will be directed.

It should be noted that for all the information you obtain, you need to have the authorization of the client. This is what we have called permission marketing or permission marketing, in which the lead guarantees that it has an interest in continuing to receive emails because it likes the content you offer.


3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the oldest of the e-commerce systems that exist, it is so useful that it has replaced postal mail in many aspects and cost-effective. There is a myth about sending emails.

This is because many times massive chains of mails are sent to large databases that do not take into account the context of the recipients.

The effectiveness of a good mailing campaign lies in personalization and full consideration of the context of the person who will receive the mail.

This will prevent it from being marked as spam or sent directly to the trash.

We recommend you to read:  E-mail marketing

4. Web positioning or SEO

It is no secret to anyone that web positioning is vital when developing a good digital marketing campaign. Not appearing among the first search engine results dramatically influences the necessary traffic to our website, which will be reflected in our billing.

Whether we do a paid web positioning campaign in Google AdWords, we use particular positioning techniques, or we combine both, the objective is to achieve traffic to our website and increase the penetration of our brand, expand our market and close more sales.

If you have doubts about the advantages and disadvantages of pay-per-click and SEO strategies, we invite you to check our infographics with the  Differences between SEO and SEM.

Likewise, these web positioning strategies, if combined with other tools, will be much more effective, working better as part of a gear, since they are a very important point in digital marketing.


5. Social Network Marketing

Social media means all existing platforms on the web today, where you can exchange videos, photos and files, make publications, and interact with our friends, family, and colleagues. Thus we have a wide range of options within social media, among the social networks best known for their prolific use are Facebook, which has millions of users worldwide.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of publishing and sharing videos and photographs through YouTube and Instagram; We can also publish quality content on blogs, share our campaign advances through Twitter.

In short, it is a very wide variety within which we can generate content, find future customers, publish advertising while generating visits to our website and thus help with the generation of traffic.

But social media in digital marketing is not an end but a portion, and we must be very clear so as not to get lost along the way for getting our main objectives.


6. Electronic commerce

The possibility that customers have the opportunity to make an online transaction, according to digital marketing scholars, constitutes a real revolution in what until now was known as commerce.

15 years ago, the massification of eCommerce popularized by portals such as Amazon or eBay was unthinkable before its existence.


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To give a plus to the integration of e-commerce in digital marketing strategies, we leave this video with the basic elements to make it work:

Offering e-commerce mechanisms within your business will make your work much easier while building trust and comfort for your customers.


7. Video Marketing

This is a powerful strategy that you have to use yes or yes if you want to increase your sales: a proof of its effectiveness is that, according to a HubSpot study, 81 percent of brands use it. Video marketing consists of using audiovisual elements on the internet to achieve the objectives already set within your content strategy.

Being a strategy, all the teams of a company participate in its creation to generate results: it no longer only focuses on the creative, it is about causing a conversation, be actionable and measurable.

The use of video is not only a helpful tool during the customer purchase process, but it also allows sellers to rate customers and thus prioritize those who are ready.


8. Bots

The invention is practically very recent, bots are like the rope toys of people in digital marketing. This is because it is a software that you program to do a set of specific actions that you will then perform on your own, without the need for you to intervene again.

You do not need to know about coding, they are easy to program, execute, and are a great tool to optimize your time. With the help of bots, you can carry out tasks as simple as having communication that resembles a live chat with website visitors

Customizing the user experience is much easier with bots since, through a series of questions addressed to the user, information about their preferences can be obtained. Even better, leads can be rated, also programming a series of questions that indicate at what stage of the sales funnel the customer is.


9. Live Streaming

Being present for your customers at all times has gained more value in recent years thanks to living streaming tools. It is one of the most innovative ways to promote the brand, spread its knowledge, and reach potential customers.

According to PR Newswire, the video streaming market is projected to grow twice in monetary value by 2021, becoming an industry of more than 70 billion dollars.

The number one platform in real-time video streaming is Facebook Live, which has millions of users worldwide who interact three times more when there is live streaming than with traditional videos. Instagram Live follows in importance and is especially popular among influencers as it allows you to share personal experiences “exclusively” with followers and at the same time, interact with them.

YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo are also widely used. And best of all, you can reprogram a broadcast in most.

Through live-streaming, the brand/company can do things as useful as increasing engagement and with it, customer acquisition, improve SEO positioning, and increase the number of conversions.

10. Automation Marketing

We have already seen, analyzed, and know separately the most important tools in digital marketing. Now close your eyes and imagine the possibility of having all these tools working all in unison in the same gear, as the sole goal of your digital marketing strategies, in an all-in-one program.

Imagine that you could establish such a strong relationship with your clients to the point of accompanying them throughout the process.


Since they are prospects of customers or leads, to close your sales with them and better yet, that your customers become ambassadors of your brand/business. Imagine that all this can happen within an organic and automated system that begins by attracting your prospects, educating them with quality content, converting them into customers, loyalty, and making them a direct relationship without intermediaries, the client, and your brand face to face.

Open your eyes and wake up because that dream is a reality, it is called Inbound Marketing and is based on customer needs, it is not invasive but internal.

Its effectiveness is highly proven to the point that Google today uses Inbound marketing strategies for web positioning in its browser.

The methodology consists in attracting visitors, converting them into prospects or leads, and then, through a nurturing process, directing them towards the knowledge of your product as the best alternative to their needs and problems.

The creation and distribution of relevant content for your audience will make ideal customers for your brand to find your product or service without the need to pay huge amounts of money in Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

By generating content that makes sense to people and adds value to their lives, you will surely be loyal customers to your brand that will find in it the answers they are looking for.

Inbound Marketing is the result of years of creating digital marketing strategies.

Here is a brief history of how this came about.

Digital marketing began to be discussed since the early 1990s when the proliferation of personal computers and internet access increased and more and more people used online channels to inform themselves.

It was then that brands moved their efforts to new trends. evolution-of-marketing-minThe majority divides the history of digital marketing into two phases: 1.0 and 2.0, however, today we can talk about 3.0 and even 4.0.

With web 1.0, digital marketing basically consisted of adapting what was done in traditional media to digital platforms.

On web 2.0, communication with the audience changed.

Here, with social networks and blogs, brands could receive feedback on what they published and thus generate closer interaction.

Philip Kotler proposed the definition of marketing 3.0 where brands consider their consumers as complete human beings: with needs, desires, and values.

Therefore, the behavior towards the audience is personalized, leaving behind simple statistical data and incorporating a philosophy focused on attending to the wishes of the clients. Recently, the author launched a book called Marketing 4.0 where the digital environment is fully explained as the terrain where the best marketing strategies are developed.

At this stage, brands stop behaving like large controlling corporations and behave more friendly with consumers.

  • This through the contribution of value, beyond just goods and services.
  • According to Kotler, marketing 4.0 seeks to gain the trust of customers.


Similar to Inbound Marketing, intrusive practices are left behind in this philosophy, and strategies with content that attracts the prospect to the brand are adopted.

HubSpot Software is ideal for automating marketing and sales actions.

11. Sell transformation, not price


Start the process of enchanting your product with the “price” as your biggest sales pitch is a shot by the stock, you can be sure of that.

Again, think like your audience:

  • What do you love?
  • What captivates you?
  • How would you like a sales representative to treat you?
  • What makes you return to a store or establishment?

The answers are many, but I can summarize them in two: experience and transformation.

If you guide your speech in those two words and how your product can enchant and transform your buyer, there is no way to fail.

Sincerity ahead: detail what you are going to deliver, make it clear what the purpose of the product is and never offer something you don’t have.

Remembering that the enchantment and transformation extend throughout the trajectory: presale, sale, and after-sale.

It is of no use to enchant you until the buyer has filled out their purchase data at checkout if your post-sale does not offer the same charm.

Make your buyer an ambassador of your brand!

12. Participate in an Affiliate Program


Affiliate program – in a word: SAFETY PIN.

One of the biggest advantages of the digital market is the possibility of scaling sales in such a way that you have never imagined it. And it is at this point that the Affiliate Program is a differential.

I always dare to say that the use of the Affiliate Program is definitely a business moment.

If your product already has a sensational content that your customers consume and praise, if you have a well-defined buyer, if you already have enough numbers to know where you need to work to achieve amazing results, this is the moment!

Working in collaboration with Affiliates, making your product attractive, with a good commission and prizes to feed your Affiliate base, there is no way to go wrong!


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Your chances of increasing sales are much greater since, in addition to applying all the strategies to sell your product, you will also have other sales specialists doing the same.

To better understand about the Affiliate Program, also discover our post that explains if it is really worth having Affiliates disclosing your product.

The Digital Marketing Revolution


Digital marketing is the path that ALL companies are taking due to the great potential for success and increased sales at a relatively low cost.

The importance of moving and integrating strategies to online platforms is more than clear to everyone.

Before, doing digital marketing was an advantage over other companies, since not many were implementing it in their strategies: today it is more than elementary to have an online presence.

Doing digital marketing is not just about posting regularly on Facebook, uploading a video to YouTube, opening a company profile on Instagram or sending huge email chains to huge databases.

If you are used to directing campaigns here and there on the internet, we have news for you …

Users hate your ads

According to a study by HubSpot, more than 43% of Internet users said that ads that break their browsing seem more intrusive today than 2 or 3 years ago.

The serious thing about this issue is that  64% said they would be willing to add an ad blocker in their browser to avoid seeing ads, as these are annoying and intrusive. So, leave behind those campaigns that don’t add value to users.  the-marketing-revolution-min

They have at your fingertips all kinds of tools in order to avoid seeing something about your product if you want to talk only about it.

34% of clicks to PPC ads are by mistake

In case you succeed in your PPC strategies or campaigns without customization, let us tell you that, although 40% will have clicked because your ad was interesting, a huge 34% did it by accident.


This means that digital marketing should stop meddling in people’s browsing and start offering value, through personalization to connect with them, gain their trust, and turn them into customers.

You may wonder, then, what is the right path in digital marketing?

The success of all the online marketing strategies that we present to you lies in the approach adopted to address the audience.

Applying at least one of those three strategies, you will notice a relevant difference in your business. But the combo of four is a success!

Are we going to start earning more money?

Leave us your comments and opinions to know your point of view on this topic and tell us how these strategies worked for you.


Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategy Books


  1. Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing

  2. The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand out From The Crowd

  3. Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising

  4. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
  5. SEO 2019 Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies
  6. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints, and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!
  7. Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business (2019 Fall Updated Edition)
  8. Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant
  9. LinkedIn Riches: How To Use LinkedIn For Business, Sales, and Marketing!

  10. Social Media Marketing Mastery 2019:3 BOOKS IN 1-How to Build a Brand and Become an Expert Influencer Using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram-Top Digital Networking & Personal Branding Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategy For Business

Whenever you are thinking about the vast lead in your business, it is time to keep the footprint in the digital space. As all the businesses have already started to make them outstanding with the digital shape of their business, so you need to think of different Digital Marketing strategies. If you check the Complete Digital Marketing Framework, you will get most of the practical ideas and plan to lead the industry in your business. Henceforth, I will explain here closely smart techniques to build buyer personas and setting up your goals accurately. With this in mind, you will be able to identify where you should give more importance and which steps you can skip right now.


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There is no alternative without spreading your brand with Digital Marketing. As potential customers are passing most of their time online and they feel satisfaction to buy their necessary things from here. At the same time, if you can build your brand with a positive review and can deal with the customer online you can surely create the digitalized version of your business which will bring more innovative ideas, and you can present your business outside your locality. It is an opportunity to express worldwide. So, I will discuss the ultimate guideline on Digital Marketing Strategy and how you can lead it perfectly.


What is Digital Marketing Campaign

When you complete the planning of your Digital Marketing Strategy, you need to implement it with a separate campaign. It will be with a different phase. Chiefly, it will take you to meet the specific goals of your Marketing Campaign. At a time you can finish the marketing step by step. It will help you to achieve the target within a very short time, and it will reduce the total cost.

Complete Guideline on Digital Marketing Strategy For Business

In Digital Marketing Strategies, it is important to find out the Buyer Personas. At the same time, you need to identify the goals. On the other hand, when you will go to implement you need to ensure Digital Marketing Tools. Likewise, you will get an overview of the business. Let’s discover it now.

Build Your Buyer Personas


The first responsibility of you is collecting the buyer personas. You can do the business online or offline, but it is necessary for the promotion of the products or services. You have to collect the buyer personas by researching and physically interviewing. At the same time, you need to launch the survey to know about the target audience. The real data of the customers for a service or products are very useful to promote it. That means here your work is collecting the data in different ways about your customer. When you know the behavior and the location or income of the customers, you can take the decisions of promoting the service accurately. You can do it by the below methods.

  • Location: The strategies will be different according to the location. For this reason, in the digital promotion, you need to find out the location of your target market. You can use Google Analytics to know the location type of your target audience. It can be from the different parts of the country or outside of the country.
  • Age: The age of the interested customer is essential to generate promotion ideas. For this reason, you have to collect the data with a survey or interview about the minimum or maximum age of the customers.
  • Income: It is not easy to collect the income data, and it is very tough from the online form. But you can take strategy with a similar distance of the customer to know the monthly income of the users.
  • Job Titles: In some cases, special service or products is sold depending on the Job Titles. You can also collect this data to identify the target audience. Are you targetting the students or other professionals? It will help you to invest time and money.

Where you should give priorities:


When you collect the above buyer personas, you need to create the below information. For example, the goals or challenges of the service or the interest or hobbies of the customers. Let’s see how will you define it.

  • Goals: As you have the information about your customer, you can make the goals of where you should promote or what needs to do right now. Suppose, you are selling IT-based Education, then your target will be university going students. So you have to give time to the events of the students or the group they are arranging seminars. You can sponsor or provide the awards. You have to become creative to choose which works for your service or products. At the same time, if you want to sell business service, you have to promote on the official events, or you have to make a connection with the business owner or shareholder.
  • Challenges: Here you need to know about the existing problem of the customers. At the same time, why the businesses are not getting the solution? It will define the preference for your new service. You can explore a similar group on the online to identify the problem. On the other hand, you can ask a public question or interview to find out it.
  • Hobbies and Interests: It is helpful to build the product or to provide good service. You have to discover what the customer wants and what is not getting on the market. It will ensure to make and promote the weak point of others. If you can combine the lack of other companies and can fulfill the demand of the customers, you will surely get priority.
  • Think Priorities: It is important to think and giving priorities to the customers. You have to become creative, and you have to forget about the demand of you, you need to hear about your users who will use or take the service. At the same time, give more importance on providing quality service for presales or after-sales.

Ensure Digital marketing Tools and Identify Goals


According to the demand and other Digital Marketing Budgets, you have to select the goals of the company. You have to target at least 20% revenue from the Digital Marketing Strategy. If your business is entirely online-based, then you may need two or three years to generate income, but you need to target every year. You have to find out what is the problem of the niche and how you can overcome it. You have to adjust the plan for generating revenue.


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By the same token, you have to ensure the Digital Marketing tools for going forward. If you see something is missing, you can face the problem. So you need to ensure the tool and experienced persons to promote the service or products. Sometimes, all the persons are working hard, but the fault in the marketing procedures. The marketing system can’t lead customers. For this reason, it is also essential to ensure it. Identically, you have to make available of the necessary tools and together with identifying the goals to bring the company for investing from the pocket of the management.

Categorize Digital Marketing Channel

In most of the cases, Digital Marketers make the fault here. They only think of the leads, but they do not try to combine the channel of Digital Marketing. If you focus on one media, it will not bring targetted leads. For this reason, you have to make the combination of the three media which is dependable on Digital Marketing Strategy. For example, Owned Media, Earned Media, and Paid Media. Every Channel is essential when comes the Digital Marketing success.

i. Owned Media: This is the personal assets of you. That means here you do not need to do extra outgoings. The content, landing page, or video promotion is your owned media which you share or promote your channel. At the same time, if you publish any content on the biggest channel including Medium, Quora, or other self-publishing Forum or Magazine. It will bring leads for your business from the existing channel, and it is your assets as well.

ii. Earned Media: It is very important, and I tell it the marketing with Word Of Mouth. For example, a blogger has mentioned your service or brand, and you are getting the leads. In some cases, you have to spend some money here like Guest Post or social media promotion with the industry influencers. Though the full process will be included in the Earned Media and it’s very useful to earn loyalty among the customers.

iii. Paid Media: It will be amazing for bringing the traffic. For example, you are promoting the content, providing ads on the social media, PPC, or paid promotion on the blogs or banner ads. The paid media will give you the direct link, and it will add more value to the business. It will bring traffic to your owned media or landing pages. But the earned media is also essential for increasing trust. On the other hand, it will add value for influencers mentioning your business or service.

That means you have to combine the assets of your company on digital media. With this in mind, I will give some more information to customize the channel to drive quality leads. Let’s talk more about it.

4. Owned Media Strategy

Your owned media is the best place to express your identity with your own plan. The effort on it is expressing with the owned media, and this is your website, social media profile, or blog. You can represent in this digital media with valuable content, and it can be website content, blog posts, images, eBooks, or infographics. I have discussed it on the Inbound Marketing tactics which is very useful in digital marketing. In these methods, content helps to generate leads and traffic, and you can convert it into sales.

What types of content do you need actually in your owned media strategy?

i. Audit the Content: Firstly, you have to check the content of the website. You have to ensure some pages including “About Us,” Contact, Privacy Policy, or Team Member Pages with the best content. Someone make the fault here, they think I have no problem to design the about or service page simply. But it is necessary to represent the business as a brand. At the same time, it increases visibility.

ii. Update Existing Content: Here, you have to take care of all the contents of the page, and you need to add value and update it. It will help you to promote the content. Important to realize, content marketing is the best marketing method for digital marketing and search engine including Google, and it likes the process very much. For this reason, you need to update all the existing content with more value.


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iii. Create Content Creation Plan: A business need to create quality content, and it will be informative and promotional as well. At the same time, it is necessary to make some content for increasing awareness. You need to create the visual content, video content as well as eBook to keep your audience entertained and bringing the brand. Surely, you have to plan carefully for establishing quality content. You can check this page for taking the support of the content strategy.

Earned Media Strategy


It is actually the channel for other websites, groups, or forums where you are getting the automatic mention. It is a very good side to your business. You can nurture this place by attending on the conversion with the supportive information. At the same time, you can join the support group to inspire others. It will surely bring brand value, and you will get promotion on that place or their surfing area.

You have to take the challenges to nurture this type of leads. You have to check where from you getting the leads and what are they expressing. On the other hand, you can get the wrong review from other places or social media or B2B, and you should inform the author of the real information to make it valuable. That means you have to work to gain the leads and at a time it will spread and you have no need to control. Though it is good practice to keep eyes on the review and if they are sharing the right info which you have updated or not. So, add your comment to make it more authentic.

Paid Media Strategy

As it is the paid media, so you expect more leads from here. For this reason, you have to take care of the results. Suppose, you are spending on Google Adwords for PPC, but which tactics are generating more leads? It will help to bring more visitors, and you can generate it into leads. At the same time, you have to control the social media promotion. If the image promotion or video is more valuable for you or a simple entertaining article is performing well.

If you are showing paid ads on the blog or promoting with blog review, you have to check the Analytics of the ads to justify the success rate. At a time, you will understand where you should invest more and where you should not think a lot. It is very essential. Otherwise, you will spend, but it will not bring any support for your business. In like manner, you need to be more active and rely on the previous data to produce something innovative.

Combine All Strategies Together

You should remember I am discussing Digital Marketing Strategy and you need the combination when you are implementing the actions. When you are good at spreading the word it will add more value to the promotion. Surely, you will make the fault, but with the previous data, you can cover it also. You have to remember the full path, and you have to define it at the starting of the execution.

So the complete process of the digital marketing strategy will be.

  1. Build the Buyer Personas by collecting the data, surveying and interviewing
  2. Identify the goals of the business and make the specific plan
  3. Clear out the existing digital marketing platforms (Owned, Earned or Paid Media)
  4. Clarify and update owned media (Especially Website Content and Articles)
  5. Give importance and nurture the Earned Media
  6. Spend carefully on Paid Media (PPC, Digital Ads)
  7. At last, combine all the Digital Strategy for execution and keep the data and learn to form it.

I think you have understood the whole process. If you keep any gaps in the above steps it can make conflict. So, ensuring all the steps carefully is your responsibility as a Digital Marketer.


A Digital Marketing Plan Sample For

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Mission statement
  3. Market Analysis (SWOT)
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Target market & buyer personas
  6. Marketing objectives and KPIs
  7. Pricing strategy
  8. Growth strategy
  9. Marketing channels
  10. The Budget



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